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PETA Calls For Rachel Alexandra's Retirement From Breeding

Rachel Alexandra powers to Preakness victory

The drama surrounding 2009 Preakness winner and Horse of the Year Rachel Alexandra's recent health scare took another turn Thursday when PETA called for her retirement from the breeding shed.


In a press release, PETA  announced the group had sent a letter to Rachel Alexandra's owner, Barbara Banke, encouraging her to retire the horse from life as broodmare.


"Surely, after earning more than $3 million for Stonestreet Farm, Rachel Alexandra deserves to live a long, peaceful life free of the risk of more frightening injuries," said PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo. "PETA hopes that Stonestreet Farm will agree that Rachel Alexandra's well-being is more important than her value as a broodmare."


The group pointed to foaling complications Rachel's dam, Lotta Kim, experienced, as well as the complications of other notable broodmares, as reasons to retire Rachel from the breeding shed. They also mentioned the plight of nurse mares and their foals in the Thoroughbred breeding industry.


Stonestreet Farm has not announced plans for Rachel Alexandra upon her recovery. At this time, the farm is keeping fans updated on the champion's progress with weekly reports. Dr. Brett Woodie, who performed the abdominal surgery on Rachel, calls her recovery "better than expected."



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Pitiful,,,He will give out another 6/5 horse and will be hailed a genius.
Im going to give out 2 picks today and hope i bounce i feel good about my horses today im back
sorry about my spelling just got up half asleep where is your picks Jarrod help i wont kill the price im just betting for fun
As far as Rachel is concerned, give her some time off, like more than a year... then evaluate her and see if her body is back to normal. PETA is an acronym for another group that livestock producers love... People Eating Tastey Animals
I find it fascinating that people have chose their opinion on horse slaughter becuase of the "videos they see on the internet" Yeah, b/c that is the normal. You do realize that the activist groups only show those rare videos where abuse takes place, thus supplementing their agenda. The day in day out activties of a slaughter plant don't interest anyone, b/c they are both humane and honestly boring. I EAT meat, as a homo sapien I am an omnivore. MY body is designed for me to eat meat, it doesn't bother me that there are vegetarians in the world, thats your right... And it leaves more meat for me. Also, I am a farmer... I raise Black Angus cattle and raise GMO crops. Why do I raise GMO crops, because the demand is incredibly high, and will continue to increase as our population increases.
I did not? PETA likes to nose their way in to anything they can, whilst rarely doing a damn thing about the stuff that really needs their attention.
RC, So you watched the PETA video cocoa linked?
Anyway, about the thread subject, what bothers me is that Stonestreet is open to Rachel's fans with all of this information on her post-foaling surgery and recovery, and PETA has to try to use the situation. Maybe not breeding Rachel again would be the decision made by her owner after consulting with Rachel's veterinarian,but now it may seem that it was the organization PETA's idea and pressure that led to the decision, if they decide that way.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Go eat some fruit, Mary. :P
Dropped immunity claim notwithstanding, I've never known a Mac to get a virus; I bought my first Apple in 1989, and today work on a MacPro. Oh, and no meat on Fridays.
Apple dropped their virus immunity claim for Macs. I learned that tonight. Didn't eat meat today--yet ;). It is Lent.
Macs rarely get viruses.
I googled Bill Gates birth control--looked that up. Do PCs get more viruses than Macs--read a few articles.
Paddy, Does GMO mean genetically modified organism? I'l admit that I don't know about or think about most of what you wrote, so it was of interest, as a different point of view.
This is just a publicity stab by an organization with a hypocritical front put on by the global elite to distract and numb the human race. They distract with sob storys and take your money, then numb you with Walmart and American Idol, again taking your money only to see it disappear, then they just print more fiat currency out of thin air, and they'll be taxing you on that too(carbon tax. PETA euthanizes more animals annually then people hardly care to hear/read about. I'm a long term vegetarian for purposes beyond just animal cruelty, which I do NOT support, we're fed GMO's and cancer causing agents by these bloodsuckers want us to ingest so they can run and depopulate the world - ask your bigwig eugenics gesturer, Bill Gate's about how his vaccination's programs have killed thousands and his obsession w/ population control - and don't forget to ask him why PC's are more viral prone than Macs...and yeah BIG MIDDLE FINGER to horse slaughter, Sid Vicious stylee. The argument for it does have infrequent logic. Then again, if the market wasn't flooded with so many unwanted, unsound, unproven horses,, there wouldn't be the need for slaughter houses. The world would not be the same if horses hadn't paved the way out of Rome for us all.
animal cruelty REALLY bothers me & is something that people need to take more of a stand against. this nonsense wit RA has nothing to do with animal cruelty. they have her best interests first. what happened with her as an accident.
Ditto to that Rich.
In other words, I don't believe in accepting one evil over another.
i remember commenting on that thread & starting that argument. *guilty*. hahahaha.

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