• Belvoir Bay (7-1) takes them all the way in the Torrey Pines.Posted 2 days ago
  • Strike Charmer (27-1) runs by Lady Eli late in the Ballston Spa.Posted 3 days ago
  • Masochistic (1-5) sprints to an easy victory in the Pat O'Brien at Del Mar.Posted 3 days ago
  • Arrogate (11-1) wins the Travers for fun in stakes record time!Posted 3 days ago
  • Flintshire (1-5) rolls up the rail to win the Grade 1 Sword Dancer.Posted 3 days ago
  • A.P. Indian (1-1) easily wins the Grade 1 Forego in stakes record time of 1:20.99.Posted 3 days ago
  • Drefong (3-1) dominates the Grade 1 King's Bishop every step of the way.Posted 3 days ago
  • Haveyougoneaway (10-1) gets there with a strong late in the Grade 1 Ballerina.Posted 3 days ago
  • Cavorting (2-1) rolls late to get up in the Grade 1 Personal Ensign.Posted 3 days ago
  • Hit It Once More makes every pole a winning one in the Albany Stakes.Posted 4 days ago


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He really didn't look good in his 2016 debut, he had his ideal conditions, 7f on a fast track, but he went out like a light with just over a furlong still to run. I think he's had enough now, not sure he will ever race again to be honest. :-(
The BC Sprint looks like a "three way dance" to me, between Drefong, AP Indian and Masochistic. One thing's for sure, it's gonna be really fast, in the 1:07 - 1:08 range.
The people who don't like the chance of Nyquist's future success need to stay on Exaggerator's page (he's got plenty of sobbing excuses that need to he made into a bunch of ra ra about this past weekends performance) and get off and stay off the Nyquist page and let time for the rest of the year tell the true direction of these horses. I'm not exactly on Exaggerator's page, blasting every positive possibility that is brought up every though he probably deserves it after this weekend. And, I could sound twice as nasty as some people do about Nyquist. I don't dislike him either, but from an equine veterinary point of view, he does not look healthy most of the time or looks drugged out and shows fewer signs intelligence which is probably why is easier for a jockey to get to hrydroplane at faster speeds through the mud dangerously.
I still can't believe they put this speedster in the Kentucky Derby, CRAZY!!!!!! Were the Parbhoo's on drugs when they made this decision I ask myself?
So basically, all 'Frosted' has to do is turn up, and he get's the Winners prize money!!!!! lol
Fingers crossed he dazzles in the Woodward!
Bob Baffert's stable of three year old boys looked bone dry mere months ago. When Mor Spirit is your top Triple Crown contender you know it's a meager and paltry group in your barn that year. But in the last few months his group of three year olds has absolutely erupted into the best stable of the kind in the country. Arrogate, Cupid, Drefong, American Freedom; I've never seen so many late-blooming big-time three year old talents in one man's barn.
  • pointgiven23 via Disqus · This could have been a by-product of what happened last summer at Delmar. Baffert had a slew of horses get sick, get injuries training up etc. Plus he had a bunch who really didn't like the Delmar surface. This year has been a completely different story, he's gotten a lot of his good stock on the track much earlier. Jazzy Times who he thought was his best 2 year old last year, didn't debut until Derby Day and is another late-developing 3 year old with graded stakes potential. Sometimes it works out for the best, having your talent develop later. He's definitely taken advantage of the situation. · 5 hours ago
The problem is that everyone is looking for a horse that is consistent. There are no three year olds that are consistent this year and most are ridiculously far from it. Nyquist comes the closest because he had the longest undefeated streak in major races (not maiden and allowances like with Arrogate) before betraying everyone by not winning the Triple Crown or at least coming a little bit closer. The main people who are sick of hearing about Nyquist's potential success are the same people who get on Exaggerator's HRN page and show all the loyal fanship whether deserved or not - and the most recent laugh of an excuse is whether he should try turf to fix his dry weather problem. And is far as Arrogate, he had run all maiden and allowance races before. We have no proof that he is going to be that consistent or that that just wasn't his one great race. Who falls in love with a horse or says "a star is born" after just one impressive Grade 1 race? Secretariat did not get that much attention after his first win.
  • David Abel via Disqus · I'm by no means saying that Arrogate is a bad horse, but I definately need to see more before I can properly evaluate his abilities · 12 hours ago
Why does Bloodhorse make it seem like Frosted will be going Woodward, AA/JCGC before the BCC? Are we all missing something here or is their reporting on the matter just false?
