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The Strange Rivalry of Rachel and Zenyatta

The Strange Rivalry of Rachel and Zenyatta
With Rachel Alexandra retired and Zenyatta approaching her final race, one of the strangest “rivalries” of recent decades — one that involved two horses who never ran against each other — has come to an end.

It’s too bad the two didn’t meet on the track in 2009. Not only was this the match-up everyone wanted to see, but it also might have prevented much of the loose talk that has occurred over the past two years.

At a time when racing’s myriad problems sometimes seem to threaten its very existence, one would think followers of the sport would celebrate (and be grateful for) two such unique talents. Instead, some have felt compelled to choose between the two horses, and further, to justify their choice by tearing down the other. Read More


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When the Blood Horse ranked the top 100 of the century one of the judges acutally ranked Man O'War first and Secretariat 5th in order to keep the mystic of the first Big Red intact
I would consider Barbaro for certain and maybe even Smarty Jones (certainly was in the East) but it seems like their time in the limelight was too quick. Side note, but while kind of on the topic of Secretariat, his HRN ranking is 9.58. Who in their right mind that would take the time to rank him would not rank him a 10? If he's not a 10, there is no such thing as a 10.
The x-rays are pitiful reminders of how devasting a fracture barbaro had. http://paulsutherland.blogspot.com/2006/05/barbaros-x-ray.html
You want charisma and popularity, look no further than old John Henry who used to bolster on track attendance by 20%,
Barbaro. Once you see the comminuted fracture you begin scratching your head in why exactly they even tried to save that one? Ridiculous
Curlin was popular in racing circles. Cigar got some national notoriety because of his win streak but he never really captured the imagination of the general public. Rachel and Zenyatta have/had legions of fans outside the racing loop. Zenyatta is extremely popular, especially in California. Barbaro was very popular due to his valiant struggle for life after breaking down in the Preakness, and his popularity certainly crossed over to the general public.
#1 It’s hilarious that someone actually signs up on the website to post “Yeah too bad, zenyatta would have beat rachel easily” Insightful & original. #2 Zenyatta is absolutely not the most popular horse since Secretariat; she has as just many detractors as she has fans. Her own fans may adore her more than any horse since Secretariat, or including Secretariat for that matter, but on a national scale she isn’t even close. Rachel was equally as popular as Zenyatta (not getting into the ‘who is more popular’ debate) and I do not for one second consider her the most popular horse since Secretariat either. Just recently, without putting more than 5 seconds of thought into it, people had far more respect & admiration for Cigar & Curlin.
They didn't meet , thats that. At least give them both their due,Rachel is the best filly I have ever seen. As for Zenyatta after 19 races I still haven't seen her bottom.
I to say that the "rivalry has come to an end." Zenyatta-bots don't seem to be able to stop bashing Rachel, even now that she's gone. Some of the comments on here by Zenyatta fans are ridiculous. Must be too young to have seen a REAL horse race...
Zenyatta doesn't need Rachel anymore, she's the QUEEN OF RACING, the most popular horse since Secretariat, only she didn't lose to Onion.
Yeah too bad, zenyatta would have beat rachel easily.

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