• Tonito M. is much the best in the Oklahoma Derby! Posted 3 days ago
  • The well-bred Imperia rolls late to score in the Pilgrim! Posted 3 days ago
  • Lady Eli kicks it in to run away with the Miss Grillo! Posted 3 days ago
  • American Pharoah strides out in the FrontRunner! Posted 4 days ago
  • Beholder a bit short, but still best in the Zenyatta! Posted 4 days ago
  • Tonalist impressively wins the Jockey Club Gold Cup! Posted 4 days ago
  • Main Sequence wins a thriller over Twilight Eclipse in the Joe Hirsch Turf Classic! Posted 4 days ago
  • Private Zone battles his way to a 2nd straight Vosburgh! Posted 4 days ago
  • Stephanie's Kitten powers on by in the Flower Bowl! Posted 4 days ago
  • Belle Gallantey demolishes the field in the Beldame! Posted 4 days ago


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Trainer Doug O’Neill will serve a 45-day suspension and was fined $10,000 by the New York State Gaming Commission for the finding of a forbidden substance in one of his horses following a race at Belmont Park in June 2013. Under a settlement reached with the gaming commission, O’Neill’s suspension does not begin until Nov. 3, two days after the Breeders’ Cup is run at Santa Anita. The suspension runs through Dec. 18. Also, as part of the settlement, O’Neill would have to serve an additional 45 days if he incurs another violation involving a Class 1, 2, or 3 medication between now and Dec. 18, 2015, at any track. Article on DRF
  • tmallios via Disqus · Yet when they are on a Derby Trail , they are revered and loved by the Majority. Normally you'd like to give someone the benefit of the doubt. But this suspension does seem very harsh. Add to it the additional days ,should an infraction occur. For them to agree to these terms,they got caught with their hands in the Cookie Jar . I have not read nor do i plan to read the DRF article. But by the sound of this,at least O'neill accepted responsibility. Did not cry the age old excuse of many others that the dog ate their homework. My only question to the Cali Racing Commission. You needed an outside racing venue to catch this. If i were a NY Trainer.other than the BC itself. I would not ship to the West Coast. You know what they say about revenge. · 37 minutes ago
Nice win!
Can someone add him to the undefeated list? Thanks.
I cant wait for A.P Holiday to make his debut.
Go Cavorting!
What I find entertaining is that there are many who have posted on here that are in disagreement with the Stewards suspension of Victor Espinoza. One of the many blames for that 'great injustice' was placed on media pressure. Something that if true, should not have been allowed to influence their decision. Yet here we have those same critics of that purported injustice allowing the media to influence their own personal views. They are torn between liking, and even loving Shared Belief and hoping to see him lose, or exposed as being a fraud, and some are just outright haters because of it. Fortunately, his true fans, and indeed true racing fans, are not so shallow and weak-minded that they should let something as superficial as the opinions of others - especially the media - prevent them from rooting for him, and enjoying the exciting ride that this brave little horse brings to the track every time he runs! ...humans are so puny!!!
The "potential" of the car is NOT altered a bit by the driver. They can only retard the potential to varying degrees.
  • amino998 · ...and some jockeys make some horses [NUMBERS] more retarded than others :D ... please find the reply button, sir · 20 hours ago
  • amino998 · It's not about 'potential'! It's about the minimizing of what you understand to be 'retardation' of potential. Only a driver/jockey who is 'active not passive' can have such an effect · 9 hours ago
non science people know very little about controlled experiments...Ridiculous acceptance of confirmation biases stats leads to dumb conclusions.
Phoney correlations stats have nothing to do with cause and effect. Get some of these GLORY boys on also ran horses and see how their skills STOP atop and go no further.. Stats are riddle with false conclusions 1) great pitcher on a poor hitting baseball team often has a poor win lost record because the REST OF THE TEAM had no run support 2) Many a very good QB has less than stellar receiving percentage stats because of poor receivers..Just a few of dozens and dozens of stats the MEAN zip when it context JUST LIKE jockeys. Hell before the turn of the century they rarely even named the riders in the record books. Did they know what we know now? riders are riders and horse racing horses do the running?? No one is running away: I had to take 8 photos at the Wednesday night card tonight.
