• Itsinthepost (6-1) drives home the win in the Grade 2 San Luis Rey.Posted 13 hours ago
  • Fear the Cowboy (7-2) comes running late to capture the Grade 3 Skip Away.Posted 15 hours ago
  • Fast and Accurate (24-1) bursts through to upset the Grade 3 Spiral.Posted 15 hours ago
  • Purely a Dream (12-1) pulls ahead in the stretch to take the Grade 3 Bourbonette Oaks.Posted 16 hours ago
  • Arrogate, despite a dreadful break, wins the Dubai World Cup easily.Posted 20 hours ago
  • Jack Hobbs is much the best in the Sheema Classic.Posted 21 hours ago
  • Vivlos flies late to get up for the win in the $6 million Dubai Turf.Posted 22 hours ago
  • Mind Your Biscuits rallies widest of all to win the Golden Shaheen going away.Posted 23 hours ago
  • Thunder Snow nips Epicharis in a UAE Derby thriller.Posted 1 day ago
  • Second Summer rolls late to upset the Godolphin Mile.Posted 1 day ago
Breeders Cup 2015
Dubai World Cup 2017


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The Hall Of Fame Is A lonely Place and The Sheets. While the Triple Crown is the Holy Grail of horse racing and one of the most difficult achievements in all of sport, it is not the only stamp of greatness. If it were, there would only be 12 horses in the Hall Of Fame at Saratoga. Some of the notables that would have their plaques removed: Man O' War, Buckpasser, Damascus, Dr. Fager, Exterminator, Native Dancer and Spectacular Bid just to name a few. There is no need to mention any females as none of them has won the Triple Crown and under this reasoning would not qualify for induction. We all realize this is a ridiculous statement but sometimes exaggeration is needed to make a point. Many horses that are considered 'great' never even ran in a Triple Crown race let alone won it. Some are knocking Arrogate because he didn't compete in the Triple Crown and thereby can never be considered a great horse. That is their opinion and they are entitled to it but certainly the facts so far do not support it. Some comments here and on other sites are downgrading Arrogate's performance because he was 'supposed' to win. The Ragozin Sheets which are used by trainers and owners (in other words professionals) to spot their horses use trips as a major component of their numbers. There is even a school of handicapping known as 'Trip Handicapping'. It is hard to visualize a worse trip than what Arrogate overcame in the DWC to win. Was it the worst trip in the history of horse racing probably not, but it was likely bad enough to have kept most horses from winning. The reality in my opinion is that Arrogate has the potential to be one of the great horses of all time if he continues on the trajectory he is currently on. Only after his career is over can his place in equine history be accurately assessed. In the mean time we should alll enjoy the ride.
I wonder if someone with better historical knowledge than I, maybe Buckpasser, could identify other top horses, or not even top horses, but horses that missed the break, and were pinched and still won top races. I know Secretariat had problems breaking, but still won the race.
Hats off to Gun Runner. It was well worth his while to make the trip to Dubai with that stellar performance. Listening to his jockey, I wonder if he could have won had he moved a bit earlier instead of waiting since Victor Espinoza indicated that it was waiting for Arrogate in the BC Classic which compromised him with that huge stride that Arrogate has. Either way, though, Arrogate has proven himself the definite number two horse in the division. Shaman Ghost watch out.
Do the 1st 6 horses bring home a check?
  • Pebbles via Disqus · Sort of since their costs are paid, but no purse money beyond 5th. $6 Million for 1st place $2 Million for 2nd place $1 Million for 3rd place $1 Million divided between 4th and 5th place. · 59 minutes ago
I hope they will retire him after next Dubai. This horse has still more to show!
Jockey on gun runner blew the race he should've continued to press gun runner through out the race he slacked up after assuming it was no way Arrogate could catch up... He literally started to attempt to pick up the pace once he realized Arrogate was approaching rapidly from the outside post... Had he stayed on the gas throughout the race gun runner would've likely won it, I need to see him run again against gun runner this year.. And although I'm quite impressed with Arrogate after all he is a great race horse but I still need to see a fully healthy Melatonin challenge him again, in the breeders cup Melatonin rode Chrome's tail in a close second place pace until he tired out in the last stretch but keep in mind he hadn't run since June since winning the Gold cup so he gave out of juice but I do think a healthy Melatonin can be a formidable challenger against Arrogate and if Classic Empire or Mastery wins the TC, I see either of them challenging Arrogate in the Breeders Cup... I'm patiently awaiting Melatonin to get healthy.... Nonetheless congrats to Arrogate connections
Neolithic seems like he should focus on some Grade 2s and maybe some higher purse Grade 3s. I think he can accumulate some decent winnings that way.
