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Congrats to Zenyatta - It's A Colt!

Zenyatta and her 2013 colt by Tapit, born April 1, 2013.
Photo: Kyle Acebo/Zenyatta.com
Zenyatta has always been one for special occasions. In true form, she foaled just before midnight on her 9th birthday, after a day of celebration.

She delivered a healthy colt by Tapit at 11:47 pm EST on Monday April 1. Estimated at 145 lbs, he is a leggy chestnut with a white blaze similar to Zenyatta’s. Eager to start his new life, he was standing on his own by 12:18 am and nursing within an hour.

Both are doing so very well, and it’s a joy to see how much Zenyatta loves being a mom.


Zenyatta and her 2013 foal

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Older Comments about Congrats to Zenyatta - It's A Colt!...

jay.. yeah. A little 1 pound nothing climbing all over the kennel door, waving his paws through the bars and screaming at me. He is larger than life and we are all here just to entertain him.
Monkey...Master of Domain. Hilarious. Did you name him Monkey cause when you saw him, he was hanging on the bars?
jay- yeah my son was born exactly 1mth after Monkey came home. They've grown up together. I'm not sure who is teaching the other bad. But yes, in his eyes he rules ALL
@SSilence. Monkey...Prepared for world domination. Too funny. :)
Beautiful little guy. I hope he turns gray like his sire Tapit.
What a great picture and what a loving mother. They Mosses should continue The Police legacy and name each baby after a song or a Police reference. Who will she be bred back to again? At www.zenyatta.com, i stated she should be bred to Malibu Moon, Giant Causeway or back to Bernardini.
Monkey was brought into the clinic I work at as a stray found in the woods off a biking trail. He was all of 1lb and needing home. He was hanging off his bars hollering at me. He was underweight and put on some meds to get him straight, I took him home. The second I set him down at home he was prepared for world domination...
Monkey, Elmo, and Limpy. Now that sounds like one heck of a crew. :)
They should name the colt: Tapfoolery
Cats have to be one of the most comical creatures of the world
Dogs look at their lives and say "These people are great. They brush me, walk me, feed me, and take care of my every need. They must be gods." The cats look at their lives and say "These peopel are great. The brush me, feed me, play with me, and take care of my every need. I must be a god".
Yes my cat Elmo is considering Becoming Pope as a possible career option. I think he wants to excommunicate me and the dog.
Monkey is a silver tabby. He rules the dog (Hydee- both of them are rescues off the streets), is best friends with my son, and has chosen me as his pet. He owns our household.
My cat is named Elmo. Black and white. White chest with black on his back like a cape. My dog is Skippy. Cocoa. Having a cat keeps you humble. Cats were worshipped as gods in Ancient Egypt and have never gotten over that fact. Any cat owner will know what I mean.
I have a cat. His name is Monkey. lol
Definitely didn't affect my aerodynamics. :)
Heck...I went gray. Didn't hurt too much.
I'm usually pretty good at telling when a horse will go gray, and he looks like he might. Think he's going to take after Tapit
I like the white blaze on the little colt. Reminds me a little of a horse from last year. Gee..what was his name? Now that's crazy, I'm at a loss. Hey, suddenly thought of a name for the colt - Shack Afford. I just don't know how that popped into my head.

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