• Spanish Queen impressive in her Honeymoon victory.Posted 3 days ago
  • Loki's Vengeance scores in the Affirmed Success.Posted 3 days ago
  • Private Zone takes the Churchill Downs Stakes, Bayern last.Posted 4 days ago
  • Tonalist returns a solid winner in the Westchester.Posted 4 days ago
  • Dame Dorothy edges Judy The Beauty in the Humana Distaff.Posted 4 days ago
  • Divisidero gobbles them up late to win the American Turf.Posted 4 days ago
  • Competitive Edge remains perfect with a romping win in the Pat Day Mile.Posted 4 days ago
  • International Star has been scratched from the Kentucky Derby.Posted 4 days ago
  • Lovely Maria and Boo Boo Clark strike to victory in the Kentucky Oaks for Jones & Jones.Posted 5 days ago
  • El Kabeir has been scratched out of the Kentucky Derby.Posted 5 days ago


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So if this guys top horse went to slaughter whats that mean about his others
Trainer, owner, jockey horse. No one is more fed up than I am. This is personal. Oh well. Dynamic Sky. #9142014 and last out totalbspace ridiculous
  • SSilence86 via Disqus · I think I'm missing something... · 5 hours ago
  • Mary Z. · I am fed up with him not winning more stakes. In particular that crime against humanity, and what I mean by that is against me, in the Northern Dancer 9/14/2014. I had bothered to bet the race. Did bet across, but you can see what the win payout would have been. About 15 minutes of deliberations, just for show. Put-on so that the visitor got the win. That "ruling" was beyond expletive and WRONG. Last race at Keeneland had that falling asleep pace. · 4 hours ago
Congratulations to American Pharoah, Bob Baffert, and of course his Owners! Of about 30,000 foals born each year, only 20 make it into the starting gates on Derby Day, and only one(1) get's to wear the roses! So, congratulations to all, who made it there this year. It was not an easy race for the Winner, as Firing Line really hung tough. Also, the very subtle, but deliberate move by Gary Stevens, to carry The Pharoah wide, coming off the far turn, made it even harder! AP actually ran three(3) lengths further than Firing Line, and seven(7) lengths further than Dortmund! I've been able to pick the winner of the Derby for the last six years, the trifecta too, so be sure to follow me on twitter, @saratogajack, if you need any help.. The Preakness should be a Dandy! Best of luck to all..
  • travel_vic · what unadulterated crap!.....Now this clown will come back AFTER the next race and tell us about another big SCORE.....If it weren't so transparently hysterical, one would have to evaluate it as the pitiful attempt at credibility that it is. · 5 hours ago
A great race by the top four(4) finishers! Firing Line really hung tough, not looking forward to facing him again in the Preakness! I told everyone, he was a serious racehorse, and not to take him lightly, especially if speed was holding. I've picked the winner of the Derby the last six(6) years, and the Trifecta too, but this game colt busted up my Super, as I bet Friday night, and couldn't get back to change my bets, when I saw speed was holding! The Preakness should be a dandy! Be sure to follow me on Twitter, @saratogajack, if you need any help. Best of luck to all...
I think he wins the Preakness. a little shorter .that being said I don't think any of the big three can get the distance at Belmont.? my question what colt in the field can>AP has as good a shot to pull it off,remember theres no rested tonalist entering the race.i don't believe tonalists has ever lost at Belmont park!!! u never know.
  • Jay Harrison via Disqus · People have been saying that every time the Crown is on the line and every year they go home stunned. I wouldn't be getting to ahead of yourself since the Preakness is still a week and a half away. A lot can happen between now and Belmont day. · 6 hours ago
I feel like this race is getting earlier and earlier on the calendar. I remember a time when Kentucky Derby horses would run in this race
First of all Materiality is a better 3 year old then any not named American Pharoah. Secondly, Competitive Edge has a chance if entered. You should take a closer look.
To those that were debating how fast this Derby was. Based on The Ragozin sheets, Pharoah ran a 4 (lower the number the faster the horse) As a comparison to last years winner California Chrome. Although the actual times were very similar,C.C. ran a 7 on the sheets. At approximately 1.5 lengths per point. Pharoah was about 4.5 lengths faster than Chrome.
What a bust!
Brisnet posted the past performances for their projected Derby Field. Based on their posting, this will be an 8 horse field. The screaming and celebrating that you heard in the background,is the NYRA board of directors. This will be the 2nd year in a row,that the Belmont Stakes will be a very very relevant race. They will have a horse attempting to win the Triple Crown in successive years.
