• Disco Partner (5-2) rolls last to first to win the Elusive Quality on the Belmont lawn.Posted 15 hours ago
  • Battalion Runner and Malagacy will NOT run in the Kentucky Derby, per Todd Pletcher.Posted 17 hours ago
  • Thunder Snow confirmed for the Kentucky Derby by Godolphin.Posted 21 hours ago
  • Quiet Business (16-1) powers home to win the Bewitch at Keeneland.Posted 1 day ago
  • Celtic Chaos (7-1) gets up on the wire to win the Affirmed Success.Posted 1 day ago
  • Girvin, the Kentucky Derby points leader, has a quarter crack, via Byron King.Posted 2 days ago
  • Party Boat (7-2) takes the Memories of Silver on the Aqueduct turf.Posted 6 days ago
  • Dolphus (6-5), Rachel Alexandra's half-brother, wins AQU allowance; Shagaf lastPosted 6 days ago
  • Multiplier (4-1) kicks it in late to get past Hedge Fund in the Illinois Derby.Posted 7 days ago
  • Collected (3-5) rolls home much the best in the Californian.Posted 7 days ago
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Dr. Fager
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Dr. Fager

Florida (USA) by Tartan Stable

Dr. Fager - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details11/02/68Dr. Fager1stAqu77 fDVosburgh Handicap 4+ MDr. FagerKissin GeorgeJim J.1:20.20
View DetailsView Video09/11/68Dr. Fager1stAtl81 3/16 mTUnited Nations Handicap 4+ MDr. FagerAdvocatorFort Marcy1:55.20
View DetailsView Video08/24/68Dr. Fager1stAP81 mileDWashington Park Handicap 4+ MDr. FagerRacing RoomInfo1:32.20
View DetailsView Video08/03/68Dr. Fager1stSar61 1/8 mDWhitney Handicap 4+ MDr. FagerSpoon BaitFort Drum1:48.80
View Details07/20/68Dr. Fager2ndAqu71 1/4 mDBrooklyn Handicap-G1 3+ MDamascusDr. FagerMr. Right1:59.20
View Details07/04/68Dr. Fager1stAqu71 1/4 mDSuburban Handicap-G1 3+ MDr. FagerBold HourDamascus1:59.60
View DetailsView Video05/08/68Dr. Fager1stHol81 1/16 mDCalifornian Stakes 3 MDr. FagerGamelyRising Market1:40.80
View Details05/04/68Dr. Fager1stAqu77 fDRoseben Handicap 3 MDr. FagerTumigaDiplomat Way1:21.40
View DetailsView Video11/07/67Dr. Fager1stAqu77 fDVosburgh Handicap 3 MDr. FagerJim J.Thomas1:21.60
View Details10/21/67Dr. Fager1stHaw81 1/4 mDHawthorne Gold Cup 3 MDr. FagerWhisper JetPointmenow2:01.60
View Details09/30/67Dr. Fager3rdAqu71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes-G1 3+ MDamascusBuckpasserDr. Fager2:00.60
View Details09/02/67Dr. Fager1stRkm81 1/4 mDN H Sweep Classic 3 MDr. FagerIn RealityBarbs Delight1:59.80
View Details07/15/67Dr. Fager1stRkm91 1/8 mDRockingham Special 3 MDr. FagerIn RealityBarbs Delight1:48.20
View Details06/24/67Dr. Fager1stAP81 mileDArlington Classic Stakes 3 MDr. FagerLightning OrphanDiplomat Way1:36.00
View Details05/30/67Dr. Fager1stGS71 1/8 mDJersey Derby 3 MDr. FagerIn RealityAir Rights1:48.00
View Details05/13/67Dr. Fager1stAqu71 mileDWithers 2 MDr. FagerTumigaReason To Hail1:33.80
View Details04/15/67Dr. Fager1stAqu71 mileDGotham-G2 3 MDr. FagerDamascusReason To Hail1:35.20
View Details10/15/66Dr. Fager2ndAqu71 mileDChampagne 2 MSuccessorDr. FagerProviso1:35.00
View Details10/05/66Dr. Fager1stAqu77 fDCowdin Stakes 2 MDr. FagerIn RealitySuccessor1:24.80
View Details09/10/66Dr. Fager1stAtl87 fDWorld's Playground 2 MDr. Fager Pointsman1:23.20
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Q of the D - who do you think is the best sprinter of all time?
  • Show All 77 Comments
  • travel_vic · one of the bigger regrets in this life was in NOT going to Hollywood in his only West coast appearance. · 1029 days ago
  • amino998 · 20 minutes away in La La Land. · 1029 days ago
6 furlongs, track fast. Dr. Fager, Orientate, Ta Wee, Gulch, Kona Gold, Housebuster, Ruffian, Safely Kept, Artax, and Decathlon. Who completes the superfecta?
