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Sunday Silence
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Sunday Silence

Kentucky (USA) by Oak Cliff Stable
Sunday Silence holds on to capture the 1989 Breeders' Cup Classic over Easy Goer
Spencer Tulis

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This year the Swale drew a nearly full field of thirteen despite the fact that there are not any Derby points on the line.Read More
You can better believe that Shug will not do anything without Honor Code signaling his readiness. I say trust in Shug. Trust in him to do what is right by his charge. Read More
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  • tmallios1 · Never debated that Paul.That is why he is in the Hall Of Fame. But mainly because he called the shots on all of the horses,not some rich Wannabees who enjoy seeing their names in print. Shug is not only that great of a trainer,he is a classy person. · 61 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · McGaughey is a good one, BUT having the stock he has makes it a lot easier. · 61 days ago ·
If you are looking to read a blog about a current event in thoroughbred horse racing, I’m sorry, but this entry is sure to disappoint. Today, I’ve decided to write about something completely different. If you’ve ever wondered how Zipse at the Track came to be, or maybe how a blog that you actually l...Read More
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  • LAZMANNICK · Brian, many people can write about Horse Racing and many have been to some of the sport’s biggest races and seen many of the top horses, etc., but in my mind the one thing that has always separated you from the rest is that you are a genuinely nice person. I love the way you talk about your family and your friends as family and friends should really be the most important things in our lives. You always manage to put a positive spin on the subjects that you write about and from what I can see, if you don’t have anything nice to say, you don’t say it. You’ve more than earned my respect. · 79 days ago ·
  • marylandgq · My brother from another mother! Born 10 years earlier, I sahre in your passion and THANK YOU for believing in a guy with famous initials, but no family connnection to horse racing, to join the HRN blogging family. Looking forward to many more years w/ HRN. · 76 days ago ·
No matter what happens in tomorrow’s Arima Kinen, Orfevre will be remembered as one of Japan’s greatest horses of recent years.Read More
  • Ann Maree · Thanks for covering the Japan racing scene, Brian. It will be exciting to see if Orfevre can go out a winner, but no matter what, he is a champion and his legacy is assured with Sunday Silence's blood running through is veins! · 117 days ago ·
  • BrianZipse · Simply extraordinary! · 117 days ago ·
Join Zipse at the Track as he remembers the first 15 years of the Breeders' Cup with a little visual assistance from the BC logo of each year.Read More
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  • Mike in SB · 1993 was one of the greatest years for American Turf horses with both Lure and Horse of the Year Kotashaan, and another top turf horse Bien Bien who I believe was a son of the great Manila. I remember seeing Kotashaan beating Bien Bien by a nose in the 1 3/4 mile San Juan Capistrano and later winning by a neck or so in the Breeders Cup Turf. Super group of turf horses that year. · 169 days ago ·
  • BrianZipse · Yes, CFC ... Thirty Slews was the first time I remember Baffert ... Bien Bien was excellent, just not quite Kotashaan. · 169 days ago ·
Is history on the side of Palace Malice, Will Take Charge, or Moreno, as they try to become the tenth three-year-old to win the Breeders' Cup Classic?Read More
The 1989 Breeders' Cup Classic was the final showdown between Sunday Silence and Easy Goer and served as a thrilling ending to the legendary rivalry.Read More
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  • travel_vic · Their Preakness was their best. I have the photo and they are so close at the line that you can barely make out Easy Goer inside of SS · 187 days ago ·
  • zatt · My favorite Breeders' Cup race ever ... thanks, Mary! · 186 days ago ·
