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HRN Handicapper Jarrod Horak Hits Pick 6

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Horse Racing Nation handicapper Jarrod Horak successfully tabbed Friday’s Pick 6 from Santa Anita Park at pick6blog.com. The winning sequence paid $36,423.

Pick 6 Blog started during the 2009 Del Mar meet and Friday’s ticket was his seventh success. His biggest triumph was a $53,000 score at Del Mar in 2009.

He covers the Southern California Pick 6 daily and you can view his recent winning tickets below.

Santa Anita Park (1-7-11): 6 of 6 paid $36,423

Oak Tree @ Hollywood Park (10-22-10): 6 of 6 paid $4,463

Oak Tree @ Hollywood Park (10-8-10): 6 of 6 paid $414

Hollywood Park (11-18-09): 6 of 6 paid $788.80

Oak Tree @ Santa Anita (10-21-09):  6 of 6 paid $2,356.80

Oak Tree @ Santa Anita (10-8-09):  6 of 6 paid $5,050.60

Del Mar (9-7-09): 6 of 6 paid $53,143.40





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I don't know why people hold other events when our sports are on.
Whoever thought it was smart to put a tv in the labor and delivery room wasn't so smart. :)
Mary, I wish it were that. I was talking about arguing with my wife for bugging me during the game. Did I mention she had already been in labor for 28 hours?
Braves fan here, jay s. No apologies necessary. And no, I really did not name my youngest after John Smoltz :)
Is there a memory erase pill or shot? Would use that. rafi, shoulda said almost never. Adding to the BHP $19 return on $16, one other $16; 4 of 6, prob a Del Mar carryover day. 5 of 6 would have doubled my money. Del Mar, day after Travers--wasted $24. Didn't really feel like playing, but did. Don't do that is my advice.
is the reason I do comedy. Everything I do it is because I enjoy it.
You have a point. Honestly, MOST (not all, but most) players for the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, don't play for the love of the game. They play for the money, the highlights, the fame. Back in the day, think Willie Mays, Magic Johnson, Jerry Rice, etc. Played because they LOVED the game. That is why I try to be involved in horse racing, because I love it. That is why I played B-Ball, because I loved it, that
Wow rafi. Excelllent. Don't get me totally wrong, I dig all baseball under MLB, although don't go out of my way to watch it. I think ESPN's sportscenter has ruined me of most sports, highlighting effortless dunks and outfielders timing catches so they will have to dive for them. Hate it. Show me a perfectly executed pick-and-roll and a strike-out with 97 mile as hour heat. I only watch NFL network anymore for traditional sports info. Can't fake the highlights in Horse racing or a motocrosser blowing a corner, pinning it, and still making an 80 ft triple jump. Oh well, enough of my nonsense.
Gosh I'm lost :). Haha. I was raised to like sports (not that I was forced to, naturally). It's in my genes to like/be good at sports. My grandfather was a NFL Defensive Lineman for the New York Giants. My uncle (not the one that got me into horse racing, a different one) played pro basketball for eleven years. My dad played college B-Ball at San Fransisco. The genes carry on to, my nephew plays in the minor leauges! :). He is in Single A I believe, for the San Diego Padres (A team I hate because I am a die hard SF Giants fan). I can't help but love all sports, Jay :).
BTW, Mary, goblin, floridaf, Kay, Lisa111, etc, I know I was wrong in Oct 1992 and have apologized many times. Please don't beat me up for my naughtiness. :)
Sorry rafi, rant not directed at you. The mere mention of Baseball puts me on my soapbox. Sorry. :)
Baseball?!? Mark Maguire and Sammy Sosa lifted baseball out of the post-strike ashes with their Home Run battles. But for using then legal PEDs, the mere mention of their name is sacrilege. What pompous Hippocrates. And this from someone who got in a shouting match with my wife in the hospital in Oct, 1992. She was in labor and the Braves were on the tube in the World Series.
Also, it's funny how some people will look down on someone for losing $50 at the track, but think nothing about someone spending $300 for a pro sports ticket.
Used to be HUGE with all three. I now detest primma donna baseball, and the Allen Iverson "jump-step" ended B-ball. The way D-backs can hold receiver's arms down with the ball in the air is quickly ending football for me. That leaves horse racing and Motocross.
I agree, Jay. However, I do love my basketball, football, and baseball.
I also know this. I'd much rather walk-in the front door of the track with $300 in my pocket than spend that same $300 on a Dallas Cowboys ticket. I wouldn't care if every race was a $5,000 claimer.
Being consistent is key. There are some days I am down hundreds, other days even, other days +500. Consistence is key, and that is what I, personally need to improve. I am one of those handicappers who hit BIG, and then don't hit. Everybody has a different style. Some pros RARELY hit big, they gain $100 each day, CONSISTENTLY is the key. Some hit big, then lose big (that is me).
He was looking for 5-15% return. This was how he invested that money. I guess one difference is, if you see your horse doing badly, you can't stop the race at $500 loss and take the remaining $3,500 home. I think he went home with $4,400.
$4000???? My goodness. I LARGEST amount I bet on one race is about $500, I think.

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