  • Show All 18 Comments
  • kaitlinefree1 · Dr. Fager, Ruffian, Tawee, Artax. · 1082 days ago
  • Exterminator · Now that Roseben's in the discussion, I'll stick him in the dead-heat between Ruffian and Fager. Roseben truly was a great weight carrier. · 1082 days ago
6 furlongs, track fast. Dr. Fager, Orientate, Ta Wee, Gulch, Kona Gold, Housebuster, Ruffian, Safely Kept, Artax, and Decathlon. Who completes the superfecta?
Q of the D : in your opinion who was the best sprinter to ever live? my vote goes to the Good Doctor!
Dr. Charles Fager, who the immortal Dr.
  • Show All 4 Comments
  • SSilence86 · Here is an article worth the read... http://therail.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/29/me-and-dr-fager/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=1& · 1116 days ago
  • travel_vic · pateint outlived the practitioner · 1116 days ago
He beats Secretariat at any distance except maybe 1.5 miles.
101 year old John Nerud had another winner Saturday at the Aiken Trials in South Carolina. Final Chapter won the W. C. Freeman Trophy for 2 year old maidens. The Thunder Gulch colt had a :23 2/5 time for the quarter. My favorite trainer, who started his career 79 years ago and retired 36 years ago, is still enjoying racing. Final Chapter will be Mr. Nerud's last horse, with a name that could not be more appropriate.
  • goblin · Agree that the name Final Chapter is quite fitting for this colt, and I'd love to see another good runner for Thunder Gulch as well. · 1138 days ago
  • airedale2008 · It's surprising that no horse has taken the Derby and Belmont since Thunder Gulch in 1995. Maybe the leading North American sire of 2001 has another Point Given in him. Final Chapter could be the one. · 1138 days ago
Dr.Fager appreciating fine art. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=668150183235742&set=a.189145141136251.61389.189123901138375&type=1&theater
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  • rafirox · Icy, I love that story and I can attest to it. My wife and kids are 20x better than me at picking a horse simply because of their color or name. My son picked Golden Soul in the Derby, and he did quite well :D. · 1179 days ago
  • travel_vic · the great thing about that time is chronicled in this fantastic text:http://www.amazon.com/Decade-Champions-Richard-Stone-Reeves/dp/0848705084 · 1179 days ago
Dr. Fager was the fastest TB ever. He could could scream 1:20 1/5,could go 10 furlongs in 1:59 3/5,we all know about a mile in 1:32 1/5! He carried unreal weight. 139 Lbs. up in the 68 Vosburgh,and setting a track mark that stood for the better part of 30 years! Think about that!
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  • Sullivan · That race at Rockingham was his only off the board finiah I think, I like how icy put it, paraphrasing here, "they called it herding. I called it being outclassed." · 1185 days ago
  • airedale2008 · Dr. Fager was disqualified in the 1967 Jersey Derby and placed last, after finishing first by 6 ½. Steward Keene Daingerfield did not like John Nerud and thought less of jockey Manny Ycaza's aggresive riding style. Daingerfield was one of the stewards who had disqualified Ycaza from first in the 1958 Flamingo Stakes, putting up Calumet's Tim Tam and depriving Ycaza of his first $100,000 victory. Dr. Fager finished first ahead of In Reality, who came in second four times in their duels. It remains as one of the most prejudiced and unfair disqualifications in the sport. Only three horses ever finished ahead of Dr. Fager, and two of them were Horse of the Year. · 1184 days ago
The fastest horse ever
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  • Sullivan · I guess what I mean is that in 2f, an inch means a lot more than it does in 12f. Finishes are close and any little advantage you can get really matters. · 1213 days ago
  • travel_vic · Another living in a dream world? an enormous animal, young oen to boot, can easily tote large idffernces in weight. This malarkey has been disproven by the studies of Dr. William Quirin only about 40 years ago. p. 140 "contrary to popuolar belief, then, picking up weight is a good sign. Winning at the Races: omputer Discoveries in Thoroughbred Handicapping · 1213 days ago
THE BEST LOOK AT RECORD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Which NA racehorse might have had the best season ever is a spirited topic. Some worthy candidates include Man o’ War 1920, Gallant Fox 1930, Twilight Tear 1944, Citation 1948, Native Dancer and Tom Fool 1953, Buckpasser 1966, Dr. Fager 1968 and Spectacular Bid 1980. Even though he was beaten once, my choice is Dr. Fager for his unprecedented four awards and his mile world record which has yet to be surpassed on dirt after 45 years. Here’s John Nerud on his champion: "He was the only horse I ever had that could run. The only one. No one horse could ever beat him. It took two, they had to run an entry to beat him. He was the fastest horse that ever lived."
  • Show All 31 Comments
  • LAZMANNICK · Goblin I forgot to say hi, hope you have a really good day. Thanks to TM and that Tin Man comment the tune, If I Only Had a Heart, has been buzzing in my ears all day. · 1314 days ago
  • goblin · Thanks, Laz. Yes, Tom really has a way with expressing things, doesn't he?! · 1314 days ago
i just now realized that Dr. Fager & Ta Wee were brother & sister!