  • Bandit252 via Disqus · I hate saying it, but Bloodhorse has been a little weird the last few weeks. I often go there for breaking news, but they've been behind for a while now. I have no idea what's going on. I thought he was going to the Woodward for sure and then 'probably' training to the Classic. Have you heard different? · 2 days ago
  • hoof_hearted2016 · Well he's definitely going to be in the Woodward I know that, and he's still not 100% certain for the Classic, the BC Dirt Mile is still an option. It depends how confident connections are feeling, California Chrome already kicked his butt in the Dubai World Cup, do they fancy another beating??? and also this MONSTER Arrogate has arrived on the scene with a bang!!! I personally think Frosted gets outclassed in the Classic and will be lucky to finish Top 3. But in the Dirt Mile, he would have a massive chance of winning. · 8 hours ago
Food for thought.... Check out Money Multiplier's trip, exact opposite as Flintshire's. Swap their trips and I'm not sure Flintshire wins that race. Can't help but be a little annoyed by the best horse getting all the help from another runner, as if he needs it.
  • pointgiven23 via Disqus · not a chance · 1 day ago
  • hoof_hearted2016 · Don't even TRY and suggest that MM could have beaten Flintshire LOL, Flintshire is in a totally different league!!! The only horse that can beat Flintshire in the BC Turf is Postponed. The BC Turf is a 2 horse race, they'll be lots of other horses in the race yeah, but only 2 possible winners! :-) · 8 hours ago
http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=8826051®istry=T Claimed July 28/16 by Larry Jones for $5000... won the race. Race prior to this he was a DNF and claimed by Jacobson. Hope he's done.
  • Jaime via Disqus · and to make matters a little weird - the guy the horse was claimed from lodged a complaint he was claimed by an unlicensed 3rd party... and then withdrew the protest. · 24 days ago
  • Lynne Wooddell via Disqus · My friend just bought him for a new career as an eventer. He hit the jackpot. He will have a wonderful forever home. · 9 hours ago
Video I got of Arrogate walking over to get saddled (the rest of them are in a different video). Kind of a funny story, you can hear the guy yelling and clapping in the background, while Arrogate is acting a wee green, right? Shortly after everyone was shushing him and scolding him. Husband and I thought it was kind of ironic that he went on to smash the track record after. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iB7gSCALjo
Anyone who analyzes racing closely enough knows that the profession does not really care about the horses or else it would not have them running on dangerously proven wet tracks which seemed to really correlate with the fatalites like during Preakness Day. It all falls on the horses intelligence to survive. Someone might want to give Nyquist the credit for not being stupid enough to want to hydroplane at extreme speeds. Exaggerator is on the low end of this intelligence factor. So is American Freedom and so was American Pharoah but not as bad.
I don't think Nyquist is a bad horse or overhyped... I believe he's just on the wrong end of his connections' ideas of what he can / can not do. First off, to whatever person claimed he was a sprinter, you couldn't be more wrong. You don't 'accidentally' win at 1-1/16 (twice), 1-1/18, 1-1/4 and finish a trying 3rd while tiring at a 1-3/16. But back to my point, why the Reddam's or Doug O'Neill feel the need to press the horse on the lead is super confusing to me. He can obviously rate and doesn't need the lead, yet in his last two races they sent him out and ultimately burnt him out. Add to that his last two races have been absolute mud pits. He may not completely dislike the surface, but it obviously doesn't help him. I'm excited to see his PA Derby performance and could tell us a lot about his future plans
I hope the odds are decent.
No one ever said Nyquist was the next Secretariat or American Pharoah, at least not outside of a very temporary comparison. Fair to say that he is not a great horse as a three year old; no one that is not a triple winner; at best, they prove themselves at an older age like California Chrome IF they have that chance. Nyquist is a very good horse with a few weeknesses dealing with the running environment. Exaggerator very obviously has them too, but just the other way around.
She made up a lot of ground and has closed well in all of her races so far. Excited to see how she does with more distance.
There is no other speed in this field. Bradester will set a moderate or slow early pace. Frosted/Bradester exacta!!!
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  • jrem1 · I would lean towards that play. May include Comfort in a box if it's of ok value. · 16 hours ago
  • cugel the clever · Why in the world do you think JR will let Bradester get away with a slow/moderate early pace? Noble Bird tried to get away with that and JR would have none of it.... urged Frosted to the lead and smoked Noble Bird (and everyone else) with a 1:09 and change 6F. Same thing will happen if Bradester tries to relax after getting the lead. Frosty will just pass him and leave him eating dust. Comfort will take second place, and is the only horse in the race with a remote chance of upsetting Frosty. · 14 hours ago
I don't see it happening, but if Bradester gets an uncontested lead, he can absolutely win this race. But before you all say anything, YES I KNOW HE'LL HAVE TO FEND OFF THE 2ND BEST HORSE AROUND, but all races set up different and Bradester's last two races have been nothing short of great
Possibly a few more shooters coming into this race.

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