• Ben's Cat vs. Bern Identity in 2014 Fabulous Strike at Penn National.Posted 2 hours ago
  • Cigar Mile hopeful Itsmyluckyday drilled a 5f bullet in 1:00.40 at GPW on Nov 20.Posted 3 hours ago
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  • Sparkling Review closes powerfully to win the Mrs Revere! Posted 6 days ago
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For those interested, the current results of plosives's wonderful game: Plosives (Whale Rock, Exodus, Sharm, Hero's Amor, Courtier) 13: 2 - 0 - 4 $122,005 Sullivan (Dynaformersrequest, Upuvlan, Exodus, Wabel, Overawe) 1: 0 - 0 - 1 $5,600 Jockey2be (Dream it Again, Drafting, Ashland Park, Tapitsphere, Omarvelous) 7: 2 - 0 - 1 $50,784 jenna.heusi (Shot Clock, Depositor, Dynaformersrequest, Stanford, Cozmic One) 2: 1 - 0 - 0 $23,600 shackleford (His Kingdom, Strike a Balance, Punctuate, Command Control, and Spinner) 4: 1 - 0 - 0 $35,825 kaitline.free1 (Battle of Evermore, Savoy Stomp, Epsilon, American Pharaoh, Good Street) 12: 3 - 1 - 2 $455,697 HannahWTC ( Exodus, Jess's Dream, Dream it Again, Divine Glory, Take Charge Brandi) 10: 3 - 2 - 0 $1,179,666
Thank you so very much. Its a breath of fresh air. She is indeed a beautifull filly and so well balanced. Thanks .
  • Goblin · You're welcome. I had actually seen the photo in a smaller version and was surprised to find an enlargement. From what I can see, she's nicely muscled/toned and lovely. · 2 hours ago
Couldnt believe this poor colt entered again so soon.
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  • tmallios via Disqus · Sorry had to cut off. Not only have the overall speed figures dropped in his last 2 races,but so have his early pace figures. Going by Brisnet(in my opinion the top pace figures available) Here are the pace figures for his past 5 races. Similar to Beter numbers ,the higher the better. They are 3 figures per race. Quarter /half mile/last quarter . They are listed in Chronological order,his earliest race first. 93/99/98 >>99/103/95 >>>96/106/90>>88/101/87>>90/100/89....... Note how not only his first 2 calls in each race is declining significantly,but his last quarters are slower. Regardless where he finishes,just means that the competition for those races was not finishing strong. This is telling you that this horse is now exerting more energy and doing worse in regards to performance figures. · 3 hours ago
  • triple_double · I just don't understand about the BUZZ on this horse. You are questioning why he is running again so soon, of course he is a RACEHORSE, and you are not his owners or trainers, so just SHUT UP and let his connections do what they want about this horse. SMH, this horse is not even considered a top tier horse. smh smh · 2 hours ago
is slotted to run in r7 this Sunday at the Fair Grounds again at 6f. The half to Cross Traffic was third in his debut at Keeneland after setting a wicked pace. He is the morning line favorite at 3/1.
  • plosives · I really liked the look of this colt when researching earlier. Unfortunately I haven't had as much time to keep up with the 2 yr old crop this year as I have in the past. I was not aware this one had ever started yet. I'll have to look into his first race and try to catch the next one. · 3 hours ago
Is Clarke Whitaker still around? I worked for / with him in Virginia
U.R.R. depending how you look at it, i was told that your boy just may be running at PennNational next week. I think it will be 10 days from his previous race . I guess the positive thing is that at the rate they are running him,he only has 2 races after this one for the calender year 2014.
  • amino998 · Whoa-easy, Big Fella Condo, Dorothy and ???... what a great undercard for the Vyjack Mile! · 3 hours ago
Itsmyluckyday had the bullet work Friday at GPW, covering a half-mile in 1:00 2/5, the fastest of nine for the distance. Expected to start next in the Cigar Mile on Nov. 29 at Aqueduct.
Grandstanders abound at the track as I often hear the ridiculousness, born of ignorance, in creating all manner of fiction to fill in what they are totally incapable of actually knowing. NOT A ONE supplant their fanciful fictional accounts with a single FIRST HAND fact, but somehow (????) are satisfied in the delusion that they actually know what is going on. Even those IN the game often live in the fantasyland that their "wanting" creates from their wishful observations of what is as opposed to what they want them to be. Being behind the scenes, as a part of things, is STILL not enough to KNOW what one does not observe FIRST HAND. It is comedic that anyone accepts a shred of it as the truth.
