• Nyquist has spiked a fever, delaying his trip to Belmont, via DRF's Dave Grening.Posted 3 days ago
  • Second Summer holds off Hard Aces to win the Grade 2 Californian.Posted 3 days ago
  • Exaggerator turns the tables and is victorious in the Preakness (G1).Posted 4 days ago
  • Takeover Target flies home late to win from last in the Grade 2 Dixie.Posted 4 days ago
  • American Freedom fights back for Sir Barton victory.Posted 4 days ago
  • Mizz Money holds on to take the Gallorette (G3) by a nose.Posted 4 days ago
  • Justin Squared was too fast to catch in the Chick Lang.Posted 4 days ago
  • Lady Shipman does not disappoint with a victory in The Very One.Posted 4 days ago
  • Marengo Road gets ahead to take the James W. Murphy.Posted 4 days ago
  • Awtaad upsets Galileo Gold to win the Irish 2000 Guineas.Posted 4 days ago


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Late movers usually need a "set up" pace structure to overcome late. WIth no definitive pace setters, pressers take over, usually SLOW DOWN the front, making late moves even harder to create.
hoof_hearted666 > • 5 days ago Come back to me and say that again after the BC Classic, when Nyquist has won the Triple Crown, and gone the whole year unbeaten, ending the year with a BC Classic win!!! :-) didn't quite go to plan eh ,,, I,m feeling for you
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  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · How did that work out for you. Lmao · 1 day ago
  • Pebbles via Disqus · Wait, I thought he picked Exaggerator to win? :-) Oh, that is right. he picked both. · 1 hour ago
Wow. Its a shame that he would be pointed to the Bing Crosby instead of the Alfred G. Vanderbilt and the Forego Handicap. But it will be good to see him on the track in any race. Makes sense with the BC in the west.
After much thought I want to to put something out there about two Phenomenal colts. I think we come to think that only one horse can be good per year and the one we choose draws a line in the sand and we will defend them to the end. What we miss here is watching the journey of these young horses . While I try to pick 3 to 4 horse each yr to watch develop into top three year olds you will never see me guaranteeing a win The reason is you miss watching the whole race as your glued to one particular colt. Nyquist without a doubt is a wonderful horse and I'm so happy for his success as I loved his dad. I also have learned something from him to take with me about his father when choosing a colt next yr I also think Exagerrator is an exceptional talent and its wonderful to see a colt develop into a pure contender I also learned from him more about his father and how to choose colts from that pedigree. My point here is that it's possible to watch more than one horse. It's also possible for one colt to develop sooner than another Without watching all the colts in the Begining of the year you miss out on the learning aspect of it all. No one will ever get it perfect and there's no award for being right so why not enjoy the ride. While yes it's great to have a TC Champion I think it's awesome for horse racing to watch two colts try to prove their worth from race to race leaving it all on the track everytime. The heart they both have is amazing Let's let go of all the excuses and enjoy TWO EXCEPTIONAL TALENTS. Just a thought
  • Pebbles via Disqus · Well said, Mark. I actually think there are a number of quality horses in this crop of three year olds, but you are absolutely right that these two colts at this point as indeed showing themselves to be exceptional. Let us hope that Nyquist comes back soon to the track to continue to rivalry. Their connections seem to be indicating that he will point to the three year old races rather than stepping up in class so that is good to hear for promoting the rivalry. · 1 hour ago
I was watching the TV coverage for the Balk Eyed Susan finally and saw an interview with Kent Desormeaux regarding the Preakness. He was very humble and candid. When asked what he would do differently to try and win he said,"Hopefully, I'll have some help." Indeed he did. And when asked about whether his experience at Pimlico would be the deciding factor he acknowledged he had it, but praised Mario and Nyquist's connections.
Just for kicks, I'll bet an all gray superfecta: Lani, Creator, Destin, Cherry Wine.
On 5/8 49.05 and on 5/20 1:03.65. Hopefully, his next 5 furlong work will be sharper and we may see him in the Met Mile.
5 furlongs in 59.60 at Greentree on the 20th 1/3.
A very interesting article on Maria Borell. Can't confirm the accuracy of this article but it's shocking to say the least. https://www.usracing.com/news/analysis/shocking-untold-story-maria-borell When the original Maria drama broke I didn't want to make an opinion on her innocence given the lack of concrete/consistent facts, but her total lack of composure and professionalism in handling the situation completely put me off of supporting her. I thought she came off as deceptive and desperate. Again, I can't say how completely true this article is, but if even a quarter of this is true this woman is a black eye to the sport and deserves no part of it.
So sad for you Okeemeister, bless your soul.
how much is his stud fee?
  • barrmorr · Bobsaget1, American Pharoah's stud fee is $200,000. He has 100 mares that have been verified in foal. That comes to a cool $20M. Now we have to wait and see if the babies can run. · 16 hours ago
  • Ferrisjso26 · You can find any horses stud fee at bloodhorse.com · 7 hours ago
His race 2 years ago,riden by N Yokoyama,Ireland Trophy(Open)10/19/2014 Tokyo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLyeibluloQ&index=11&list=PLhTOXejooF5bjlmY8aBZLw1GEl6vJiTlP
Seeing some reports that some people said he looked very thin going into the Preakness. Hard to see on tv but if it's true I feel bad for the horse. Poor thing might have been sick and starting to feel under the weather then and still ran his guts out the best he could. Thank god exaggerator is a nice horse and won the Preakness so there isn't the same blow of missing out on a possible TC like the connections had to do with I'll have another in 2012. I hope this isn't similar to uncle mo's liver infection he got and that he is back this late summer for some of the big races. I also hope he takes on chrome and beholder this year. He's a special horse and one 3rd place loss takes nothing away from his incredible courage and heart.
  • illhaveanothertriplecrown · Exactly. I don't know why horses aren't allowed to lose a race anymore. So he's not American Pharoah? So what? Doesn't mean he can't still be an amazing horse. I simply hope he's not whisked away to stud so soon thought. · 22 hours ago
  • Dee via Disqus · Amen to that. · 11 hours ago
Wow!!!!!!!! To the big time on the world stage she(Tepin) goes!!!!! All the best of luck and love to you my sweet, dear lady!!!! Horse lovers across the pond show her some love!!!!
This horse had run faster than all of his competitions in the final 2 furlongs of his races. He will likely do it again in the Belmont stakes and come up a few lengths behind the winner again.
The Racing Factions Partnership, shares available.
The purse agreement with Suffolk Downs has been signed we are confirmed to race the 6 day festival in July, August and September
  • cedar · Hoping i can make it out for this! · 21 hours ago
  • Sullivan · Good to see you back, IHATC. Too bad about the idiots over in Eastie, hope they get someone to show up in August. Cedar, go for it, Suffolk's lovely. · 14 hours ago
Pletch is going to send Strad to the front in the belmont and instruct Johnny V to run measured fractions. That is the way Pletch has always felt was the best way to win the Belmont. It is the way he ran Dunkirk a few years back and he tried the same with Materiality last year but Materiality just was not the horse. His daddy, M D'or had a big race here in the Belmont and I would not count out Strad here.
I love SBN there will be no real pace to run into and he is just going to have to be better than those in closer position and chase them down. Right now I do not see him better than Exaggerator. He will be well rested though and ready for a big run.
I Think if he broke better from the gate he would have had a great Chance to Win the Derby
  • Players Klub via Disqus · I don't because his best race would be like a mile and an 8th. Anything further is outside of his range. He will prove that again in the Belmont. Even with a soft pace. · 15 hours ago

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