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Kentucky (USA) by Phyllis M. Wyeth  -  [Add Data]
Dixie Union  -  Tempo  by  Gone West

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Stepping away for awhile. Thanks to everyone who I have enjoyed great conversations and debates with. It's been real, so long HRN!
Have you seen his baby out of Gleaming? The bone on that little one is impressive, especially for a TB!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/57840647@N04/12229422485/ first foal of Union Rags.
Before we look ahead to a new racing season, let's take pause to say good-bye and good luck to those that are leaving the track and moving on to their second careersRead More
Has American thoroughbred racing become too enamored with one weekend of racing while forgoing the importance of a solid, yearlong campaign?Read More
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  • ekindy · @Ruffianlover I think the differences are greatly exaggerated. Remember Princess took some time off after the Oaks as well. Princess ran exactly one more race for the year than Beholder, and ran exactly one more race than Beholder between the Oaks and the Distaff. Yes it's a difference but it's not so much of a difference that you take the award away from Beholder. And also remember Princess stayed home when other contenders (in fact ALL other Oaks runners if I am not mistaken) ran in March prep races. Are we going to discount her Oaks victory because of that? · 81 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · Also WESTERN turf has very little rain and is closely cropped like a putting green where a course like Arlington or Belmont has much more depth to it · 81 days ago ·
The birth of his reported first foal was on Jan. 19th. A colt out of Gleaming (by Dehere).
http://www.paulickreport.com/news/bloodstock/classic-winner-union-rags-sires-first-foal/ eeeekk his first foal is a colt!!! With a nice pedigree too. Can't wait to see a picture to see if he got that big beautiful blaze. I hope matz gets him!!!
Union Rags's first foal is a colt! Born Jan. 19 out of Gleaming (By Dehere) Cant wait to see this one on the track! Union Rags's is my favorite!
  • zXSwordXz · Any one have pictures of his colt? UR is one of my favorite horse, he is a big beauty of a horse. I feel he was retire prematurely but I do hope his filly's and colt's make it up. · 85 days ago ·
Does anyone remember all of the reasons that make Union Rags a major contender to win the 2012 Belmont Stakes?Read More
Anyone know what mares have visited him?
  • carmen.kenney.58 · On the Lanes End website it said that he had bred to 125 had bred successfully to Union Rags. The only two mares that I know of, so far, are Ingenue and Maiden of Heaven, both in foal. · 120 days ago ·
Just so in love with this horse. Wonder what mares he will get. I can't wait to see his babies out on the track! http://youtu.be/DP3hJ7d6uQ0
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  • Sullivan · Buckpasser and Secretariat were regarded as the best built. Personally, I prefer Omaha · 197 days ago ·
  • Northport · Buckpasser just had the look of a tremendous athlete, I am also very partial to Sea The Stars conformation... Jon Oxx said it best "He’s perfect, the perfect racing machine. He is the point to which thoroughbred breeding, after 300 years, has arrived." · 197 days ago ·
Really wish we could have seen you come back from your injury and run again this year. Such great connections and such a beautiful and talented horse. Really don't think we got to see the best he could do.
Keep an eye on the winners of these baby races, for they will determine the shape of the Breeders' Cup Juvenile and year-end honors. Read More
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  • travel_vic · comparing a baby to the Derby preppers is mostly luck · 231 days ago ·
  • DAVIDM9999 · I have usually considered the Champagne and Norfolk as the primary preps for the BCJ. Keeneland with the synthetic surface has become almost irrelevant in dirt preps. They have a ton a good racing but looking to that track to produce dirt winners has not been productive for me. Good to know the East coast horses can hold up at SA. · 231 days ago ·
Official conformation - http://oi43.tinypic.com/99q9nc.jpg
I’ve fired up the ZATT time machine and jumped forward just a little bit...Read More
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  • profile.php?id=1000008574456991 · 3yo Male: Union Rags, 3yo Female: Killer Graces, Older Male: Animal Kingdom, Older Female: Awesome Feather, Turf Male: Ultimate Eagle, Turf Female: Stopshoppingmaria, Sprint Male: Jackson Bend, Sprint Female: Awesome Maria · 856 days ago ·
  • Sullivan · First 2/yo is 0 for 1, Souper Knight. Second 2/yo is 1 for 7, Natural Rush. · 290 days ago ·
Once again this year, I am looking for a talented and overlooked horse to run big in New York and take down the Test of Champions.Read More
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  • fozzie · Wish I found this website earlier then. Great job!! · 293 days ago ·
  • Sullivan · Several of us also posted prior to the race we had Overanalyze, and other losing horses. But yes, this website is pretty good · 293 days ago ·
For me this year's Belmont just wasn't as exciting as the Rags getting the win. I will never forget "Union Rags has got him! Union Rags in the Belmont Stakes!" and the thrill of joy I felt for Matz and Mrs. Wyeth. Wasn't sure if he would get there over Paynter- a really good horse- but he did it.
