• Disco Partner (5-2) rolls last to first to win the Elusive Quality on the Belmont lawn.Posted 2 hours ago
  • Battalion Runner and Malagacy will NOT run in the Kentucky Derby, per Todd Pletcher.Posted 3 hours ago
  • Thunder Snow confirmed for the Kentucky Derby by Godolphin.Posted 7 hours ago
  • Quiet Business (16-1) powers home to win the Bewitch at Keeneland.Posted 1 day ago
  • Celtic Chaos (7-1) gets up on the wire to win the Affirmed Success.Posted 1 day ago
  • Girvin, the Kentucky Derby points leader, has a quarter crack, via Byron King.Posted 2 days ago
  • Party Boat (7-2) takes the Memories of Silver on the Aqueduct turf.Posted 6 days ago
  • Dolphus (6-5), Rachel Alexandra's half-brother, wins AQU allowance; Shagaf lastPosted 6 days ago
  • Multiplier (4-1) kicks it in late to get past Hedge Fund in the Illinois Derby.Posted 6 days ago
  • Collected (3-5) rolls home much the best in the Californian.Posted 6 days ago
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Kentucky Derby 2017
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Kentucky (USA) by Colts Neck Stables LLC

Oxbow - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video07/28/13Oxbow4thMth131 1/8 mDHaskell Invitational Stakes-G1 3 MVerrazanoPower BrokerMicromanage1:50.68
View DetailsView Video06/08/13Oxbow2ndBel111 1/2mDBelmont Stakes-G1 3 MPalace MaliceOxbowOrb2:30.70
View DetailsView Video05/18/13Oxbow1stPim121 3/16 mDPreakness Stakes-G1 3 MOxbowItsmyluckydayMylute1:57.54
View DetailsView Video05/04/13Oxbow6thCD121 1/4 mDKentucky Derby-G1 3 MOrbGolden SoulRevolutionary2:02.89
View DetailsView Video04/13/13Oxbow5thOP101 1/8 mDArkansas Derby-G1 3 MOveranalyzeFrac DaddyCarve1:51.94
View DetailsView Video03/16/13Oxbow2ndOP101 1/16 mDRebel Stakes-G2 3 MWill Take ChargeOxbowDen's Legacy1:45.18
View DetailsView Video02/23/13Oxbow4thFG101 1/16 mDRisen Star-G2 3 MIve Struck a NerveCode WestPalace Malice1:44.52
View DetailsView Video01/19/13Oxbow1stFG101 70yDLeComte-G3 3 MOxbowGolden SoulFear the Kitten1:43.30
View DetailsView Video12/15/12Oxbow4thHol91 1/16 mSCashCall Futurity-G1 2 MViolenceFury KapcoriDen's Legacy1:43.50
View DetailsView Video11/25/12Oxbow1stCD87 fDMSW 2 MOxbowLooking CoolSaint X1:22.97
View Details10/31/12Oxbow3rdCD77 fDMSW 2 MGulfportHip Four SixtynineOxbow1:24.24
View Details10/18/12Oxbow4thKee47 fSMSW 2 MWinning CauseMarchmanAsunder1:23.00
View Details08/03/12Oxbow7thSar55 1/2 fDMSW 2 MJocosityMidnight TabooCentral Banker1:02.85
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Older Comments about Oxbow...

If any one is interested eBay will be auctioning a shadow box with a photo of Oxbow, a horse shoe and a lock of hair to benefit the Grayson Jockey club research. They also will be auctioning a Palace Malice shadow box as well. They had previously auctioned one for ORb which included a Derby rose as well. Would assume each of the boxes would also include a flower from the winners blanket. The Orb box sold for $1,250. Both Bloodhorse and Paulick had details when the auction commences.