Go Condo Commando!
This is the ONLY arena I think where a trainer REALLY can make a difference: keeping an animal OUT of contests that will negatively effect HIS running style.
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  • travel_vic · Hundreds upon hundreds of examples show that the HORSE in the force. WOuld ANYONE know Cam Gambolotti, Louie Rousell or even the old claming trainer Buddy Delp if it weren't for the fact that Spend A Buck, Risen Star, or Bid wandered into their barns. HORSES, the motive force in this game, in the hands of a basic level of horsemanship, are the thing that makes a champion. Hastings leading trainer the past several years was simply a competent horsemen until a big owner flooded his barn with excellent horses. Start with a Ferrari and it is easy to have YOUR stats (which do not represent YOUR ability but that of the animal) go up. Horses make trainers NOT the other way around. · 22 hours ago
  • amino998 · travel_vic >> Mike in SB thoroughly refuted your “passive passenger/any journeyman” arguments {it’s not about ‘potential’, it’s about results} and you’ve disappeared AGAIN – W.C. · 10 hours ago
When ANY track re-surfaces, particularly when the deep drainage layer of porous asphalt had to be removed and the deep cushion replaced, JUST BECAUSE it was fast and front run favoring before, DOES NOT mean it will be again. Recall not only was the track re-surfaced before, BUT the configuration of the course (particularly the oblong structure of that clubhouse turn) was altered as well. Before you can make ANY predictions of the running style status of a new course it also has to "bed-in," as the British call it, and ALWAYS tends to be a little fast until the structural layers settle. I would assume NO particular pattern until it reveals itself with results. Doing anything else is foolish and quite frankly extremely stupid.
Frankel was probably the best turf horse of all time certainly up to a mile and a quarter. There are some old time European horses who were very good. You have to give them some credit I wish he would have ran in the arc at a mile and a half. It would have been a good test for him. I just want to see a great horse and I am glad Shared Belief is a gelding.
  • Maynard Runkle via Disqus · Frankel was greatly over-rated. He was managed to avoid potential threats, had his own rabbit in every race and ducked Black Caviar when she came all the way from Australia. There was a reason he never ran in the Arc. It is called maintaining the hype and maximizing the investment at stud. Unlike Goldikova, he never dared to travel outside of his comfort zone. · 13 hours ago
  • Mary Z. · I read this by "maynard" weird60sblackandwhitetelevisioncharactertypename. 1. It is 2014, 2. Please google "difference between pace setter and rabbit, kindergarten version" 3. And you wouldn't have complained(I censored that verb myself) had Frankel faced Black Caviar at the shorter distance when every complaint was that he had not stretched out? · 11 hours ago
Feathered a young unproven filly I am very high on, vrs. Condo Commando probably thought of as the best east coast filly thus far. It looks like a great race, I'm excited to watch it play out.
Acceleration is all about how quick it takes a horse to get into top gear and not how fast you run the race. Yes you need to have lots of speed but an immediate turn of foot puts your rivals at a massive disadvantage with a furlong or so to go. You must understand that chrome does have a great turn of foot but its not visually as impressive as shared belief and not as consistent. The classic will be the biggest race of the year between 4 prime champion racehorses in belief, chrome, tonalist and Bayern
  • amdaman · I think Wicked Strong belongs in that group. Hopefully they all make it to the dance. Too bad some of the best older horses retired this year. · 3 days ago
  • Maynard Runkle via Disqus · This would be a good year for the Europeans to tackle this overrated mediocrity. Too bad Danza didn't remain sound. · 13 hours ago
Good luck and please all come home safe!
Was pulled up after swallowed his tongue (no tongue tie) today racing at Emerald Downs, unfortunately ending his unbeaten streak - though it was no fault of his own
A Washington bred that is this fast? Ok owners time to jump ship to kentucky and run with the big boys.
I hope Baffert can keep her right on tack. Looks like one heck of a filly.

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