2011 Noble Nashua (RS)

6/19/2011, Belmont Park
Post Time:
5:20 PM ET
1 mile (Dirt)
3+ M

What the Nation is saying about the 2011 Noble Nashua (RS)...

In April of 2004, while visiting my parents in New York, my dad and I took a trip to Belmont. The main purpose of the outing was to bet on a horse my husband’s employer was running in Kentucky. It was my father who suggested we go to the track to place our bets. I’m sure he didn’t think the local OT...Read More
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  • LizSnedden · great story....thought at first you were brought along up w/ the racing Phipps and it's long time history in the throughbred business, Refreshing to find out otherwise. It's wonderful of you to share your story and to help bring newer, younger, appreciative and enthusiastic(sp?) people to horse racing ..... Thank you... keep up the good work and enjoy the ponies :) · 1031 days ago ·
  • KyOaksRunner · A great father's day tribute!! · 1029 days ago ·

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