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Conan O'Brien to Call Race at Santa Anita Park

Santa Anita Park
Trevor Denman will get a rare time-out on Friday. Late night funny man Conan O’Brien, who hosts CONAN weeknights at 11 p.m. on TBS, will step up to the Santa Anita microphone and call Friday’s second race under the watchful eye of America’s premier race caller.

“I think it’s great,” said Denman, who has been calling races at Santa Anita since the fall of 1983. “Conan is universally well-known and well-liked and this is a great way for us to help get the word out on the Breeders’ Cup and live racing here at Santa Anita. He’s a great talent and my advice is always the same—keep it simple and try and have fun with it.”

Announcing styles aside, O’Brien, with high-hair and a 6’ 4” frame, will strike a notable contrast to Denman, who originally aspired to be a jockey in his native South Africa.

And Awaaay They Go . . .    


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No doubt. Be good.
IF there were a single racing fan amongst their TV staff, they could have figured it out: Yu cannot watch continuity in pieces
Oops, *NBC. Good night all, talk to y'all later.
I'm with you completely, Jay/travel_vic. I can't stand the angles on NBA. I concur, Larry Collmus is a very bad caller. I remember last year, when betting/viewing the Breeder's Cup, I got angry because I did not comprehend why Trevor was not calling the Breeder's Cup Classic. I do not understand why they let Larry call big races..
I'm with you tv. I never was able to find WTC until they started showing the replays. Drives me nuts. It's like Country Music videos. They will not leave a scene on screen for more than 3 seconds. Most only last about 1/2 second. Hate them. Absolutely will not watch them.
WHY do that have to cut up the shwoing into so many pieces that NO ONE can follow it..Give the two pan feeds like all the tracks do!
Hey rafi. Man, not sure about the name but it seems to ring a bell. Of course, to me NBC screws everything up when broadcasting a Triple Crown race. Why shouldn't they screw-up the on-air announcer as well? <:)>
Jay, that is Larry Collmus (right spelling, name?), I believe. I don't care for him either.
they have to have the ability to jump on situations. At Parx, the caller yelled out "Now I have ALWAYS wanted to say this, in the 8th race, number 4, Itch has been scratched!"
I also think good callers, like Durkin and Wallace, make it entertaining without even trying, It's just their personality shinning through. The caller I don't particularly like is the guy who does the on-air call of the Triple Crown races for NBC. To me, it sounded like he rehearsed "ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRB!" for two weeks straight.
Yes, his "go to" phrases I'll agree with. Trevor's accent is fine. I'll agree with you about Adam Sandler, lol. Those movies, for the most part, were pitiful. lol.
good callers FIRST get it right and then SECOND try to make it entertaining...ALWAYS in that order
I just am just not huge on his go to phrases and his accent, not great reasons, but it's only my opinion. And for the record, I think Adam Sandler forfeited all rights to call a race when he made Jack and Jill, You Don't Mess with a Zohan, That's My Boy, Grown Ups 1 + 2 etc. ahahaha
Really, Northport? I would agree, Trevor has more than a *few* calls he repeats over and over again, but I do think (along with Tom Durkin) he is one of the best race-callers in the sport.
I don't see why everyone is so offended either, it is one race that will last 2 minutes, not sure how it is a waste of time. Perhaps a break from Denman is a good idea, I can only hear SCINTILLATING so many times before I want to jump off my roof
LOL, nevermind, I found it on Youtube. Bobby Flay didn't do so well, but it is harder than it looks to call a race.
Sullivan, do you happen to have a link to Bobby Flay's race call? I have not heard it. Thanks in advance.
I don't even know who he is but it's fun to have people around who saw "the horse race Conan called", the sport can use it, and who doesn't get a laugh out of watching someone try one of these? Bobby Flay's call was pretty funny. I am awaiting this one.
I don't much like Conan O'Brien, but I do see your point, Sullivan/cocoa.
...nothing liking pissing on good publicity for a dying sport

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