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  • Multiplier (4-1) kicks it in late to get past Hedge Fund in the Illinois Derby.Posted 4 days ago
  • Collected (3-5) rolls home much the best in the Californian.Posted 4 days ago
  • Imperative (5-1) surges past Matt King Coal for his second win in the Charles Town Classic.Posted 4 days ago
  • Itsinthepost (5-2) proves best in Keeneland's Elkhorn.Posted 4 days ago
  • Inordinate (5-2) surges to victory in the San Juan Capistrano.Posted 4 days ago
  • Twisted Tom (5-1) is a game winner of a sloppy Federico Tesio Stakes.Posted 4 days ago
  • Classic Rock (6-5) rolls in the Roar, the Preakness could be next.Posted 5 days ago
  • Unbridled Mo (2-5) holds on to win the Doubledogdare at Keeneland.Posted 5 days ago
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Regal Mind

Washington (USA) by Gail Schneider  -  Gerald Schneider  -  [Add Data]

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Blue YodelNicholasDanzig
Lulu Mon Amour
StrayWander Kind
Sharp Wind

Regal Mind - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details07/16/11Regal Mind8thBel36 fDClaim 3+ MDelastmanstandingFight For V L T'sDisco Capote1:11.44
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Older Comments about Regal Mind...

I would like to say this once and only once, for everyone discussing this Tb gelding that came off of my grandfathers property. For starters He was paid to pick the horse up because the original owner was no longer caring for him and did not want him and was starving him. The TB came to his property looking like this and my grandpa did not have him very long at all. The horse was gaining slowly but he was eating and able to get around with the other horses for you all to know a horse has to get fat on the inside before he can show his gain on the outside. For all of Darla Clarks snotty comments and postings we do not have before and after photos nor vet bills or statements which are not needed unless you are running and actual rescue place for horses animals ect.He was picked up by the county and put down because Gary buckmaster had stated 'he is going into organ failure" and Gary has known my grandpa for years and knows he has NEVER starved a horse, or put a horse in the dying condition everyone states he has. There was a red TB that was put down because he had gotten to sick to stand and was not getting any better after providing care he needed. He was shot and taken to property and burried. There were not three horses that had died on the property. NONE of my grandpas horses are starved sick or colicing we have been fighting with many people who have been spreading NASTY rumors on the internet mostly on facebook. And everyone stating their facts of what they think is to be true about how my grandpa and us care for our horses is indeed false. It has been going on as a he said she said she saw he saw. NO ONE ever went to my grandfather first and asked the history on the two horses that were put down and how long he had them or where they had come from. It was started from a neighbor who was to be "friends" of my grandpas and she has been letting people take pictures from her property and spy and go out to the field and flip up our TB's lips to see they are tattooed which is illegal to trespass which Melissa should know better being a grown woman and horse trainer. Bob does have cancer and has been fighting it for quiet some time now and is still going threw chemotherapy. He has been on crutches for years and is not able to walk good or really at all exspecially with out them so in the statement above that Darla Clark had stated 'he walked out and looked at the dying horses with his arms crossed and watched them suffer' is infact FALSE. Everyone who knows my grandpa and people who don't even know him know he cannot walk and is either sitting in his pickup or in his recliner in the living room. Now his property is infact muddy and not the best facililty he does rent the property and the landlord does not let him do much with it. Even tho it is a muddy mess in the winter time all of those horses are fed watered bedded and cared for correctly by me my mom sister family friends we are not HIRED hands we are FAMILY and have been helping my Grandpa as much as possible. We pick up hay once a week and fill the mangers and there is always hay and a full water trough infront of the horses. Everyone that knows my grandpa knows he has been sending horses to slaughter for years that is nothing new he does not send ponies baby horses ect.. he sends the good for nothing horses that he cant get a home for that no one wants. Many people have boughten GREAT horses from him threw out the years and still do till this day. He has many friends and has been tradding/ training/selling/ for YEARS He LIVES for those horses with out them and having US HIS FAMILY around he would be in worse shape then he is now and wouldn't have anything keeping him going. In the past couple of days we have seen more sin from everyone stating 'they are christians' and talking horribly about my grandpa and our family and horses and not a one of them even cared to ask about the horses and where they had came from or any history that is the problem with people now a days
Thank you to the person that was able to change Regal Mind's Avatar to the picture of a horse instead of the previous owner's silks.
  • jay s. · Ooops. That's actually Beth Davis' avatar. Sorry. I really like the picture though. · 1570 days ago
I gave a thumbs up to Regal Mim
Oops, Mind. Hope the other horses with this owner are removed and cared for.
This horse was starved to death, Body Score of 1, died Dec 27, 2012. He was 5 years old
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  • yayasister · Read about the Charles Ford farm in Louisiana. Disgusting. Old man, too many horses, didn't know how or where to reach out for help, etc. probably hoarding tendencies too. If this man Barney has cancer, he can't take care of the horses. I hope to god he doesn't have any more... The city really needs to check. Ford's horses were spread out over a wide area. It was MUCH worse than they thought once they raided it and saw what was going on. · 1572 days ago
  • goblin · I'm not sure we'll hear from the DA's office. If they take action of any sort we may learn of it from FB/Darla Clark's posts. I hope they get into gear now that the holidays are over. · 1571 days ago

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