Affirmed and Alydar. You cannot say the name of one of these magnificent thoroughbreds without including the other. No matter that Affirmed hit the wire first in eight out of the ten, their rivalry was as good as racing gets. Back then, their exploits drove the sport, and together their names made i...Read More
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  • https://www.facebook.com/mark.corbin.127 · Two Beautiful Colts! Let us all remember, HONOR CODE is A.P. Indys last chance at a Kentucky Derby Champion! Ive got my fingers crossed for the Great Colt all the way to the Derby! · 192 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · come on THESE two sides will keep these two as far away from each other as long as they can...That is an historical reality repeated frequently over the years. · 192 days ago ·
Plenty of Super Derby facts both old and new ...Read More
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  • BrianZipse · Absolutely ... it is a tricky time of year on my working schedule, but I will get to Louisiana Downs and the Super Derby sometime soon. Thanks, CFC! · 225 days ago ·
  • AndyScoggin · Now I know the Super Derby much better than I did before. Thanks, Brian. · 225 days ago ·
Wow... even after all this time, I am still love this horse... http://www.followhorseracing.com/en/the-latest/news-stories/2013/6/3/sunday-silence-the-star-no-one-wanted/
  • Dressage3295 · Good horse- too bad we didn't keep him. I liked Easy Goer more though and was beyond happy when he won the Belmont- you'll have to excuse my bias, I loved his daddy :) · 305 days ago ·
  • Jay S. · Excellent. · 305 days ago ·
We all love this sport for various reason- whether you grew up at the track, read a book, or family members got us involved, etc.- but we all have that one horse that sealed it for us... I was born in the 70s, but I didn't see Secretariat, Ruffian or any of the other greats of that decade that I'm aware of. I'm a product of the 80s. I saw Sunny's Halo, Alysheba, Winning Colors, etc. But my love and appreciation for the thoroughbred athlete and the sport of kings was cemented the very first time I laid eyes on Sunday Silence. Who is that "one" that started it all for you?
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  • Lisa111 · Since you're in such a generous mood, hows about a few exclamation points to go with that hyphen? · 323 days ago ·
  • Mike in SB · The first time I went to the races I saw Spectacular Bid set the worlds record for 1 1/4 mile in the Strub at Santa Anita. I was hooked on racing from that point. I have had a number of favorite horses since then, Sunday Silence, Alysheba, Lady's Secret, but with all the breakdowns a few years ago, I was there when Barbaro and George Washington broke down, I had started to lose interest in the sport. Zenyatta and Rachel brought me back to racing. · 322 days ago ·
In your opinion, who is the best racehorse to compete in the 1980's and why?
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  • rafirox · I both met him and Cigar at Kentucky Horse Park... Memories I'll never forget. · 331 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · Thought Swale would have made that list if he had hung around · 331 days ago ·
After watching several of the Kentucky Derbies from the 70s and the 80s, my conclusion that I missed out on all the best runnings of the race was solidified.Read More
35 years and counting, Triple Crowns of the past are now just a wonderful, but distant memory.Read More
The 20 horses who will linGe up in the starting gate to run for the roses this year are horses like any of the other 28,000 Thoroughbreds born in 2010. Some are homebreds: born and raised by the same owners in whose silks they run. Others are purchased through the auction ring, sometimes multiple ti...Read More
  • Capper · The post didn't help his chances, but it was impressive that he was the only speed around at the end. · 369 days ago ·
I hope more US farms bring sons and daughters of this champion horse and sire to the US.Silent Name and Hat Trick are doing well already as sires with Adena and Gainesway in just a short time
It is true amazing what Sunday Silence Progeny are doing in Japan, especially Stay Gold offspring. I really think american breeders made a big big mistake in letting him go...
