1973 Belmont Stakes (G1)

6/9/1973, Belmont Park
1 1/2m (Dirt)
3 M

What the Nation is saying about the 1973 Belmont Stakes (G1)...

If you are looking to read a blog about a current event in thoroughbred horse racing, I’m sorry, but this entry is sure to disappoint. Today, I’ve decided to write about something completely different. If you’ve ever wondered how Zipse at the Track came to be, or maybe how a blog that you actually l...Read More
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  • LAZMANNICK · Brian, many people can write about Horse Racing and many have been to some of the sport’s biggest races and seen many of the top horses, etc., but in my mind the one thing that has always separated you from the rest is that you are a genuinely nice person. I love the way you talk about your family and your friends as family and friends should really be the most important things in our lives. You always manage to put a positive spin on the subjects that you write about and from what I can see, if you don’t have anything nice to say, you don’t say it. You’ve more than earned my respect. · 77 days ago ·
  • marylandgq · My brother from another mother! Born 10 years earlier, I sahre in your passion and THANK YOU for believing in a guy with famous initials, but no family connnection to horse racing, to join the HRN blogging family. Looking forward to many more years w/ HRN. · 75 days ago ·
I have held my tongue for 20 years, but it’s finally time to voice my opinion - The Belmont Stakes should be renamed The Secretariat.Read More
There are moments in our lifetime and moments in history where time stands still and where the pure brilliance of one person, one event, or one horse exceeds the seemingly unbelievableRead More
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  • ScottDick · I really think this is the horse to end the Triple Crown drought! · 346 days ago ·
  • jpinkertoncook · Nice piece, Scott! Actually, Itsmyluckyday was my early Derby pick until Orb ran by him like he was standing still. I was flipping between Orb and Revolutionary right up until post time, but Orb, man he looked good in the post parade. Killer. So much fun to watch!! · 346 days ago ·
It's been a long time coming. Will I'll Have Another be heroic enough to fly where only 11 others have soared?Read More
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  • travel_vic · I was working in an outpatient orthopedic clinic and wagered a hand surgeron that Affirmed would take each leg of the Triple. Funny, he has never bet with me again · 679 days ago ·
  • cardsbymarcy · This ARTICLE brings tears of joy to my eyes! I am sure on Saturday we all will be hugging and crying. Godspeed I'll Have Another. · 678 days ago ·
Barbaro, the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner, suffered a life-threatening right hind leg injury shortly after the start of the Preakness Stakes.Read More
Barbaro, the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner, suffered a life-threatening right hind leg injury shortly after the start of the Preakness Stakes.Read More
HRN, please correct your chart on the 1973 Belmont Stakes. Ron Turcotte rode Secretariat in all of the Triple Crown races. Eddie Maple replaced Ronnie in the Canadian Invitational , only because Ronnie had been given days ( suspension ) prior to the Canadian Invitational. Otherwise Ronnie wouldhave ridden Red in the Canadian Invitational.
Excuse me but Ron Turcotte rode Secretariat in all three of the Triple Crown Classics. It wasn't until the Canadian Invitational that Ron Turcotte was replaced on

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