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  • ruffianlover · Dressage. I'm sorry if my wording was confusing. What I was referring to was the fact that rafis favorite is palice malice and mine is union rags. What I was saying is that last years belmont wasn't my preference over this years just because I love the rags. I was saying it was my favorite because it was a last second win which to me was more exciting than pm's win. That's all · 307 days ago ·
  • ruffianlover · Like Kaitlin said- palice malice was in the lead most of the stretch and no one really challenged. Union rags fought paynter down to the last few strides and no one knew if he would get there it not. It was just more thrilling to me in my opinion · 307 days ago ·
For me this year's Belmont just wasn't as exciting as the Rags getting the win. I will never forget "Union Rags has got him! Union Rags in the Belmont Stakes!" and the thrill of joy I felt for Matz and Mrs. Wyeth. Wasn't sure if he would get there over Paynter- a really good horse- but he did it.
I think he would've been even better as a four year old!!!
  • Sullivan · Yes, that is generally how it goes. Union Rags did mature into a big horse earlier than most of the other horses, though, and while he was still class until he was retired, his 2 year old season was his best. Maybe he wouldn't have gotten better? He and Mylute share a sharp resemblance. · 314 days ago ·
As was the case with the Derby and the Preakness, there are misconceptions about how best to win the Belmont Stakes.Read More
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  • LAZMANNICK · What garbage? The only one that is associated with garbage on here is you. You would have to have 48 hour days to do what you supposedly do and know what you supposedly know. Your knowledge about Energy Distribution and handicapping models could probably fit on the head of a pin and there would still be room for your other worldly knowledge. There is only one place for crap and that’s in a toilet not on a blogging site. Go back to your humble adobe in the Jane Finch corridor. · 320 days ago ·
  • Mary Z. · I do think the horses need a rider. Might be different if all of the races were on a staightaway. Then, even some of my favorites get a smack for at least a reminder. · 320 days ago ·

Union Rags - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video06/09/12Union Rags1stBel111 1/2mDBelmont Stakes-G1 3 MUnion RagsPaynter Atigun2:30.42
View DetailsView Video05/05/12Union Rags7thCD111 1/4 mDKentucky Derby-G1 3 MI'll Have AnotherBodemeisterDullahan2:01.83
View DetailsView Video03/31/12Union Rags3rdGP111 1/8 mDFlorida Derby-G1 3 MTake Charge IndyReveronUnion Rags1:48.79
View DetailsView Video02/26/12Union Rags1stGP111 1/16 mDFountain of Youth-G2 3 MUnion RagsNews PendingDiscreet Dancer1:42.68
View DetailsView Video11/05/11Union Rags2ndCD91 1/16 mDBreeders' Cup Juvenile-G1 2 MHansenUnion RagsCreative Cause1:44.44
View DetailsView Video10/08/11Union Rags1stBel91 mileDChampagne-G1 2 MUnion RagsAlphaRight To Vote1:35.55
View DetailsView Video08/15/11Union Rags1stSar86 1/2 fDSaratoga Special-G2 2 MUnion RagsStatIndian Evening1:18.33
View DetailsView Video07/12/11Union Rags1stDel75 fDMSW 2 MUnion RagsJake N ElwoodFreddie One Bite0:58.25