• Itsinthepost (6-1) drives home the win in the Grade 2 San Luis Rey.Posted 2 hours ago
  • Fear the Cowboy (7-2) comes running late to capture the Grade 3 Skip Away.Posted 3 hours ago
  • Fast and Accurate (24-1) bursts through to upset the Grade 3 Spiral.Posted 3 hours ago
  • Purely a Dream (12-1) pulls ahead in the stretch to take the Grade 3 Bourbonette Oaks.Posted 4 hours ago
  • Arrogate, despite a dreadful break, wins the Dubai World Cup easily.Posted 9 hours ago
  • Jack Hobbs is much the best in the Sheema Classic.Posted 9 hours ago
  • Vivlos flies late to get up for the win in the $6 million Dubai Turf.Posted 10 hours ago
  • Mind Your Biscuits rallies widest of all to win the Golden Shaheen going away.Posted 11 hours ago
  • Thunder Snow nips Epicharis in a UAE Derby thriller.Posted 12 hours ago
  • Second Summer rolls late to upset the Godolphin Mile.Posted 14 hours ago
Breeders Cup 2015
Dubai World Cup 2017


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By the way, the accolades for him, while generally well deserved, have been a bit hyperbolic. We don't even know for sure if he is the best horse in the world right now, let alone of the 21st century. Of course, it looks like Juddmonte and Baffert will wimp out and not prepare him on the turf for a match race with Winx. I hate to sound like a broken record, but given the generally meager purses between now and the BCC, why not prep for a $15 million match race against the Australian?
I never saw a horse recover a bad start and win a race like Arrogate did today. I keep watching the replays of the race, fun to watch !
A lot of you on here are just youngsters and I say that because I turned 103 years old this past February... I have arthritis so I can't write this stuff myself so my great great great grandson is writing for me everything I say out my mouth ok... Now let me tell all you horse racing fans a few things or two from experience from what I saw myself throughout my life... My father was also a horse racing man do I was introduced to it very young... I went with my father to see Man O'War run in the Jockey club Gold cup and the Travers stakes both were in 1920, I was only about 6 years old at the time now my memory is still the one good thing I have... I will never forget I didn't know this at the time cause I was just a kid but my Dad had my shake hands with the Manassa Mauler that's boxer Jack Dempsey and so many others like actor Edward G. Robinson back than all the stars of that time would just mingle with us regular folks those were good times I tell you, good times... But anyway I remember getting right next to Man O'War after he won the Travers and I tell you I'll never forget the fire that penetrated in his eyes he was a magnificent brute of a horse unbeatable I tell you.... I remember home with my father listening to the radio when Man O' War best first TC winner Sir Barton in a match race beat him good around 15 or more lengths see Man O'War didn't run in the Kentucky Derby only the last two races because back than the KD wasn't a big deal and they had yet to call those 3 races a TC so his owner Mr. Sam Riddle didn't care to send his horse to Kentucky because he was an east coast horse and back than traveling horses took a lot more than today... Whrn I turned 20 back in 1934 I went with my Dad to see Man O'War by than he'd been retired for many years but we went to see him at his stud farm and that same year we went in 1934 he had just had a foal like a few months prior we'll that was who we got to know as War Admiral and I got to see him run after he won the TC in 1937 but I saw him run live in 1938 now he hated to come out the gates they always had to force him out but when he did he would fly he was not as quick as his Sire but he was great horse saw him run in 1938 at Pimlico against SeaBiscuit I always said about that race if they had run it twice sea biscuit would've lost but I was there to see it great race... Moving ahead i got to see Citation run in 1950 in the Hollywood gold cup great horse yes I saw Swaps run and saw Nashua... I never got to see Ruffian run live but I saw foolish pleasure win the KD and I saw secretariat run many times including his Belmont win spectacular!!!! Yes yes indeed spectacular.... I watched Seattle slew and Affirmed run live and so so so many afterwards I'm a life long fan and seeing American Pharoah win it after 37 years brought tears of joy to my eyes, I did like that California Chrome horse he ran with a lot of heart lot of heart... And I saw Arrogate at Breeders last year I don't get out much these days with my health and all but my kids surprised me and took me and I got to see him in the paddock and let me tell you kids something he has that same fire in his eyes that I saw in Man O'War... I didn't see that fire in no other horse eyes in all these years until now in Arrogate and let me tell you all something he is a horse with an ability similar to only the greats despite he didn't run in any TC forget about that I'm telling you he is a horse that puts fear in other horses he won't be beaten as long as he is healthy ever take the advice of this old 103 year old man who has seen it all just about he is a horse of a lifetime even greater than AP..... And that's a promise
Jockey on gun runner blew the race he should've continued to press gun runner through out the race he slacked up after assuming it was no way Arrogate could catch up... He literally started to attempt to pick up the pace once he realized Arrogate was approaching rapidly from the outside post... Had he stayed on the gas throughout the race gun runner would've likely won it, I need to see him run again against gun runner this year.. And although I'm quite impressed with Arrogate after all he is a great race horse but I still need to see a fully healthy Melatonin challenge him again, in the breeders cup Melatonin rode Chrome's tail in a close second place pace until he tired out in the last stretch but keep in mind he hadn't run since June since winning the Gold cup so he gave out of juice but I do think a healthy Melatonin can be a formidable challenger against Arrogate and if Classic Empire or Mastery wins the TC, I see either of them challenging Arrogate in the Breeders Cup... I'm patiently awaiting Melatonin to get healthy.... Nonetheless congrats to Arrogate connections
Baffert said Arrogate is the best horse he's seen since Secretariat........Smith said he's the best he's ever ridden. Enough said.