  • travel_vic · BIG BIG assumption that the KD winner will conquer the field next week..Until a head to head evaluation is extant, NO one knows for sure. · 7 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · Like stealing candy from a baby,maybe this time around it will be easier · 7 hours ago
As an event, so don't rate the horses, which is a better day at the races for a family, the Preakness or Belmont?
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  • Montezuma1 via Disqus · I like Belmont more for the family. The surrounding neighborhood for Pimlico is really run down. Pimlico is also the second oldest track in the country and you can tell as soon as you enter. · 11 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · I have been to both on many of occassions for the 2 big days. The key word in your question is "FAMILY". That is a no brainer then.......Belmont by a country mile. With its' spacious behind the grandstand picnic/lounge area, you have a nicer place to spend the day. Pimlico has the infield area. But i seriously doubt that you would want to bring your family in there. The balance is strictly an old and crowded grandstand area. As far as the crowds,it only gets to excessive if there is a TC on the line. If there is not the possibility of a TC winner,the Belmont is very comfortable. Maybe 60 to 75 thousand people will show up. · 8 hours ago
OK t_v, I accept your Coward's Challenge. So how does it work, we each pick 4 and announce our plays after the race???
The "Dutrow" of football? https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/2073728-ted-wells-report-deflategate.html
Lot's of folks seem to be hung up on Pharoah's ground loss. What's funny about the one-sided 'wide trip' argument is that no one is considering Firing Line's ground loss. Yes, if you move Pharoah in 2 paths to FL's path, you come up with an easy 3 1/2 - 4 length score for Pharoah. But what happens when you ALSO move Firing Line in 2 paths. When the "what-if's" are applied equally, nothing changes. Pharoah may have been the best horse on Saturday, but not by much. He better be ready for another fight in 2 weeks, especially if FL decides to run on his right lead. Stevens figured out how to beat Dortmund, and won't make the same mistake again in the Preakness.
  • Steve Holmes via Disqus · if he's healthy he is heads and shoulders above these two for sure. · 9 hours ago
Does anyone know what is going on with WABEL? There’s been no info on him since his last outing in February.
In an acknowledgement there are accommodation limits at Belmont Park, the New York Racing Association has decided to cap attendance at 90,000 for this year's Belmont Stakes (gr. I) day of racing. In a May 6 release NYRA said the attendance cap is similar to policies and practices of professional sports teams."(The attendance cap) will not only result in an enhanced experience for Belmont guests, but will further improve access to and from the Belmont property on Saturday," NYRA said. "It will also complement Saturday's post-race concert, which is anticipated to further stagger the exit from the Belmont property following the final race."Belmont Park has experienced problems in recent years with large crowds on days a horse is going for the Triple Crown. Last year, after California Chrome came up short in his Triple Crown bid before 102,199 fans, an estimated 36,000 guests using the Long Island Rail Road were stuck at the track awaiting service for hours after the race. In 2008, water was shut off or pressure was lowered throughout the facility when 94,476 turned out to watch Big Brown 's attempt to win the Triple Crown. Article on Bloodhorse
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  • Mary Z. · For the main page: REALLY? · 11 hours ago
  • Mary Z. · Really tv? Your "story" reminded me of the time that a hotel guest pretended to work for the hotel and said he was taking the temperature of the hot tub while I was in it. I felt certain that he had snapped a few photos of my wet bathing suit top. That was probably what he was doing, as he could not have photographed any bottoms. You should be more cautious in restrooms. Could be Ahabs lurking. · 11 hours ago
you have got some horse that in that bocca baciata will it be coming to england racing this year ? can't wait to see it run glad to see the niarchos family back with with a superstar long time followwing your horses Neil
I wish Pimlico had an outdoor paddock. I am a guy that likes to hang out around the paddock area and I was disappointed the few years I went to the Preakness with Pimlico's indoor paddock.
Chief steward Barbara Borden said Wednesday that the Churchill Downs stewards intend to further scrutinize replays of the Kentucky Derby in response to questions about jockey Victor Espinoza having used his whip 32 times in urging American Pharoah to victory. Whereas some other states have rules that limit the number of times the whip can be used, “there is not a maximum number” in Kentucky, said Borden. “Obviously, overt abuse would be something that would constitute us considering action, but clearly this is a discretionary issue.” Article on DRF
  • slewcrew7778 · Was hard to believe this had gone unnoticed. Stevens held to the 1-2-3 wait/switch rule despite there being none at Churchill. · 13 hours ago
AP was the best horse on Derby day. That's not even debatable. The others will have another chance to show what they can do. I'm looking forward to it.

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