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on April 9, Vyjack worked 5F at Aqueduct on Fast Dirt in 1:01.11 b finishing 1/12.
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  • travel_vic · as a yearling this one ran head long into a fence and bored a hole in his head, acted goofy for a very long time so his first race he was entered in a Md claimer for 5K. WOn by almost 10 eased up so they saw they had an INDIVIDUAL and not some pedigree fancy animal. · 6 days ago ·
  • tmallios · Again irrelevant Gibberish, and i spelled it with a "G" · 6 days ago ·
Nathan just got more raves today about his conditioning. Looks as though he is ready for more works.Keeping fingers crossed. David sent me pictures today of him on the track this morning. Striding out like a champ
He had a workout today with Rudy up. He went 50.3 to the half and galloped out a very easy 1.03. Rudy just wanted to see whre he was at. He was ecstatic.Vyjack is alot more relaxed this time around and he is striding out a lot better. Nathan,pal Don Tito will run at The Sleezy on Wood Memorial day at 7 Furlongs for a $35,000 Claiming price. Looks like will be making an appearance at the track on that day.
Just spoke to my friend who went by the barn today. He is starting to look amazing,he has adopted to the new surroundings . Now they can get serious with him , to prepare him for the upcoming year. The great thing about having a gelding and hoping that they are as good as you think they are. You do not have to over race them. You have a long career ahead of them and you can take your shots.
Today at Fair Hills.Worked 4F in 48.1 and galloped out in 1.01.1 , he is ready.
on March 8, Vyjack worked 4F at Fair Hill on Fast All Weather Training in :50.20 b finishing 22/45.
on March 1, Vyjack worked 4F at Fair Hill on Fast All Weather Training in :50.20 b finishing 10/20.
  • tmallios1 · Kait he looked better and stronger in this work than he did the week before,Bruce Jackson is raving about him. .If all goes well and it sure looks like it,he should be in Ny within the next 10 days. · 45 days ago ·
on February 22, Vyjack worked 3F at Fair Hill on Fast All Weather Training in :38.00 b finishing 6/14.
Nathan,NFL Channel has a show on now.Top 10 Hands. Jerry Rice is #7. Could Johnny V. and Ramon be 1/2. Seriously. My top 2 Bambi Allworth and The great Belitnikoff(Stickum inclusive)Do you agreeee.
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  • rafirox · Love David Jacobson and Drawing Away Stable. They are classy folks, all about business and are quite respected around the game. Jacobson's placement in horses' (class) and his care are top notch. If he feels he should run a certain horse often, so be it. He knows more than you, I and everyone else on this thread combined, Laurie. · 97 days ago ·
  • tmallios1 · Laurie,thank you for bringing out the Pink Elephant into the fore front. It is a joke how some of these guys claim horses at bargain basement prices and raise them to heights of winning stakes races. Then they are hailed as heroes. Amino said it best,The feed program is so much better on the other side of the fence.Smokey was one of the unlucky ones. So many more are left to the outside. Not only herein NY,but at other tracks. An absolute joke when trainers are almost winning at 30% or over. Oh yeah,i definately believe they are sharper than others and know how to place their horses. Same nonsense with Blinkers on first time. That is the corporate line. The real line is that they finally did what was needed to be done. · 97 days ago ·
In my gut I think he'll rebound and I will use him along with Giant Finish and Incognito as my long shots.
Kait,i could not find your thread.I heard you were asking of his whereabouts.He is doing great at Fair Hills and recharging his batteries. We had a little scare there. He is back and becoming a racehorse again. He will be back in the Spring. No use in bringing him back for the cold weather.You also asked about Powerful.He is back in the farm.I am sure it had to be physical.When i was talking with Mott,you could tell in his voice he was not happy. Doubt they would of taken him away due to performance or lack of.You do not get better than Bill MOTT.
has been diagnosed with a bad case of ulcers, according to owner, David Wilkenfeld, and will likely be out until next year
He's a great Horse but I to think he needs a break! I believe we will see good things out of him in the future!
Wrong about Verrazano, for sure.... Right about this one.. Hopefully Rudy puts him in easier competition. Saying this sincerely, not taking a shot against Vyjack lovers. Perhaps a short break before maybe an Allowance to sharpen him up?
