• Arrogate draws post position #9 for Saturday's Dubai World Cup.Posted 2 days ago
  • Vale Dori (6-5) wins a virtual match race over Finest City in the G1 Santa Margarita.Posted 5 days ago
  • Malagacy (3-1) remains unbeaten with an impressive Rebel win.Posted 5 days ago
  • Enola Gray (2-5) much the best down the hill in the Irish O'Brien.Posted 5 days ago
  • Jenda's Agenda (2-5) stays unbeaten with a facile win in the Caeser's Wish.Posted 5 days ago
  • Mor Spirit (1-2) too good in the Essex at Oaklawn Park.Posted 5 days ago
  • Distinta (11-1) gets up on the shadow of the wire in the Inside Information.Posted 5 days ago
  • Twisted Tom (4-1) gets up in the final jump to win the Private Terms.Posted 5 days ago
  • Streamline (12-1) upsets the Azeri; rough trip for favorite Terra Promessa.Posted 5 days ago
  • Clothes Fall Off (6-5) undresses the competition in the Correction.Posted 5 days ago
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Kentucky (USA) by Kendall E. Hansen  -  [Add Data]
Tapit  -  Stormy Sunday  by  Sir Cat

Hansen - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video08/04/12Hansen4thMnr81 1/8 mDWest Virginia Derby-G2 3 MMacho MachoBourbon CourageCalled to Serve1:49.98
View DetailsView Video06/30/12Hansen1stPrM81 1/16 mDIowa Derby-G3 3 MHansenHero of OrderMacho Bull1:42.01
View DetailsView Video05/05/12Hansen9thCD111 1/4 mDKentucky Derby-G1 3 MI'll Have AnotherBodemeisterDullahan2:01.83
View DetailsView Video04/14/12Hansen2ndKee111 1/8 mSBlue Grass Stakes-G1 3 MDullahanHansenGung Ho1:47.94
View DetailsView Video03/03/12Hansen1stAqu101 1/16 mDGotham Stakes-G3 3 MHansenMy AdonisFinnegans Wake1:43.84
View DetailsView Video01/29/12Hansen2ndGP101 mileDHoly Bull Stakes-G3 3 MAlgorithmsHansenMy Adonis1:36.17
View DetailsView Video11/05/11Hansen1stCD91 1/16 mDBreeders' Cup Juvenile-G1 2 MHansenUnion RagsCreative Cause1:44.44
View DetailsView Video09/24/11Hansen1stTP71 1/16 mSKentucky Cup Juvenile 2 MHansenFineDowntown Driggs1:45.83
View DetailsView Video09/09/11Hansen1stTP115 1/2 fSMSW 2 MHansenAdmiral NelsonGranite Harbor1:05.12
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Older Comments about Hansen...