  • buckpasser · Also looks like his Preakness saddlecloth will be auctioned too. They did not auction Orb's winning saddlecloth however. · 1085 days ago
Conformation: https://twitter.com/mbauerherzog/status/419877340890398720/photo/1
From what ive heard Brad Kelly has put so much money into rebuilding Calumet Farm and his racing operation its time to start getting some of that back and with a pedigree and talent like oxbow he can get good mares and good money breeding him then racing him. And I also hear mr Kelly will also be sending a bunch of mares to him and promote his breeding
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  • Dressage3295 · I'm hoping this beautiful colt will excel at stud. Considering how hot tempered he is though, it may limit his options. · 1281 days ago
  • Buckpasser · TCglory. You are absolutely right about the money Kelley put into Calumet. Not only of course the many millions to buy the farm, but he has put in millions in refurbishing the farm as well. When I was there this fall, our guide said that he had put into renovations at least 5 to 10 million. Keeping up the white fences costs easily several hundred thousand. Also he is in the process of buying back from an owner in Brazil, the legendary colors of Calumet the Devil Red and Blue. That venture alone will cost him in excess of half a million. · 1281 days ago
retired today to Taylor Made. i'll miss you Oxbow!!!!
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  • Dressage3295 · For a one time G1 at his first year at stud, $20k is exactly where he should be at. · 1281 days ago
  • tmallios1 · Derek,regardless if it is cheap or expensive.The so called Breeding game is going down hill.There are plenty of sires out there.I think and always thought,the only stamd alone race for value is the Derby. That is why you will now be seeing horses race into their 4 ,5 or older careers.With the purses getting stronger at some venues due to Racinos.It is now wiser to race to earn money,if you have a top notch horse.Once the Shiek abandoned the sales,the bottom basically fell out. The only way now for a sire to gain value is for them to drop winners.For the racing fan,this should be good news,they will get to see top horses run much longer.That is assuming they do not break down.I think the last of the big buck bonus babies was Big Brown. The connections basically cashed out after the Preakness. · 1281 days ago
Has been retired
reading the undertones of the article, it seems oxbow might not return to racing. http://www.drf.com/news/oxbow-will-not-race-again-2013
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  • ruffianlover · This is a complete disservice to the sport. Oxbow has one grade one win and from that they get 2.5 million? It's ridiculous. These people are filthy rich and try to squeeze every penny out of these horses. I completely agree with giving him the time he needs and not letting Lukas run him into the ground and a possible euthanasia, but why not let him return at 4? This is what is wrong with this sport, and it seems like it will never change. Such a shame. Just as upsetting as when they retired Union Rags- Michael was definitely not happy about that decision. But I guess when there is more money in the shed than for them to earn out on the track- that is what owners resort to. Again, such a shame. · 1349 days ago
  • kay.robinett · ruffianlover, it sounds like the final decision has not been made yet, so perhaps (hopefully) we will see him back next year. It does sound as if the injury is probably more serious than Lukas initially thought directly after the race, and that Oxbow's jockey was absolutely right in easing him. No overreaction - the 100% correct action. · 1349 days ago
Oxbow go eat some fresh green grass, .......you need the rest...../).
Lukas made the decision today that Oxbow will be sidelined & rest the rest of 2013, & will return at age four.
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  • goblin · It's more likely that Brad Kelley "overtook" Lukas on this decision. · 1351 days ago
  • travel_vic · Thank goodness for the annimal · 1351 days ago
OUT of the Travers & will have a month off before pointing to the Pennsylvania Derby. thank Goodness. good call Lukas!
