• Keen Ice shocks American Pharoah in the Travers.Posted 1 hour ago
  • Flintshire flaunts his class in the Grade 1 Sword Dancer.Posted 2 hours ago
  • Nothing but a walk in the park for Private Zone in the Grade 1 Forego.Posted 3 hours ago
  • Runhappy runs them off their feet in the Grade 1 King's Bishop.Posted 4 hours ago
  • Unbridled Forever storms to victory in the Grade 1 Ballerina.Posted 4 hours ago
  • Sheer Drama makes her claim as the East's best mare with a Personal Ensign win.Posted 5 hours ago
  • Lubash runs by King Kreesa to score in the West Point.Posted 1 day ago
  • Sudden Surprise much the best in the Funny Cide.Posted 1 day ago
  • Stormy Regatta a game winner of the Riskaverse.Posted 2 days ago
  • Da Big Hoss roles down the lane to score in the John's Call.Posted 3 days ago


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The "he didn't run his A game" excuse is completely illogical. How can he run the fastest 10F in his career and it not be his A game simply because another horse ran it faster?
Very nice win I must say..
The comments by Baffert are disappointing. "AP didn't feel right today..." Really?? I guess all the other horses beaten by AP "didn't feel right" those days. This was the first and ONLY time that AP was pushed near the top of the stretch. I've been saying for months that AP was able to run his race during the TC season. Look, although it's obvious I'm a KI fan, ap is the best 3 year old...but he is far from a historic thoroughbred. The 3 yr old crop is slow-and that includes keen ice. AP would have never won the crown vs hard spun n steet sense-just an example. He benefitted from an extremely weak n slow 3 year old crop. But, he won the TC-no one handed that to him my point from the beginning has been that although a great horse-not a comparable horse to the true greats because of the lack of competition.
What do you expect..I knew he wouldn't be up to par for this race. Coming off a race and flying back and forth across the country in a 3 week span..very poor management if you ask me.
Me and many others were baffled by those who thought TR could not only 10 but be a threat to AP. It turns out we were right. At the classic distance not only is TR no match for AP, Frosted and KI but he's also no match for Upstart (a horse I actually though he could beat at 10). Even at 9 AP, Frosted, KI and yes maybe even Upstart probably beat him most of the time. His connections should point him towards the BCDM(if he wins he'd have two different BC event wins) because sending him to the BCC will at best be an exercise in futility when he faces not only three year olds but the big boys and girls as well.
Horse can't handle outside pressure. Folded like a $10,000.00 claimer. He won't hit the board in the Breeder's Cup if he even shows up.
Had a poor start and a poor race in general. Hope that is just Saratoga affecting him and not him being unable to run a mile and a quarter. Hope he is ok and that he is able to show himself at the Classic (if he goes).
One of the things about this race that has been overlooked is that we learned we were looking at Upstart wrong. In the Haskell Upstart despite going all out was easily pushed back by AP and KI. The Travers proves that finishing third to AP and KI (Even at 9) isn't so embarrassing as Upstart finished fourth behind only the elite of the crop with daylight in between him and the rest of the field. There is a large gap between AP, Frosted and KI and the rest of the crop. However Upstart is clearly the best of the rest and theirs a big gap between him and the lower tiers. I will admit I was wrong about Violette's decision it turned out he was right to run Upstart in the Travers salvaging his colt and some nice change in the process. However keep in mind if we include horses that are inactive(FL,Dortmund, Carpe Diem, Materiality, Calculator) he is only the 7th or 8th best horse in the crop.
I'll say this, Frosted ran one hell of a race, Jose Lezcano, (who was put on Frosted 30 minutes before the Travers) did exactly was he was suppose to do, put the pressure on AP, if he didn't Phraoah would have ran away. I give him credit for going after AP and trying to steal the race, and it almost worked. Frosted ran giant here and he will get another win one day.
Very poor race run by red, he's not built for a 1mile and a quarter, probably a mile or 7/8 of a mile
At the end of the day, I think we should all be glad that he ran this kind of "off his game" race in the Travers and not the Belmont.
