• Majestic City fights off Carve to win the Lone Star Handicap.Posted 16 hours ago
  • Hard Not To Like skims the rail to score in the Grade 1 Gamely.Posted 16 hours ago
  • Street Story proves best in a sloppy edition of the Winning Colors.Posted 18 hours ago
  • Lubash blows by his competition late to win the Kingston.Posted 18 hours ago
  • Distinctiv Passion just holds off favored San Onofre in the Los Angeles.Posted 18 hours ago
  • Quezon rolls up late to score in the Bouwerie.Posted 18 hours ago
  • Ostrolenka sharp in victory in Belmont's Mike Lee.Posted 19 hours ago
  • Ashleyluvssugar gets the job done as the Charles Whittingham favorite.Posted 1 day ago
  • Pleascach holds off Found in the Irish 1,000 Guineas.Posted 1 day ago
  • Pleascach holds off Found in the Irish 1,000 Guineas.Posted 1 day ago

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This whole American Pharoah workout, looking great thing is California Chrome 2.0. tmallios can't be liking it.
I'm going to go with conquest curlinate. I like the look of his peter pan run. other shooters with a shot include competitive edge, frosted, mubtahijj and of course pharoah. Hope pharoah wins, but i think the smart money goes elsewhere.
  • Pebbles via Disqus · Well, the Peter Pan top finishers did finish 1-2 last year... · 56 minutes ago
If American Pharoah completes the sweep of the Triple Crown, how will racing change?Read More
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  • Easy Goer via Disqus · Does this article actually say anything? It offers no opinion, forwards no hypotheses or theories, and asks no questions other than the headline? I am missing the point please inform my simple mind · 19 hours ago
  • zatt · It certainly would cause a splash on the national news for a bit ... does that translate into any new fans? Yes, but maybe less than the industry would hope for. · 3 hours ago
Street Story turned back a late charge by Heykittykittykitty to win Monday's Grade 3 Winning Colors at Churchill Downs.Read More
  • kevin stewart via Disqus · ♥♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♥It's more Earn money with horseracingnation < my buddy's step-mother makes $74 hourly on the computer . She has been without a job for 7 months but last month her paycheck was $14216 just working on the computer for a few hours. official website ===---->-> SEE MORE INFO · 1 hour ago
Let's face it, American Pharoah is not a sure thing in the Belmont Stakes. Who will play spoiler if he is indeed upset? Materiality is a strong candidate.Read More
American Pharoah worked today, going 4F in :48 under Martin Garcia at CD. Splits: 12.20, 24, 35.80. Out in 1:02, 1:13.20. American Pharoah couldn't have looked better or gone easier watching his work on live feed this a.m., strong gallop out, a perfect morning. E as you to say after seeing the work, he looks even stronger than ever before. According to DRF
Bob Baffert and Victor Espinoza are back for another Triple Crown bid. Will this year be the one?Read More
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  • Francis Cherian via Disqus · Bob Baffert,Martin Garcia and Victor Espionoza are slicky human beings! They don't deserve a Triple Crown!In Breeder's Cup Classic Martin Garcia decimated Moreno and Shared Belief out of contention by mugging them coming out of the gate,Victor did another slicky thing to make Shared Belief to go wide in a Stakes race in San Anita(he was fined for this behavior),I do not like Baffert,Martin, Espionoza and Zayat Stables as they are not fair and honest in the racing industry,I hope they will not be blessed with a Triple Crown winner,that will be a gross injustice to the integrate people in horse racing industry!!!! · 1 hour ago
Victor Espinoza leaves on Monday, June 1, for New York and what he hopes is a date with destiny when he pursues the Triple Crown aboard American Pharoah in the Belmont Stakes on June 6.Read More
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  • Paige Wheat via Disqus · It will be so exciting to see the horses coming down the stretch as first one, then another and another passes American Farrow. · 1 day ago
