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Zenyatta Is 2010 Horse of the Year!

Horse of the Year Zenyatta

Zenyatta won one more time.  After starting her career with 19 consecutive wins before coming up a head short to Blame in the $5-million Breeders’ Cup Classic, she turned the tables on Blame in the voting for 2010 Horse of the Year. 

Zenyatta received 128 votes, followed by 102 for Blame and 5 for Goldikova. 

Owned by Jerome and Ann Moss and trained by John Shirreffs, the daughter of Street Cry was retired with a record of 19 wins from 20 starts.  

As a 6-year-old, Zenyatta became the oldest winner of the Horse of the Year award since Cigar won it in 1996.  She is also the first female horse to win since Azeri in 2002.  She retired as the leading all-time female money earner.   

Owner Jerome Moss thanked the connections of Blame and Goldikova who finished behind Zenyatta in the voting.  Moss when on to thank several people connected with Zenyatta, including trainer John Shirreffs and jockeys Mike Smith and David Flores.  

"To arrive at Horse of the Year is really something," Moss said.  

Then someone shouted from the back "bring her back!".  "Oh, I think she's pretty happy at Lane's End right now."  

"I just wanted to acknowledge the presence of Jeanie Mayberry, April Mayberry, they have a farm in Florida.  That's where Zenyatta went after we purchased her at the yearling sale.  At Mr. Plumbley's Farm," Moss said.  

"They are the ones that said that, I think they called David, and said, 'David, we've got this filly here, and you better get a good name for her.'  And he said "Why?".  'You've either got one really fast horse or a lot of slow ones, because she makes up two strides for every one she takes.  So let's get a good name for her.'  We did get a good name for her," said Moss.  "We reached into our music connection book."  

Trainer John Shirreffs praised the vote and his mare.  "I can't tell you how excited I am and how happy I am about it.  Zenyatta's meant so much," said Shirreffs.  "Zenyatta is a miracle." 

Owner Ann Moss was in tears at the announcement.  "She's such a gift," she said.  "She does lift spirits and lifts hearts with joy and love."  

Jockey Mike Smith expressed a big relief with the vote.  "It just makes it all okay.  You know after getting the last time, this makes everything okay.  Just like her, she never had no quit in her, she never stopped trying.  Neither do we, and we finally got it, man.  She did it for us.  It makes everything okay now. I'm fine."

"She's one in a million, we're just so thrilled for her," Jerry Moss said.  "We can't wait to tell her."

Trainer Al Stall Jr. expressed disappointment with the vote but praised Zenyatta.  "There's no disgrace finishing second in the voting to Zenyatta," said Stall.  


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Older Comments about Zenyatta Is 2010 Horse of the Year!...

