•  Better Lucky rolls late in the Shine Again!Posted 22 hours ago
  •  Fashion Alert outduels Take Charge Brandi in the Schuylerville!Posted 4 days ago
  •  Enterprising flies late to win the Oceanside!Posted 4 days ago
  •  Belle Gallantey shocks Princess of Sylmar in the Delaware Handicap!Posted 9 days ago
  •  Finnegans Wake defeats Admiral Kitten by an eyelash in the Arlington 'Cap!Posted 9 days ago
  • There will be a Pick Six carryover of $167,021 when racing resumes Friday at Los Alamitos.Posted 11 days ago
  • There will be a Pick Six carryover of $42,460 when racing resumes Thursday at Los Alamitos.Posted 13 days ago
  •  Assateague goes wire to wire in the Dr. James Penny Memorial!Posted 13 days ago
  •  Assateague goes wire to wire in the Dr. James Penny Memorial!Posted 13 days ago
  • Clearly Now breaks the 7f track record at Belmont - 1:19.96.Posted 16 days ago
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Kentucky (USA) by Stuart S. Janney  -  Claiborne Farm
Ruffian 20 1
ridfjumn 3
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  • travel_vic · QUOTE: but After Kelso, Forego was the man. The more I study the great geldings along with Old Bones, they stand out head and shoulders from the crowd · 12 days ago
  • Buckpasser · I've always thought the great geldings, Exterminator, Roamer, Roseben, Old Rosebud, Armed, Kelso, Forego and John Henry and Native Diver were the best. After all they met all competition on all types of tracks and at all distances. They were durable, carried high weights and gave their all in every race. · 11 days ago
" As though our dreams had the force of reality, we conceived her and then when she appeared took her for our own. We made her on massive proportions, the body of a stud, the legs of a water spider, so that no one would mistake her for ordinary. And we made her black as the crack of doom. We made her fast, speed on speed, so fast that distance would lose all meaning and time would take on meaning anew. We endowed her with a savagery which would drive her to fight pain and would humble her foes like serfs at the feet of a queen. And then we gave her to a man above whom no other could be more trusted to minister to her greatness and to preserve the sanctity of our dream. She gave us power because what we dreamt she performed, so we asked for more. Track records, stakes records. Why not a world record, a consummate feat which would prove us to be the supreme dreamers of all? We approved when the track was tempered like an anvil, a little help from man to fulfill her destiny. Her speed, her unearthly physical size, our vanity and finally her own savagery destroyed her. We live now with a busted dream, but the man in the pink shirt who made that lonesome trip to the far side of Belmont’s infield a Sunday ago lives with a real loss. We will dream again, but Frank Whiteley will never have another Ruffian." -Cary Robertson Jr. Thoroughbred Record, 1975. Thought many would enjoy this write up about the greatest filly of all-time. "With God as my witness, she may have been better than Secretariat"
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  • tmallios · If you have to ask,turn the page. Go back to handicapping 6 horse fields. · 39 days ago
  • travel_vic · It is interesting how the same information can become fictionalized by one and substantiated by another. · 39 days ago
Stagedoorjohnny , you rated this magnificant filly a 1 and you're throwing accussations at others of predjudice. I think you're just an @ss
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  • tmallios · Sorry for being as you say a budinsky. I thought you were going to pull the curtains when defending others. This can't be that important to you in that you have to revert to name calling towards stagedoorjohnny. · 65 days ago
  • Mary Z. · Apology accepted. giggles! · 65 days ago
Ruffian without a doubt!
Q of the D : in honor of Ruffian's birthday today, who do you consider to be the best filly of all time aside from her and Zenyatta?
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  • travel_vic · yes thsi POOR old nothing of a horse. All in all, Imp started in a grueling 171 races, coming in the money in 126 of them. She won 62 times, placed 35 times, and came in third 29 times. A sprinter as well as a stayer, My Coal Black Lady defeated the best males of her times. · 95 days ago
  • Sullivan · You rank her above Personal Ensign? · 95 days ago
Best filly of all time, and one of the best race horses of all time
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  • EP Taylor · Can't argue her not being the best dirt 2 and 3 year old filly of all time, along with Kincsem. · 97 days ago
  • travel_vic · no one seems EVER to remember Fashion (36 32-0-0) or Pretty Polly (24 22-2-0) or · 97 days ago
A STATUE of Ruffian!? I am absolutely and completely beyond belief happy to share this news! I have been speaking to Alexa King for quite a while now. For those who don't know, Alexa is the woman who created the amazing Statue of Barbaro. Who has agreed to create a sculpture of the Great Ruffian as well! They are working on a proposal to get funding set up for the project, which will, with every $25.00 donation, the donor will receive a Bronze resin Ruffian medallion by Alexa, signed and numbered! The funding site should be set up within a week or 2, and if we get 4000 donations that will take the donations to $100,000! So when it all gets set up, I will be sharing the links on 3 particular pages on Facebook, I will be the first to post about it, apart from Alexa I am sure! So hopefully it will get around but make sure you let people know and tell ALL your friends about this amazing and long over due project! Links to Alexa's Webpage and Blog are: Webpage: alexakingstudios.com Blog: equinebronze.com
Those that are putting Zenyatta over Ruffian simply do NOT remember Ruffian! There is NO way Zenyatta would have caught her! Ruffian was a sprinter, a distance horse, and a show horse all in one. We will never see that again. Why did we have to lose her like that is just like why did we have to loose Dale E. #3 like that, both wrapped in black, and on the track. No, sorry, the 'newbies' will put Zenyatta or Rachel first, but Ruffian would have run them into the ground trying to catch her beautiful self. Remember, only ONE horse was said to have better than Secretariate; and that is our gorgeous Black Queen, The Greatest Ever, Ruffian
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  • MariahFan · Your right. If Ruffian and Zenyatta were to race together, Zenyatta would come from behind and try and catch her. But Ruffian would hear her coming and run away to win by 15. Ruffian never let anybody catch her! · 103 days ago
  • travel_vic · Spepd over stamina when of equal quality always gives the speed the edge. · 103 days ago
Since Ruffian's brake down, we haven't seen another match race. While condemned by horsemen, these events brought huge numbers to the track. What is your opinion on match races? Are there are any modern-day match races you would like to see?
