• Materiality turns away the challenge of Upstart to win the Florida Derby.Posted 1 day ago
  • International Star reels in Stanford late to win the Louisiana Derby.Posted 1 day ago
  • I'm A Chatterbox sweeps the 3yo filly stakes at Fair Grounds with today's win in the Oaks.Posted 1 day ago
  • I'm A Chatterbox sweeps the 3yo filly stakes at Fair Grounds with today's win in the Oaks.Posted 1 day ago
  • Pants On Fire guts out a win in the Sir Shackleton.Posted 1 day ago
  • War Correspondent rolls late to win the Appleton.Posted 1 day ago
  • Prince Bishop wins the world's richest race; California Chrome 2nd.Posted 1 day ago
  • Dolniya dominates the boys in the Dubai Sheema ClassicPosted 1 day ago
  • Solow defeats The Grey Gatsby in the $6,000,000 Dubai TurfPosted 1 day ago
  • Secret Circle wins Golden Shaheen Sprint in Dubai.Posted 1 day ago


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Didn't work this weekend as planned. If he does,t work in the next couple of days I may start to worry, as he needs 2 more works to be ready for the Ark. Derby.
He needs to ship ASAP and get here. Has to go through much be ready to run in the U.S. If he is here early enough and his works are good, he is very much a live horse in the KD. He is a route racer for sure and there is much to be said about how he demolished the field in the UAE Derby. Will see when they ship him!
like i said ..Joe came in with his head up his rear...garbage ride.. just sucked up to get his $7,500 ticket back home ..numb nut La. red neck...thanks Joe 6-7 wide how are you going to win it while the horse you are stalking is hugging the rail ...go back to the west coast..where you can ride like a 2nd class rider you are ..and win .....if you are ever on this horse the owners are total .........NUTS
Looks like a lock in the 10th. Singled for final P3. 4/5 ex & reverse. 4/5/6 tri
  • travel_vic · only thing a lock is in this game is a walkover: best horse can get blocked, taken up go wide, rider loses an iron..."all your eggs in one basket?" Ring a bell? · 26 minutes ago
  • travel_vic · last one 13 Gold Piece 3 Famous Sting 11 Undercover Kitten 8 Dee's Causeway 1 Successful Diva · 26 minutes ago
Interested to see how the pace plays out in the 11th. 2,3,4,8 ex, tri & super box
  • travel_vic · 8 Middleburg C 3.05 37.3 $3.02 16.72% A+ | 2 Depeche Chat C 10.14 35.8 $7.97 29.44% A+ | 3 Amen Kitten C 2.04 18.9 $1.15 -20.83% F | 4 Tricky Hat (CHI) C 10.14 5.9 $1.31 -3.40% D+ | 6 Banzai Charge 12.17 1.2 $0.31 -6.94% F | 5 Calvados (ARG) 5.08 0.9 $0.10 -18.70% F | 1 St. Albans Boy 12.17 0.1 $0.03 -8.09% F | · 48 minutes ago
Just curious ,and at possibility of riling up the Shared Belief fans. After S.B. won the Malibu Stakes,defeating the 70-1 Conquest Two Step by the slightest of margins. Many said that the race was not impressive and that he was life and death to get by him.About a month after that race,C.T.S. came back to defeat a good field in a Stakes Sprint. The S.B. faithful were all out in full force,thumping their chests. Their hero was now validated, C.T.S. was now a Star they yelled. Forget the fact that was short lived glory by the Long Shot. In the Big Cap,the S.B. fans were celebrating because he defeated a legitimate horse in Moreno. Some even thought that move catapulted him to being the Best in the World. Today at F.G. ,a 25-1 shot blew by the same Moreno as though he was standing still near the wire. So common S.B. fans,patronize me a bit. Step up to the plate and take back some of those comments,based on the horse you beat next race out. Somehow i doubt it.
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  • slewcrew7778 · Doesn't surprise that a loss by your "fully cranked" "best dirt horse in the world" would instigate an attack on Shared Belief; and on comments made more than 3 months ago. lol! You're pathetically predictable in that way. No one needs to take back their comments mallios. Least of all to you. I personally have nothing else to say to you in Shared Belief's defense. He speaks for himself now and continues to prove you wrong. You are a minority and cannot stand the fact that you are also wrong about Chrome. I'd pay for this kind of entertainment...keep it coming!... Before you ask anyone to take back their comments, show them how by chewing on these - >>"Unless he has a major excuse during the running of the race,Chrome should absolutely demolish this group. There are no excuses going into the race. He is a fresh horse ,with a strong race under his belt. He is running in a race that he has been pointing towards for a while." >>"Will Chrome be better than he will be tommorrow,during the balance of the year?????Absolutely yes he should be." 'Absolutely should be', now there's some ass-covering from the master! >>" It should be interesting to see,just how good he can and will be." Well then, with your own eyes you have 'seen' that that he was no better in Dubai than he was in the San Antonio! · 4 hours ago
  • Barrmorr via Disqus · The impressive thing about the Malibu was not who Shared Belief beat. It is the fact he shortened up from 10 furlongs to 7 and won a Grade 1 sprint. A bit harder to accomplish than beating a group of allowance horses (with the exception of the filly) in a race masquerading as a Grade 1. Conquest Two Step beat Secret Circle who just won the Golden Shaheen. · 49 minutes ago
Derby future bets are much akin to lotteries and dumb luck....the perfect sucker bet along with those High 5 ridiculous ones
In a race where its 30 yards short of a mile and a three sixteenths he runs 10 lengths behind the average Preakness time....even if survives the ship and transition to Kentucky I don't see him as a huge threat in the Derby. The best three year olds in the world are HERE in the USA....not overseas.