after carlton fisk's homerun against the cincinnati reds in the 76 World Series a majority of the baseball world still thinks that the RED SOX won 3 games to 4.... me being a handicapper well I think so to, no matter who got the trophy or what the record books show.I meens its only common sense
ghandi672 strange name for man who speaks so angrily and using my daughters birthdayas his no less
Great point ghandi, most everyone knows that this was a sympathy vote for Zenyatta. Blame was clearly HOY but a majority of voters cast dishonest votes and a majority of them know it.
after carlton fisk's homerun against the cincinnati reds in the 76 World Series a majority of the baseball world still thinks that the RED SOX won 3 games to 4....So no matter how the voting went me being a handicapper and throughbred fan BLAME will be HOY....Again this was HOY not HOC (horse of the career)...BLAME faced better fields and ZENYATTA ran against weak fields against other filly's on POLYTRAK....ZENYATTA polytrak sensation...but not HOY....CONGRATS to BLAME & CO.
after carlton fisk
Well, I guess three is a charm and the Eclipse voters FINALLY got it right! I, for one, am tired of reading how Blame had the better year. The horse began 2010 winning a G3 event in which the second place finisher was a 24-1 longshot by the name of No Advantage who was winless in 2010. Blame's next race was on his home turf, Churhill Downs, and he beat a promising colt by the name of Battle Plan. It was later revealed that Battle Plan was injured most likely during the race and retired. The Whitney was probably one of Blame's more impressive wins since he beat Quality Road, however, keep in mind that Blame had a 5 pound weight advantage. The JCGC had to be Blame's least impressive race of the year as he made little headway on Haynesfield lead and had to settle for a distant second. When Zenyatta won the BC Classic in 2009, critics dismissed her win by saying that she won because she was on her home track. This year's BC was on Blame's home turf, and somehow, I did not hear the same argument discussed after Blame's win. Blame had the perfect trip and Zenyatta did not. In the first half of the race, Zenyatta had to overcome a number of obstacles: a slow start, an unfamiliar surface and dirt being kicked up in her face which resulted in her spotting the field by 20 lengths. Most horses would have folded with such odds against them, but champions find a way to beat the odds that are stacked against them. While Blame won the race, Zenaytta demonstrated demonstrated a courage and spirit (hmmm...did we see that with Blame in the JCGC?) that made her lost more impressive than Blame's win which in the end was by a nose. Zenyatta is a 6 year old mare, and the oldest horse in the race, who almost beat a 4 year old colt in his prime. In 2010, Zenyatta won 5 G1s, tied the Norht American record with Pepper's Pride at 19 consecutive wins, broke Giant Causeway's record of most consecutive G1 wins and is second to only the great John Henry in G! wins after the completion of the 2010 season. Her charisma coupled with her record won her the award. Ther is a lot wrong with the sport of horse racing right now and Zenyatta represented the silver lining in the sport. In years to come, she will be remembered with the likes of Man O'War, Secretariat and Seabiscuit to name a few and Blame will only be a footnote. No, as I stated in the beginning, the Eclipse voters understood this this and finally got it right. The best horse won, period.
I think BobManzi needs to get a life. The case to be made is that the majority of voters and fans considered Zenyatta the better horse. And she was. I still haven't heard your comeback to Blames' defeat by Haynesfield by several lengths. You want to see things in black and white? Blame won 4, Z won 5. Blame lost by daylight, Z lost by a nose after spotting him 20 lengths. Are you foaming at the mouth yet?
again not to discredit spectacular bid because i do believe he was the best horse to race in 1980....raced almost exclusively in cali, beat flying paster 4 times straight where he ran second and we should all agree that paster was not the second best horse that year, beat a filly in the haskell and nobody and i mean nobody in the woodward....kentucky derby winner was genuine risk, belmont winner temperance hill and john henry all raced that year?...so does he get tarnished for not facing the same quality competition?
Not true mindy. Just the facts. Blame ran against better horses. Blame beat better horses. Blame beat Zenyatta. Now make your case.
why are all comments that disagree STRETCHED to the polarity of HATE? That emotion is a rare one for any rational being but it is bantered around as it a daily occurrence.. GET A GRIP THIS IS NOT THE KING OF HATERS FOX NEWS!!
This guy BobManzi is just another eastcost hater, Blame is no where is the same class as ZENYATTA. Blame should be thankful Zen allowed him a little spotlight. no one will remember Blame in 20 years but they will remember ZENYATTA
Congratulations to her! She is a great champion. But I still love "Goldie"....turf racing s my # 1 thing.
Medlocke you are a fool. If you are argueing that Zenyatta had a better year then Blame, you are living on another planet. The voters just lowered the standards to the point were you can give a undeafted claiming hore HOY becase that was what Zenyatta was beating in all of the polytrack victories. She had zero quality wins all year and she gets HOY. What a joke, and the bigger joke is some people justifying it.
  • medlocke · I'd hardly call beating St Trinians, Switch, or Rinterval beating claiming horses. Have you bothered to see what these fillies have accomplished? And who did Blame really beat? Quality Road by a head. Who turned out to be a total dud in the Classic. Finishing dead last. And Blame lost by 5 or 6 lengths to Haynesfield in the JCGC. Who was also right back there in the back part of the dud finishers with Quality Road. · 2257 days ago
She deserved it!! I was so happy when I heard her name called!!
well blame had just ran against Q.R. and pushed his fractions faster than he ever had, to beat Q.R .so it was given he would clunk. z was fresh as a daisy in the breeders cup, anyway congrats on h.o.y. both are tough horses and are very deserving.
Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause!! A long overdue achievement for the greatest American race-mare ever, and one of the greatest American thoroughbred's ever. There's no way Zenyatta could've been denied HOY in 2010. Not with any kind of honest justification. I remember Seth Hancock stating in post-Breeders Cup Classic comments, "didn't we just decide HOY?" If that was the case, didn't Zenyatta's win in the 2009 Breeders Cup Classic decide 2009 HOY? Then how could Hancock justify Blame being convincingly beaten in the 2010 JCGC at Belmont? What, he had an off day? Well, then Zenyatta had an off day in the Breeders Cup Classic. The only difference between their off days? Blame was beaten far worse by far less in the JCGC than Zenyatta was beaten by in the Breeders Cup Classic. Congrats to team Zenyatta!!! For a change, the right horse got selected as 2010 HOY!!!!
Congratulations to Zenyatta!! 2010 Horse of the Year!
I was so ready to be dissapointed, smart people, awesome :)
Very cool...she deserved it!

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