2009 Woodward Stakes (G1)

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With the weather outside reaching ridiculous levels of snow and cold, I found myself locked in the house today. It's depressing. Needing a pick me up, I turned to an old friend for memories always sure to put a smile on my face. Of course I am talking about Rachel Alexandra and her magical season of...Read More
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  • bellesforever1 · I will never forget that year..you can write about it every day and I will never tire of it.We were blessed to bear witness! · 97 days ago ·
  • diamondomi1 · LOVE this girl...she made 2009 for me-her and Z's BC Classic---the year of the gal! · 97 days ago ·
Brian Zipse explains why Rachel Alexandra will always be his favorite ... Read More
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  • travel_vic · Woodward: watch a good one almost flogged to death right before your eyes...Statement is NOT mine but from a friend who was there.................But I agree wholeheartedly. · 411 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · I can just imagine what her flank looked like back in the test barn. · 411 days ago ·
Nothing can compare to the fire that Rachel Alexandra sparked in 2009. The passion she stirred was incredible, and even in retirement, she still manages to bring forth love and compassion from her fans.Read More
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  • travel_vic · One was a phenom, 3 time horse of the yaer, extremely fast and a weight carrier, the other had ONE good season · 424 days ago ·
  • dani.pugh · I never said she was better. I said she had fight. She always did have fight, no matter when winning or losing. No matter if it was on the track or no in retirement. The point was not to say she was better, which i never did, it was to highlight that she is a fighter and always has been. If you wish to debate merits do it somewhere else, start your own thread if you like. But this is not the article for it. Have a good day. · 424 days ago ·
Three year old filly Rachel Alexandra became the first female ever to win the Grade 1 Woodward Stakes when she held off Macho Again by a head at Saratoga.Read More
There is much fertile land in the Ireland region known as the “Golden Vale” that Sadler’s Wells called home since 1984. This fertility certainly was indicative of the illustrious stud career that would follow for Coolmore’s most prized stallion.Read More
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  • AndyScoggin · Wow, those son's of Northern Dancer have been amazing! · 1048 days ago ·
  • MarcelloMarocco · Everything of Northern Dancer was Amazing :) Northern Dancer brought a Boom to the Breeding industry and when Coolmore Bought up a bunch of Dancer's Yearlings at Windfields Maryland facility that EP Taylor bought, and Built to cater Northern Dancer to the World. I read a while back that you could walk into Windfield's Stallion barn, and read the list of dignitaries who have purchased Northern Dancer offspring was astonishing at that time. Coolmore Bought NijinskyII, and NinjiskyII sired Sadler · 892 days ago ·
The sport of Thoroughbred horse racing used to be a sport of great pride, but now it has fallen from grace. In an attempt to regain its glory and avoid any black eyes, those who actually are in the know, and know what is what, have begun to needlessly appease those who are clueless to what really go...Read More
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  • travel_vic · Miss Keller is a good example. New rider at Woodbine a few weeks back was told only to hand ride her and look at the result. · 895 days ago ·
  • DeadHeat · vic, some horses are better hand ridden and some are not and need the whip. As I said above, a big hulking horse like Curlin, Zen or Rock Hard 10 may not respond to hands and body like a smaller horse, ie BL would. Fillies normally don't like being hit, in my exp. some can improve from it, but the fillies typically need the body and voice. If you have a horse that won't listen to any of your aids, and a high strung TB geared in race mode may not respond needs to be reminded that you are up there sometimes. Donna Brothers on the Works this morning "its better to have a stick and not need it, than need a stick and not have it." If you have a horse that is veering out of control and won't straigten, a jock then goes for the whip when reins fail. If there is not stick to get his focus back and to make him stop veering then what? Do you want a few horses to clip heels and have half the field go down? · 895 days ago ·
The 2009 Woodward was one of the most intense and thrilling experiences I have ever witnessed in a lifetime of watching the races. Read More