  • yukichan · Of course it is hard to not list Deep Impact and his progeny when talking SS... · 480 days ago ·
  • SSilence86 · I used to think so. Way back when he was first sold and shipped to Japan I was very upset over the loss of "my" horses bloodlines here. As Sunday Silence is my absolute favorite. Anyway now, I'm sure he wound up where he was suppose to go. I honestly don't think he would have had the chance to be a great sire had he stayed here in the U.S. Japan brought their best mares to the breeding shed for him- they had a vision for him. And they were right. I don't think that the US breeders would have done that. I am now glad, that a long time ago, a black colt that was once wanted by no one, is now an icon. I knew he was special back then, and it is proven every year by his progeny. · 480 days ago ·
Sunday Silence, the 1989 Horse of the Year who later became a perennial leading sie in Japan, died after suffering a fatal heart attack at the Shadai Stallion Station on the isle of Hokkaido in Japan.Read More
A Kentucky Derby and Preakness (gr. I) winner is largely shunned by American breeders and thus sold to Japanese interests that stepped up and made a fair offer to the horse's owner. If the story of I'll Have Another's sale last week struck a familiar chord, it is because 22 years ago an eerily simil...Read More
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  • yukichan · I find the last sentence in this article hugely prophetic. One could argue that perhaps Sunday Silence would not have been the successful sire he was in Japan had he stayed in America because American breeders would not have sent their best mares to him. Shadai Farms made an enormous investment in quality European and American broodmares (as they and other farms continue to do). IHA will get quality broodmares in Japan no doubt. Probably some who raced in America. Wouldn't it be ironic if in 4 yrs time, we have a IHA cross with say Wickedly Perfect or Ginger Punch, both in Japan, who returns to the US representing Japan and wins a Breeder's Cup? · 661 days ago ·
  • AmbitiousD · That would be very ironic, Yukichan. I would still love to see it though :) · 661 days ago ·
Why is that I suddenly have a strong feeling that I’ll Have Another will prove to be a big success at stud?Read More
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  • annmatt · As a footnote, I believe that IHA will get much more respect and will be treated like royalty in Japan. Look no further than Sunday Silence, the world's most successful stallion, who was rejected by American breeding interests. Also, there is so much misinformation about the Japanese Thoroughbred industry. Wikipedia has info about the extent to which the Japanese support the sport. Google Japan Bloodhorse Breeders Association Wiki. We could only wish for such support and dedication in the U.S. Charismatic is at one of the horses at JBBA stations. "The JBBA offers many programs to help small time thoroughbred breeders around the country. The stallions that they offer are often subsidized so that every breeder has an opportunity to breed to top stallions." I'm sad I won't get to visit Little Red in KY, but I'm more than a little encouraged that he will get the best mares, and his bloodline could use a dose of some outcross mares. I’m looking forward to soon to seeing some Little Reds making it to the track, and maybe one or two might make it to American shores. · 662 days ago ·
  • lynnev2 · Hopefully there is a clause in the contract that requires I'll Have Another to be returned to the US after retiring from the stud. · 662 days ago ·

Sunday Silence - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details06/24/90Sunday Silence2ndBHP81 1/4 mDHollywood Gold Cup-G1  Criminal TypeSunday SilenceOpening Verse1:59.80
View Details06/03/90Sunday Silence1stBHP91 1/8 mDCalifornian-G1  Sunday SilenceStylish WinnerCharlatan III1:48.00
View DetailsView Video11/04/89Sunday Silence1stGP101 1/4 mDBreeders' Cup Classic-G1 3 MSunday SilenceEasy GoerBlushing John2:00.20
View DetailsView Video09/24/89Sunday Silence1stLaD101 1/4 mDSuper Derby-G1 3 MSunday SilenceBig EarlAwe Inspiring2:03.10
View DetailsView Video07/23/89Sunday Silence2ndBHP81 1/4 mDSwaps-G2 3 MPrizedSunday SilenceEndow 
View DetailsView Video06/10/89Sunday Silence2ndBel81 1/2mDBelmont Stakes-G1 3 MEasy GoerSunday SilenceLe Voyageur2:26.00
View DetailsView Video05/20/89Sunday Silence1stPim101 3/16 mDPreakness Stakes-G1 3 MSunday SilenceEasy GoerRock Point 1:53.80
View DetailsView Video05/06/89Sunday Silence1stCD81 1/4 mDKentucky Derby-G1 3 MSunday SilenceEasy GoerAwe Inspiring2:05.00
View DetailsView Video04/08/89Sunday Silence1stSA51 1/8 mDSanta Anita Derby-G1 3 MSunday SilenceFlying ContinentalMusic Merci1:47.60
View Details03/19/89Sunday Silence1stSA81 1/16 mDSan Felipe-G2  Sunday SilenceFlying ContinentalMusic Merci1:42.60
View Details03/02/89Sunday Silence1stSA76 1/2 fDAllow  Sunday SilenceHeroic TypeMight Be Right1:15.40
View Details12/03/88Sunday Silence2ndBHP36 1/2 fDAllow  HoustonSunday SilenceThree Times Older1:16.60
View Details11/13/88Sunday Silence1stBHP26 fDMSW  Sunday SilenceMoment Of TimeNorthern Drama1:09.40
View Details10/30/88Sunday Silence2ndSA66 1/2 fDMSW  Caro LoverSunday SilenceGreen Storm1:17.00