  • Francis Cherian via Disqus · Bob Baffert is too slicky to win a Triple Crown.Look at what he has done in Breeder's Cup classic in 2014,he asked his jockey Martin Garcia to get the lead decimating horses like Shared Belief and Moreno and take them out of contention and get the lead and go ahead and win The Classic.I The Californea Stewards were unfair in not taking Bayern down,they unfairly held the view that Bayern killing the other two horses did not affect the outcome of the race(what a bull-shit!),they made the race official and screwed the betting public.I hope this kind of a thing will not happen at The Belmont!Baffert will try to win the Crown by hook or by crook and I do not like that!!!!!! I still have a resentment against Baffert and Martin Garcia as to what they have done to screw Shared Belief and Moreno to take them out of contention in Breeder's Cup Classic in Nov 2014. · 1 hour ago
BREAKING NEWS : Tom Amoss tells DRF'S David Grening that War Story, 16th place finisher in the Kentucky Derby, will NOT run in the Belmont Stakes and will next be pointed to the Ohio Derby for his next start. War Story worked five furlongs in 1:01.40 Tuesday morning at Churchill Downs, and while trainer Tom Amoss was pleased with the work, according to Paolucci, the decision was made to take on easier foes than Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner American Pharoah. Paolucci said that Amoss "would rather run in a race where we'd be 5-2 or 2-1 than 50-1 or 60-1," Paolucci said. "So I'll defer to him and do what's best for the horse." According to DRF
I agree with Shug- I think Honor Code ran so poorly last out because of the Chruchill track. Lots of talented horses didn't run well that day. HC does love Belmont and he would have won the Champagne had he not had to go 8-9 wide on the last turn. I will not be surprised if he wins- he is such a talented guy and he can really close well with the speed in this race. I will not be surprised if he loses either because I think Tonalist is unbeatable at Belmont- one turn or not. Look for this to be one great race- a true grade one! I love that no one is ducking anyone this year- it seems to be the trend!
  • icyhotboo · CD is a track some horses just can't adapt to. I wondered why for a long time then researched it. It's the only dirt track with a clay base in N/A. When wet it usually plays very fast, dry very slow. Not hard to manipulate the speed on a nice day here. Just let the water trucks out or not. I'm not saying they do, but I have been at other tracks where the trucks are out after every race, and at some they're needed elsewhere at as smoke was seen down the road. Life is the real game. · 4 hours ago
I think he is a great horse. Even if he doesn't win the Belmont he'll still be one of my favourites.
Gary Young has been on American Pharoah’s bandwagon from the get-go, and with a Triple Crown in close proximity, the private clocker isn’t about to bail out now.Read More
  • douglas rutherford via Disqus · Gary Young : Enjoy your column : I take in alot of input thru what you do as well as other Clockers from other tracks : When there are as many Clockers saying the same thing about ( 1 ) colt : Thats a huge advantage : not just thru luck : I have been on the AP band wagon myself since the beginning : American Pharoah / Carpe Diem / Keen Ice were actually my SOLID colts from ( Last Year ) going into the 2015 season : By the grace of GOD , they have all made it to the final dance of the TEST OF CHAMPIONS race Belmont Stakes ! I am still a believer in Keen Ice to make the Superfecta : Its about a 90% GIFT that it will happen : I give Keen Ice a huge advantage over abunch of these MAYBES ( Boys vs Men ) ! I agree 100% with you about American Pharoah winning the TC : In my opinion , its not a question will he : But By How Far : Your a Clocker : you know the talk from the horseman : Its going to be one heck of a show watching AP open up on this field when they turn for home , and the announcer can hardly talk after losing his voice from Excitement : Gary : enjoy the BEST colt we will ever see I believe in our time : American Pharoah was given a perfect nickname ( FREAK ) . . . · 8 hours ago
Nice to see Majestic City get the win today. Been watching him since he was 2. Sometimes a bit perturbed with him, but he has his good moments and this worked out for him.