Sometimes in Thoroughbred racing we have a tendency to spew out superlatives in the immediate aftermath of a spectacular performance. We start comparing the winner to the greats of the past, and then, like always, time has a way of tempering our spontaneous hyperbole and jolting us back to reality. So, following Arrogate’s mind-boggling performance in the Dubai World Cup, I wisely decided to wait for the goose bumps to subside and my hands to stop trembling before letting my fingers go anywhere near a computer keyboard. My brain was filled with so many awe inspiring and impassioned words and descriptions of what I had just seen it left my thought pattern in total disarray. But I have settled down and am cool, calm, and collected…sort of. I am not going to rattle off a litany of superlatives, for I guarantee every one of them has been or will be used. So, I am going to dig into my memory bank that goes back 50 years and see if I can recall anything that even resembles what we all saw on a windy, drizzly night in Dubai. And while I’m at it, anything that remotely resembles what we have seen from Arrogate in the four Herculean performances since he burst on the scene from seemingly out of nowhere last August with his other worldly feat in the Travers Stakes. Can a horse actually be considered one of the greats of all time based on four races? Can you compare Arrogate to the likes of Secretariat, who singlehandedly raised the equine genus up a notch? That would seem blasphemous. Let me reiterate, we’re talking about four races. But after today it makes one wonder; is it possible to encapsulate a typical all-time great career into four races if they as a whole not only define the word great, but take it to plateaus never witnessed before, and in such a short period of time. Can a horse conceivably earn just under $17 million in only four races? It’s almost as if Arrogate has taken on the best qualities of different great horses in each of his four stakes victories. In the Travers, he ran with the fiery spirit and reckless abandon of Dr. Fager, who had the ability to carry his blazing speed long distances of ground and set track records. How else can you describe a horse who ran a top-class field into the ground from the start and won by 13 1/2 lengths, shattering a 37-year-old track record that not even the greatest 3-year-olds of the past could approach. It is a record that likely will never be broken. If he were a filly, there wouldn’t be one person following the Travers who didn’t compare him to Ruffian, the only filly who ran with that kind of speed, fury, and power. He also brought back the very recent memory of American Pharoah, who would just run his opponents off their feet on the lead. No, he hasn’t carried the weights Dr. Fager and the champions of the past carried, but that no longer is a criteria for greatness, and Secretariat never carried those high weights either. In the Breeders’ Cup Classic, he demonstrated the versatility and adaptability of Spectacular Bid, the horse who could do everything. By changing tactics and sitting back off the pace and then delivering a powerful knockout punch to run down Horse of the Year and the leading money-winner in history in North America, California Chrome, and in fast time, Arrogate showed that he, like, The Bid, could do anything, adjust to any scenario, and do it against top-class older horses. In the Pegasus World Cup, the richest race in the world, Arrogate looked like a composite of the great horses of the ‘90s, Cigar, Holy Bull, and Skip Away. While Cigar liked to lay back a bit off the pace, and Holy Bull and Skip Away could beat you on the lead, they all won major races just off the pace and then left their opponents for dead in the stretch, as Arrogate did, winning by 4 1/2 lengths in track-record time. And finally, we come to the Dubai World Cup, and here we can only compare him to Secretariat in the way he did something no other horse ever did or ever will.
According to Trakus Arrogate ran the last 400 meters in 23.829 seconds. This is 7.66ft less than 1/4 mile. Arrogate covered the last 1/4 in about 23.96. I'd say that is flying.
It would be a real shame if they did not stretch Arrogate out from the 10 furlongs just to see what he can do. I realize the Brooklyn and Cougar III are not going to cut it. The Arc is 12 furlongs. A Coronation Cup (12F) or St Leger (14.5F) would work in England. Realize it is a long shot........but it just seems like a crime for this horse that can seemingly run all day (at a legit pace).
It looks as of Arrogate came out of the DWC with energy to spare, if you check out #Arrogate you can see him back in his stall moving nicely, all puffed up still.
ON ARROGATE: " If anybody wasn't (like) super impressed with that (Arrogate winning the DWC), they just don't like horse racing" Bob Baffert - at the post DWC press conference. ON ARROGATE: Sometimes a circumstance presents itself to allow a horse to show how really brilliant he is, and he got that opportunity today. It wouldn't have been our choice but I'm delighted now with the way it worked out. He got to show how brilliant he... because he had to be brilliant to win today. " Garret O'Rourke (Juddmonte Manager @ post race conference) ON ARROGATE: There have been twenty-two Dubai world cups, and that I think, will rate equally as the most spectacular perhaps (with dime) Dubai Millenium’s,.. all the way in 2000. Last out of the machine,.. still 10 lengths off them... turning out of the back, he swept home and won it running away". Terry Spargo (Dubai World Cup track announcer since 2001) ON ARROGATE "I THOUGHT I'D SEEN IT ALL" - Steve Haskin cs.bloodhorse.com/blogs/horse-racing-steve-haskin/archive/2017/03/25/i-thought-i-had-seen-it-all.aspx
Rafi, your writing style gives your most recent prevarication gives us a reason to stick out as FICTION as it always does.
Hollie Hughes, not Henny--that's Beholder's dad. 'night.
Henny Hughes saw BOTH MOW and Secretariat and he chose the latter hands down. Ask some one who REALLY KNOWS the game and they can tell you what quality is like.
Can't tell if it was the turf or if Dortmund doesn't want to be a race horse anymore. He did look uncomfortable on the turf and looked awkward on it so perhaps that was the case. We'll see on his next start on dirt.
I never saw a horse recover a bad start and win a race like Arrogate did today. I keep watching the replays of the race, fun to watch !
Good old Zippy, 1.35 out of 10.
He has won against top competition before and now through adversity and he seemed like he can still run after the race. This is as much as we know. It does not bother me if anyone will think he's not one of the top to race ever, but I'll surely regret it if I don't enjoy every time he races.
Congratulations to Arrogate and his connections! He did what he to do to win, and I was not necessarily giving him the benefit of the doubt that he would still be at his peak today. However, you have to realize that this where California Chrome was last year at this time (on top of the world). But, he eventually did fall to someone who was totally unknown at this time last year. What goes around comes around, and the invincible Arrogate will probably fall to a 3 year old later this year that comes setting records out of the blue. That is, unless he really does have that 20 pound heart like Secretariat. And if he does, why was not in the Triple Crown last year even once? Or was that totally Bob Baffert's error in not properly assessing who needed to be aimed toward the Triple Crown?

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