2013 Dubai Sheema Classic (G1)

3/30/2013, Meydan-UAE
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1:20 PM ET
1 1/2m (Turf)
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What the Nation is saying about the 2013 Dubai Sheema Classic (G1)...

St Nicholas Abbey's brave battle against a continuous injury onslaught was drawn to a close on Tuesday as the seven year old was euthanized after suffering a second bout of colic. Read More
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  • travel_vic · IF the instrinsic CAUSE of the lminitis is not discoverd and altered, IT WILL COME BACK · 92 days ago ·
  • nayrod64 · Very sad day! RIP brave soldier and say hi to Barbaro....We miss you both. · 91 days ago ·
For all of you following the struggle for life of one of the world's finest thoroughbreds of the last few years, like I am, I wanted to pass on the most recent news. Unfortunately, the latest report on St Nicholas Abbey is not the best. The following comes straight from the Coolmore website of this ...Read More
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  • goblin · Thoughts/prayers for the best positive outcome for St. Nic. · 138 days ago ·
  • AndyScoggin · The prolonged inactivity makes it so hard to avoid the setbacks. The thoroughbred constitution depends so much on activity. · 138 days ago ·
St Nicholas Abbey has suffered a serious, career ending injury during routine work in Ireland on Tuesday morning.Read More
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  • travel_vic · I will never understand how orthopedic procedures creat gastrointestinal side effects · 264 days ago ·
  • kay.robinett · Just heard about the emergency colic surgery. I hope beyond hope he is able to fight through all of this. · 264 days ago ·
As two of the best horses in America, we hope for strong representation from the Romans' pair. Their Middle East odyssey begins in separate races on Saturday.Read More
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  • Buckpasser · Thank you Lisa111. That is quite a compliment. I appreciate it very much. · 403 days ago ·
  • peter.jones.5621149 · I wouldn't write off Dullahan. I think it will be an upset in the DWC. I wouldn't back Hunter's Light. The DWC is not won by favorites. Any European horse is dangerous - especially those who have run in Australia. · 402 days ago ·
Should one of America's best horses stay, or should he go?Read More
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  • shadowno · IHB hit the Game on Dude issue spot on. He is getting a bit long in the tooth and more to the point is a gelding so winning the Whitney or any other eastern race is of little long term signiigance. Much wiser to run a Big Cap, Californian, HGC, Pacific Classic campaign leading into the BCC than amass frequent flyer miles. Add to the fact while obviously a top 10 handicap horse, he is not a "name" that will bring people out to any major track. It is a no-brainer to keep doing exactly what his connections have been doing. · 418 days ago ·
  • On The Gallop's · Shadowno- I guess you missed the part where I said 3-4 top races are in england and one in France. The Champions stakes is an Extremely important race and skipping the ARC for the Champions stakes is not a step down quality wise. · 407 days ago ·
Despite turning in a huge effort to defeat Animal Kingdom in Saturday’s Grade 1 Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap, Point of Entry will not be heading to Dubai for the $5 million Sheema Classic on March 30. Read More
Are you ready for the Showdown in the Sunshine State???Read More
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  • icyhotboo · ILuvTurfRacing, just to be sure I understand you right, are you saying that you believe the premature move had little effect on the outcome? This isn't a trick question, as I've only gotten deeply into turf the past year, I just wanted to know if I'm getting this the right way. Thanks · 430 days ago ·
  • zxswordxz · It amaze me how many people think AK could not win the race. I love AK and I think Johnny V as his pilot could have make a difference in the outcome or if Joel would have a bit more patient but I really don't blame Joel, it is first time on AK and I really don't think he knows AK strength and weakness like Johnny does. · 430 days ago ·
2013 has a strong team of Americans leaving the comfort of home for glory in distant lands. Lets take a look at some of the early nominations to this year's Carnival.Read More
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  • RichardGross · My point: It's settling in after the travel and the place more than the surface. By the time Curlin won in a hand ride (yes, on real dirt), he felt like it was home. having been there since late January (and winning the Jaguar for practice). Well Armed (third in that race) wins the next year on a less-than-perfect day with an amazing trip and a first-time DWC rider. Hey, guess where Gloria de Campeao finished? Neither he nor Lizard's Desire returned in 2011 when the Japanese take win and place. But show? Why do I think this is so obvious? Because it is. · 440 days ago ·
  • illhaveanothertriplecrown · I like sitting in the grandstands, but i wont preach on my expertise just my opinion. · 440 days ago ·

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