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  •  Rise Up skips away in a sloppy WoodchopperPosted 6 hours ago
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  • Bayern ditches blinkers, breezes 4F in  :47.80 at Santa Anita (13/61)Posted 7 hours ago
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  • California Chrome sports blinkers, covers 5F in 1:00.60 at Los Al (5/15)Posted 8 hours ago
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Kentucky (USA) by Harvey A. Clarke  -  [Add Data]
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Very nice article on IHA in today's NY Times on his life in Japan: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/01/sports/ill-have-another-former-triple-crown-contender-settles-in-at-a-japanese-farm.html?_r=1
I hope California Chrome can do it, but the excitement in the air and the changing of seasons reminds me of worst sporting/hobby day of my life... http://www.danpatrick.com/2012/06/08/video-doug-oneill-announces-ill-have-another-wont-be-in-belmont/
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  • travel_vic · fractional time not final time: that occures AFTER the major competition is over · 219 days ago
  • amino998 · Victor best not set sail if somebody comes sailing up at the 1/2 mile pole like last time... unless it's the General :) · 219 days ago
Although please don't take that the wrong way to diminish what Chrome's done. I think even a field of claimers would be tough to win the triple crown against because of the various factors and physical toll it takes to get it done.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpW_AGIlIgY that proves ill have another would of won the triple crown no doubt! lol just jokeing tho its great to see
i get sad every time i watch the 2012 Belmont Stakes. i think this horse had what it takes to do the unthinkable. what do you think?
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  • illhaveanothertriplecrown · AmbitiousD, I agree that Union Rags wouldve been like WTC. Maybe even the best 4 yr old of the bunch but as a 3yr old I'll Have Another wouldve won the triplecrown if he stayed healthy. Unfortunately for those of us that want a Triple Crown, that didnt happen and we now need to wait for one to rise above. Last year wasnt the year either and from what I see, I dont think this year is. However talk to me after the Santa Anita and maybe we'll see some seperation · 323 days ago
  • Sullivan · I have a hard time believing Union Rags would've resembled Will Take Charge. Union Rags won a G1 as a 2yo and was placed in the BCJ, then progressively failed to close more and more as he got older. He was a huge horse before the Fountain of Youth but did not seem to get any bigger after the Kentucky Derby. · 323 days ago
Cocktail or Racehorse? Fun start to your Super Sunday: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelysanders/quiz-cocktail-name-or-racehorse
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  • SSilence86 · 13 out of 16 · 328 days ago
  • Sullivan · 15 / 16, found counting the letters of the names to be a good trick. The rest was luck, I guess. Missed Runaway Zamboni · 328 days ago
#47 all time? He won't even make it to the Racing Hall of Fame. Too little races.
Ok here is another one of his filly's. She is adorable and spunky... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkPnRwMLDdU&feature=youtu.be
A newer conformation photo of I'll Have Another - http://www.bigredfarm.jp/stallons/img/I%27ll-have-another.jpg
http://www.flickr.com/photos/57840647@N04/12077136753/in/photostream/ heres the little girl again.
His first foal. https://twitter.com/BetAmerica/status/425400201314983938/photo/1
Big Red Farm reports that his first foal, a filly, was born. The Dam is Cosmo Meal. Pictures to come!
He looks like he still has plenty of spunk - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCitwAQAzoY&feature=youtu.be
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  • illhaveanothertriplecrown · I know! You hit it right on the head Jordyn. Were it not for that injury, the Triple Crown drought wouldve been over. He was the best horse I have ever seen live. · 387 days ago
  • soccerstar2332 · i had to make another account i cant remeber my user info i am so sad. i wish icould have seen him live thats for sure · 376 days ago
Since you guys here at HRN are so wise, I am looking to you for advice once again. I am trying to put together a Breeder's Cup 50/50 pool for charity. My cousin, Army Specialist Keith D. Benson was kill in Afghanistan in January 2012. I am hoping to raise money to put towards his scholarship fund on Veteran's Day, Nov. 11. I thought using my favorite sport would give people an even more fun reason to donate. I was thinking so far of putting horses names on tickets that I thought would run, and as of now people could buy tickets for $10. The more tickets the more horses. The winner would be the person who's combined "Stable" earned the most points during the breeders cup. 50% of the winnings go to the winner and the other 50% to this charity.(which is tax deductable.) Has anyone done this before or does anyone have any ideas on the subject? Thanks HRN!
