1967 Jersey Derby

5/30/1967, Garden State Park
1 1/8 m (Dirt)
3 M
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What the Nation is saying about the 1967 Jersey Derby...

No matter the reason behind the disqualification, I have yet to meet a person who believed the decision to be a fair one. Finding people who say taking down Dr. Fager that day was a travesty, however, proved much easier to come by. To this day, I cannot think of a more universally disliked disqualif...Read More
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  • Buckpasser · Dark Mirage's competitors weren't garbage. There was Miss Ribot, Gay Matilda, Syrian Sea, Guest Room etc. · 402 days ago ·
  • airedale2008 · Steward Keene Daingerfield didn’t like John Nerud and hated Manny Ycaza for his aggressive riding. After the race, Nerud was quoted as saying the decision was prejudiced. He was called in to the steward’s office to explain his comment. When told there was a rumor going around that he said the Garden State stewards were prejudiced, Nerud said, “That ain’t no rumor. That’s what I said.” As far as I’m concerned, the blemish is on the Garden State stewards record, not the Good Doctor’s. · 401 days ago ·
In the 1967 Jersey Derby, Dr. Fager was disqualified and placed fourth.

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