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  • BrianZipse · Now I understand ... for the most part I try to stay out of the back and forth stuff, but maybe on this one I will make an exception. Enjoy your holiday weekend, icyhotboo. · 956 days ago ·
  • CauseForConcern · That race was great!!!! Inspirational!!!! I think Tom Durkin knows how to captivate the moment with his call. I remember when Giant's Causeway and Tiznow hooked up in the stretch, and he described it as a "heart pounding, pulsating stretch drive". Rachel raised the rafters that day. · 956 days ago ·
I know I will not be well liked for saying this, but you can ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you it is not about being liked for me, it’s about telling it straight. So here it goes, what the heck is with the West Coast double standard? Read More
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  • tiznow · Blind Luck is a true champion and it's only mid year. I am not counting her out of HOY discussion. Especially with the male divisions at this point in the year. · 1023 days ago ·
  • DeadHeat · Tiznow, nobody said she was not a special filly, but saying she is in the running for HOTY? We have horses like Awesome Maria and HDG who are both unbeaten this year. Rail Trip, Tizway, Sidney's Candy, and Twirling Candy are all capable of leading the male division with wins in their next starts. That is the biased. Yes, most of the males i listed are west coast but the females are both on the east and are unbeaten and dominant against their own sex. If any female should be in the discussion it should be HDG and AM. Another point of biased, RA loses two races to previous stakes winners then wins her next two, yet I heard many people saying there was no way for her to get HOTY. What is the differnce? Why is BL a vailid candidate and RA was not? · 1023 days ago ·
The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) has released the second video in its “Time Machine” video series: a profile of Rachel Alexandra’s unprecedented victory over older males in last year’s Grade 1 Woodward Stakes at Saratoga Race Course.   The episode includes footage of the thrilling s...Read More
Rachel Alexandra’s extraordinary victory in the Grade 1 Woodward Stakes at Saratoga Race Course has been voted by fans as NYRA’s 2009 “Story of the Year.” The victory eclipsed four other compelling tales from New York racing, including jockey Ramon Dominguez’s superlative year and Linda Rice’s hist...Read More
After a filly has already won seven stakes races, defeated males twice, subjugated horses of her own gender, there isn’t much more you can ask of her.  However, owner Jess Jackson was hellbent on testing Rachel Alexandra and thus he scheduled a date with her in the Woodward. Read More
  • cigar · This was a more exciting finish than the Classic. The Classic finish is overrated in a sense because Zenyatta NEVER had any traffic trouble and just did what she always does (which is impressive) but this effort was remarkable. · 1573 days ago ·
According to the bettors, Rachel Alexandra was a lock to dust older males in the Grade 1 Woodward. She was anything but and had to survive a pace battle and late run from Macho Again to prevail by a hard fought head. Read More
As is always expected, the six week Saratoga meet was sensational with a number of sensational performances, countless frustrating moments, and memories that will last forever (or at least until new ones begin on July 28, 2010).  Let’s take a look at some of the best performers of the meet of b...Read More
Rachel Alexandra provided one of the great moments in the history of Saratoga when she scored a courageous head victory over older male rivals in the $750,000 Woodward Stakes Sept. 5.Read More
Just in case anyone out there had any doubts that Rachel Alexandra was the Horse Of The Year this year, I certainly hope that you have had those issues squelched by her amazing performance againstRead More
While most of the racing fans in New York State were watching a certain filly hold off a West Point Thoroughbred, my boys and I were on hand to watch Sonia "the Black Widow" Thomas defend her titleRead More
We all are savoring an afterglow today that lingers on the tingling edges of our senses like the zen of a fresh spring morning. Rachel Alexandra’s triumph in the Woodward Stakes on Saturday was an expression of will and athletic perseverance that we rarely see in horse or humankind. Read More
It's almost more about the old racecourse versus the champion than the other horses in the Woodward today. As everyone knows, the place is nicknamed "the Graveyard of Champions", and one filly championRead More
Her march into the history books continues today when Rachel Alexandra, winner of the Preakness and Haskell, takes-on older boys in the Woodward at Saratoga.Read More

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