  • tmallios via Disqus · A classic line from the Movie "Wall Street " was when Michael Douglass turned to Charlie Sheen and told him........If you are not on the inside,then you are outside. With the validity of your constant posts,we know exactly where you are positioned on that line. Button up Nanook,the winter months are a comin. · 4 hours ago
  • amino998 · Then there are those, above the scenes, in and amongst things, who when observing FIRST HAND don't know what they are looking at :) Hoppertunity knocked · 4 hours ago
Would have been nice to have seen a photo of her
Conformation: http://www.spendthriftfarm.com/horses/awesome-patriot.html
  • Sullivan · Poor photos by Spendthrift - need to get more exercise and feed into these guys. Malibu Moon is the only good looking one of the bunch. Into Mischef is alright · 4 hours ago
Another conformation shot: http://cdn.darleystallions.com/sites/default/files/conformations/ANIMAL-KINGDOM-conformation_0.jpg
Conformation: http://www.spendthriftfarm.com/horses/flat-out.html
Conformation: http://www.darleyamerica.com/stallions/our-stallions/emcee/conformation
Conformation: http://www.spendthriftfarm.com/horses/liaison.html
Conformation: http://www.spendthriftfarm.com/horses/jimmy-creed.html
Go Honor Code!!!!
  • jockey2be. · You must be over the moon bout Honor Codes comeback!!!!!!!!🙌 ryawshng Oops my key board stuck,lol! · 6 hours ago
I just don't get it. Why would you even be thinking about voting for Bayern as HOY. That would be like the Baseball Writers voting Bonds, Sosa, McGwire et al into the HOF because, after all, they had great numbers. But those numbers are tainted. I urge the voters to send a message to Baffert and his lackeys that this sort of thing won't be tolerated. At least when it comes to year end accolades. I have nothing against Bayern the horse-he's a good horse-but believe me he won't know the difference.
  • Smart American via Disqus · You forgot Roger Clemens, not only jacked himself up but his wife too and tried to get Andy Pettite to lie for him after he BS's his way through congress. Rog is out of the Hall. · 4 days ago
  • mvg7113 · Doctor How are Bayern's 'numbers' tainted? He scored in the 2014 BCC in under 2 minutes... The stewards reviewed the questionable start from the gate and ruled the originally finish official. I don't understand why people continue to bash Baffert and Garcia - and indirectly take away credit from this incredible Colt. Bayern continued to improve throughout the 2014 campaign and finally proved his ability at the classic distance going 10 furlongs at an impressive pace. The gate was a jumble, and the first furlong made matters worse, with Toast of New York coming collapsing on the field making matters worse for Shared Belief, and Moreno - allowing Bayern to go on the lead without much interference. But it was a legitimate win! Bayern's speed figures, wins, and abilities are not 'tainted' - they are legit. He deserves to be in the HOTY conversation, especially among the three year old division Michael · 6 hours ago
this horse was sent to the wrong trainer if the triple crown was the goal. anyone remember cairo prince? won holy bull then was left in the barn for 9 weeks until florida derby. I think we will see a trainer change at some point. Lets remember he was foaled Jan 22nd so triple crown was the plan, he will be a full 3yo shortly after the new year.
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  • travel_vic · leave it to the SAME source as making up things to fit some dreamland understanding of what NO ONE can understand unless they work IN THE BARN. Think about it: without facts, you could just as easily say that aliens with new rays effected the outcome of the training and there would be JUST as many facts to back up that contention as this ongoing soap opera! · 8 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · You pathetic little man. You have selective responses. Last week i posted regarding your ludicrous statement on the pace scenerio of the Defrancis dash. You had no response,so you hid like the child you are. Your intellect just might rival your stupidity. You have absolutely no credebility in my eyes to comment on anything or anyone. . · 6 hours ago
would appear destined to square off with Stormin Monarcho as he is slotted to run this Wednesday in r3 at Penn National in the LS Swatara ($100,000). Also in the race is second choice Ground Transport and Integrity, with Irad Ortiz Jr. aboard.
I don't think Main Sequence owes anyone anything. And I don't think he needs to race again in 2014 to be up for HOTY. However! I think he would love to show his class once more and prove to everyone how elite he really is. Why not give him a run in the GII Hollywood Turf Cup? Everyone would respect the move. The horse is healthy. And it would silence all the doubters that he hasn't run enough... Maybe it isn't the most responsible choice. And it obviously is not going to happen but... it's worth a thought.
  • ekindy · Running a G2 *might* take the edge off a season in which he has run in (and won) all G1 races. And the downside of a potential loss far outweighs any gains the win would give him. If he were to run again I would think it would have to be another G1, giving him 5 consecutive. And unfortunately there are no more G1 Turf open company distance races left on the North American calendar. · 8 hours ago

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