Todd Pletcher has 5 horses nominated to the Met Mile, with the defection of Palace Malice, Blofeld going to the Woody Stephens, Protonico probable for the Stephen Foster, Race Day not posting a work in 3 weeks, and Liam's Map still a little while from his return, I wouldn't be surprised to see Competitive Edge run in the Met Mile. He will get a weight break and he can carry his speed a long way. I think CE going in the Met Mile will be good for him.
Palace Malice has been ruled out of the Met Mile according to Cot Campbell who made the decision on Monday morning. He said they were not happy with his preparation.
If you ask me,this is the problem with the Sport of Racing . If there truly is a problem, it is the fraction that are trying to turn it into a spectator sport. Before i get responses that think i am pointing them outindividually, i am not. This is a collective and general statement. Many of you that want to root for accomplishments and hate the owners or the trainer. You probably don't even wager or have ever purchased a Racehorse. So please tell me how you are supporting the game that you supposedly love so dearly. I am not ashamed to admit it, i could care less who the owner or trainer are if i love a horse to win.When i say love a horse to win,i mean from a paramutual perspective. I don't root for the horse or the owner or the trainer. I don't even root for the sire. I root for me to cash mt bet,and that is all i care about. Yes many will now say i am insensitive and do not love the game. I love this game, i respect the history and know much about it. To be able to wager with the best possible way to win,you ust know the nuances of the game. Ifyou took 1000 people at a random selection at the track. I would say 900 think as i do. 50might care about the nonsense,and 50 just don't care. If Zayat and Baffert are such bad people that you hate them ,without ever meeting them. How the hell are they allowed to still be in the game. If they are that bad,your anger should be directed at the Racing organizations for allowing them the opportunity to do buisiness. There are owners and trainers i may not like,but that would never prevent me from betting their horse. So what if Zayat retires A.P. if he wins the Triple Crown. Is he not allowed to do what he feels is the best move for him and his family. All this ridiculous fan base wants to do is tell everyone involved how to run their buisiness. Tell me, how would you feel if someone came up to you and tried to tell you how to run your finaces.
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  • Jibberish via Disqus · Hate to burst your bubble but, you need horse racing to be relevant and how you do that is by having "spectators" there aren't enough degenerate gamblers in the country to keep horse racing going. Greyhound racing, and Jai Alai are the other two gambling "sports" Nobody pays attention to them. I think Baffert is an excellent trainer, to have 4 horses in his career with a chance to win the triple crown plus Point Given (who maybe better than them all) is an accomplishment that should be praised. I think the hate for trainers and owners and jockeys comes from jealousy a lot of folks on this site and others would like to own and campaign a race horse or train one because they think they would do it better, but most of us won't ever have enough money to own a race horse so we enjoy watching and complaining, just like we all do on Sunday afternoons in October with are favorite football teams. · 2 days ago
  • Mouse via Disqus · I'm not drugging the next future superstar of racing. When Baffert gets caught he whines and cries and says that someone is setting him up. i.e the trace of rat poison in a few of the horses that died, or someone dragged it in on their shoes, feed contamination from the feed store. He never say look, I use a drug call ThyroxinE on horses that didn't need it. Yes he said he quit using it, but did he?? These trainers play with pharmacology all the time and then their caught they stop suposedly. Big Brown is the perfect example, the use of steroids in the Derby and Preakness, he quit giving the horse the steriods in NY and look what happened. The horse fell apart. Dutrow was the worst of them all!! · 13 hours ago
Lea worked 5f today, May 25th, in 1:02:08 (b). It was the third fastest of 3 works at that distance.
Quality Rocks worked 4f today, May 25th, in 50:11 (b). It was the fifteenth fastest of 31 works at that distance.
Power Alert worked 3f today, May 25th, in 37:00 (b). It was the second fastest of 5 works at that distance.
A Little Bit Sassy worked 4f today, May 25th, in 49:60 (b). It was the second fastest of 4 works at that distance.

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