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The great Assault. Exercise rider up has a FEDORA on ....lol. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=697406910310069&set=a.189145141136251.61389.189123901138375&type=1&theater
One of racing's golden ages strikes a chord.Read More
Fewer two-year-old races are being carded each year, and juveniles, collectively, are becoming less tried and tested. This reality has helped diminish the importance of two-year-old racing.Read More
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  • tmallios1 · Was looking at Parx race 8.The #1 Awesome Wildcat is coming out of the Nashua Mile.At the 1rst call he was 1 length off of the lead. The bris pace # given to him was average.If you take into consideration it was done on a straightaway and with a little bit of a tail wind.The pace was pedestrian. This makes Noble Moons run,all the more impressive. He picked up horses in the stretch ,that should of had a lot more. What this does for me,is make Cairos Prince a bet against. I am not saying he cannot win. But with the hype and being undefeated in his career. He looks to be the shortest price horse with the most question marks at the distance. · 143 days ago ·
  • proudbird · bookrunner... look out for him · 132 days ago ·
Just added a photo of the comet's clubfoot
Could the resurgence of the Handicap Triple save racing?Read More
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  • Mike in SB · I would like a series of races like the old Championship Racing Series for older horses, actually in every division of racing. It would be better in my opinion to have the races all around the country not just in New York. Anyway the idea of a handicap triple crown would not work today since no trainer wants to run with added weight, most of the handicaps today are run with the high weight actually carrying less weight than in weight for age races. Handicaps, with real weights, are a thing of the past. · 158 days ago ·
  • EP Taylor · take a page out of the Qipco Champions Series, The Global Sprint Challenge etc etc. A Series of races for each division. Then load up the purses and Market the heck out of it. · 158 days ago ·
With all the excitement of the recently completed Triple Crown, I have not had a chance to venture into the racing laboratory of late. I put a stop to that trend late last night. I put on my racing lab coat, turned on the Bunsen burners, started mixing potions, and tested any and all hypothesis that...Read More
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  • BrianZipse · Mike, you are way off ... Against two triple crown winners, Alydar, Alysheba, et all? No possibility of even single digits. · 1028 days ago ·
  • Sullivan · I think Ack Ack sweeps · 303 days ago ·
The new points system has had enough debate. Let’s take a more radical look at the Kentucky Derby and think about what would change if the maximum field were 14. Read More
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  • icyhotboo · "He doesn't necessarily have to win Saturday to go to the (Kentucky) Derby, but he has to run the right kind of race. If he doesn't, we won't go. I want the horse to take me there." McGaughey/ If more owner trainers let the horse guide them, they wouldn't have to set a 20 horse limit, because about half of them in a 20 horse field aren't ready or are strictly sprinters that clog up the field at some point and foul it up for others when they rapidly fall back. · 387 days ago ·
  • icyhotboo · I know this is said almost every year, but this year there does seem to be many quality horses. · 387 days ago ·
hes kind of the forgotten Triple Crown winner.
Assault won the Brooklyn Handicap and dethroned Whirlaway as the then money-winning champion of the world. The victory boosted his earnings to $576,670. ~1947 S. Kaye Bell became the first woman to train the winner of a $100,000 stakes race when she sent Mr. Lucky Phoenix to win the Michigan Mi...Read More
1947, Assault, Aemed, Stymie battled for all time money winner
  • cocoa2 · In 1948 Citation would join ranks and become racing's first millionaire with the aid of 3 hooves. · 671 days ago ·
Assault battled Armed and Stymie for all time money earners during 1949
Let’s take a look at some comparisons between I’ll Have Another and the holders of racing’s Holy Grail…Read More
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  • wcbguy1 · HE Come a long way, I'll have another was even in the talk of winning the derby and he won it. Then he had doubters when coming in the prekaness stakes, and now he'l prove all his doubters wrong in the belmont. trust me. · 693 days ago ·
  • wcbguy1 · ingore that comment down below.HE Come a long way, I'll have another was not even in the talk of winning the derby and he won it. Then he had doubters when coming in the prekaness stakes, and now he'l prove all his doubters wrong in the belmont. trust me. · 693 days ago ·
Henryk de Kwiatkowski purchased Calumet Farm for $17 million at auction.Read More
Had a limp at every gait but a gallop.
Blogger Matt Shifman takes a historical look at the New York Derby trail, as well as, what an infusion of money could mean to this year's road to Louisville through the Big Apple ...Read More
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  • AndyScoggin · UPDATE: Here are some purse comparisons for MSW/Allowance NW1. New York: 65/62, Parx: 45/47, Santa Anita: 56/58, Gulfstream: 52/54 · 817 days ago ·
  • AndyScoggin · UPDATE: The Withers closes with 42 nominations of which 20 are also entered in Sunday'sHoly Bull at GP. If Hansen runs in the Holy Bull that could mean a nice field at AQU. Withers nominees include: Algorithms, Alpha, Big Blue Nation, Casual Trick, Consortium, Discreet Dancer, Howe Great, My Adonis, Optimizer, Reveron, State of Play, and Trinniberg. All are nominated for the Holy Bull except State of Play. · 817 days ago ·
Armed, then the world's leading money winning Thoroughbred, met 1946 Kentucky Derby winner Assault in the first $100,000 winner-take-all match race, held at Belmont Park.Read More
Arlington Heights, Illinois is the place to be as a raucous crowd of more than 50,000 thoroughbred racing enthusiasts have come today to see one thing. The greatest horses in racing history that all share the common thread of having a name that begins with the letter A, racing in one of the most eag...Read More
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  • cmymcadoo · When Can we expect Un-"B"-lievable Stakes from Belmont? Will it be run on Bastille Day? I think you should run the whole alphabet. It would be tremendous fun! You can post a poll for 2 days prior to the running and maybe give away random gifts (hats, t-shirts, etc.) to one of those who picked the winners. · 1025 days ago ·
  • ChristineDix · Alysheba was the most tenacious horse of the 20th century...and one of the most underrated! Glad he won!!! · 1017 days ago ·
7th Triple Crown Winner, 1946 Horse of the Year, 42:18 6 7, won $675,470, Texas bred. Had an injury to his right foot that was so severe he was almost destroyed. Instead he wore a special shoe and began racing trained by Max Hirsch. In the Belmont he nearly fell out of the gate and was behind 8 lengths at the second turn. He swung to the outside and drew off to win by 3 lengths. Eddie Arcaro said that next to Citation, Assault was the best horse he ever rode. A simply amazing story about a simply amazing horse.
They say that everything is bigger in Texas. I just finished residing there for 12 years and I can tell you that is a true statement. Of course, that goes for both the good and the bad, since everything is a wide encompassing word. One of the biggest things ever to come out of Texas, at least as far...Read More
On Wednesday, The Hoof Blog wrote about The California Cripple, a.k.a. Swaps, the winner of the 1955 Kentucky Derby. Today we'd like you to meet The Club-Footed Comet, the unflattering nickname for Assault, winner of the 1946 Kentucky Derby, and the entire Triple Crown. Read More

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