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Kentucky Derby Bracketology

Zipse’s Kentucky Derby Daily – Day 55
March Madness is not just for basketball anymore. I am proud to announce the first annual Kentucky Derby Tournament on ZATT. The field has been created, and unlike the NCAA tourney, the Kentucky Derby brackets stick with a simple field of 64. The rules are simple, win and advance; 1 vs. 16, 8 vs. 9, and so on. Print out the field, and tell me who you have advancing to the sweet 16, the elite 8, the final four, all the way to the one horse who you think will be adorned in roses on the first Saturday in May. Let the games begin ...
Affirmed Region
{1 Uncle Mo}
{16 Crimson Knight}
{8 Caleb’s Posse}
{9 Left}
{4 Rogue Romance}
{13 Biondetti}
{5 Riveting Reason}
{12 Decisive Moment}
{2 Jaycito}
{15 Ronin Dax}
{7 Brethren}
{10 Arch’s Traveler}
{3 Soldat}
{14 Rockin Heat}
{6 Positive Response}
{11 Beer Meister}
Citation Region
{1 Dialed In}
{16 Su Casa G Casa}
{8 Watch Me Go}
{9 Toby’s Corner}
{4 The Factor}
{13 Wilcox Inn}
{5 Elite Alex}
{12 Tiz Blessed}
{2 Sway Away}
{15 Cool Blue Red Hot}
{7 Flashpoint}
{10 Nacho Business}
{3 Anthony’s Cross}
{14 Arthur’s Tale}
{6 J P’s Gusto}
{11 Major Gain}
Seattle Slew Region
{1 Mucho Macho Man}
{16 Break up the Game}
{8 Wilkinson}
{9 Norman Asbjornson}
{4 Silver Medallion}
{13 Animal Kingdom}
{5 Comma to the Top}
{12 Picko’s Pride}
{2 To Honor and Serve}
{15 Table Games}
{7 Bench Points}
{10 Thirtyfirststreet}
{3 Alternation}
{14 Cal Nation}
{6 Astrology}
{11 J J’s Lucky Train}
Secretariat Region
{1 Premier Pegasus}
{16 Nacho Saint}
{8 Rattlesnake Bridge}
{9 Crimson China}
{4 Sweet Ducky}
{13 Vengeful Wildcat}
{5 Gourmet Dinner}
{12 Bandbox}
{2 Stay Thirsty}
{15 Preachintothedevil}
{7 Machen}
{10 Bowman’s Causeway}
{3 Santiva}
{14 Heron Lake}
{6 Archarcharch}
{11 Monzon}


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Older Comments about Kentucky Derby Bracketology...

