• Accelerate (1-1) rallies to win the Los Alamitos Derby (G2).Posted 19 hours ago
  • Connect (10-1) upsets the Pennsylvania Derby.Posted 23 hours ago
  • Songbird (1-5) gets win number 11 in the Cotillion (G1) at Parx Racing.Posted 1 day ago
  • Noholdingback Bear (3-1) wins the Gallant Bob (G3) at Parx Racing.Posted 1 day ago
  • 2015 Turf Champion Big Blue Kitten has been retired from racing, via the Chad Brown barn.Posted 4 days ago
  • No catching Sarah Sis (10-1) in the Presque Isle Downs Masters.Posted 5 days ago
  • Victory to Victory  7-1) pulls clear in the Grade 1 Natalma Stakes.Posted 7 days ago
  • Good Samaritan (3-1) rolls to a Breeders' Cup birth with a Summer Stakes win.Posted 7 days ago
  • Daddys Lil Darling (7-2) runs up to take the Grade 2 Pocahontas.Posted 7 days ago
  • Tepin (2-5) gets her eighth consecutive win in the Grade 1 Woodbine Mile.Posted 7 days ago


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Unfortunately she will miss the Arc de Triomphe due to a slight injury sustained in the last few days. It is minor, but she won't be able to run next weekend.
Just as Creator and Mohaymen are getting the rest of 2016 off to rest, I think Exaggerator and Nyquist should do the same.
IMO, you run at your best distance in the BC. Clearly, 1 mile is his best. He runs like a monster off lay-offs so hopefully they rest him. Plus, no one is touching CC or Arrogate in the BC Classic. It's all West Coast.
When Fox Hill confirmed that Songbird will run in Distaff, now all horses should be scratched except Cavorting, Beholder and Stellar Wind and then will be the race of the year.
Secret Passage Seeking Blame Texas Chrome Ready Dancer
Can't wait for next Wielka Warszawska and match between him and very good horse Caccini. Va Bank as polish HOTY two years in row?
Makes her American debut a winning one.
I really think he has this one...he's been training so good and he's shortening up...this should set him up perfect for the dirt mile then maybe the Malibu or cigar
Bullet 6F rank 1/18 1.11:80.......he's ready😊
I dont care what haters say he made history
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  • Pitbull via Disqus · He is a mediocre horse just like orb was. Win the derby and go downhill after that. He is done just like Moyamen . I knew that he was not going to be in the money. But I did put him in a couple of bets only to lose.He needs another jockey bottom line. · 20 hours ago
  • MaryZinke via Disqus · by defying dosage? · 2 hours ago
I'm not surprised in the slightest. I could tell in the walking ring, this was not a happy horse. He wasn't happy at all. I can not BELIEVE his trainer and jockey could be so stupid! That horse is a sprinter, I've said it countless times, but no one would believe me. They would point out the races he won past a mile, but they clearly didn't see that, after every one of those, Nyquist was exhausted. After the Derby, he was so tired I was surprised he could even walk in the winner's circle. He was so bathed in sweat his coat looked about 5 shades darker. I knew he would flop unless he was put in a mile race. They need to think about him. He's going to be so dejected and unhappy. He needs to be in a mile or less race that he can win so he can get his confidence back.
I'd just like to toss something out there, because I haven't seen many others mention it, but... Nyquist didn't run a bad race. He was in a good position and seemed game. He was just coming off of a two month layoff and wasn't the fittest horse on the track. He got some fitness and he'll do better next time, hopefully :)
One of the reasons for songbird's success aside from her incredible talent- is her hall of fame jockey on her back. He lets her run her race. She has the very best taking care of her- and she also seems to take care of herself. 'Go out quickly, get a good position, make my move going into the turn, put everyone away, run clear by at least 4-5 lengths, shut it down and coast home to save something for my next race.'
  • Ruffianlover · Plus it tells you something that he said he is postponing his retirement as long as this horse is runnin! · 5 hours ago
I get the knock about Songbird's slow times, but I don't believe she is all that fast to begin with. Her sire was doggedly persistent, but not blazingly fast; and she certainly has that much going for her as she proved in her 1st gut check in the CC. Smith said CM's challenge made her more aggressive. This is what the best horses do. Not have the good day/bad day excuses that seem so prevalent lately. So mainly I would say she needs better competition, faster paces, etc, to hit the high numbers. Whatever you think of her though, it's reasonable to conclude that from the 2 back to back races yesterday with almost identical fractions that she would easily have put the males away, which included the Derby/Preakness winners and runner ups. While that may still not be saying much, it's saying something considering we haven't see her all out yet. All of her figures/ratings are with the acknowledgment that 'she could have gone faster'. How much faster, hopefully we will find out in the Distaff, and perhaps regret not seeing her in the Classic. Go D'oro!...
I am officially renaming this horse "Gunnertunity". He is the successor in waiting to Hoppertunity. A good consistent hard working horse who always gives his best and wins the occasional graded stake, but is a notch below the tip level and never wins a race containing the best of his peers.
Being Big Brown's son, he was always gonna be good, but he's no "Big Brown" that's for sure, BB was a SUPERSTAR. Dortmund is just 'very good'. :-)
Gun Runner is not at his best on the slop. His worst two races have happened under such track conditions, and they weren't all that bad. The Racing Form's past performances don't show it, but the KY Derby was actually run on a wet track (see picture below). Yeah, he was 3rd in the Travers on a dry track, but any other year he would've been second. Not with Arrogate. American Freedom is no slouch either. He had just run Nyquist into the ground in the Haskell. So if you forget for a minute about the KYJC, KY Derby, and Haskell, all on wet tracks, Gun Runner looks mighty good. Let's remember that he obliterated the Matt Winn stakes record, and missed the track record by 8/100ths of a second. I think we'll see Gun Runner entering the stretch with the lead again, but unlike the KY Derby, he will not surrender it this time around. He may even win the PA Derby by open lengths. Maybe 3, or even 5. This will be his beautillion ball. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/497b60e49f8f6b0f7d5992e7cc4121dcf282da1e5878506f13e5d665b5318afa.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4ca4f2f155b8843071dfdadc1f49a004f26a2d4dbf5312c564f1840ff518347.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3af9c43a589d85933c8ecc389eb1609ad03c6805df9b8691668e8cd0689de370.png .
  • Pebbles via Disqus · I posted similar info elsewhere when someone tried to suggest that Arrogate had run faster times than this generation of horses at every distance he had run...but actually at 8.5 furlongs Gun Runner bested him. :-) · 2 days ago
  • Cugel the clever · Once again Gunnertunity fails to win a big one and the excuses are pouring in. He has never won when facing a field of the best of his peers. · 7 hours ago
Another excellent run from Gun Runner, he's my favourite for the BC Dirt Mile.
Gunrunner is the most consistent 3 year old out there. Should be Eclipse 3 year old, but just toss PA Derby race out for all top horses. Being a local of Parx race track my whole life, it is a very corrupt track. It is very clear and obvious that the top horses where their to attract bettors money and "purposely" run bad. This happens time and time again at this track and why i will not bet my own home track. Its a disgrace. They really should close the track down, its far worse what they do now since their casino opened and destroyed bensalem.

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