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  • airedale2008 · Dr. Fager was Champion Sprint Horse in 1967 & 1968, Ta Wee in 1969 & 1970. Probably the fastest brother-sister duo in history. As Buckpasser mentioned, Ta Wee carried 142 in her last race, giving 29 pounds to the runner up. Dr. Fager carried 139 in his last race, the Vosburgh, and missed the world record by a fifth. These two carried high weight and still decimated the competition. · 1330 days ago
  • airedale2008 · For those who haven’t seen Dr. Fager run on grass, click on the video for the United Nations Handicap, the race that won him his Champion Male Turf award (with Fort Marcy) in 1968. Advocator, who’s sire was Round Table, carried 22 less pounds and battled the Good Doctor back and forth down the stretch until finally being beaten by a neck. Three time turf champion Fort Marcy finished third. Great racing. · 1329 days ago
Much is made of this one being a dedicated front runner, but in reading the year end review by Charles Hatton in the 1969 American Race Manual I found out a little soemthing I was not aware of as regards his temperment. They tried to rate him early, but it never worked. He had in race track parlance, a hard mouth so that yanking at his pulling did not phase him at all. He had "mushy knees and ankle" as a youngster so was not nominated to many of the futurity type races. P. 32....Dr. Fager could never tolerate following a rival....and his impatience had a low threshold. Riders KNEW this and in the Woodward, when he was three, they made a dead set at getting him on the muscle early in the race, yelling along side of him and slapping their whips to excite him into an excessive use of his resources.Some what simlarly, Hedvar had only to prompt him into the 1st trun to set him up for Damascus in the 68 Brooklyn.
  • Show All 5 Comments
  • cocoa2 · That internal fraction is 2/5 off of the WR for 2f. WOW!!!!!!!!! · 1470 days ago
  • airedale2008 · In every race he was hell-bent to finish first, t_v. His sire could not have had a more appropriate name. · 1470 days ago
22: 18 - 2 - 1, Dr. Fager was beaten only 3 times and those times by horses like Damascus, Buckpasser and Successor. He could carry weight, and was the fastest horse of all time. Great horse
  • Show All 19 Comments
  • cocoa2 · I read in BloodHorse's Champions book that Citation shipped to Tanforan to draw attendance and ruined his legs on the hard, concrete base · 1522 days ago
  • cocoa2 · The cruelest thing in horse racing may have been running Citation after he'd been injured. Stymie wasn't in the spot light for long as leading money earner · 1522 days ago
1) Dr. Fager 2) Kelso 3) Man O' War 4) Secretariat 5) Count Fleet 6) Citation 7) Native Dancer 8) Forego 9) Seattle Slew 10) Tom Fool 11) Affirmed 12) Colin 13) Cigar 14) Spectacular Bid 15) Swaps 16) Equipoise. Your top 16?
  • Show All 21 Comments
  • On The Gallop's · Strictly Dirt horses- 1) Spectacular Bid 2) Citation 3) MOW 4) Dr.Fager 5) Secretariat 6)Ta wee 7) ghostzapper 8) Holy Bull 9) Affirmed 10)Count fleet 11) Damascus 12)Sunday Silence 13) Easy Goer 14)Personal Ensign 15) Ruffian · 1523 days ago
  • Buckpasser · My top 15: Kelso, Citation, Exterminator, MOW, Dr. Fager, Secretariat, Phar Lap, Forego, Native Dancer, Round Table, Sysonby, Colin, Swaps, John Henry, Whirlaway. · 1523 days ago
Greatest horse of all time
Today I saw Jeff Siegel's (Sp?) two minute piece on Dr. Fager. Before that I,of course, knew of him but knew nothing about him. Afterwards I was like Steve Martin in "Dirty,Rotten Scoundrels" when he says, "WOW! All I can say is...WOW!!" Set a World Record carrying 138 lbs!?! Holy Smokes!
  • Show All 14 Comments
  • airedale2008 · t_v: You admire Ack Ack because he was reminiscent of Fager with COME and get me… I am guessing that you also were enamored with the racing style of Ruffian – always out in front. · 1583 days ago
  • travel_vic · Prefontaine the great runner, Mary Decker Slaney, Ack Ack, Affirmed, Forty Niner etc. When you are out front you control your destiny and therefore everyone else in the race. Enamored would be the incorrect word. UNDERSTAND how difficult that style is would be more accurate. · 1582 days ago
There is a horse named Rei, who's great grandsire (I believe) is this horse. He has the coolest markings and is going to race on Saturday at Churchhill downs. As of now Rei is 1 for 1.
Dr. Fager VS Kelso. Who would win at six furlongs, full field? Who would win at a mile, full field? Who would win at Ten Furlongs, full field? And finally, 12 furlongs, full field? And, who would win a match race at 10 furlongs?
  • Show All 35 Comments
  • cocoa2 · His closing on Gun Bow sold me · 1621 days ago
  • travel_vic · You can always tell a cheap horse: they are ALL one dimensional.They have no variable speed like a standard bred might make two or threee mves during its race. The best ones can take on ANY pace, adapt, and still look good. · 1620 days ago

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