• Capla Temptress (5-1) rolls home in the Natalma, while making her North American debut.Posted 2 days ago
  • Untamed Domain (3-1) kicks it in late to win the Summer Stakes at Woodbine.Posted 2 days ago
  • World Approval (2-1) shows he is much the best in the Grade 1 Woodbine Mile.Posted 3 days ago
  • Patrona Margarita (23-1) draws clear in the Grade 2 Pocahontas.Posted 3 days ago
  • Uni (6-5) runs down La Coronel in the Grade 2 Sands Point.Posted 3 days ago
  • Johnny Bear (9-1) noses out Hawkbill in the Grade 1 Northern Dancer Turf.Posted 3 days ago
  • Chublicious (10-1) upsets the Grade 3 Frank J. De Francis Memorial Dash.Posted 3 days ago
  • The Tabulator (4-1) holds on in the Grade 3 Iroquois despite drifting out.Posted 3 days ago
  • Quidura (2-5) proves best in Grade 2 Canadian.Posted 3 days ago
  • Winx rolls late in the Colgate Optic White Stakes for her 20th straight victory!Posted 4 days ago

2011 Alabama (G1)

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in modern time of horse racing, no body cares about Henessy anymore, these sire is backdated. no use.
  • icyhotboo · Thats because he's Dead! Hennessy,it seems that close up influences like Storm Cat, Secretariat and Tom Fool play a big part in his success.Hennessy’s sire, Storm Cat, is the world’s most expensive stallion.He has twice been Champion Sire in the US, but is a five times winner of the Champion Juvenile Sire title. His progeny have earned almost US $75 million and he has over 100 individual Group 1 winners and 25 individual Group 1 winners including horses like Giant’s Causeway. · 2222 days ago
  • yukichan · If dipak went to Hennessy's profile before yesterday, he might have thought Henny still with us. I changed his status to deceased when I added a bio for Henny. He died while in shuttle to Argentina in 2007 of heart failure. He was only 11 yrs. · 2222 days ago
Royal Delta won with surprising ease besting CC & Oaks winners , bore in some at the 1/16, closer margin might have prompted a stewarts or at worst an objection ..
may be so, but it proves the run of Inglorious in Alabama Stakes, how weak she was, never come close to those trio.she won the queens plate , because there were no good and strong horse in that race, you can imagin horse like bowman causeway who ran in the florida derby was last but one, this horse came in queens plate i think 4th or 5th behind Inglorious. that's give the clue weather he can compete in Alabama stakes.
thank you mr. Icyhotboo!
i am not kidding or jokeing with you guys, i know Henessy very well than all of you, i backed Henessy with Irish Jockey Mike Kinane, and i won, but if i compare with these three sires Medaliga Dóro , Mineshaft and Empire Maker Then Henessy will come after them in terms of stayer. Henessy can not go after 1-1/8 miles, it is only suited for 1-1/8 miles. now you see why Inglorious can not martch with the powwer of those three fillies ItS Tricky , Plum Pretty and Royal Delta, i today back those three horses because i am puzzle by real one who is going to win and also i played triactor , just boxed those three fillies, but i did not get the triactor becqause of Pinch Pie came in betwee. so guys who said that Inglorious is unbeatable, have to learn lot of horse racing and handicaping.
Inglorious was proven nothings, i will rate her 0.
what Henessy had done compared to Medaliga Dóro and Minnshaft ? Empire Maker and Incude ran with the super class horse , Henessy did nothing.i give Medaliga Dóro No.1. then Minshaft NO.2 and Empire Maker No.3, Include No.4
  • yukichan · I love comments like these because they move me to educate myself on horses that I am not totally familiar with, in this case Hennessy. Please read my bio ad on Hennessy's profile. He's left his legacy on four different continents in a remarkable way--now in racing: Inglorious and Irish Gypsy. Those others horses mentioned, no arguing their absolute brillance on and off the track. It is a shame that Hennessy died young, but he certainly made an impact on racing worldwide. · 2223 days ago
  • icyhotboo · Henessy was bred in four different countries as he was in such demand. After a certain amount of races you know whether a hore can run or not, your so hung up on breeding your missing the race, read some books on H R · 2222 days ago
i can not 100% rule out Plum Pretty, it will be race between its Tricky and Plum Pretty, both have the super class, then comes Royal Delta, i am not worring about other two .
1. Its Tricky, 1. Plum Pretty, 2. Royal Delta , 3. St. John River, 4. Inglorious. , first 3 fillies will be in the bunch, other two can fight each other for placings.
its race between Mineshaft, Medaliga Diór and Empire Maker, their sires.
i have changed my selection for Alabama Stakes, the race will be between It's Tircky and Plum Pretty, followed by Royal Delta , St. John River and Inglorious.
It's Tricky will take this one by 7 lengths. St. John's River will place, Plum Pretty to show. There's very little doubt!
  • icyhotboo · Inglories is a magnificant filly for her to out of the money she'll have to be scratched. Probably the best 3yo filly running in N/A. No I'm not going to put IMO or JMO, I'm stating it without quotation marks so it is my opinion. GL to you. · 2224 days ago
It should be a repeat of Koaks. Plum Pretty from St.John`s River

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