• Belvoir Bay (7-1) takes them all the way in the Torrey Pines.Posted 1 day ago
  • Strike Charmer (27-1) runs by Lady Eli late in the Ballston Spa.Posted 2 days ago
  • Masochistic (1-5) sprints to an easy victory in the Pat O'Brien at Del Mar.Posted 2 days ago
  • Arrogate (11-1) wins the Travers for fun in stakes record time!Posted 2 days ago
  • Flintshire (1-5) rolls up the rail to win the Grade 1 Sword Dancer.Posted 2 days ago
  • A.P. Indian (1-1) easily wins the Grade 1 Forego in stakes record time of 1:20.99.Posted 2 days ago
  • Drefong (3-1) dominates the Grade 1 King's Bishop every step of the way.Posted 2 days ago
  • Haveyougoneaway (10-1) gets there with a strong late in the Grade 1 Ballerina.Posted 2 days ago
  • Cavorting (2-1) rolls late to get up in the Grade 1 Personal Ensign.Posted 2 days ago
  • Hit It Once More makes every pole a winning one in the Albany Stakes.Posted 3 days ago


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Well Creator wasn't too far at all out of 4th.
1st: California Chrome 2nd: Frosted 3rd: Beholder 4th: Nyquist 5th: Effinex 6th: Exaggerator 7th: Dortmund 8th: Firing Line 9th: Melatonin 10th: Destin 11th: Creator 12th: Mubtaahij 13th: Mohaymen 14th: Hoppertunity 15th: Arrogate
  • Mary via Disqus · after yesterday, I'd put Arrogate WAY higher up this list! My 'wish' list in order - 1. California Chrome 2. Exaggerator 3. Hoppertunity 4. Dortmund 5. Arrogate 6. Frosted 7. Mubtaahij 8. Nyquist 9. Melatonin 10. Firing Line 11. Destin' 12. Effinex 13. Mohayman (not sure he belongs in this field) 14. Creator (ditto) EDIT - the two horses I had on the bottom are now officially finished for the year. Hmmmm....... I hope Beholder goes in the Distaff. That would be a great race! Otherwise, it's probably Songbird's win without much drama, with Stellar Wind second. · 1 day ago
Arrogate was lucky to find himself on the lead with those easy fractions..especially mid fractions on that speed track especially at long distances..any one of a handful of horses in there if they got lucky and found themself as the ones on the lead they would have been the winner and track record holder..sometimes it pays to be in right spot at right time..regardless who won the travers today..they wont do much of anything in the BCC vs the top horses and where the track bias wont able them to run same kind of race
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  • Hardfreeze · Hahaha that is a very stupid comment. I agree that he might not be better than the older horses but this colt didn't "get lucky" and "find himself on the lead". He ran fast enough early to put the field away while getting pressured by 2 very good horses in American Freedom and Gun Runner. The bottom line is this - 12 length winner in 1:59.36. The fastest 1 1/4 at Saratoga at the distance ever. Pretty impressive and luck had nothing to do with it. · 1 day ago
  • lostarts via Disqus · Silly Comment, Arrogate was primed for high stakes competition. Anyone who watches SoCal racing knows he is among a super talent young crop of horses coming out of Socal. Just like Drefong, Enola Grey, Chasing Aces, Champagne Room, Green With Eddie, Big League. No Surprises here. =D · 1 day ago
Gooooo Gift Box!!!!! 1. GiftBox 2.Arrogate 3.Creator
  • Players Klub via Disqus · Not bad picks. GB was 4th and Arrogate won it. · 1 day ago
wide open race i,l take a punt on arrogate, american freedom gift box , ex, be a great race
Arrogate in 1:59????? I thought he was just a little outclassed in this race, but he blew everyone out of the water. If he continues, he could beat California Chrome in the BCC.
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  • Ferrisjso26 · And to think we all thought American Freedom was the real threat among the Baffert horses lol. Also a 1.59.00 at Santa Anita could probably come close to the world record, and this horse is three. OMG. · 2 days ago
  • sczen50 · uhh right...think of what Chrome would've done -as Gary Stevens said--had Chrome been given his head or urged..he was a 4/5ths of a second slower.... and under a stiff pull.. Alot of restraint as the other jockeys noted. Heck! It's easy to see just watching the race...and won by at least 5 lengths!~! But yeah!! This was a very great race for him...now all he needs to do is take out Dortmund...Beholder...Effinex...Melatonin.. and Chrome & Frosted. Yeah we'll see... the BCC should be very interesting--I think we'll see Chrome get pushed this time. Bet he stalks that pace. · 1 day ago
So what's next for this horse - the JCGC or the AA?
Where the $%#! did this horse come from?
Hey... out of my top three I got two! That's not too bad for someone that picks horses based on color and name. :)
Exaggerator's Eclipse dream just died.
