• There's no catching Black Hornet in the Vigil Stakes at Woodbine.Posted 4 days ago
  • American Pharoah romps home in the Preakness!Posted 5 days ago
  • Ironicus explodes to win the Dixie going away.Posted 5 days ago
  • Ageless best in The Very One again, this time with a course record.Posted 5 days ago
  • Holy Boss much the best in the six furlong Chick Lang.Posted 5 days ago
  • La Verdad earns another stakes win in the Vagrancy.Posted 5 days ago
  • Watsdachances poweres to victory in the Gallorette.Posted 5 days ago
  • Fame and Power wins the Sir Barton in impressive front running fashion.Posted 5 days ago
  • Sandbar edges clear to win the Maryland Sprint Handicap.Posted 5 days ago
  • Woodwin W remains unbeaten with James Murphy win.Posted 5 days ago


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His dad star crossed as well.7 from window with fistfuls of cash the moment Drysdale scratched the great A P Indy...
Has the bloodlines and heart of a champion.Thought he would carry the torch of A P Indy in the Derby.The racing gods had other plans.After the Alysheba at CD perhaps fate knew what we didn't.His Maiden win at Spa and Durkin's voice etched in my brain.No doubt we will see something special in the 2015 Met Mile.May he be well and go on to keep the bloodlines of the great Secretariat and Seattle Slew alive.
This guy will be this year's heartbreaker. American Pharoah will fare better than California Chrome did last year, but only in that he will have the 4th place money all for himself.
Big overlay in the Belmont. Not using.
tmallios•25 days ago If one takes a closer look at Frosted, one may think that they are looking at a mirror image of Wicked Strong. Both horses ran big races as 2 yos' in the Remsen. From there,both set off for Florida and the sunshine State. Both either had trouble with the surface or the heat. Upon their return to N.Y. , their training picked up noticebly. They both won the Wood Memorial with eye-popping performances and speed figures. Unfortunately for Wicked Strong, the effort was so draining of his power. He had nothing to offer on Derby Day,but a workmanlike performance.Something tells me that the comparisons just may continue with these 2. .................. Just prior to the Wood Memorial,i posted the above about Frosted. If i must say so myself,i was on target. In the last sentence i noted that the similarities just may continue. Lo and behold another coincidence in the Derby. Both ran 4t in their respective races , with a fabricated excuse sprinkled in. Both sat out the Preakness in lieu of the much awaited Belmont Stakes. Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of all ages. If you are of legal age to wager ,and decide to do so. Keep your well earned money in your pockets if you are considering Frosted for the MAJOR AWARD. Just like his "TWIN" ,he will have absolutely no shot in winning this race. Regardless of how good the race might have looked to the naked eye. On paper it was not worth as much as it was written about.
Any fellow racing fans wanna hang out at the Belmont Stakes? PM me
Frosted should be in the Super somewhere. He and AP. The other two aren't as clear.
  • imisswilltakecharge · Frosted will for sure; we do need to see Carpe Diem and Materiality's works; post not so much. Both had clunkers in the Derby, but had trouble too. War Story now a possible for the race too? Don't think he could win, but his ability to navigate between horses and not burn up while doing it could throw him in a super box for me too. Keen Ice, Conquest Curlinate real factors? hard to tell; these are the ones my patience has to get a better read on and see if late "wiseguy" money comes in...I'm still a little amateur at the betting windows, but getting better! · 2 days ago
  • icyhotboo · I really hate being on the "wise guy horse." · 5 hours ago
Wonder if the connections regret not running in the Preakness. Looking at his breeding Tapit and Deputy Minister he would have relished the slop.....Oh well
I read Sullivans rant below regarding the Zayats and how they conduct buisiness. My first thought is,why are you holding back. Tell us exactly how you feel about them. I will only comment on 1 of the topics mentioned. You are attacking Zayat for not caring about the fans. Hopefully 1 day you and many of the fans that blog on this site will get through their heads. It is not the direct responsibility of Zayat nor any other owner to worry about the fans. It is not their responsibility to develop larger than life Equine heros,so that you and others can love until they do something wrong like lose a race. Zayat, American Pharoah, Wise Dan or any other horse, owner, trainer are bigger than the game . You say that Zayat only cares about himself and is more than likely greedy in his decisions. To those that feel the same about the Zayats. I was lucky enough to be there with the Zayats when they started the stable everyone knows, about 10 years ago. Unfortunately you only look at the final product and the successes. Do you have any clue as to the Millions and Millions of Dollars that he has spent to get to this point. What about all the breeding farms he has supported at the sales. The trainers he has kept going along with their staffs. Yet when the few times he or anyone else finally hits the Home Run. They are not allowed to be "sellfish" for lack of a better word. Zayat and others like him enjoy the game from all aspects. I can attest to this first hand. But make no mistake about it,the main reason that they all get into this game is as an INVESTMENT. Because they enjoy the game,and yes have egos like everyone of us. They know that they will more than likely lose money in this game. Sometimes BIG BIG BIG money. They will lose money that most will never earn in a lifetime. So to repeat myself....When they finally knock it out of the BallPark and decide to cash in a few chips.Who are you and the fan base to trash them that they are greedy.
