• Lady Shipman breezes home much the best in Belmont's License Fee.Posted 9 hours ago
  • Ben's Cat sprints home late to win his 10yo seasonal debut in thrilling fashion.Posted 12 hours ago
  • Minding shows her class, easily winning the 1000 Guineas.Posted 14 hours ago
  • Uncle Lino digs in to win the inaugural California Chrome Stakes.Posted 1 day ago
  • A Lot holds off favored Green Mask by a whisker to win the Elusive Quality.Posted 1 day ago
  • Galileo Gold, under Frankie Dettori, rolls in the 2000 Guineas.Posted 1 day ago
  • Olorda takes them all the way in the Bewitch Stakes on closing day at Keeneland.Posted 2 days ago
  • Nyquist will get in his final Kentucky Derby workout Friday afternoon at Keeneland.Posted 5 days ago
  • Time and Motion wins the Memories of Silver for Jimmy Toner.Posted 7 days ago
  • Finest City sets new track record in Great Lady M.Posted 8 days ago

I Have a Question

Serious question: who is the most beloved person and the most hated person in thoroughbred horse racing? 


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you mean the MURDER of Alydar
My most loved would be Charlie Whittingham. There are so many others- Angel Cordero, Penny Chenery, the Mosses, the Jess Jacksons. But you said one. Most hated at this point in time would be Rick Dutrow. But most hated will change with the next "scandal" that the media focuses on. I can't be bothered with hating anyone even if I don't like what they did.
Loved: Randy Romero - he's fought the fight, and has bitten the bullet. A true inspiration. There have been personal hates in the past, but, dwelling on the positive is the only way to try and be.
I've loved Bill Mott for awhile, he treats his horses right and runs them right and the smart owners send some nice ponies to him. Most hated would have to be Secretariat for siring Terlingua who bore Storm Cat, the sire who goes half way and quits.
Most loved would be Team Z..Making everyone a part of the family!!! Most hated is that blankety blank at Calumet responsible for the demise of Alydar!!
the stink, on the breath that is, has not left old Kent in quite some time. Where does he hide his stach of moonshine???
Cigar16, that is Rachel Alexandra.
I would say a team rather than a person Team Zenyatta and her diary by Dottie most loved. Where it all began for Rick Dutrow team Big Brown, I never hear anyone say much in the way of positive remarks of the ownership model and yet the horse is well supported by breeders and well loved. The stink of his Belmont has not left Kent D. yet.
Hey Brian who is that horse in the top left section of your 'Zipse At The Track' banner?
realistically there is no one out there in the racing community worth the emotional debt that comes along with hate....Too expensive
Beloved: John Sherriffs. Love to hate: Rick Dutrow (though I have a friend who loves to hate Jerry Bailey)
Yep, TV, it is possible to be both. I have been myself. But that is why I wrote it, I prefer to be one much more than the other, and sometimes I need to remind myself. Of course, I wasn't only referencing fans.
Most loved? Wow...probably Penny Chenery, just because she is known across so many generations. Mary Lou Whitney is also a class act who has done a lot for Racing and its horses, but outside of Racing itself, not many people know her, I'm guessing.Most hated? Personally, it's hard to pick one person, since there are so many scumsuckers like Paragallo and everyone else in this game that treats horses like disposable commodities. On the whole, though, I'm guessing the majority will point to Dutrow, Stronach, and that guy in LA who let all those horses starve.
What? You can be both. SOme of the best races I saw I had $0.00 money on Pebbles at Aqueudct, Skywalker's SA Derby, Lit de Justice BC Sprint, Easy Goer/SS Preakness etc.
Loved: the person at the finish line with a smile because they enjoyed a great race. Hated: the person at the finish line smiling with dollar signs in their eyes
In reading Secretariat: The horse that God built, I gained a slightly different perspecitve (if in fact wholly true) of Penny Chenery. My one time interaction with her is when, three months after his death, sent a photo I had taken at Claiborne, of his cribbing on a fence and laughinly related how "even the best ones do it." I never thought I would hear from her again, but about 3 weeks late, I received a hand written letter along with HER favorite photo. So the dichotomy persists: hearsay versus actual interactions.
Frances Genter for most beloved. Most disliked? Charles Ford, Ernie Paragallo, Kelsey Lafever, R dutrow....or anyone who doesn't "get" the "do no harm" idea...
Most loved - Penny Chenery and Christie Grisham. Most hated - more than one - Rick Dutrow, Charles Ford from Many. LA (having many horse starve to death, including yearlings, others were rescued in January who were severely underweight), the Asmussen family (sending 10 mares to a kill auction, some who allegedly had foals this spring, 9 of the 10 weren't pregnant which I'm sure is why they did that, not to mention the doping done by both brothers).
On my hated list I would have to add NJ Gov. Chris Christie
The most hated is easy, that would be Rick Dutrow, the trainer everyone loves to hate. Most loved would be Penny Chenery.

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