Wow. I love this horse. He ran so well. He would've won any other year. This is the wrong year for this guy, unfortunately.
Without question this is the most talented race horse I've seen grace a track. The only other horse I've seen do what Arrogate did today is Zenyatta and she need a perfect trip to do it. Arrogate had the exact opposite. He is the best race horse in the world right now. Every other animal is battling for 2nd.
Why did no one see Blueridge Traveler? What an obvious long shot!
Hollendorfer a coward and a bad guy? I have followed the guy since his early days at GGF and Bay Meadows. THOSE words would NEVER be associated with a truly great horseman like this one. He is a realist when it comes to his training.
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  • andthey'reoff · He's not a coward, but what people are going on is that he's playing it safe for not trying the Derby trail. it's a lot like the Star Trek episode Tapestry on learning to play it safe and taking risks. · 1 day ago
  • triplechrome · I agree.I think the owners should do with the horse as they see fit since they paid for her. Seems to me like they should know the horses abilitys better than the fans. I think we all would like to see a filly with her type talent pull a Zenyatta or Rachael Alexandra but maybe they don't see it being there. Not trying to be rude with this comment but these trainers owners and crew have to know more about what they are dealing with than we the viewers do · 1 hour ago
Just read in DRF, Jay Hovdey (punk) seems to indicate Mark Casse should have his training license revoked because he went fishing with his family. Jay Hovdey sad turn for your future. God Bless Mark and his family.
i would be looking at the derby with this one, because the group is so weak. Of course it is hollendorfer, who has based his entire career on looking for checks in easy spots. With the lack of a true triple crown contender this year, it looks like this horse could win the derby against the projected field. Would be great for horse racing just to SEE a filly try the derby. I wouldnt run the horse against pharoah or arrogate. I would run the horse in a soft spot like this years derby. The derby is a soft spot with a big check, should be perfect for hollendorfer. Of course he will find some way to avoid any tough spot that might be avoidable. The only thing hollendorfer cant/wont dodge is the breeders cup held in california. Anything else its like lets find a nice soft grade 2 with an inflated purse. Hollendorfer is so bad, bad for horse racing. Unique bella should go in the SA derby. I think its an easy spot this year. If the horse doesnt get it done, off to the oaks (if we are lucky) or more likely a nice soft socal grade 3. Instead the coward and bad horseman hollendorfer will likely go for the SA oaks, then if we're somewhat lucky, the KY oaks, but more likely look forward to seeing unique bella coming to a soft grade 2 at SA or delmar this summer. Its just the hollendorfer way. Good for hollendorfer, good for the owners, bad for horse racing. Thats jerry hollendorfer in a nutshell
  • Mary Y. via Disqus · Your opinion is yours to keep as is, but if you have a min., maybe check your Breeders' Cup, outside of CA, race facts. · 1 day ago
  • ruffianlover · I agree with the sa derby part but they won't do that unfortunately · 1 hour ago
I expect Arrogate's rest of the year to look like this: Pacific Classic, Aug; Awesome Again Stakes, Sept; Breeders Cup Classic, Nov.
It looks as of Arrogate came out of the DWC with energy to spare, if you check out #Arrogate you can see him back in his stall moving nicely, all puffed up still.
Congratulations to Fast Accurate and team on the win. I was/am a big Hansen fan and although he seemed to be distance limited in his racing career I hoped him to have a good sire career. I hope FAA can build off this race, progress and shine a light on his sire
It would be a real shame if they did not stretch Arrogate out from the 10 furlongs just to see what he can do. I realize the Brooklyn and Cougar III are not going to cut it. The Arc is 12 furlongs. A Coronation Cup (12F) or St Leger (14.5F) would work in England. Realize it is a long shot........but it just seems like a crime for this horse that can seemingly run all day (at a legit pace).
Also, no lasix, half around the world, unreal!
Dortmund worked 4f, March 25th, in 46.00 (h) finishing 1/21.
He fired a bullet today and is nominated for a listed stakes at santa anita. Might be a confidence booster.
This horse has really had a great carrier. He was one of my derby picks so ive followed him for years. I think its time he either takes it down a notch and wins some G2's and G'3, or retire. But I think there is mo money on the track.
According to Trakus Arrogate ran the last 400 meters in 23.829 seconds. This is 7.66ft less than 1/4 mile. Arrogate covered the last 1/4 in about 23.96. I'd say that is flying.

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