• It's all Stellar Wind in Del Mar's Torrey Pines.Posted 6 hours ago
  • Lady Shipman both Smart and Fancy in winning another one at the Spa.Posted 9 hours ago
  • Keen Ice shocks American Pharoah in the Travers.Posted 1 day ago
  • Flintshire flaunts his class in the Grade 1 Sword Dancer.Posted 1 day ago
  • Nothing but a walk in the park for Private Zone in the Grade 1 Forego.Posted 1 day ago
  • Runhappy runs them off their feet in the Grade 1 King's Bishop.Posted 1 day ago
  • Unbridled Forever storms to victory in the Grade 1 Ballerina.Posted 1 day ago
  • Sheer Drama makes her claim as the East's best mare with a Personal Ensign win.Posted 1 day ago
  • Lubash runs by King Kreesa to score in the West Point.Posted 2 days ago
  • Sudden Surprise much the best in the Funny Cide.Posted 2 days ago


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A little peculiarity I spotted when checking her PP's. She won on 8/5/15 at Saratoga. She was on the work tab on 8/20/15 at Saratoga. Where the oddity developed was, that two days after her Spa workout, she was boarded on a plane, hopped off the plane, and partook in another workout at Churchill. Very strange turns of events, but the end result was what was desired.
Peaked at the right time. He's no Onion but I wouldn't make him a favorite until he wins a few more G1 races. One race does not a champion make or break.
Reports are Divine Tale was euthanized after suffering multiple fractures to pelvis in 10th at Del Mar. This 5 yrs old mare was known for racing well in spite of having just one-eye.
What are you talking about? It didn't affect his reputation in my eye's, I have trained horses for most of my life. i wanted to be a jockey but got to big so I settled for exercising and training. Horses can't tell you if they really don't feel up to running today,you have to hope that they will. If you can't read that there not them self's you send them out there and hope. AP is the best thing that has happened to racing in a while and as fare as retiring him, I would of after the Belmont, Not because of his rep but because he is special, Not many stallions have his disposition and his talent. I wouldn't take a chance on him getting hurt or worse. Money make people make some bad decision and some time it comes back on them. I've seen to many good horses have to be put down and it has hurt. I would hat to see that happen with him. I can't wait t see his first babies run and I want that to happen ASAP. I care about him more then seeing him race. He's done all he should have too. I don't care if he runs in the BC or not. I'm sorry for my rambling.
  • cugel the clever · The best horses and the best horsemen don't take their ball and leave the game the first time something goes wrong for them. AP is a tremendously talented horse. If he's as good as you and many others say, then he should be able to absorb this defeat, train hard, and come back to beat Keen Ice, Beholder, and Honor Code at the BCC. If his owner is too afraid to try, then his horse hasn't earned the "greatest ever" accolades. I want to see him in the BCC as do most true racing fans. And I would love to see him win. · 4 hours ago
  • slewcrew7778 · You obviously love the horse. There's nothing to apologize for. · 2 hours ago
Why is he not racing closer to the front. He's not a closer.
Good evening friends . SUPERFECTA BOX BABY!!!! I knew Texas Red wouldn't be a factor here! Upstart ran well . Frosted ran amazing . Keen Ice, WOW! Keen Ice rolled out the cash. I had Unbridled Forever for 2nd. Got Lucky , The Big Beast, and Red Rifle, they all came 2nd, but they all got me lots of money . BANG!!!!!!!
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  • Einar Reitz via Disqus · Congrats..I thought Texas Red would run closer to the lead.... maybe it was Kent Desormeaux holding Keen Ice back all the time..Dale Roman's won't use Kent anymore you can bet on that! · 1 day ago
  • Rolan via Disqus · good job · 3 hours ago
In observing the Travers again, I am convinced this was the best prep AP could've had for the CLASSIC, as Baffert stated "...We could tell that's the first time he got a lot out of (a race). He was blowing pretty good."(via www.bloodhorse.com ; Karen Johnson) A tough gritty race, some time off, and a well-prepared training regiment could have AMERICAN PHAROAH at his racing peak in his final bout!
Well put Michael. Even though i feel they shouldn't take a chance I can see were your coming from. I can also tell you know what your talking about. I like you would love to see him race if i knew he wouldn't be hurt. I would love to see he and SB. That would be a race and then add Beholder in there. Are people really comparing him to Secretariat? I don't know about that. His race time are good but not like Secretariats.
Do not retire Pharoah. Let him rest, then send him to Churchill or even Keeneland in early October to train up to the Classic. Knowing how good he is overall, I doubt he needs anymore prep races before the big dance. His place in racing history was secured on June 6, letting him race past that date came with the condition that a defeat may happen. But how much more satisfying will it be, if he comes back to blow everybody out of the water in the Classic, which we know he is capable of. If Pharoah must be compared to Secretariat, then we cannot forget that Big Red's races following defeats, (The Derby after the Wood Memorial, the Marlboro Cup after the Whitney, and the Man O' War after the Woodward), were all run in record time. While I doubt that Pharoah will come close to Ghostzapper, or the Bid's records at 10f, knowing that this will be his last hurrah, he will race with even more "guts and glory" than we saw in the Travers. To hell with the "Grand Slam" monikers, between Pharoah, Beholder, Honor Code, and now Keen Ice as well as Frosted, this race (arguably next to Pharoah's Belmont) is shaping up to be the race of the decade.
