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Algorithms Off Triple Crown Trail

X-rays taken this morning have revealed that Algorithms, undefeated winner of the Holy Bull S. (III), has a fractured splint in his right front leg that will have to be surgically removed. 


He is going to ship to Ocala tomorrow, where Dr. John Madison of Ocala Equine Hospital will perform the operation. 


"We are hoping that he only requires a minimal amount of time off," said his trainer, Todd Pletcher, "but he is definitely not going to make the Triple Crown." 


Jack Wolf of Starlight Racing, the owner of Algorithms, said, "It is very disappointing that he will have to miss the spring classics, but we look forward to having him back in late summer or early fall.  This really is the best long term option for Algorithms."


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There is no solid bone in their skeletons as they are far removed from the sturdy Arabian Stock. They are blasted with unnecessay medications from the time they can walk leaching out minerals from their skeletions...No wonder they fall apart
They are certainlly NOT slower, but have no stamina
Eight belles, Go for Wand and Ruffian show how breeding has bred weak bones horses. Look at their bloodlines. Why do horses only race a few times now instead of 10 or 12 a year? The latest commerical on tv touts speed, speed, speed, hell with durability AND speed! Todays horses are slower and softer. Stop breeding bad stock!
I am aware of that. They were maybe not the best examples.
cocoa2, Todd Pletcher didn't train any of the horses you mentioned.
Don't bring my Ronny boy into this! lol
PETA is just as nuts as most of the Repubiican presdiental candidates. Eight bells and Go For Wand were simply bad racing luck from two very honest and hard working careful trainers
Eight Belles, Go For Wand, Barbaro.... PETA ought to watch Pletcher like I hawk, this is one time I wouldn't mind PETA.
He also worked for Henry Moreno and Charlie Whittingham so he was at leaszt exposed to the virtues of patience. Lukas, not so much obviously.
here's my theory, i feel tod has found away to mask the steroid, boom then he passes all the drug tests, i also feel he has found away to mask the pain medication , he was once busted for in 2004, boom again, this way the horse is able to run harder when asked coming down the stretch,,, people can mask steroids, y cant horses,, duh, this guy is smart,, and it stinks bc he's just taking all the purse money around the leauge , just like braking all the homerun records in baseball,,,hmmm
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  • Junebug719 · I think Alfred Hancock is correct in saying that no private vets visit horses at least one week before a race only state vets. he stated there are over 100 kinds of steriods used on horses that no test can find. · 1526 days ago
  • Junebug719 · Lets face it, these trainers are millionaires.. No way a single person can train 100 horses at once. No way they can keep track of them or their health. Give me a Frank WHitely anyday. He loved and cared for those in his stable and took care of them personally. · 1526 days ago
Wel;l Pletcher was Lukas's apprentice for years. Need one say more?
I am not saying that Pletcher could of anticipated the popped splint... I am saying there are too many coincidences surrounding Pletcher trained horses and the triple crown races or any of the big classic races for that point.
NO ONE can anticipate a splint popping as it is held to the main lower leg bome by a simple fibrous connection and is totally NON weight bearing!
I'm just happy that the issue was discovered before the FOY. It would have been a shame if something worse would have happened to Algo had he raced. Best wishes and a speedy recovery big fella!!
God, the reason PETA is up in Horse Racing's face is Pletcher, I say drive him off. I prefer live horses.
  • kedez2012 · First off, screw PETA. If you're worried about the opinion of an organization that devotes all its time and money to creating useless campaigns featuring naked celebrities then that's a different issue entirely. As for Pletcher, I'm curious to know who told you--all of you, really--that this wasn't just an unfortunate accident. Maybe we should be focusing our attention on his recovery instead of bashing his trainer? Because it's unlikely that Pletcher's business goal is to ruin the careers of all his horses for the fun of it. Just a few thoughts. · 1526 days ago
Leave it to Pletcher. Somehow I'm not surprised this happened. Wishing Algorithms a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
keep dutrow, ban pletcher. this guy is a joke. something is not right in that pletcher barn. uncle mo, algorithms, eskenderaya do you need any more examples??
I always thought the Eight Belles tragedy was the reason PETA disliked horse racing... Anyway, best wishes for a speedy recovery for Algorithms...
Its a pletcher thing!! that is a fact,, ban this bum,, im all about a happy healthy longterm life that a one an done one,,, this sucks
Hope he gets well :)

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