• Belvoir Bay (7-1) takes them all the way in the Torrey Pines.Posted 1 day ago
  • Strike Charmer (27-1) runs by Lady Eli late in the Ballston Spa.Posted 2 days ago
  • Masochistic (1-5) sprints to an easy victory in the Pat O'Brien at Del Mar.Posted 2 days ago
  • Arrogate (11-1) wins the Travers for fun in stakes record time!Posted 2 days ago
  • Flintshire (1-5) rolls up the rail to win the Grade 1 Sword Dancer.Posted 2 days ago
  • A.P. Indian (1-1) easily wins the Grade 1 Forego in stakes record time of 1:20.99.Posted 2 days ago
  • Drefong (3-1) dominates the Grade 1 King's Bishop every step of the way.Posted 2 days ago
  • Haveyougoneaway (10-1) gets there with a strong late in the Grade 1 Ballerina.Posted 2 days ago
  • Cavorting (2-1) rolls late to get up in the Grade 1 Personal Ensign.Posted 2 days ago
  • Hit It Once More makes every pole a winning one in the Albany Stakes.Posted 3 days ago


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I see some commenters are already expecting Arrogate to have a career similar to Ghostzapper. Remember that Robert Frankel handled Ghostzapper with kid gloves; Arrogate already had more starts this year than Ghostzapper ever had in a single year. I think Bob Baffert is the type of trainer that trains hard and races his horses often. When was the last time you had a trainer who raced one of his horses in 7 G1 races over a span of 7 months?
Frosted-Comfort-Bradester-Mubtaahij. I will be rooting for Comfort, as he broke terribly last time and gave away too much ground early, but I'm still not sure he can beat Frosted.
Looking at the combined 2nd, 3rd, 4th splits of some of the 10f races this year: Nyquist (Kentucky Derby) = 1:12 seconds Exaggerator (Kentucky Derby) = 1:12 seconds California Chrome (Pacific Classic) = 1:12 3/5 seconds Arrogate (Travers) = 1:12 2/5 seconds Exaggerator (Travers) = 1:11 4/5 seconds... This partially explains why Exaggerator didn't have his normal kick in the stretch, and it looked worse because Arrogate actually had a more moderate middle split time.
  • cugel the clever · I don't understand your point. How does this explain anything? The KD middle split was 1:12. The Arrogate middle split was 1:12 2/5. Almost identical. Ex did fine in the KD, closing well into 2nd place only 1.5 lengths back. The problem for Ex (and every other horse) wasn't the middle split, it was the sub-24 second final quarter that Arrogate blazed. That, combined with Ex's usual inconsistency and possibly tiredness from a long campaign, explains why he finished up the track. Has nothing to do with the middle split. · 1 day ago
  • Ross via Disqus · You look at the numbers too much rather than situations. Comparing split times on different scenarios and conditions is just asinine. Not only it was a dry track on the Travers compare to the wet track in the Derby, the pace itself was much softer considering the dry track. It is safer to say that the pace was too soft for anyone to close or Exaggerator really prefers a softer ground than him losing stamina because of going faster for .2 seconds at 6 furlongs mid split than his Derby. · 1 hour ago
My picks - Comfort, Bradester, Samraat.
Is Upstart going to be in the race?
  • sczen50 · Not that I know of. Yes I'm a Chromie fan-been since beginning of 2014- as I've told many and Ferris lol But! I think Frosty will win by alot. But you just never know.I'd love to see Chrome & Frosted-if possible duel it out down the stretch in the Classic. Would be great,huh? · 9 hours ago
  • Ferrisjso26 · No his connections have finally gotten the idea and are sending him to the G2 Kelso, a field he can beat at a distance he can get(8.5 suits him better than 8 but there's not so many graded stakes at that distance after two if at all) · 4 hours ago
Will he run in the Futurity on Monday?
  • pointgiven23 via Disqus · I don't see him as a possible with his stablemate Klimt running. Would be an interesting decision, he should have won his debut and definitely wants to go farther. · 5 hours ago
Sped 5f in 59 flat in prep for the Delmar Debutante. We will see if she can best her stablemates and others
Cleo worked in company with fellow Delmar Debutante starter Noted & Quoted yesteday getting 5f in 1:00 2/5. Along with another Stablemate American Gal who worked 5f in 59 flat, Baffert has a stranglehold on this race. All 3 super impressive maiden winners. Have to think Cleo might be the most talented of the bunch, we will find out Saturday
Food for thought.... Check out Money Multiplier's trip, exact opposite as Flintshire's. Swap their trips and I'm not sure Flintshire wins that race. Can't help but be a little annoyed by the best horse getting all the help from another runner, as if he needs it.
Very good horse this is, I hope they choose the BC Dirt Mile for him, I don't think he makes Top 3 in the Classic (well maybe a 3rd place finish at VERY BEST) but I think he wins the BC Dirt Mile, the only horse that could beat him in the BC Dirt Mile would be 'Frosted', IF 'Frosted' goes in the Dirt Mile instead of the Classic. If 'Frosted' puts in another monster performance on Saturday in the Woodward, then I think connections will definitely put him in the Classic, so therefore my friends....................... "American Freedom" is your BC Dirt Mile Winner. :-)
  • pointgiven23 via Disqus · Good option for him. He obviously can run longer but the Mile would give him the best chance of winning. · 5 hours ago
I don't think it's right for the Bakersfield paper to publish stories based on Coburns daughter. After all she brags about working for the paper. One sided perhaps? Really wrecked the experience for my children.
