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Bill Clinton Says Beware of Dullahan

Belmont Stakes 2012 logo.
Photo: Kevin Creative (Kevin House)

Interviewed at the Meadowlands Racetrack Friday evening, former president Bill Clinton said he thought I’ll Have Another has a good chance to win the Triple Crown, but thought Dullahan could give the Derby and Preakness winner his biggest challenge.


“I’d say he’s got a good chance; it looked like he had some juice left at the end of both those races,” said Clinton of I’ll Have Another. “But the real wildcard, I think, is the horse that finished third in the Derby, what’s his name? The Irish name? Dullahan  … you know, the Belmont might be a good race for him because he closed just as strong as I’ll Have Another and he came out of maybe more interference. So, if that horse has a race like he had in the Derby, he could still give I’ll Have Another a race.”


Clinton, a friend of track operator Jeff Gural, was the special guest at a dinner held to support the re-election of United States Senator for New Jersey Robert Menendez at the Meadowlands’ Pegasus Restaurant.


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Older Comments about Bill Clinton Says Beware of Dullahan...

If that dummy who incidently started this economic mess with his deregulation likes Dullahan then the track must be slimy in order for Dullahan to win. People worry about small fry like O'neil with that degenerate criminal still running loose. "Only in America" Don King.
Cocoa i dont know if there is enough info on any of these horses ability in different conditions,what is the forecast? and who has a history of being a wet tracker if its wet?
Old J Edgar Hoover used to have a box seat at both laurel and Del Mar each summer. It ws rumored that the mob tipped him to what to bet and it was suggested his denial of theri being organized crime had a lot to do with his long association with them
Dullahan has had 4 good races up to the Derby. This one excelled on poly and turf and has one of the deepest closing moves in this field: Too far back for this track and distance
No, cocoa2. Not trying to screw you. The fact that few presidents, as of recent, don't follow the horses, is a good thing. They have a job to do, and, handicapping ain't of their tasks. Of all the touts I ever seen at the track, it seemed that the most successful handicappers, were the quiet ones. They just sat on their bench seat, and, from time to time, would mosey up to the Cashier's window.
switch360, I can say watch the track 100s of times and people will still bet on a deep closer in Belmont's muddy beach sand.
ruffian75, what are you trying to screw me on? Of the recent presidents few follow the horses. Of the old presidents many had them as their only transportation. I did not say you were unexperienced or idiotic. Just having a bad day and decided to take it out on the genius?
cocoa2: "one of very few presidents to actually care who did not work with horses"? Sounds like a political viewpoint? Ya know? I was born yesterday, but I stayed up all night, and I don't have a clue what you're referring to. I'll know now what not to expect from you, when it comes to handicapping viewpoints. "watch the track, watch the track, watch the track."
Watch the track,watch the track,watch the track, thanks for the tip cocoa, who would have thought varying track conditions would effect a horse race,
Remember this, he is one of very few presidents to actually care who did not work with horses.
and we ALL know what a great race tracker he was....Mom was better at oaklawn
Ahhh you know what i meant Craig the details aren't important
His opinion may or may not be sketchy in this field, but I agree with him.
bill's mom attended oaklawn park. and switch360, that is cigars and interns.
Alright bill ! :) we'll see
Bill Clinton probably knows more about horse racing than a lot of people. His mother was a life long aficionado of horses, racetracks, and gambling. (As well as being a registered nurse.)
Bill Clinton should beware of cigars and secretaries
Watch the track, watch the track, watch the track.
Wouldn't trust him, but then again we won't know till the gates open on June 9th.
I'd listen to him about politics, but on the horse racing grounds I don't know. Depends on how Belmont is.

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