Realistically speaking, American Pharoah should've never been running in the Travers today anyway. The Triple Crown races are very tough grind for any 3YO, but if you've got one that actually has the God-given talent to win all 3 of those races, then trust me when I tell you a lengthy break is in order because he's worked his tale end off to win those 3 races. But once again, the need for greed wins out. After the Belmont Stakes, AP should've been put away on a summer hiatus, not continued racing through a late summer/early fall campaign. If he'd been given a break post-Belmont and then brought back to Keenland in late October, he'd be so fresh that with or without a prep race he would wax Beholder, Honor Code, and all of their a$$es in the Breeders Cup Classic. But after this loss today at Saratoga, I'll be surprised if AP even makes it to the starting gate for the BC Classic before being retired to stud first, IMO.
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  • HideousZippleback via Disqus · I agree. The Haskell, whatever. But Zayat should not have been so greedy about wanting a Travers win. I hope Pharoah will be ok after this and that Baffert and the others are able to keep unity with each other. · 1 hour ago
  • icyhotboo · Someone said this would be his last race, but then that person is kind out in left field. What's he know! · 1 hour ago
Back-to-back Travers. Last year Javier won on V.E. Day at 19-1. This year, he wins aboard Keen Ice at 16-1. Seems like he gets overlooked at the windows. One of these, it will absorb!!!
It's horse racing! AP lost but was not embarrased! Take into account the multiple cross-country trips, the triple-crown campaign, and the pressure by Frosted on the backstretch! He still ran a great race to finish second, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM THIS HORSE, or KEEN ICE(he ran his race)!!!
At some point he was going to get tired. This race was it. I hear Zayat is talking of retiring him. I hope that is in the heat of the moment. It would be a real shame if they retired him after this race.
Why are people mad at Zayat? AP ran a game race. Came in 2nd and lost the lead at the end after a tough battle with Frosted. I just hope he runs in the BC Classic as planned. He had to tire at some point. Today was it.
American Pharoah loss at The “Grave yard of favorites” I believe the decision to race in the Travers was the owner (money).To me Bob Baffert face showed that: I knew it look”. Bob told it the way it was. I love Saratoga (Spa) racing. With the first turn (elimination turn) and the last turn (Position Turn), and short stretch. But Bob was correct AP was not rested (and shipper time) enough. Bob had him where he wanted to be, but came up empty. I think he should have run in the Pa Derby, He will need another race before the Breeders. This was a bad decision ($$) one way or another. This loss really hurts at this stage.
NEWS FLASH !!!!!!!!! American Pharoah lost. So what, accept it and turn the page. The worst thing is listening to TVG(the group that hyped him to no end). I am not questioning A.Ps' talent,nor his accomplishments to date. He lost today for multiple reasons,yet many on TV are trying to pinpoint it. I hear stuff like,Frosted pushed him and leaned on him. What did they expect, a Red Carpet. All day i heard both National telecasts tell me that AP is better if he stays off the pace and can cruise. Well he could not do that,today AP was a bit over the top. All the racing,all the works,all the Travel just caught up with him. He was gallant in defeat,and tried to the very end. Again,like i said before. He lost today,and that is all. He did not get hurt or do something bad. He just lost. Hopefully the critics will not be mean to him,he does not deserve it. To the thousands of new fans he brought to the game. Step up to the plate and support yourself. Just don't go back to your normal lives and forget the game,you supposedly fell in love with(WINK-WINK). To the Media outlets,be it TV or Print. Please do not make excuses and make yourselves look like homers. The headline is simple ....HE LOST that is all.
Great race by Keen Ice and I admit that I was wrong about him. He's obviously matured and improved a lot more than I gave him credit for. Should have listened to the people who were knew about the late maturing Curlin's. It was a great race and I give kudos to all of the top three finishers. Keen Ice was the best horse on the day and ran a perfect race. AP, although beaten, showed tremendous talent and determination in putting away Frosted in the stretch when it honestly looked like Frosted had his number at the top of the stretch. And kudos to Frosted for pushing AP harder than any other horse has ever managed to do in the middle section of the race. Although the early fractions were moderate, the middle fractions were incredible..... the third and fourth quarters went in 23.18 and 23.60, thanks to Frosted pushing AP to work harder than he's ever had to do before, and not letting him relax and cruise through the middle of the race. If not for Frosted pushing AP to the limit in the middle of the race, I think that the result may have been different.
The horse lost a horse race, big deal. That's what horse racing used to be about. It's real nice to see it again. Kudos to Zayat for bringing him to Saratoga to race so that many of the 50,000 people could see a Triple Crown winner. This will be understood, just like Seattle Slew's hiccup was.

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