  • Players Klub via Disqus · Still time. Who would get the 3 year old crown if the year ended tomorrow?? Can't give it to Arrogate off this one race if he bombed the rest of the year. · 1 day ago
Anyone know the next big race coming up on the schedule?.
Arrogate ran a great race..many many horses ran great races and broke track records..and more than once in their career..these fans try to pump Arrogate up even more by calling saratoga a tiring racetrack..when the entire racing industry knows saratoga is the MOST spped "favoring" track in the history of racetracks..and especially at longer distances when a horse gets away with mid fractions like Arrogate did..a 50-1 shot has good chance to wire a field under those circumstances..these fans are already comparing Arrogate to secretariat off ONE grade 1 win..some even saying Arrogate might be the "best of all time"..this is just "fanboy" talk..i mean even some Frosted fans say Frosted might be the best of all time or in the top 100 of all time...yes "Frosted"..its fanboy talk..california chrome will still be a clear cut favorite in odds over Arrogate in BCC..pretty much tells you a lot..if Arrogate was soooo special, he would be a heavy favorite in the BCC..but he wont even be close to it..im not calling Arrogates win a fluke..but lets just pump the brakes..lets see him prove himself more than ONE race before we start praising him as one of the best ever and in same breath as secretariat...we KNOW he broke a track record..but it was ONE race..maybe he will turn out to be great..but lets all give him a chance to be great..a great horse isnt a horse who ran 1 or 2 great races..lets see how he does in the BCC...sorry but someone has to intervene and keep it real and in proper perspective..no offense to the Arrogate "fanboys"...cause if he doesnt win the BCC all this talk will be over and this forum site will become deserted..i hope he does well in the BCC..i love to see greatness
  • ChessChamp · Some of us here have been fans of this horse BEFORE today's result, and will still be fans regardless of what happens in the BCC. · 2 days ago
  • sczen50 · I love to see Greatness,too. 'Can't wait until Ferris reads this last comment of yours,too. Pertaining to Frosted. This oughtta be good. You know he's a HUGE fan of Frosty. Yes I like Frosted..but he's not my fav and I'll be Very surprised if he wins the BCC. But I love all this competition. Remember Here....and all of you out there... this isn't all over yet-not by a long shot. It's gonna get good...No--it's gonna get better I think/. Same breath as Secretariat? God; I hope not~ But I don't really think anyone really is.. Man O' War-Heh!!... or even Seattle Slew--he's not in the same stratosphere as those guys(as someone has already mentioned..) ;) Yes; on a Youtube site,on this win.. a girl was comparing this win to how much faster he was than Secretariat. uhh boy~ oh well. I needed a good laugh. I think that they're all just blown away & excited by the margin & time! And the greatness of that run today. I was awed.. and excited about it. >Chrome last week--imagine-like Gary Stevens mentioned- if Chromie had been given his head or been urged..the time on that and the margin. Granted SA is a faster track... & the comp there was a bit different. hmm... · 1 day ago
Reading the chart it appears something may have spooked Exaggerator. It said that he was squeezed at the start between Destin and Anaximandros due to pressure from Connect and then appeared to shy either from a rival or a shadow! So, maybe the track surface had nothing whatsoever to do with Exaggerator's performance today.
Is he considered the top sprinter in North America? It's not a group that I follow closely.
  • https://www.facebook.com/john. · Certainly one of them now with back to back Gr.1 wins. Lord Nelson on the West Coast, X Y Jet who has been out of action since Dubai and reigning BC Sprint Champ Runhappy who is returning from a long layoff are also among the top. · 1 day ago
Majestic Pride wins the Brooks Fields and Prado's Sweet Ride wins the Minnesota H.B.P.A Distaff.
Got a signed pare of boots from him at Canterbury today.
One Mean Man noses out Whatawonderflworld in the Mystic Lake Derby ins one of the most exciting races in Canterbury history.
This race was just exuding with class. They all showed their talent with that blanket finish. Very nice win from cavorting in a very exciting race. I wish this was a 10f race
where is Arrogate heading next? to the BBC or is he going to run another race before the BCC?
  • KatieK101 · I would think that they would try to get another race underneath him, but I've not heard anything definite. · 2 days ago
  • Players Klub via Disqus · I think they will skip the AA and wait for one big swing at the BCC. · 1 day ago
Incredible run. Amazing time. Finishing the last quarter in 23 as a three year old is rare. Breaking the stakes and track record in 1.59 and two on a tiring track like Saratoga is serious business and he's a great contender for the breeders cup. I'm sad he missed the triple crown as he could have made a lot of noise. Chrome will have his weight cut out for him since arrogate will be getting a weight allowance as a three year old if he goes in the awesome again or breeders cup classic
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  • anthonyd73648 · Great comment, I can't wait for the BCC this year. · 2 days ago
  • Players Klub via Disqus · There should not be a weight allowance for 3 year olds at the BCC. Only for fillies. I do not like that at all. · 1 day ago

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