• Private Zone takes the Churchill Downs Stakes, Bayern last.Posted 14 hours ago
  • Tonalist returns a solid winner in the Westchester.Posted 14 hours ago
  • Dame Dorothy edges Judy The Beauty in the Humana Distaff.Posted 16 hours ago
  • Divisidero gobbles them up late to win the American Turf.Posted 16 hours ago
  • Competitive Edge remains perfect with a romping win in the Pat Day Mile.Posted 17 hours ago
  • International Star has been scratched from the Kentucky Derby.Posted 17 hours ago
  • Lovely Maria and Boo Boo Clark strike to victory in the Kentucky Oaks for Jones & Jones.Posted 1 day ago
  • El Kabeir has been scratched out of the Kentucky Derby.Posted 1 day ago
  • Promise Me Silver remains perfect with an impressive Eight Belles win.Posted 1 day ago
  • Power Alert holds off Undrafted to win the Turf Sprint.Posted 1 day ago


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When he made a comeback in the Preakness he could have a better chance for Place and Show. He breezed in the final furlongs but it take to long for him. The Preakness Stakes is a really good race for Mubtaahij
Why all the hate on Espinoza? He ran from post 18? I was more shocked at Garcia who seemed to have the perfect trip but got into a duel with Firing Line early. I thought Espinoza let Firing Line and Dortmund wear each other out then made his move. At least that's how it looked to me.
  • Brian Shaw via Disqus · Exactly how it happened. I wasn't expecting and didn't want Dortmund on the lead. I thought Materiality was going to be on the lead. · 5 hours ago
  • Kevin Kelly via Disqus · Where have you been? American Pharoah came out of the 16th post when El Kabeir and International Star both scratched. "Why all the hate on Espinoza?" Espinoza ran American Pharoah five wide (on the outside) much of the race. In doing so AF had to burn more energy, energy he would need to finish 1st. Espinoza didn't even try to get the horse in a less taxing position. American Pharoah should've won the race by 4 to 5 lengths. · 2 hours ago
Forget about the hate on Victor, he rode a decent race. What should really concern AP fans is how average this Derby was. Slow early, middle and late fractions on a track playing pretty fast. The top 3 crawled home in almost 27 seconds and the track wasn't that slow. AP looks like he wants no part at all of 1 1/2. No TC this year. Stop the hype machine. :-)
  • California Dragon via Disqus · He never was in a fight before and Firing Line is a Warrior in the home stretch. Both battled well but American Pharoah was the better one. I don't know if there's a chance for Triple Crown victory for AP but he proves that he can go to front and walk without any challengers but he can fight as well for the lead, going a little bit back but than come back to win. I really love this creature. · 2 hours ago
great Kentucky Derby win.
What a bust. If he hitchhiked his way here I'll pay his way back.
I don't know what everyone is wound up about. Three horses took control of the pace and the rest followed. When they reached the stretch they dueled it out. I think Dortmund was a little tired from breaking the wind so he tired. Firing Line had a great trip and has a great heart and American Pharaoh took the long way around and put them away as a great horse should. These are all great 3 year olds, enjoy and bet on winners.
I agree dump victor,he should of won by 4! instead he might have cost the colt the T.C.i hope not.
  • DDAmasa via Disqus · Going wide is a bad habit Victor has picked up of late, I think ever since Chrome got stuck behind horses in the Belmont. I still think he cost Chrome the BCC going wide and now he is doing it with AP. Maybe he's developed a fear of being boxed in if he's doesn't have an uncontested lead and instead goes wide. · 8 hours ago
  • MHS65 via Disqus · A horse with a dosage of 4.33 isn't going to win the triple crown. Unless the competition was as bad as it was today. Then it just might happen. · 4 hours ago
The best field in years? The Dosage figure of the winner was 4.33 that's the worst in the field, and a performance figure of only -50. Get real. By the way what was Velasquez thinking by sending Carpe Diem so early?
He LIVED up TO all THE HYPE he was getting!
  • Ruffianlover · He sure did · 10 hours ago
  • Steve Gibson via Disqus · No really. It was a pretty average Derby with slow early fractions and a very slow final quarter. Certainly not one for the ages. This race was ridiculously over hyped and it is still being hyped tonight. LOL · 5 hours ago
QUOTE: "After watching the Derby today, A'P' proved that he is truly head and shoulders above these horses......" Not really..Dominant performances are by open lenghts. It was pedestrian and effective, but not great. Look over Monarchos or Barbaro, Steet Sense, (hate to say it) Big Brown, Animal Kingdom, Dancer's Image, Dust Commander charts..even the crappy Mine that Bird for DOMINANT performances. This was not, and not that fast either.