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  • DerekFisher · Thank you Lemon Drop. I cant tell you how many people I've seen post this type of nonsense on different horse racing forums over the last day. The intelligence of some people just boggles my mind. Do some actual research into how races are run over there and not just say, "OMG this horse is 5 seconds slower than American horses!" · 6 hours ago
  • slewcrew7778 · NYRA Andy Serling stated that the Meydan surface plays 4-5 seconds slower than American dirt. · 1 hour ago
Still think the Dubai World Cup is the most prestigious race in the world? Just my opinion, not even in the top 3. Oh, by the way, Joel had 5 wins( count them all) in the month of March, will be counting them up in April.
  • Plosives · I am sorry you seem to have nothing better to do in your life than hold a personal grudge against a person you have likely never met. Why do you keep posting this garbage? · 1 hour ago
1:49.32 and 1:52.30 are 104 and 110 beyers guys... seriously... which makes Materiality as fast as Shared Belief... LOL.
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  • tmallios via Disqus · News Flash.......Shared Belief is not as fast a horse as you think that he is. Just like Palace Malice last year,he has been in easily run paced races. Wait til he gets into a race,where there is legitimate pace and has horses that can also come home. · 1 hour ago
  • travel_vic · you cannot EVER use a Beyer to compare DIFFERENT races...They can have night and day pace differences and still have the same final time. · 1 hour ago
Wow!! Materiality earned a 110 Beyer speed figure for his victory yesterday in the G1 Florida Derby.
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  • https://www.facebook.com/fiddl · I think Bris gave him 104 or 105. International Star went up from 98 in Beyer to 99 in Bris... I'm more concerned with their rates of deceleration. · 1 hour ago
  • travel_vic · quote: "I'm more concerned with their rates of deceleration." SOMEONE understands!!! · 1 hour ago
After sending out his annual large string of stable stars for a racecourse gallop after scheduled racing had concluded today at the Curragh in Ireland, Ballydoyle trainer Aidan O'Brien told the racing media who were present that Gleneagles and G2 Vintage Stakes winner, Highland Reel, will be his 2 likely starters for this year's G1 English 2000 Guineas at Newmarket on the first Saturday in May. Gleneagles is currently ante-post favorite for the race among European bookmakers.
I have a feeling I'm going to regret not placing a nice win bet on this one in the Oaks Future Pool. Took win bets on Condo Commando, All Others, I'm A Chatterbox, and Sarah Sis. The latter being the only one that will pay nicely. I have Oceanwave in some exactas, but I think I'm going to wish I had been more aggressive with her.
5,7,8 to kick off the l8 p4 @ gp
Like her to steal it @ GP to kick off the P5.
Returns to racing this Friday, after failing at stallion duties in Chile.
  • SSilence86 via Disqus · Returned to the races on Friday after proving infertile as a stallion. He finished a decent 3rd in his Chilean debut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ2Mk53TT_o&feature=youtu.be · 2 hours ago
Mubtaahij, your 2015 KD winner.
Interesting article in todays local paper regarding Rick. With St Johns recently relieving Coach Lavin from his coaching duties,they will be looking for a New Coach. A very prominent St Johns Alumni is Mike Repole. If there is one thing that Pitino loves more than B-BALL and Coaching,it is the game of Horse Racing. Maybe Repole will get all of the high powered Alums and make this happen. It is about time that Rick Pitino came home.
  • vodkak · You're kidding right? St Johns is no longer an elite program like they were in the 70's-80's. It's hard to get the top recruits when your campus is literally in the middle of what looks like a war zone. Let a top recruit go to Chapel Hill and then Jamaica, NY and see which he chooses. Always was a St John's fan but I'm afraid the glory days are over and unless Repole paid his salary they couldn't afford Petino · 3 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · Lavin was able to get top recruits when he came here.Unfortunately he got ill and had to take a break. Although he still recruited ,i would not be shocked if other programs made his situation worse. Rick can get whoever he wants with the lure of N.Y.C and playing in the Garden. It won't be the easiest thing, but if anyone can do it. Rick can. Look at what he did with this years team. Going into the tournament,you and i could of been the top shooters. With Repole and others,they have big bucks behind them · 3 hours ago
The Derby might be won by a medium to deep closer for the first time in a while. There seems to be ample speed signed on with the top 20 point earners, which would lend itself to closers with a good trip and racing luck. The final top 20 derby hopefuls won't really be established at least until after the Arkansas Derby. There will always be defections in the few weeks from Ark Derby until the Ky Derby. We just have to wait and see what or who shakes out.
  • https://www.facebook.com/fiddl · You're right about that Deano... tons of speed this year, and a great year all around. Some of the closers I've had my eye on this year may not be up to the task won't be even going (Ami's Flatter, Metaboss, Keen Ice, and of course Texas Red). It may set up for our boy Far Right or for Prospect Park or Frammento. · 3 hours ago
I like him but he's proven to not be a grade 1 horse I'm off the wagon
  • Jay Harrison via Disqus · I'm beginning to believe that his Belmont experience took his will to compete out of him. · 3 hours ago

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