some new photos of I'll Have Another, taken today at Big Red Farm - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.511653958924058.1073741932.333575133398609&type=1
What do you think of Lil Red's conformation? i.bloodhorse.com/sroimages//medium/0000165748_1.jpg
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  • rafirox · Sullivan, I was unaware that this photograph was provided when he was a 3yo, so I do understand your point. He has not reached full maturity and with that said, he should fix some of his issues with maturity. I agree his back end is slightly bigger than his front end, I noticed that, but didn't say anything. I'd like it if his ass was an inch or so smaller. That's what I agree with. What I disagree with: We are not specifically on the same page about his legs. I do agree unsoundness is a potential problem, but not for the same reasons, in fact I have a completely different perspective on his legs. I don't see an issue about his cannons, to be honest, Sullivan. I disagree completely, I believe they are well built and strong. I agree, as I said about the unsoundness, but his cannons do not contribute to my feelings about it. Through my perspective, I see well-balanced, strong and well built cannons. I have issues with his pasterns. While you said they are too short, I found them a tad long. He stands very unbalanced and that worries me. I have a feeling, perhaps, that him standing on grass contributes to that and he's standing on an odd lead. Either way, I'm not thrilled.... With all that said (what I disagree and agree on), I actually agree on the big picture and our shared concern: SOUNDNESS. If he passes these traits down to his offspring, it might be asking for trouble. If he were to cross with a sound mare with good size and good cross, I might take a shot breeding to him, but other than that he would not be my first choice. · 523 days ago
  • Sullivan · Mmm... when judging conformation you have to remember that there are horses for courses. You are looking for a balanced horse. There is no magic measurement. Recently scientists calculated either Phar Lap's or Eclipse's stride and measurements and then measured the average horse. They found the measurements on both graded stakes winning horses and on claimers. What I look for is soundness, balance and in yearlings, it is nice if they have a pretty head and neck/color. You're right that conformation accounts for only so much, but like in breeding where we use probability, in buying a yearling we are also using probability. "It is **likely** that the horse will even out with time,"... · 523 days ago
Told as many people as possible. I'll Have Another was 10X the horse that orb is. If he didn't win the triple crown, I dont think we'll see one anytime soon. Look for Revolutionary to win the Belmont.
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  • Sullivan · It's interesting how confined the Distorted Humor bloodline is to America, besides Hello Pretty he has few horses of note... I can't figure out why -- perhaps the Danzig being so close up? · 547 days ago
  • illhaveanothertriplecrown · I love I'll Have Another. He wouldve DESTROYED the field in the Belmont. I think Orb has the better pedigree though, not saying I'll Have Another did not have quality lines as well. · 536 days ago
fantastic video of I'll Have Another and neighbour Higher Game having some fun and reliving their racing days - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE2zpOYtzro&feature=player_embedded
With a storys left unfinished you can never say he truly was the best 3 year old last year by far.
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  • travel_vic · so many GOOD even SUPERIOR colts did not make the Triple for ONE SOLID REASON: DUMB LUCK and you can never know when that is going to rear its head. · 584 days ago
  • Dressage3295 · "The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long." -Lao Tzu. So many can be applied to that quote. Ruffian, Go For Wand, Barbaro, IHA, Secretariat and Man O' War (since they never raced outside of their three year old year), etc..... · 584 days ago
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7yq4Rkfm_o Wow. He gained a bunch of weight which is great! He's looking fantastic as planned. Thank you Japan.

I'll Have Another - Race Results & Past Performances

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View DetailsView Video04/07/12I'll Have Another1stSA61 1/8 mDSanta Anita Derby-G1 3 MI'll Have AnotherCreative CauseBlueskiesnrainbows1:47.88
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