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  • DiegoVol · 2. A horse can have injuries that are minor but linger. The more you work that horse the more that injury will linger. A lot of times the only thing that helps is a breather. Working a horse harder that is at 75% because of injury that you dont know about doesnt help. Rest never hurts · 261 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · I work with a fellow who was an excerside rider for over 40 years and the amount he could tell about a horse's helath just by a cantor or trot is downright uncanny · 260 days ago ·
Jay S and SSilence... Do you remember last week we talked about meeting our favorites and not putting it off? Well, not only will I be heading to Monmouth to see the Haskell, but I will also have the opportunity to meet VYJACK face to face!! I am beyond excited!! Even though I was giving up on this site, if it wasn't for HRN I would have never met Tom Mallios who invited me as his guest. I have no words to describe how absolutely cool this is!
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  • Lisa111 · SS, go to Snapfish.com You can upload the picture there and order any size you like. Its so cheap. 8x10 is around 4 bucks. They will mail it to you within a day or two. It is better to have the picture on archival paper than just printed out on a printer. It will fade over time quite easily because the ink stays on the surface and regular paper has acid in it so it will yellow and fade like old newspaper. · 262 days ago ·
  • SSilence86 · Yeah. I don't know why I was thinking the other way... lol I know better than that. · 262 days ago ·
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  • travel_vic · odds at post will tell the tale of who to support, but based upon Morning Line they stack up thus: 8 Mylute A- 2 Code West B+ 5 Palace Malice F 4 Moreno A+ 1 Bashaar . The letter after the ranking is the suggested value of the wager on them IF they stayed at morning line levels and they were no scratches so this is maleable to the current odds right up until post time. · 263 days ago ·
  • rafirox · Surprised not many chose the Malice. @Jay, you lived to eat those words! Way to go with Will Take Charge. I didn't think he'd do so well. Good call, Jay. · 262 days ago ·
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  • yukichan · The Diana and Del Mar R4 saved me today. Will be looking at the odds in the San Diego--think there is money to be made there too. · 262 days ago ·
  • tmallios1 · yuch at your rate, iam all ears my friend.you are on fire. kick ass and enjoy it.strike while the iron is hot.to bad the San Diego field is so small.i doubt there is value.but hell,who am i to judge.you nailed it in a 5 horse field in the dianna.again nice job. · 262 days ago ·
So since Vyjack obviously didn't run today, and Johnny is confirmed to ride Verrazano, who will ride Vyjack in the Haskell?
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  • sosotricksy · Ah' I would have much preferred JV but at least he'll get a decent replacement. · 262 days ago ·
  • tmallios1 · so would we,but he is taken.i feel sad that johnny v. did not get the chance to ride him.but there is no way you can run a horse from the 10 post,when the first turn smacks you in the face before the first turn.soso,that is the reason vyjack scratched.hopefully he will show up tommorrow and punch his ticket to the Travers.unfortunately,easier said than done.but he will give it his best shot · 262 days ago ·

Vyjack - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video07/28/13Vyjack6thMth131 1/8 mDHaskell Invitational -G1 3 MVerrazanoPower BrokerMicromanage1:50.68
View DetailsView Video06/08/13Vyjack8thBel111 1/2mDBelmont Stakes-G1 3 MPalace MaliceOxbowOrb2:30.70
View DetailsView Video05/04/13Vyjack18thCD121 1/4 mDKentucky Derby-G1 3 MOrbGolden SoulRevolutionary2:02.89
View DetailsView Video04/06/13Vyjack3rdAqu111 1/8 mDWood Memorial-G1 3 MVerrazanoNormandy InvasionVyjack1:50.27
View DetailsView Video03/02/13Vyjack1stAqu101 1/16 mDGotham-G3 3 MVyjackWest Hills GiantElnaawi1:44.09
View Details01/05/13Vyjack1stAqu81 70yDJerome-G2 3 MVyjackSiete De OrosAmerigo Vespucci1:40.67
View Details12/09/12Vyjack1stAqu37 fDTraskwood 2 MVyjackAlways In A TizBlack Hornet1:24.38
View Details11/10/12Vyjack1stAqu46 1/2 fDMSW 2 MVyjackClawbackRetreive1:15.48