  • Mike via Disqus · If you actually have kids,I feel sorry for them. · 66 days ago
  • Carol McFadden via Disqus · Yes, seems a bit tacky. · 7 hours ago
As much as I love Chrome and the Dream I really did not see Sunday show anything in these first three races. Perhaps the next one will go more smoothly.
Probably the fastest horse EVER!!!! Supreme speed, he still holds the course record at York for the Nunthorpe Stakes, a record that has stood for 26 years! You can see here in the video that he had 'Safely Kept' beaten in the BC Sprint, he was on his way to winning by about half a length or so, before he jumped the shadow on the track, losing all his momentum, a very unlucky loser indeed. :-(
Go Cleo!!!!
He passed away July 23, 2016 at Saratoga. Ad Astra Per Aspera. :(
Sorry folks, I've gotta totally write off Exaggerator in the BC Classic! The ONLY chance he's got of winning is if the track is like a swimming pool, ha ha ha. But that's never gonna happen at Santa Anita. So sorry Exaggerator you mud lover, I'm scratching you buddy!!!!
im just kidding with you guys about Arrogate...he OBVIOUSLY looks like a great horse...besides california chrome..who are the other legit contenders also supposed to be running in the classic?...is Nyquist running in the classic? he put in a few disappointments in last few..but if he gets the right trip and runs a good Nyquist race...he genuinely could be dangerous...most people gave up on him kind of
  • Mr. Lonely via Disqus · yes nyquist is running in classic. And honestly, about his last two race i think they were just sheer bad luck races... nothing about his skills · 13 hours ago
  • nu-fan via Disqus · I always find it truly interesting how some will trash a horse after one loss while also putting a horse on a pedestal after one great win. Nyquist, when 100%, is a formidable horse. I look for some consistency in horses when determining their strengths or weaknesses. And, that means looking at their history and records. Arrogate, by the way, has had more than one win but I am not ready to put him in the same class as Secretariat. · 12 hours ago
Nyquist is overrated, and a sprinter, managed to appear as if he was more than an average colt who just barely won the Derby. Propaganda can only work so long as the results support the objective. His connections had a nice horse, but didn't know when to manage expectations. Great horses don't finish 3rd and 4th after being hailed as the second coming of Secretariat. I prefer to follow real talent, not flashes in the pan. Compare this colt with Arrogate. Nyquist is not in his league.
1st: California Chrome 2nd: Frosted 3rd: Beholder 4th: Nyquist 5th: Effinex 6th: Exaggerator 7th: Dortmund 8th: Firing Line 9th: Melatonin 10th: Destin 11th: Creator 12th: Mubtaahij 13th: Mohaymen 14th: Hoppertunity 15th: Arrogate
  • Mary via Disqus · after yesterday, I'd put Arrogate WAY higher up this list! My 'wish' list in order - 1. California Chrome 2. Exaggerator 3. Hoppertunity 4. Dortmund 5. Arrogate 6. Frosted 7. Mubtaahij 8. Nyquist 9. Melatonin 10. Firing Line 11. Destin' 12. Effinex 13. Mohayman (not sure he belongs in this field) 14. Creator (ditto) EDIT - the two horses I had on the bottom are now officially finished for the year. Hmmmm....... I hope Beholder goes in the Distaff. That would be a great race! Otherwise, it's probably Songbird's win without much drama, with Stellar Wind second. · 2 days ago
  • Sullivan · Would like to see Hoppertunity do well... he may be coming into good older form and he does tend to run best in the fall · 14 hours ago
Arrogate will finish out of the money in the classic. and all this fantasy fairytale fan foolishness will fade like the sunset. California Chrome is the clear cut favorite because he is superior to Arrogate and rest of the field. Arrogate is a pretender not a contender. after Arrogate flops in the classic im sure this forum will be filled with desperate excuses. but the only legit excuse he will have is that he was just outrun by much better horses and a superior horse in california chrome. after the classic this forum will be heartbroken. cause Arrogate doesnt belong in the classic and it will be proven. but im looking forward to all the desperate lame excuses on this forum after the classic is over and Arrogate doesnt even finish in the money
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  • Mr. Lonely via Disqus · you never know man that's what people said about nyquist entering the florida derby and he won and after that, people still critized about him not gonna win the ketucky derby and won · 15 hours ago
  • icelocks · Chrome is superior to the field in the Breeders Cup...Really !!! Chrome will not be able to set an easy fraction by himself in the Breeders Cup and that will make him fail to win has he have done previously. It takes a great horse to turn back challenges and hold off strong closers and it is not a fairy tale because it has been proven time and time again...I can only hope that they bet down Chrome to a low favorite in the Breeders Cup, so I can pick up some nice winning wager... · 14 hours ago

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