Which is your favorite GREY horse, any time period?
Hansen's first foal reported per BH! Photo shows chestnut with large white blaze. http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/83117/juvenile-champ-hansen-sires-first-foal
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  • goblin · I started to e-mail BH to ask about the discrepancy and saw that a question has already been posted to the writer. I'm interested to see her response. · 1148 days ago
  • amfuller · I know, when I read it I was thinking I know I saw that Hansen already had a foal born before then. Oh well. :) · 1148 days ago
Hansen has been sold to South Korea. I wish I could say I'm surprised at Kendall Hansen's decision, but sadly, I'm afraid I'm not. http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/81181/champion-hansen-sold-to-south-korea
Funny tweet regarding Hansen's sale - "Korea Racing ‏@korearacing 15h Always amused at the reaction to any US stallion coming to Korea. Hansen is here to cover mares. We're not going to pop him in a casserole."
  • goblin · Heaven knows what comments circulating in cyberspace prompted such a statement..... · 1260 days ago
  • Mary Z. · http://cuteoverload.files.wordpress.com/n1325676465_295056_4630-474-1-_tplq.jpg?w=500&h=375 · 1260 days ago
Here's his conformation pic. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7500387@N04/8360580242/in/set-72157627731570980/
I sure loved this horse on the track. I find it incredibly hard to believe how few people have the eyesight and horse racing knowledge to know this horse had great talent. The only race he lost truly was the Holy Bull. And who knows why? He might have had an off day. He came a game second to a synthetic monster in Dullahan. You can throw the derby out, just like you can with Trinniberg. Hansen did not belong in that field. According to vets, it was "highly probable" that he ran the WV derby with a tear in his leg, at that point about 15%. IMO, he was better than IHA, at WHAT HE DID. IHA would crush him at ten, but if the two faced at 8 or 8.5, Hansen could have won. The connections tried to make him something he was not. He was best at a mile, and there is nothing wrong with being a spectcular miler, like Shack or Caleb's Posse. I consider him one of the best in the crop, IMO. The only horse I think could beat him at 8.5 was Bode. Other than that.... any horse from that crop would see hansen's blue tail run away from the stretch.
  • Show All 14 Comments
  • rafirox · Exactly, northport. · 1523 days ago
  • timgsmith10 · Ya I believed he had talent but needed to be placed in proper spots for success.. Dr Hansen thought he had the best colt in america and in reality he had a G2-G3 runner... IMO · 1523 days ago
Good horse, pretty, fast, would've liked to see him try turf and race in California
  • Show All 5 Comments
  • cocoa2 · Worth a try. If anything it would've been nice to see his white figure against the green of the Saratoga hedges · 1543 days ago
  • AnnaK · .........blue tail flying out behind him to emphasize his speed....... · 1543 days ago
Hansen has been purchased to stand at Ashford Stud. A stud fee will be announced at a later date.
  • AnneShaw · Hard to believe as much as Dr. H thought of him. Is he completely sold or do they have return rights when his stud career is over. I just didn't think this would happen to him. · 1599 days ago
  • goblin · The BH article says "purchased" without further explanation, but previous articles had said Dr. H wanted to retain 20% control. He had been having difficulty getting farms to agree to that. Maybe more specific details will be forthcoming. · 1599 days ago
No more Hansen blog at the c-j. Kinda cold. I know how that feels.
  • Show All 7 Comments
  • notobsessed · Kinda cold is right, Mary. All kinds of fan interaction when they are racing and then they slam the door in our faces. Went home with tail between legs · 1614 days ago
  • Mary Z. · I'll ask the Doctor myself. Dr.Hansen, why did you take away your horse's fans' forum for asking about and/or commenting about your horse? · 1614 days ago
You know what I don't get? Hansen was running on his injury for a long time before the WV derby..... They never knew. I mean it wasn't like Hansen never shown evidence. Five or so days before the WV derby, he worked four furlongs in 52.20. Doc said, "That was an uncharacteritic work form him." That showed evidence of him being injured....
  • Show All 17 Comments
  • fonnerparkfilly · The difference between a human running on an injury and a horse is about 1100 pounds and very fragile bones. · 1637 days ago
  • travel_vic · Force equals mass times acceleration...Intersting thing about physics is that it is universally applied. · 1637 days ago
Has is been anounced where Hansen willl stand next year? Bieng by one of the top 5 US sires with G1 wins,blazing speed I think he will be a great sire.Even with a less than royal bottom half of his pedigree.If given the chance I think Hansen will be a top sire
  • Show All 10 Comments
  • goblin · There is no way to know how good a sire he will be. Anyone who has followed racing more than a few years knows that success or lack thereof on the track does not equate to the same in the breeding shed. In a Beyond the Blinkers blog article for BH recently, Dr. Hansen reported that Airdrie Stud, Spendthrift Farm, Coolmore, Lane's End, and Ramsey Farm had all expressed interest in standing Hansen. · 1648 days ago
  • GregRiessland · he was a great sprinter. just put in all the wrong races. · 1648 days ago
I wonder who will be the 3 year old champion... I really thought he could take away the trophy but it was not meant to be his.
Any updates on his condition? I thought he was going to have surgery to repair tendon damage?
  • Show All 33 Comments
  • Armada · Well no matter if they decide to put him into training next year, I for one can't wait to see his cute babies running around. · 1659 days ago
  • fonnerparkfilly · I received 2 emails from Dr. Hansen, I'm not good on dates. The last email I received he had already received his first treatment. The doc is very good at answering emails from fans. Sounds like he is being retired. Thanks Goblin. I will put my hopes for the future to rest. PRAY FOR PAYNTER PLEASE. THANKS. · 1659 days ago
He could make a comeback but not before the BC.
  • Show All 8 Comments
  • Jmac500 · He won't race again, hes retired and should stay retired. · 1660 days ago
  • cocoa2 · He could easily make a comeback, possibly by his 6th or 7th year. · 1660 days ago
I hope it's not too serious. He is a beautiful horse.
Hansen retired. Another top 3YO lost to injury.
Terrible to hear Hansen will most likely be retired with a tendon injury...http://www.equibase.com/racingnews/article/View.cfm
  • Show All 28 Comments
  • rafirox · It's very sad. As an often critic of Doc & the connections, I truely feel sorry for him. · 1669 days ago
  • likin sparks · goblin, you're correct it seems this is the plan now just to retire him but before the analysis they suspected he had tendon damage and at that point is what I mean't, doesn't make sense to even think about a dual career at that time with an injured horse and was nothing but wishful thinking I'm assuming. · 1669 days ago
I fear for the future generations. Breeding horses with no regards for soundness will have serious consequences. This year may only be the beginning.....
  • Show All 6 Comments
  • travel_vic · Beginning? Where have you been? · 1674 days ago
  • cocoa2 · It's been happening for a while now. Nobody caught it early and now it will be nearly impossible to turn it around. The oldtimers aren't the angels some youngin's make them out to be. · 1669 days ago
it stinks that so manny horses r being retired
  • Show All 3 Comments
  • rafirox · But sadly, it seems likely. · 1669 days ago
  • cocoa2 · Not that big a deal, horse could come back as a 5, but doubt even Dr. Hansen will have it happen / afford it. · 1669 days ago
This was probably one of the top 3 yo crops I have seen in a long time. They all had so much potential and now they're all retiring with injuries. Best potential in an entire crop, but very unsound. This is a huge blow to horse racing. It strikes a personal note for me with Hansen. He was my favorite

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