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  • notobsessed · After all the pre-race hype, I was surprised he didn't sprout wings and fly by the rest of the field. · 6 hours ago
  • Steve Gibson via Disqus · Th8is did not look like a dominating performance at all. It looked like an average Derby from the time, the way that time was put up, and other races run today. Compare this race with what Competitive edge did and tell me this was a really high quality Derby??? Sorry, it wasn't. On a track that was playing pretty glib they set moderate fractions and then absolutely crawled home. This derby should get no more than about a 103-105 if that. · 5 hours ago
Dominant performances look like this. Pace of race 22 3/5, 46, 1:10 3/5, 1:36, 2:00 without this animal getting to the lead until the 8 furlong mark. 1964 OR ON the pace all trip in 23, 45 4/5, 1:09 3/5, 1:34 4/5 out in 2:00 1/5 1985 Those are impressive performances
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  • travel_vic · I sent the handicapping final to my good friend Terry and he answered just now: "Well you were correct, as was New Pace. Am. Pharoah was tough going wide all the way around. I just couldn't buy his 68% median, thought others would run him down vs the way it went with him coming from off the pace." We both had our doubts that a front runner could get the trip on the front with a % median of 68, but I did remind him that you have to average the last several to get in range of 67.2 to 67.8 His last five averaged 67.2 · 6 hours ago
  • Steve Gibson via Disqus · After what i saw today people are smoking crack if they think this horse will win the TC. There is no way this horse wants or can succeed at 1 1/2, no chance! The top three set or tracked very easy fractions and then crawled home in almost 27 seconds for the final quarter on a track that we'll find out was playing pretty fast. Heck Competitive edge did a mile in 1:34 flat and these guys did a mile in 1:36 and 4, about 14 lengths slower and they still crawled home the final quarter in almost 27. No way this horse wins at 1 1/2 unless it is just a complete crap race run in about 2:31. Nice win for AP today, I'll give him that, but you can forget about ac TC with this horse or any of the top 3 had either of the other 2 won. · 5 hours ago
Was a Dortmund believer. He got beat soundly today. Looked like he quit. AP has the look of a Triple Crown winner and the right jockey too.
  • Steve Gibson via Disqus · AP looked to me like a horse that wants no part at all of 1 1/2. They crawled home in almost 27 seconds for their final quarter after setting easy fractions and the track was playing pretty fast. That horse will be engulfed by the top of the Belmont stretch if he even runs. · 5 hours ago
Victor Espinoza has got to go. Give American Pharoah a chance Mr. Zayat.
  • Luvrachel · I was just complaining about Victor's ride on Stellar Wind yesterday. At least he got the win today. Congrats to AP & Victor. · 5 hours ago
Boy this renewal of the English 1000 Guineas sure didn't turn out to be as deep as it could've been. No Found, Together Forever, Agnes Stewart, Cursory Glance, or Sunset Glow in the field really took a bit of luster off the race, IMO.
Congrats to AP. My fav 3 yr old firing line ran a hell of a race and did everything he could but lost to the better horse. AP should have a great chance at the Preakness. I would worry about the Belmont if he gets the same wide trip however. I do not have the final numbers but looked like frosted was making a really good late run.
As soon as the gates opened, I knew she was up against it against all the best fillies. But considering her trip, she ran very well for 4th, which around the far turn I didn't think she would even finish that good and then again after being fanned so wide coming into the stretch. I just think...did she really have to be near the back again in the biggest race of her life?
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  • Goblin · I had concerns when the post positions were drawn. She did well, and is still learning. Closing looks to be her "style" though. · 1 day ago
  • Luvrachel · She should have won this race, but she had a rough trip. Right after the break, Victor positioned her right behind a very slow horse, so he had to almost stop her. I have been critical over a couple of his races on Chromie, and I feel this was also not a good trip unfortunately. I was happy with 4th place too, under the circumstances. · 6 hours ago
Disappointing. Glad I had very little money riding on him.
The distance got him. I hit the superfecta and exacta as well as place and show for Firing Line. Firing Line was rested. American Pharoah was lighlty raced. I was sure both Dortman and AP as well as Firing Line would be in the top 4 so figureing out the 4th horse was all the work. I used Frosted, Materiality, Carpe Diem and Mubtaahij as the 4th horse. Frosted earned me a trip to the IRS window. lol. I fely Firing Line was my best shot to MAKE money so I used him alot and bet him across the board. American Pharoah will not be beat in the Preakness if he runs. He's just too fast.
If Zayat is going to have a chance with this horse, he'll fire Espinoza and put a real jockey on American Pharoah. There was absolutley no resason to run the horse as wide as he did and he almost cost Zayat the race.
Watch out for Materiality later on. He did extremely well given the circumstances. He broke terribly, lost a shoe, got dirt kicked in his face for the first time, was almost last coming around the final turn, and he still closed to get 6th as a usual frontrunner.
  • travel_vic · When this one gets some seasoning under his belt, yes, he may turn out to be an effective 3 y/o · 6 hours ago

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