I know, but I've been high on him since last October (he's been my #1 Derby contender) and I can't throw him out just because of his 3rd place finish in the FOY. I still think he's a great horse and will run a big one in the Fla Derby! I think Dialed In will, too!
Your number one seed in the Slew region just got trounced (MMM) nt to mention your number 7 (Machen). Oh well, my bracket looks pretty bad too. Oh, those poor Buckeyes!
Wow ... not a lot of people on the THAS bandwagon right now Brent ... although he still is in my Top 5 ;-)
My Sweet Sixteen would be: Affirmed Region - (1) Uncle Mo v (4) Rogue Romance and (7) Brethren v (3) Soldat, Citation Region - (1) Dialed In v (4) The Factor (Although, I love the 5-seed Elite Alex) and (2) Sway Away v (6) JP's Gusto, Seattle Slew Region - (1) Mucho Macho Man v (4) Silver Medallion and (2) THAS v (6) Astrology, Secretariat Region - (1) PrePeg v (4) Sweet Ducky and (7) Machen v (3) Santiva, Elite 8: (1) Uncle Mo v (3) Soldat, (1) Dialed In v (2) Sway Away, (1) MMM v (2) THAS, and (1) PrePeg v (3) Santiva, Final 4: (1) Uncle Mo v (1) Dialed In and (2) THAS v (3) Santiva, Championship Race: (1) Uncle Mo v (2) To Honor And Serve, Champion: UPSET!!! TO HONOR AND SERVE
Hey everyone follow me on twitter @michaeldomabyl
The biggest challenge fo Uncle Mo that I see is Left in the second round! Watch out for him in the LA Derby
To recap its (1) Uncle Mo v (4) The Factor and then (2) To Honor and Serve v (3) Santiva. In the final it will be (1) Uncle Mo v (3) Santiva with (1) Uncle Mo winning the entire thing. One Shining Moment!
The Secretariat Region has second round matchups pitting (1) Premier Pegasus v (9) Crimson China, (4) Sweet Ducky v (12) Bandbox, (2) Stay Thirsty v (7) Machen, and (3) Santiva v (11) Monzon. In the biggest upset of the tournament (9) Crimson China moves on to face (12) Bandbox, (2) Stay Thirsty faces (3) Santiva. Completing the final four is (3) Santiva over (9) Crimson China
In by far the weakest region Seattle Slew it sees, (1) Mucho Macho Man v (8) Wilkinson, (4) Silver Medallion v (5) Comma to the Top, (7) Bench Points v (2) To Honor and Serve, (3) Alternation v (6) Astrology. Then (1) Mucho Macho Man v (4) Silver Medallion, (2) To Honor and Serve v (6) Astrology. Advancing to the final 4 is (2) To Honor and Serve over (4) Silver Medallion
In the Citation region its (1) Dialed In v (8) Watch Me Go, (4) The Factor v (5) Elite Alex, (2) Sway Away v (7) Flashpoint, and (3) Anthony's Cross v (11) Major Gain. In the next round it was (1) Dialed In v (4) The Factor, (2) Sway Away v (3) Anthony's Cross, then (4) The Factor into the final four over (3) Anthony's Cross
In the Affirmed region the second round matchups look like: (1) Uncle Mo v (9) Left, (4) Rogue Romance v (5) Riveting Reason, (3) Soldat v (11) Beer Meister, and (2) Jaycito v (10) Arch's Traveler. After a stout challenge from (9) Left, (1) Uncle Mo faces (5) Riveting Reason in the Sweet 16 while (2) Jaycito and (3) Soldat matchup as well. Then (1) Uncle Mo overpowers (3) Soldat to reach final 4.
In the Affirmed region the second round matchups look like: (1) Uncle Mo v (9) Left, (4) Rogue Romance v (5) Riveting Reason, (3) Soldat v (11) Beer Meister, and (2) Jaycito v (10) Arch's Traveler. After a stout challenge from (9) Left, (1) Uncle Mo faces (5) Riveting Reason in the Sweet 16 while (2) Jaycito and (3) Soldat matchup as well. Then (1) Uncle Mo overpowers (3) Soldat to reach final 4.
Excellent - I was thinking of this when filling out my NCAA brackets this year. Job well done going 64 deep and rather logically laid out. My Elite 8 would be: (1) Uncle Mo vs (3) Soldat / (1) Dialed In vs (2) Sway Away) / (1) Mucho Macho Man vs (14) Cal Nation / (1) Premier Pegasus vs (2) Stay Thirsty... Mo beats Dialed In to advance to the title game and then PrePeg destroys Cal Nation and then handles Mo on the way to the title.
Interesting ... a lot of people are picking Soldat over Uncle Mo. I don't see it.
Sweet 16: Uncle Mo - Rogue Romance - Jaycito - Soldat ; Dialed IN - Elite Alex - Swat Away - JP'S Gusto ; MM Man - Comma - TH&S - Cal Nation ; Premier Pegasus - SW. Ducky - Stay Thirsty - Santiva. ELITE EIGHT : MO - Soldat - Elite Alex - Sway Away - MMM - TH&S - P. Pegasus - Stay Thirsty ; FINAL FOUR : Soldat - Sway Away -TH&S - Premier Pegasus , Champion : Sway Away over Premier Pegasus.
See you at the Belmont, sjuwill ;-) The Rebel is stronger than the smell from those sweatpants I left in the duffle bag for three weeks, Mike!
Affirmed_Uncle Mo over Jaycito, not many upsets...Citation-Elite Alex over Sway Away whos left too much ground to cover....Seattle Slew-lots of movement here as thirtyfirststreet upsets Honor and Serve only to be upset by the soon to be improving Cal Nation who beats Mucho Macho Man in the final....Secretariat-Premiere Pegasus in impressive fashion over Mos stablemate Stay Thirsty...Final Four Uncle Mo, Elite Alex, Cal Nation and Premiere Pegasus....Winner Uncle Mo of course....see you at the Belmont Brian
And just in case you've been under a rock, 9 of these 64 horses are expected to match up this Saturday at Oaklawn in the Rebel Stakes. One of the best preps ever? Certainly the best one this year.
I sure have a lot of Oaklawn horses in my Sweet Sixteen. I guess it's kind of like how I pick SEC schools to beat all other schools in EVERY sport. My Sweet 16 out of this bracket: Affirmed Region {1 Uncle Mo} {4 Rogue Romance} {10 Arch’s Traveler} {3 Soldat} Citation Region {1 Dialed In} {5 Elite Alex} {2 Sway Away} {6 J P’s Gusto} Seattle Slew Region {8 Wilkinson} {12 Picko’s Pride} {2 To Honor and Serve} {3 Alternation} Secretariat Region {1 Premier Pegasus} {5 Gourmet Dinner} {2 Stay Thirsty} {6 Archarcharch}
  • mikemoss13 · But just to have it public, my HEART is still with Archarcharch!! · 1721 days ago
  • mikemoss13 · My Final Four - Uncle Mo, Elite Alex, Alternation, and Premier Pegasus. It was an extremely tough decision between Sway Away and Elite Alex for me. I just don't think we've seen the best from Elite Alex yet. Those two will meet up Saturday (along with several others), and I have to give Alex the heads-up. He's run on the Oaklawn dirt twice. · 1721 days ago
Solid selections guys, but... no love for the Mucho Macho one??? Skydime, I like the 12 over 5 call, kind of interesting that you have one Cho colt upset right away, while the other takes it all. Mike you support your home track ... will we see your Final 4 soon?

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