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Belmont Stakes 2012: I'll Have Another vs. Secretariat

Ron Turcotte visit's Doug O'Neill's barn prior to the Preakness
I’ll Have Another’s historic run at the Triple Crown sends several questions if he is as good as Secretariat was in the 1970’s. Although these horses took different paths to get towards the Triple Crown, they do offer a few similarities.

Secretariat started his Triple Crown campaign in 1973 in New York. I’ll Have Another started his career in California. Secretariat broke his maiden 2nd time out, I’ll Have Another broke his the first time out. Secretariat was favored in every race except one, I’ll Have Another has yet to be the wagering favorite. Pedigree wise, digging back several generations, there are no similar bloodlines.

Without similar bloodlines, racing statistics, or even similar paths to the Triple Crown, what makes their journey so similar? Secretariat had to battle with a horse named Sham in his three Triple Crown races. Some may say I’ll Have Another’s rivalry with Bodemeister may be similar to the one in 1973. While the running style of Bodemeister and I’ll Have Another is different than Secretariat and Sham, the rivalry still rings clear.

Bodemeister will not be racing in the Belmont Stakes, but I’m sure I’ll Have Another and he will meet up down the road sometime. With all the differences found with Secretariat and I’ll Have Another’s Triple Crown campaign, there are still a few similarities to dig up. Another similarity may come in the 2012 2012 Belmont Stakes with I’ll Have Another adding his name to the list with Secretariat as Triple Crown winners.


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Breaking 3 out of three track reconds and running, by all accounts, the most sensational run since Man o'War, the only similiarity is that they are both three
  • sctafl · Funny! ;) It's gotta be tough on any horse who approaches winning the Trip Crown...the Spectre of Sec looms LARGE! · 1460 days ago
As in all sports, these comarisons between athletes from one era with the greats of another are speculation at best. I remember people objecting to Secretariat's nickname because "Man 'O War is the REAL Big Red." Having said that...if IHA does what I hope and wins the TC, I'll have seen 4 Triple Crown winners in my lifetime, and will still call Secretariat the greatest I've seen. But you can be a pretty damn great horse and still take a backseat to Secretariat. Go IHA!
  • sctafl · Gosh, yes. Secretariat is the KING! COMPLETELY Untouchable in his '73 Trp Crown! What a RACEhorse - love Secretariat! · 1460 days ago
I have a tip sheet for Belmont dated Jun 9 1973 and Red wasn't even the best fet of the day
  • sctafl · I dunno about this, vic......ummm......who was the best fet? I mean, there were only - ? 5-6 horses that were at Belmont in '73? So was it Sham? I mean, seriously - who was the best fet? I'm really confused by this......cuz NOW all Sec-haters do is whine about 'lack of decent competion', non-existent field at Belmont, etc, etc.....Sec raced against himself basically. He just kept running; he decided to run really fast. Freakishly fast. There was no other horse in his vicinity & he still kept sprinting - It's WILD! IHA is a nice horse - but I now understand the surreality of Sec's Belmont - after watching IHA. IHA goes fast enough to win; Sec raced like a ROCKET! I think Sec just decided what he wanted to do; when he was feeling great, he was completely in a league of his own; untouchable - just astonishing. I think IHA may win the Trip Crwn. But no horse will do it like Secretariat. · 1460 days ago
I just can't compare the two or the four (Sham and Bode included) because the final quarters of this year's Derby were much slower than the '73 running.
Why aren't you comparing him to Affirmed instead? Considering her was the most recent Triple Crown winner? I see many more similarities between them two than him and Secretariat... Secretariat's story is different from any horse, among so many other things...hmm...
No he isn't Secretariat, and if I'll have another wins, he will have done it his way, and after 34 years of no Triple Crown in a decade that has yet to see three Triple Crown winners.
No offense intended to I'll Have Another, but ... call me when he wins by more than 30.
Thanks everyone for not thinking I'll have Another is in any way a second Secretariat.. Big Red is a one and only, in many ways.
I'll Have Another got compared to Seabiscuit somewhere in HRN, that makes abit more sense.
I have to agree with you, footlick, too. I'll Have Another's Triple Crown so far has been a success but to compare him to a legend?
Yes, yes it is, footy
IHA is a very good horse, but making a comparison to Secretariat is absurd, imo
Nooo will never be able to measure up to Secretariat's belmont. Sorry, but he may come close to it. We hope so!!
Some similarities but can't compare to what Red did in those three races.
yes, they have a big similarity - I'll Have Another won the Derby on May 5 & Preakness on May 19, the exact same dates in 2012 as Secretariat won his in 1973. Secretariat's Belmont was on June 9, 1973. Guess what date IHA's Belmont will be?

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