• Collected (3-5) wins the Precisionist by a pole.Posted 2 days ago
  • Irap (5-2) edges Girvin by a nose in the $500,000 Ohio Derby.Posted 2 days ago
  • Battle of Midway (1-9) cruises in a 4-horse field in the Affirmed.Posted 2 days ago
  • Highland Reel wins another big one, this time in the Prince of Wales's at Royal Ascot.Posted 5 days ago
  • Highland Reel (2-1) powers to victory in the Prince of Wales's Stakes (G1) at Royal AscotPosted 5 days ago
  • Lady Aurelia (2-1) easily wins at Royal Ascot again in the King's Stand (G1).Posted 6 days ago
  • Timeline (1-10) cruises in Monmouth's Pegasus Stakes to remain perfect..Posted 8 days ago
  • Sweeping Paddy (7-2) pounces and scores in the Regret Stakes.Posted 9 days ago
  • Gun Runner (1-2) romps home much the best in the Grade 1 Stephen Foster.Posted 9 days ago
  • Forever Unbridled (1-1) way too much for her Fleur de Lis foes.Posted 9 days ago
Breeders Cup 2015
2017 Queen's Plate

Zenyatta and Bernardini Equals …

Now that we know Zenyatta will be bred to Bernardini, the next logical question is what the name of the resulting foal will be. I got the ball rolling with a few possibilities, but as you can see, I need some help. Who's ready to have some fun? Let's come up with the perfect name for the son or daughter of the two champions.
Big Tini
Zen of Racing
Champion’s Zen
Blame Invasor
Indy Zen
Mondatta B Good
Second atChurchill
Biggirls Don’tcry
Zen Destiny
Bernard’s Z
Big Bad Bernie
Tryst of Champions
The Great Zendini
Queen Bernie
The Chosen One
Second Coming
Burning Zen
Vanity Man
Police Inspired
BZ’s Baby
Late Developer
Moss’s Choice
Big Bernie Z
Can’t Stand Losing
Son of a Zen
Dini’s Dream Girl
Born to Run
Z Burner
Don’t Cry For Me Z
Zen of a Lifetime
Classic Double
Big Zini
The First of Zen
Bernie’s Best Girl
Champion’s Pride
King of Zen
Zenini Bernyatta


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Older Comments about Zenyatta and Bernardini Equals …...

So far, I like Zenardini, Zendini and Zenadenia, but moreso the first two.
Мне нравится Second Coming.
BZ Queen, Regatta, Zibeline, Zeb, Bernazetti, Masoko, Zting.
Two good ones I've seen that arent listed are: Zendini (colt) and Zenadenia (filly). Of the ones listed, I like: Mondatta B Good, Moss's Choice, Synchronicity, Mondatta Slew, A.P. Mondatta.
if its a boy Son of a Zitch or of the zitch
A P Mondatta
Mondatta Slew
Then we are in the same crowd, icyhotboo. Betting isn't my forte, either even though I also try to pick a winner when I have time to visit the track. For me, horse racing is about the excitement and thrill it brings to watch these great athletes compete.
I am really just having a little fun. Both Zenyatta and Rachel were just awesome and I am grateful to have had the opportunity of seeing them both. As to who would have won a race between the two I don't know and really don't care, but to watch such a race from a racing fans point of view brings me back to the match ups between Dr. Fager and Damascus also great horses in their own right.In the end it's all about the enjoyment for me as betting horses is not my forte although I do my best to win.
icyhotboo - I love your name for C & R's baby! Got any others?
What cugel said is true. But horses like Miesque and Rachel Alexandra have the 'X' Factor gene from their dams. So I still have hopes for Rachel's baby to perform well.
You left out the track record holder for the Melbounre cup too Kingston Rule by the Big Red guy.
Disappointment? he was leading broodmare srie for years, producing through his mares little ones like Chief's Crown A P Indy, Storm Cat and Summer Squall just to name a few..Failures at stud have NO offspring of note on par with Citation for example
Secretariat was a disappointment at stud, but ... any stallion who sires a duo like Lady's Secret and Risen Star isn't all bad.
huge Zenyatta fan here but cugel is right. Breeding is not an exact science. She could end up being another Miesque, but equally she could be one of the great racemares who didn't. Bernadini is an interesting choice as breeders usually go for more experienced sires for maiden mares. And whether Secretariat was a wonderful broodmare sire, he still is considered a disappointment at stud.
Secretariat was a great broodmare sire,pick another one.
How about "Underachiever"? Most of you are still so blinded by Z's light, that you haven't come back to reality. The reality is that even the greatest sires and dams in history (e.g. Northern Dancer, Bold Ruler) don't produce any more than about 20% stakes winners in their progeny). I sense massive disappointments pending (see Secretariat's sire career).
If its a colt, Bucephalus. Because theres no telling how big its going to be... And heres one for the Zenites out there. Stolen Title. If you beleive she lost HOTY 08' and 09'. [Which is obviously not true] xP

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