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  • travel_vic · the ENTIRE sport is based on the match race · 103 days ago
  • Sullivan · It would be safer to never run a horse... matches add interest to the sport. · 103 days ago
The Queen Ruffian having a snack. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=697874526929974&set=a.189145141136251.61389.189123901138375&type=1&theater
the old Ruffian Equine Medical Center across the street from Belmont is being reopened. Great implications- will be so good for the horses to eventually have a specialty hospital directly across the street from the track. http://news.vin.com/VINNews.aspx?articleId=31004&callshare=1
For those who are interested or do not know, Alexa King the sculptor of Barbaro's statue is on her way to creating a Ruffian statue and a funding site has been set up. So please make a donation as a statue for this amazing filly is LONG over due! http://ruffianstatue.com/about-2/
Ruffian was the queen of horse racing, I think she is second to none, despite its sad ending.
If you could pick any ten fillies to put in the starting gate to run in the Distaff- who would you choose? And even harder- who would be your winner? 1. Ruffian 2. Zenyatta 3. Personal Ensign 4. Rachel Alexandra 5. Winning Colors 6. Genuine Risk 7. Lady's Secret 8. Landaluce 9. Rags to Riches 10. Royal Delta (I do give home table mention to Dreaming of Julia- just because her gulf stream oaks was a monster performance for any filly). I pick Ruffian to win it by a nose over Zenyatta (solely due to sheer heart) with Personal Ensign and Landaluce dead heating for third
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  • EP Taylor · My winner is Dance Smartly · 298 days ago
  • buckpasser · If I had any scratches in my group I would add Cicada, Ta Wee and Busher. My winner would be either Zenyatta or a Twilight Tear · 297 days ago
Posted once but worth another - the 10 best reasons why Ruffian supporters are so passionate about their champion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkzkUSkDQbg&feature=player_detailpage
After seeing the movie on Ruffian, I am captivated by this horse. Is there a virtual game that would allow me to race this horse even though she has passed onto a different life?
  • travel_vic · Her life story is about as close as you are going to get. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/847681.Ruffian · 363 days ago
  • TampaBayDowns Fan · There should be a link under Ruffian's name on her profile page that takes you to the game! ;) · 363 days ago
"Then your life took a turn, and you fell and it hurt, but you're still that girl, and you're gonna change this world" Here is another Ruffian video, my first in almost a year. Personally, I think the song is perfect for Ruffian. "Your story's not over, it's still being told" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT6nGz9Mlxc
No other horse, even a colt, has been mentioned as being better than Secretariat, Ruffian was indeed the best we have ever seen, a sprinter and a distance horse all wrapped up in a show horses' body. We do not, nor have not, will not see anyone like Ruffian again
On this date in racing history: Ruffian made her career debut a winning one with a 15-length romp in 1974.
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  • airedale2008 · Ruffian’s half sister Revidere won the Ruffian Handicap the year after the match race. Ironically, she also won the Coaching Club American Oaks that year with Jacinto Vasquez aboard, was trained by David Whiteley, and took the Champion Three Year Old Filly award. Revidere also ran in 11 races, and was never out of the money. · 425 days ago
  • travel_vic · GRADING of races has NOTHING to do with the person, horse or tradition it is named for, BUT the yearly evaluation of the competitiveness and make up of the field by a select committee from the Thoroughbred Owner's and Breeders Association · 425 days ago
I read the book "Ruffian: Burning from the start." I loved it. All Ruffian fans should read it, it had a lot of info.

Ruffian - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video06/21/75Ruffian1stBel81 1/2mDCoaching Club American Oaks-G1 3+ FRuffianEqual ChangeLet Me Linger2:27.80
View Details05/31/75Ruffian1stAqu81 1/8 mDMother Goose-G1 3 FRuffianSweet Old GirlSun And Snow1:47.80
View Details05/10/75Ruffian1stAqu81 mileDAcorn-G1 3 FRuffianSomethingregalGallant Trial1:34.40
View Details04/30/75Ruffian1stAqu87 fDComely-G3 3 FRuffianAunt JinPoint N Time1:21.20
View Details04/14/75Ruffian1stAqu86 fDAllow 3 FRuffianSir Ivor's SorrowChannelette1:09.40
View Details08/23/74Ruffian1stSar86 fDSpinaway-G1 2 FRuffianLaughing BridgeScottish Melody1:08.60
View Details07/27/74Ruffian1stMth86 fDSorority-G1 2 FRuffianHot N NastyStream Across1:09.00
View Details07/10/74Ruffian1stAqu85 1/2 fDAstoria-G3 2 FRuffianLaughing BridgeOur Dancing Girl1:02.80
View Details06/12/74Ruffian1stBel85 1/2 fDFashion-G3 2 FRuffianCopernicaJan Verzal1:03.00
View DetailsView Video05/22/74Ruffian1stBel35 1/2 fDMSW 2 FRuffianSuzestGarden Quad1:03.00