OK, lets try this again. 8/30 p4s: 4,6,10/4,8,9,11/9,10/7,10 & 6/4,5,7,8,9,11/9,10/7,10 & 6/4,8,9,11/9,10/6,7,10
  • Mary Z. · GL. I have 1,9,10,8 in r 9. Every once in a while the 3 can close. I don't know about the Hollendorfer 4. GGF on turf ran w/ some pretty good dirt fillies at SA this Spring. No word, though. · 4 hours ago
By the way Mr.Kennedy I may have miss read your comment and I apologize for doing so but you still don't have the right to try to bully people and you don't know me at all. I have spent most of my life training so you don't know what your talking about. My main point here is that you don't have the right to tell people to stop making there comments or as you say excuses. I don't know you and you don't know me but i don't like bullies and that's what you come off as to me. I will not make any more comments towards you or in answer to you.
  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · I gave never suggested I know more than anyone else If you are. Trainer as you say and are heartbroken over ap loss then wow I'm shocked. Everyone has their right to their opinion To not acknowledge a great race and congratulate the winner is classless You has a trainer should understand that of all people. Tat is the only point I was trying to make · 4 hours ago
ZATT's Star of the Week, is ... Keen Ice!
Stop all of you with the excuses. Fact. AP is a TC winner and a great horse. All the he is tired crap is baloney. Let me break it down for you. The colt didn't get started until March. He has toyed with the fields under hand rides. He rested after the TC and has raced once prior to the travers doing awesome. His team has been happy and smiles saying how well he travels. In fact everyone was all smiles going into the race. The grave yard of champions excuse has always loomed large Keen ice has raced light out since January just trying to be part of the equation. Talk about a horse that should be tired. Yesterday was a great race and to lose by a length is nothing to diminish the colt but it is disrespectful to not acknowledge a hard fought win by keen ice. In fact any of the three were deserving of the wins. Stop the Bull""""" It was a great race run by the top three Ap got beat by the one two punch that forced him to never really get a breather. That's horse racing
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  • sully · I blame the loss on TVG. Weren't they doing a promotion for new subscribers that guaranteed win odds on AP at 5/1? Must've been rigged (satire)! Maybe that's why everyone's looking for an excuse? They got suckered into TVG and now can't get away from that crappy wagering platform · 7 hours ago
  • ILuvTurfRacing · Mate, in response to your tirade let me just say, I'm not in any way suggesting it's the reason for AP losing the Travers, but having followed the sport worldwide for nearly 30 years now I can tell you this, I don't care if AP started training just a day before the Kentucky Derby, you need only glance at his schedule and the amount of down time, or lack thereof, that he's had between races to realize it suggest this is an exhausted horse. I don't care how physically fit and gifted he AP is. Maybe yesterday was just Keen Ice's day, but don't try to tell me that was a 110% physically ready to race AP at Saratoga on Saturday. Sale crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here. The Triple Crown grind alone, just those 3 races, is a tough, demanding grind on any 3YO, but for one that ran well enough to actually win all 3 races, that's a horse that quite literally ran his a$$ off in 3 really tough G1 races in barely over a month. Add to the mix his running in the G2 Rebel Stakes & G1 Arkansas Derby prior, and running in the G1 Haskell & G1 Travers since, with only 2 months as his longest break that came between the Belmont & Travers and you're telling me there's no way AP could be a tired horse? Seriously mate, even winged pegasus himself would find AP's schedule grueling and I'll guarantee you AP's feeling it right now too. Unfortunately though, the only way he has to communicate that he's tired is on the racetrack. Did yesterday's AP at Saratoga look like the same animal to you that basically blitzed the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, & Belmont Stakes fields at his own leisure? To me, it looked like a horse with no engine problems, just one that was simply out of gas. · 5 hours ago
Just a thought. AP's grandfather Empire Maker beat Funny Cide in the 2003 Belmont to stop a triple crown. now Keen Ice who like Funny Cide goes back to Mr Prospecter evens the score.
Another great race from S.W.
I like the Cali bred Big Book/Rattataptap/Stellar Wind/Roksana
Ocean Knight finishes 2nd beaten 3/4 of a length, good race off the long layoff, he will benefit from this and get better next time out.
  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · Awesome · 8 hours ago
  • jockey2be. · It was a good comeback,it's great to see OK back on track! · 6 hours ago
Loved it!
WOW!!! Never in doubt!! Stellar Wind brilliant again!!! Wasn't much competition, but she looked great!!!!
  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · I love how they were dogging her before the race saying she really isn't all that. Well she shut them up real quick dominating that race · 7 hours ago
So he loses 1 race like all the other greats did and all of a sudden everyone is throwing him to the curb? He lost, all the great horses lose some. He'll be back for more just like they did.
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  • slewcrew7778 · "He'll be back for more just like they did" ??? · 1 day ago
  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · Wow I haven't read one thing that anyone has written that says because he lost he's now no good. Sometimes I feel folks choose to read into what they think instead of reading what's exactly printed · 7 hours ago

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