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Another work today , I'm hoping for a start soon !! jlp
  • ShayStenchever · Season doesnt start till April 12 but the first stakes race she'd qualify for at Emerald doesnt go off until May 11th. Im sure youll see her run in a high level allowence some time later this month. · 11 days ago ·
  • ShayStenchever · Season doesnt start till April 12 but the first stakes race she'd qualify for at Emerald doesnt go off until May 11th. Im sure youll see her run in a high level allowence some time later this month. · 11 days ago ·
Another work today, I have no idea when they might race her . jlp
Debbie had another work today , hope she runs soon ( and to be honest ,I hope she gets the chance to run against horses in her class. ) jlp
The meet starts Aprit 12.at Emerald Downs
People have totally underestimated this filly cause she runs at emerald downs and is trained and owned by people most horse fans never heard of. But she was bred in ky and has an excellent pedigree, her race times are legit, You may think the competition shes faced is way below average and the field sizes shes seen are a joke, but she is legit and after studying her class this year I believe she fits like a glove even if she never ventures out of emerald downs. I beleive she could go to a big name track and contend with other stakes filly that are g3-g2 types. Curling has one here and I hope the owners and trainers see her potential.
  • tcglory · she also has a great frame and build to her body that you wanna see in horses · 35 days ago ·
  • goblin · tcg, She's been discussed in positive terms on this blog often. Waiting to see her 2014 debut. · 35 days ago ·
Second work for her, look for her to enter somthing pretty soon. jlp
  • ShayStenchever · Both works were posted at emerald downs so its safe to say she will be ataying there, at least for her first start if not all this season. · 35 days ago ·
  • goblin · I'm looking forward to her 2014 season and hoping that she comes back as good or even better than last year. She has star power at Emerald Downs; the track probably appreciates that! · 35 days ago ·
Debbie had an official work today and I think she should be back racing soon, hope they take her to a different track so she can get some compition !!! jlp
hoy en dia a pesar de la publicidad que le quieren dar a curlin, como reproductor.no da la medida para ser un numero 1 usa. "sin lugar a dudas los caballos milleros.americanos pierden caché".desde easy goer "rien de rien". ireland best."sementales y distancias"... en usa. "giant's awesome..pero no".. ok ? espectrofotometrias oseas-musculares y distancias. valores eutimicos.stopshoppingdebbie... "una potra del montón"
Dont know if she is really good or the thing is that she has yet to face competition
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  • travel_vic · that afraid to be orignial. I never see your selections out here. The perfect Monday morning QB, NEVER having participated, but assure that the others that do MUST be wrong...Reminded of the great Teddy Roosevelt;Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. lines: · 117 days ago ·
  • amino998 · " I never see your selections out here. The perfect Monday morning QB, NEVER having participated" --- " Ignorance is Bliss " · 117 days ago ·
Santa Anita or Del Mar next summer?
I really wish she would try to move up in class and go to the BC .I think shes good enough ? ? ? j
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  • tcglory · the bc is way to soon id say bring her back and slowly work her way to the bc and face stiffer competition at the end of the year before bc to see if shes really worth it other wise they have done a great job with her so far. · 192 days ago ·
  • goblin · You're meaning next year?? · 192 days ago ·
Will be attempting to remain a perfect 6 for 6 this Sunday. It will be the last stakes race for fillies or mares at the 2013 Emerald Downs meet. If she should win, she will also become the first 2 year old filly in Emerald Downs history to win five races in one meet. Come out on closing day to cheer on this great young filly!
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  • goblin · I'll be watching! She has several fans on this site. · 202 days ago ·
  • goblin · Shay, I'm confused. I don't see her in the entries for today, and the weekly news notes say she has been "turned out for the winter". (?) http://www.emeralddowns.com/News.aspx?ID=480&Mon=9&Yr=2013 · 200 days ago ·
Anyone have any idea what their plans may be ? I'm thinking back to last year, did'nt She brake her maiden as a 2 yr. old , then take the winter off ? ? ? I sure hope they don't do that .
Hey, don't you'all think she should get into one of those ( Win and your in ) races and try to get into the B.C. ? jlp
  • railbird33 · I hope she takes a shot. Her winning times are very impressive. · 222 days ago ·
  • goblin · Yes, she looks to be competitive against stronger fields, but I don't think she's ever "travelled". · 222 days ago ·
Two-year old Hirschy has made life sweet for his group of owners while becoming the first stakes winner for new sire Papa Clem.Read More
As strange as it may seem, there is an unbeaten, three-time stakes winning daughter of two-time Horse of the Year, Curlin, out there that very few fans outside of the Pacific Northwest have ever heard of. It may be time for Stopshoppingdebbie to earn some notice on a national level. Tomorrow, she lo...Read More
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  • goblin · Her trainer says that Northwest Farms/Paxton will make a decision on her next start sometime "in the future". Her jockey believes that she "hasn't bellied down" in any of her races, and that's my impression as well. Debbie and her dam, Taste the Passion, are both homebreds, so I imagine she will be handled with care in the decision making process. · 249 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · At one point that litte track called Longacres was the toast of the West coast. I hve almost been to 60 tracks now and not a single other one compares to this one, from Rainer beer to singing Camptown races, to having crazy Jody Davidson come over to the rail to kibbitz with the crowd on post parade.Not another like it before or since...Do Dah Do Dah is well missed. · 249 days ago ·
She is such a nice horse!
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  • jmac500 · Oh god not that track. · 249 days ago ·
  • goblin · It will be interesting to see how they proceed with her, but I'm guessing they'll keep her on dirt. · 249 days ago ·
Well, stopshoppingdebbie just won the Washington Oaks by 4 lengths to remain undefeted ! I was thinking she should find the nearest ( win and your in ) and go get it . Breeders Cup . Very good race . jlp
Will most likely be racing in the Washington Oaks or Emerald Downs Derby this weekend and after that she'll be racing elsewhere.
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  • goblin · Slightly different topic, but 'Debbie is the focus of a TrueNicks article today. She is given as an example of an emerging nick between the Smart Strikes and Wild Again mares. I saw the title and was surprised to see that she was the subject! It's a quick read. http://cs.bloodhorse.com/blogs/truenicks/archive/2013/08/09/smart-strike-wild-again-nick-moving-fast.aspx · 251 days ago ·
  • Jmac500 · As long as they ease her into biggger races and tougher competition so it's less harder on her. · 251 days ago ·
Oh well , I guess a win is a win !

Stopshoppingdebbie - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details08/10/13Stopshoppingdebbie1stEmD91 1/8 mDWashington Oaks 3 FStopshoppingdebbieBlueberry SmoothieGoin To The Window1:48.65
View Details07/14/13Stopshoppingdebbie1stEmD71 1/16 mDKent Handicap 3 FStopshoppingdebbieGoing To The WindowBlueberry Smoothie1:43.13
View Details06/30/13Stopshoppingdebbie1stEmD71 mileDIrish Day Handicap 3 FStopshoppingdebbie  1:34.74
View Details05/26/13Stopshoppingdebbie1stEmD86 1/2 fDSeattle Handicap 3 FStopshoppingdebbieGoin To The WindowBlueberry Smoothie1:14.41
View Details08/12/12Stopshoppingdebbie1stEmD45 1/2 fDMSW 2 FStopshoppingdebbieInnocent LovePebble Beach Lady1:02.97