• Champion Untapable has been retired from racing, according to owner, Ron Winchell.Posted 4 days ago
  • Cheekaboo wins a blanket finish in the Honeymoon at 23-1.Posted 4 days ago
  • Donegal Moon scores after Unified comes up empty in the Pegasus Stakes.Posted 4 days ago
  • Ancient Secret just gets up to win the Wild Applause Stakes at Belmont Park.Posted 4 days ago
  • Bradester (9-1) upsets the Stephen Foster (G1) in gate to wire fashionPosted 5 days ago
  • Pleuven (Fr), with a stalking move, wins the Wise Dan (G2) at 7-1Posted 5 days ago
  • Paid Up Subscriber (6-1) rallies and draws off to win the Fleur de Lis Handicap (G2)Posted 5 days ago
  • Songbird (1-9) stays unbeaten in the Summertime Oaks (G2) at Santa Anita.Posted 5 days ago
  • Gun Runner (1-9) goes gate to wire to easily take the Matt Winn (G3).Posted 5 days ago
  • Obviously brings the strongest hand to the table in the Poker.Posted 6 days ago

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BREAKING NEWS: Trainer Bob Baffert announces that G1 winner Dortmund could make his 2016 debut in the G2 San Diego Handicap on July 23rd. Baffert says Dortmund is progressing very nicely and notices his stride has gotten longer. Baffert also said that if they choose to go in the San Diego that they could face California Chrome, but Baffert isn't worried about it.
Affirmed’s owner, Louis Wolfson, dubbed him a great 3-year old, which AP also was, but said he'd have to see Affirmed as a 4-year old before labeling him an all-time great. I agree. Let’s get some perspective here: Secretariat and Man O’War both ran 21 races, nearly twice as many as AP, before retiring after their 3-year-old seasons. Penny Chenery needed the money, so Secretariat didn't race as a 4-year old, but he set many track and world records. Citation won 19 of 20 as a 3-year-old. Spectacular Bid, the best ever to win 2 of 3 Triple Crown races, won his last 12 races, including 9 as a 4-year-old, plus 10 straight earlier in his career. He set a world, and seven track records. He, and Affirmed, ran more races BEFORE the KY Derby than AP ran in his entire career. Affirmed won 8 of 11 at 3. In his 11 races total, AP never had the likes of an Alydar to beat repeatedly, or a Seattle Slew even once. All of the above, plus many more, proved themselves over longer careers, risking defeat way more often, and frequently carrying more weight than AP ever did. AP’s owners deprived him of the opportunity for true greatness. They didn’t need the money like Penny C did, nor as much as thoroughbred racing needed AP to race at 4.
Does anyone know when he's making his next start? Hopefully he comes to Canterbury.
What an incredible mare this is, she's one of the best of all time, I love the way she glides across the track with such elegance and pizazz. I put her right up there with Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra. I hope she beats a really strong field including "California Chrome" in the Pacific Classic, CC would be a very notable scalp for Beholder. Then I hope she goes on to the Breeders Cup Classic and gets the glory. If she can win these two races, it will truly cement her legacy as an "All-Time" Great, and she will soon become a "Hall Of Famer", a title that she very much deserves. :-)
On a totally random note, I just wanted to say how much I hate the way you Americans pronounce the word "Warrior", it really bugs me!!! It's WARRIOR, not WAR-YERRRR! lol
CCAO will be perfect for her only if Carina or Cathryn will come against her.
YES, that is fantastic!!!! Obviously looked great in that race, he could be better than ever right now. He is still a awesome force and if he stays fit and healthy, then he will be a huge threat in the BC Mile. Tepin will have to be at the very top of her game to catch him!!! :-)
He is currently rehabbing
I see he is on the vets list in California for being unsound:(
I don't think it's right for the Bakersfield paper to publish stories based on Coburns daughter. After all she brags about working for the paper. One sided perhaps? Really wrecked the experience for my children.
So are we all in agreement that this is the best American racehorse that ever lived??? I recently bought the film on DVD, I hope it's good and I hope they do Secretariat justice, has anyone seen it? I will be watching it on Saturday night. :-)
Frosted 💙Should have been the Triple crown winner that horse is absolutely amazing.
