• Collected (3-1) holds off Arrogate in the TVG Pacific Classic.Posted 4 minutes ago
  • Hunt (3-1) scores his second graded stakes win of the meet, this time in the Del Mar Handicap.Posted 34 minutes ago
  • Elate (4-1) rolls home a big winner in the Alabama.Posted 3 hours ago
  • Money'soncharlotte (5-2) holds off Martini Glass in the Lady Jacqueline.Posted 3 hours ago
  • Proctor's Ledge (2-1) kicks home a winner in the Lake Placid.Posted 3 hours ago
  • Winx starts slow, but finishes fast to win the Warwick for her 18th straight!Posted 13 hours ago
  • March X Press (2-1) rallies to win the Bolton Landing.Posted 3 days ago
  • Gold Rush Dancer (3-1) scores big in the 82nd running of the Longacres Mile.Posted 5 days ago
  • Skye Diamonds (9-10) wins again, this time in the Rancho Bernardo.Posted 6 days ago
  • Copper Bullet (7-2) strong in winning the Saratoga Special.Posted 6 days ago

Beyer for Hall of Fame

Horse Players are crucial to the Horse Racing Industry, yet a Player’s input, dedication or achievement has never been recognized by the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. There is no Horseplayer more deserving of that recognition than ANDY BEYER.


Andy has been a well respected racing columnist with the Washington Post and Daily Racing Form, but it is his significant contribution to the art of handicapping that makes him the perfect candidate. His influence can be seen everywhere handicapping is described and applied.


Andy is most commonly associated with Beyer Speed Figures; the most important handicapping factor in the last thirty years. With the help of the DRF, he has made these figures available and affordable to horseplayers across the country. They have become the de-facto industry standard for trainers, jockey and owners to assess their horse’s ability and competitiveness.


Andy has willingly shared his vast handicapping knowledge and methods via books, magazine, television, movies and the internet. In a sport which has had tremendous difficulty attracting a new audience, Andy’s work has had a significant impact by introducing, encouraging and influencing a whole new set of players.


In recent years, the Horseplayer has inched forward with industry recognition. Thanks to Steve Crist, with the help of the NTRA and DRF, Horseplayers have achieved a significant milepost by having the National Handicapping Champion recognized and awarded at the prestigious, annual Eclipse Awards. However, that one award alone is not enough. Horseplayers still seem to be the most under appreciated and misunderstood group; the peasants of the great game of racing. Sometimes we bring that stigma on ourselves, but we also witness it perpetuated by media, films and TV shows.


Let’s all urge the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame to recognize and induct Andy Beyer as the first Horseplayer. He has done so much to change the game by graciously sharing his knowledge, contributing his methods, and entertaining us with his colorful tales of horse race wagering. His impact will live on in the minds of all those involved in this sport.




Written by 2011 NHC Champion, John Doyle 



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Older Comments about Beyer for Hall of Fame...

People like Hirsch, Charles hatton, Rasmussen, Steve Crist, Beyer, Marshall Cassiday, Tom Durkin and the like.
I have had this talk at out Hall of Fame planning meetings. There should be special categories for those who have made positive contributions to the sport which cannot be pidgeon holed into one category or another, but they should be recognized nonetheless.
while he has contributed to the sport, i say "no". next someone will want tv announcers, stewards, vets.... you dilute the pool and the honor becomes insignificant.
accjimbo, I wish they had a dislike button. I'd keep pressing it for you.
Whatever you think of Beyer personally, he has been GOOD for racing. Most of us moved on away from his handicapping interpretations years and years ago.
THere's not enough room in the HOF for both Beyer and his Ego. The HOF doesn't need another east coast "homer"
Though I don't use Beyer's figures. There is no doubt that his contributions to the sport are revolutionary and an honor that is most fitting.
Good selection, Mike. I believe Joe Hirsch was enshrined in the Hall as a writer, I think.
James Quinn, Quirin, Sartin, Ainlse, Col E.R. BRadley, Pittsburgh Phil, Arnold Rothstein, the speed boys of the 40's (Woody Stepehsn included), Tom Ainsle, Huey Mahl, Ray Talbout, Len Ragozin of the sheets fame, the thorograph crew.......NONE of these ever get the credit they deserve for advancing the game of the bettor.....and probably never will.
Doesn't the Baseball Hall of Fame have a section for writers and broadcasters? He would seem to fit in that category and there are a lot of others that have contributed to racing like Joe Hirsh.
I'm sure there were many before Andy Beyer, that never got the recognition. A couple that come to mind? Pete Axthelm or Harvey Pack.
I have been a part of the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame and the minimum criterion to get in, is not what you think.....Politics abound
Remember it is a BREEDER dominated arena. They don't want to recognize "gamblers," no matter the significance of their contribution.
Great post, John! Agree that Andy Beyer has made significant contributions to this sport - and he's always got good opinions and ideas. He should get recognized!
Someone should take up the slack for them.
Controversail people never get recongnized for speaking their minds.
People were making speed figures in the 20's and 30's. Andrew Beyer is NOT the original creator of speed figures as we know them.
Andy has been taking a lot flack recently and that baffles me. Andy Beyer transformed the way races are handicapped by introducing speed figures.

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