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Queen Of Rock

Queen Of Rock just misses 3-27-13
Joerg Hoffmann
What a Difference an Inch makes?
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Queen Of Rock ran a bang up 2nd losing by a nose earning for the 4th consecutive time a new lifetime top Beyer and lifetime top Ragozin. With the turf season about to begin we hope to try her on the weeds as her pedigree suggests with a Tomlinson of 322.
Nice horse for a claimer. Will do well in the starters I'm sure.
Queen ran Awesome!
3/28 Laurel Race 8 PP2 ML 8/5 time to rock again girl... Go QOR
Wednesday l
Wednesday 3/27 Laurel ra
Ryates, the EPS is meaninglessif it costs $100 per day to own the horse then each horse needs 9 starts a year just to breakeven (before all the fees). Regardless, again no one can name an FLS partnership that made money. And the partners are so brainwashed they will follow this guy to investments on Broadway. So how's that Breakfast at Tiffany's working out for you? Can the reviews be any worse for that bomb. You drank the koolaid and again you pay the price.
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  • rafirox · Many people find my life story interesting. The dude I met in the military, swam in college, played water polo, and a bunch of other stuff is probably the most interesting dude I ever met. · 711 days ago
  • jay s. · That's cool. Plus he'd gotten plenty of "Self Aid and Buddy Care" training, I assure you. Funny how that kind of training comes to life when you need it. Feels very surreal. · 711 days ago
Colorblue, there is only two ways to settle this, Bob and you could thumb wrestle, or Bob could provide the facts other then the dishonest number of $4,400 per start which is as a stable, and doesn't include fees....If you called me out I would provide a list of horses and the returns to rub them in your face...but that would be me.
Ryates, still waiting for anyone to give me a partnership that made money. The argument on Betty is ridiculous. All partnerships that are not dissolved yet still carry expenses which all partners pay so to say it has investment value discounts the additional expenses to keep it alive. If you want me to clarify then I will say with certainlty that no FLS partnership which has been DISSOLVED has every returned a profit and 95% of them have lost every dime. That is undisputable as is the fact that FLS partners are going broke.
Respect The QUEEN !!!!
I'm selective? You are only talking about the best horse you had that has still not returned partners money. So I will ask again since you refuse to answer the question. Name ONE...JUST ONE...partnership that has turned a profit. I think FLS and West Point and Team Valor should all tell their partners expect to lose 100% of their investment, not string them along on hope and have them feed your business with hard earned money. At least Team Valor had a few decent horses but most partnerships, FLS included, is selling hope like a lottery ticket. Try to be honest for a change and tell everyone the truth...which is they will not see their money again once it goes into one of these partnerships.
  • RYates32 · Colorblue, I am not an FLS member, though I have done my due diligence, and my main reasoning is the move away from Monmouth Park as home base, I respect Bob's opinion. That being said, as in all partnerships, you are investing/gambling with your money. The thrill of being in the winners circle is more then enough for someone. You skewed your words to suit your point. Most partnerships do not have a distribution of capital, and no where in the documentation does it say it is you are owed one. As long as the partnership is solvent you do not lose your investment. If you invested $10 in R Betty, and recieved $4 as a pay out you are up $40%. Just because you didn't recieve your initial contribution back doesn't mean you lost it. Upon dissolution of the partnership then you can calculate the actual return of capital. Your just dishonest. · 722 days ago
Colorblue you realy can't be this foolish but apparently you are. Is Betty a broodmare? How expensive is it to be a broodmare? Does one have to pay stud fees, boarding and vet bills? And who is paying those bills? A - Adena Springs B- The partners C- YOU? The answer is A Adena Springs. So why let the truth get in the way of your outrageous lies. Slither back under your rock. Do you have anything good to say? And why do you have selective memory and did not respond to anything but to attack. Obviously by your ridiculous percentage you have never been a partner but for some reason wish to be a negative person. Quite sad. As for Queen Of Rock she is training well and will next race on March 25th. Blue why don't you start your vindicative poison pen quote early and in this way whenever she loses her next race you can have it at the ready. Every knock is a boost.
Thanks for the answer Bob but you still did not answer the question. I said name just ONE partnership that ever made money. You didn't. R Betty Graybull partners have yet to get back their investment but they did get back about 60% of it so the -40% return is still your best. Every other one of the 60-70 partnerships has lost money and usually every dime. So kid yourself on your small fee argument because at the end of the day the investors get nothing.
Colorblue5555 I decided to answer you. What is the commission charged by the other partnerships? Do they take 10% or double the price of their purchase? We all know the answer to that don't we. The commission I received on QOR was $1,000. We waited 2 years to race her? Would you work for 2 years without charging a dime? The commission for R Betty Graybull was $6,000. The partners were paid afer she won the $200,000 NATC Futurity at 2. She is now a broodmare. Do you know the stud fee to breed to Awesome Again. $75,000. Her partners have not reached into their pocket for one dime. So before you look like the fool you truly are try to know the facts before you speak? Would you like to have bought QOR for $10,000? I sure robbed those folks making $1,000 or Betty for $60,000 or Charly for $57,000. Why don't you slither under your rock from whence you came. And I make you a guarantee. If you slander me or FLS ever again I will hire a private investigator to get your identify. Then you can get an attorney to defend your sorry ass. Enough is enough.
Awesome Queen!!!
I'm very sorry FLS partners are upset about my comments. They are not meant to hurt you but maybe just a little tough love will save you hard earned money. All I ask is one thing...name foe me just ONE horse, just ONE partnership that has made money. Don't say R Betty Graybull because partners have not yet gotten back their investment, maybe 1/2 so far and are still hoping it works. So please just name me ONE partnership that has made money? I know, you can't and I'm sorry. If you're doing it because you're not in it for the money then you are kidding yourself. It's OK to love horses without paying into a blackhole.
so colorenvey what horse do you own or are just a mon morning qb with no skin in the game / lee m
so colorenvey what horse do you own or are just a mon morning qb with no skin in the game / lee m
Horse ran well. Perfect trip, slow time. Might take down the condition but please don't insult the world by saying she's stakes caliber. You have a smart trainer so hopefully you don't throw her to the wolves and ruin her. I'm sure she'll make a few bucks, eat them in training, vet and commissions, then go out to pasture. Or you'll breed her and string out hope for another few years that investors will actually make something. C'mon partners, tell me I'm wrong. Oh and BigRed, I guess the "domination" has ended eh?
  • jay s. · colorblue, if you're so damned smart, throw down some details and sign your name. · 741 days ago
  • jay s. · Hmmm. Apparently no specifics could be brought forth to substantiate his/her (probably his) claims. · 741 days ago
Thank you for all the kind notes. Queen of Rock tasted defeat for the very first time but in doing so it may have been most impressive race. She closed well into a very slow pace on a heavy tiring racetrack and finished a game second. Congratulations to the winning connections.

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