  • MaryZinke via Disqus · stripeyheartlove · 5 days ago
  • Players Klub via Disqus · Yeah right. LOL And he put in a complete clunker in the BCC last year. Better luck in 16.---Without AP around. · 5 hours ago
The Secretariat movie is glossed over, sugar coated CRAP from start to finish, mixed with fiction in the director's BLATANT attempt at characterizing all the protagonists as somehow hooked on the Evangelical lifestyle, does not even MENTION Riva Ridge (without the contributions of that colt, Secretariat would have probably been sold at auction), characterized Pancho Martin as a gruff moron, leaves out the tension between the owners of Angle Light that led to uncoupling of that entry from the Wood to the Derby, makes the character of Lucien Lauren a bumbling clown (which he was NEVER like) and fictionalizes the foaling, the pressure on Feliciano...too many overt wrongs to give it any credibility.
SURELY Mo Tom is too good for this lot??
You may want to tune in for Santa Anitas 3rd race in about a half hour or so. Betting this filly will be out of the question,unless of course you enjoy 1/5 shots. From what i am hearing,this just may be one of the better ones to ever walk a Hollendorfer shedrow. Nothing is ever etched in stone. She can be a morning glory,or can even run a dissapointing 1rst out like American Pharoah. But something tells me that so many can't be that wrong.
  • pointgiven23 via Disqus · Big Filly, broke last, was wide and ran well for 2nd while not threatening the W2W winner. She'll whistle next time out, as 5f isn't her game. · 10 hours ago
Wishing Hope's Love all the best wishes for this coming Sunday's (May 1) Campanile Stakes race at GGF. Hope that she has recovered well from her injury and is 100%. By the way, the ownership needs to be updated here on HRN. Steve Coburn no longer has any ownership interest in her.
  • reshuffler · Actually he does. He only sold the interest in California Chrome, not any of the other foals. · 56 days ago
  • Bob Dillman via Disqus · Thank God. · 13 hours ago
Who owns her? She is beautiful.
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  • Liam via Disqus · Silver Stark racing which includes the Colburns and some people they picked up at a Chromie race named Assley and Vink somebody. · 25 days ago
  • Bob Dillman via Disqus · Silver Bullet racing. They do everything their experts tell them to do. Very wise. · 13 hours ago
R Sunday Surprise. The photo makes her look just like Hope's Love only bigger.
She was awesome, to come over here to Royal Ascot and win a top class race on ground that wasn't ideal for her, she did what other top class horses like "Animal Kingdom" and "Able Friend" couldn't do. She overcame all the odds, WELL DONE Tepin, you're a great horse. I hope to see you in the Sussex stakes next. :-)
  • GPCMISSESTURULLURE · Looks like the Woodbine Mile for her in Sept. according to Norman Casse-didn't like racing in the heat last year at the spa-she deserves the summer off but I hope it won't affect the groove she is in right now!!!! · 15 hours ago
Hard to believe it's been six months.
  • firefly1 · Six months or ten years, will always seem like just yesterday to me. I was unaware of just how attached many were to this horse until his passing. Waited a long time for this one, he was to be the next TC winner. One thing I never imagined though, was the number of misfortunes that would plague him throughout his short life; as though on a mission to break his spirit and keep him in the ranks. But they only seemed to add fire and determination to this remarkable little horse. As one poster had put it 6 months ago, he was the epitome of how a racehorse should look and act before a race; like a powder keg ready to explode. In 2 consecutive years I have seen the difference that getting dealt the right hand makes in horse racing. There have been many better, faster, more accomplished horses than Shared Belief; and yes amino, he did 'lose' his last race. But it's a sickening feeling to think about how long it will be to find another with his spirit and potential, one that would not be rushed off to the breeding shed after a short couple of years. And so the wait goes on. The breakdown and death of any racehorse is a tragic thing. But I've never had one hit so close to home. I suppose things could be worse, though. I could be someone named Armando. · 17 hours ago


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