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Sir Barton Silks Breed, Own & Train horses like
Sir Barton
in DerbyVille!
Kentucky (USA) by John E. Madden  -  Vivian A. Gooch  -  [Add Data]

Sir Barton - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video10/12/20Sir Barton2ndKWP41 1/4 mDKenilworth Park Gold Cup 3+ MMan o' WarSir Barton 2:03.00
View Details08/02/20Sir Barton1stSar41 1/4 mDSaratoga Handicap 3+ MSir BartonExterminatorWildar2:01.80
View Details09/27/19Sir Barton3rdHdG51 1/8 mDHavre De Grace 3+ MCudgelExterminatorSir Barton1:50.00
View Details06/14/19Sir Barton1stBel11 1/2mDBelmont Stakes-G1 3 MSir Barton   
View Details05/18/19Sir Barton1stBel11 1/8 mDWithers Stakes 3 MSir Barton   
View Details05/08/19Sir Barton1stPim11 3/16 mDPreakness Stakes-G1 3 MSir BartonEternal   
View Details05/03/19Sir Barton1stCD81 1/4 mDKentucky Derby 3 MSir BartonBilly Kelly Under Fire2:09.80
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Older Comments about Sir Barton...

Despite being the first Triple Crown champion Sir Barton might be one of the most underrated champions in the history of the sport due to his loss to Man O War in their match race. The match race at Kenilworth was ran on a hard track putting Sir Barton who was known for his very soft hooves at a disadvantage. The race was also weight for age meaning Sir Barton actually had to GIVE weight to the younger Man O War. Finally Sir Barton was being ridden by an emergency replacment jockey who not ony was inferior to Man O War's jockey but had never ridden Sir Barton before in his life. Sir Barton had everything going against him and while I'm not saying he was better than Man O War could certainly have given him a good challenge. Sir Barton prior to that race had been a top handicapper who had set records and beaten the likes of Exterminator.
Recently been studying up on horses and horse racing from past, and I had no clue sir barton was entered in the Kentucky Derby as a rabbit for another horse and was also a madien when he won. Interesting
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  • kay.robinett · Buckpasser, you are right on with the drugs back in the day. Cocaine in soft drinks. Major literary figures from the British Romantic period experimenting with opium. Tons of people in the Victorian era hooked on ladanum (an unholy mixture of alcohol, opium, and morphine) which was widely used the way we would pop a plain tylenol today. The past is often colored with a lovely nostalgic mist to make it look pretty. But in many ways it was much uglier than today's world. · 669 days ago
  • travel_vic · Back then they had TWO levels of pain meds: aspirin and opiates.....The Pure Food and Drug Act stopped mial order morphine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pure_Food_and_Drug_Act · 669 days ago
Star Shoot. Sire of Sir Barton. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=665140736870020&set=pb.189123901138375.-2207520000.1391456010.&type=3&theater
Which is the best of his offspring? Susan's Girl, Tapizar, Paddy O' Prado or On Fire Baby?
All the triple crown winners are underrated, well not seattle slew, Affirmed and Secretariat but the rest of them are. Did you know Sir Barton had never won a race before the kentucky derby, also it wasn't called the triple crown when he won the preakness and belmont. Sir Barton had simply won the Kentucky derby, Preakness and Belmont.
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  • buckpasser · Quite true TV which is probably why it was standard equipment in every stable. · 1161 days ago
  • buckpasser · Also when Sir Barton won the Derby, the Preakness was just four days later which obviously Sir Barton won. · 1161 days ago
ranked way too low.
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  • kaitlinefree1 · no triple crown winner should be ranked 222.? · 1248 days ago
  • Buckpasser · According to the book Boots and Saddles written by the son of Commander Ross the owner of Sir Barton, the Kenilworth track for he match race with MOW was very hard and Sir Barton had shelly feet and the surface bothered him. "it was plain to see that the hard track was jarring him painfully." the jockey Keogh on Sir Barton "ceased to punish him as he struggled on...."p.216 interestingly on page 218 the author states MOW had come back from the Potomiac Handicap slightly lame and Goes on to say"on careful scrutiny of the moving pictures of the match race, it could plainly be seen that MOW was disabled in the same leg when he returns to the winners circle". The author speculates that a possible bow is another reason MOW was retired after the match race. Also for Sir Barton, the trainer decided at the last moment not to have Sande ride Sir Barton in the race. · 1248 days ago
although had a temper., he still was a pretty good horse
This was a fairly good horse, but not a great horse at all.
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  • cocoa2 · Held quite a few records, and then Man O' War came along. Good Handicap horse though. · 1395 days ago
  • markruiz20 · i am agree with you · 1395 days ago
This was a good horse. Not one of the best, but a good horse none the less.
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  • buckpasser · Alot of horses in that era had hopping problems as they used fowlers mixture which had heroin in it. What alot people don't realize is that heroin was a common ingredient in some over the counter Meds for people. My mother remembers a thing called Lady Pinkums that was sold as a sleep aid that had heroin in it. Coca cola was regularly tested for cocaine and supposedly still is · 1430 days ago
  • TampaBayDowns Fan · wow didn't know that! · 1430 days ago
A horse who is deprived of his fame. He was very good, and no other horse could have stayed better with Man O' War that day than Secretariat of Man O' War himself.
Sir Barton is sadly one of the most underated horses in the history of racing.People forgot that he won four races including the triple crown in a matter of 32 days and set many records.Sir Barton set some of these records while giving unreasonable amounts of weight away to horses like exterminator who he proceeded to crush anyway.Sadly Sir Barton had hoof problems throughout his career or he would have been even greater.Finially people keep pointing to his match race with Man O War in which he was defeated.People dont understand that Sir Barton should'nt have even raced that day as his hoofs were in extremely bad shape and was being run on a surface not to his liking.On top of this he was asked to gve away weight to Man O wAR.In a fair race over 10 furlongs with fair weights and Sir Bart 100% Sir Barton would have likely beaten Man O War.Sir Barton is better than Man O wAR he beat Exterminator and Billy Kelly who did Man O War beat?
  • icyhotboo · and if they didn't invent nuclear weapons nuclear war would not be possible. If Big Brown had good feet he would have.......... · 1615 days ago
  • icyhotboo · "who did Man O War beat?" Sir Barton is the answer to that question sir. · 1614 days ago

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