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  • Blueyedhusky via Disqus · '"sellfish" for lack of a better word.' I think 'selfish' would be a better word :) · 1 day ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · The day that the 2 of you or anyone else is in a position to make a decision regarding North of 30 Million Dollars. Then you can fling the Arrows. Til then , please remain in your Fantasy Racing World. · 1 day ago
Okay, Douglas Rutherford.....You do that toss. He will be 1st or 2nd in this race. You are a fool. A few may tout, but still will be 5-1 at least and he will win it. An Afleet Alex....2 races at 1 1-8 where he closed down lone leaders, 1 at 1 1-4 where he broke from worst post iaaginable and had a horrific trip and managed to close nicely into a slow pace. Every ticket of yours will be a losing one if you toss Materiality.
  • Douglas Rutherford via Disqus · Materiality will be the right TOSS to not be in the Exacta : 90% sure If you like him that well - best of luck : · 5 hours ago
Holy Cow! What did I miss with the 50 deleted responses! I will be pissed if Doug is jumping off AP right when the darn horse is starting to make me believe after toasting two straight betting budgets haha! Honestly, Materiality's speed helps not hurts. Belmont will be representative of history AND this years crops. Don't Laugh, but War Story should give us a good showing too.
  • amino998 · No worries... Lumpy isn't going anywhere. Believe it was 'ol blue eyes who got a little' husky'. Hope he's Dealing with it well :) · 1 day ago
  • Douglas Rutherford via Disqus · I already have AP in all of my FUTURE wagers from last year at the WYNN CASINO in Vegas ( DERBY ) ( TRIPLE CROWN ) : I have stayed with AP since his 5th place finish in his Debut ! Belmont Stakes : Im waiting for Baffert to give the THUMBS UP . . . · 6 hours ago
My sources tell me Doug thinks he is the only one that bets on A.P. and everyone is against his horse, A.P. My other sources tell me V.E. didn't bring a whip and will not use one at the Belmont. Instead my sources confirm he will use a wet noodle to guide A.P. to an assured victory.
Michael De Kock announces via twitter that Christophe Sumillion will not be available to ride Mubtaahij in the Belmont and nows says that Irad Ortiz Jr. will ride Mubtaahij in the Belmont Stakes.
AP is a really nice horse but the battle of attrition and low betting value along with dealing with a tough crop of rested 3yr olds waiting since the derby calls for a bet against in the Belmont!
  • Blueyedhusky via Disqus · And that's the smart bet. Most often it's a Kentucky Derby loser who wins the Belmont, while it's very rare that a Kentucky Derby winner wins the Belmont too. Even rarer if they also won the Preakness. It can happen, sure, but it's a very bad bet. · 10 hours ago
I don't see one horse on the board beating him unless he gets a horrible trip or gets wiped out!! yea its mile and a hald but the other horses have the same distance,if he controls the pace he should have plenty left heading home.A.P.wins by 5
  • cugel the clever · Dream on. Frosted, Materiality, Mubtaahij are all legitimate threats to win; even if AP has a perfect trip. · 3 days ago
  • Blueyedhusky via Disqus · It's hard to see when you have blinders on. · 10 hours ago
If anyone does not believe Frosted can get the distance his sire also sired Tonalist. Yes he won the Belmont last year. Look for Frosted to be a bit more forwardly placed. Closers do not win the Belmont. Its all about tactical speed.
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  • Blueyedhusky via Disqus · Closers do win the Belmont, just not late closers. The pace at a mile and a half is slower, so closers will not be as far back as usual--generally within 5 lengths of the lead. By the half-mile pole, they may be within 3 lengths of the lead, and at or near the lead by the quarter pole. It's like they close earlier, and then it's just a matter of who has the stamina to handle the last quarter mile. · 23 hours ago
  • Hyper · So, Frosted needs a horse to chump a chuck out of American Pharoah's hoof. . . Hmmmm. . . .Look for Frosted to finish off the board. · 21 hours ago
This horse should be on Turf
Watching the KD this horse had no excuse. His wins have come against lesser competition. Although it would not surprise me if they pulled and back and have him close because he has no shot up front.
Announced via twitter, Divining Rod, 3rd place finisher in the Preakness Stakes, will not run back in the Belmont Stakes, according to his trainer Arnaud Delacour. He says that Divining Rod will be pointing to big races in the summer.
BREAKING NEWS: Ahmed Zayat, the owner of Triple Crown candidate American Pharoah, has denied charges contained in a lawsuit accusing him of reneging on a gambling debt from 2004. The suit was filed in March of last year in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey by Howard Rubinsky, who claims that Zayat owes him $1,650,000 “with interest accrued thereon” from a line of credit Rubinsky opened for Zayat at an offshore bookmaker. In the suit, Rubinsky states that the original debt was $2 million, and that Zayat stopped making payments to pay down the debt in 2008. In a statement and in papers filed in response to the lawsuit, Zayat denied the charges, claiming that the lawsuit contained “fictitious stories from 11 years ago.” The judge in the case is expected to rule on a motion by Zayat to dismiss the suit later this year. Article on DRF to be posted later today.

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