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  • kaitlinefree1 · i'm not disagreeing. but you're only saying it because you think Departing will romp. · 1361 days ago
  • jmac500 · I don't think he'll romp. I just want a good race and both of those legendary connections and their horses to have a stretch duel that leaves the crowd speechless and Departing pulls it off by the smallest of margins :) that would be my dream race but the stars won't align and make my dreams come true. · 1361 days ago
"For all you Lucas lovers, do you remember BEFORE the Haskell, Lucas was touting his new way of training Oxbow with reverse jogging around the track and going slower and longer with him? Well, he didn't get hurt in the Haskell, he aggravated his old ankle injury by Lucas running in there. Lucas made it sound like his "new" training methods were tactical when in fact they were therapeutical. These trainers that produce multi-million dollar stud horses don't want the information or "low-down" to be out there with prospective breeders. Neil Drysdale said of Fugaichi Pegasus that he grabbed a quarter in his stall at Pimlico and the truth is the horse suffered from recurring quarter cracks - a big no-no with breeders. What were the breeding potentials with this classic winning million dollar-plus yearling from a great female family? Drysdale had no choice but to concoct his "grabbing a quarter" excuse to keep the heat off the quartercrack bane. So Lucas is only doing his job as a front man promoter for a potential bloodstock investment. How many Fu Peg offspring have run like their sire? Oh but the stallion syndicate made money on his early stud book and some eager breeders lost a lot of money as well. So Oxbow has the infirmities that Awesome Agian once had. They're good for a few spectacular runs and then their racing class diminishes and their breeding class is augmented by the likes of a Drysdale or a Lucas who are only doing their jobs as horsemen."
Injured-May not be back until next year
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  • illhaveanothertriplecrown · I thought you were lamenting them not being in the race. I am pretty sure I saw them both on the card for saturday · 1367 days ago
  • Sullivan · Race 3. That will be a good card, I think I might go for it actually -- Same Day Pleasure is running too · 1367 days ago
He was NOT vanned off. He walked back to the barn under his own power. Doesn't mean he isn't hurt however.
Tweet from David Grening: "Wayne said Oxbow has a wrenched ankle. Said he's comfortable this morning. Not ruling out anything, including Travers. He's back in Saratoga" He's alright, but I wish he had a fair shot against Verrazano.
  • Show All 12 Comments
  • rafirox · Yeah, you were always spot on, Buds. Congrats on it, I hope you had Orb in the futures! It would be something if a horse would come perform the final 1/3 of a season. If anyone does, I think it would be Mylute, personally. I'm not sure Revolutionary is coming back this season, if I'm not mistaken. But, I agree with you. · 1370 days ago
  • EP Taylor · IMO Hear The Ghost is the one I am most excited to see back on the track. I think he would have been a force throughout the TC. Jerry.H said that it would be 4 months until he starts training again(that was when the horses injury was discovered). · 1370 days ago
if this horse run in the Travers, its not because he's a great horse. Reward him by giving him a rest. Next yr. who knows what this horse will do?????
  • Show All 10 Comments
  • jmac500 · yes · 1370 days ago
  • travel_vic · Get the impression that the D Wayne had SO MANY horses that he used the same formula for all of them casting aside those who could not cut it since there was always anohter.....Word got out however. Saratog SIx, Grand Canyon, Union CIty Flanders, Charismatic, Grindstone etc etc etc · 1370 days ago
if this horse run in the Travers, its not because he's a great horse. Reward him by giving him a rest. Next yr. who knows what this horse will do?????
Posted it under the "wrong" Oxbow... Gary hopped off of Oxbow after the wire. He did walk off the track under his own power. Hope he is ok.
  • SSilence86 · Gary said that something didn't feel right. Walking sound, not jogging sound. They did call the ambulance, but Oxbow was walked off the track. · 1371 days ago
  • jmac500 · Gary has had some issues today · 1371 days ago
4-1? thats a joke. he was also just called "Oxbox" by mistake. poor guy. i believe in you OXBOW.
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  • yukichan · Was Oxbow eased? I see reports expressing concern for him... · 1371 days ago
  • yukichan · Reports Stevens jumped off and he was vanned off.... · 1371 days ago
Not the favorite? what the hell.
  • Show All 58 Comments
  • gelded1 · I for one am not sold on Oxbow. Slowest Preakness in many years and blocking by Titletown 5 on Orb also. He will not be the top 3 yo this year. I'm not saying he's not a good horse but still unimpressed that much by him. Just my opinion. We'll see how it all shakes out by the end of the year. · 1371 days ago
  • travel_vic · morning line, as we know, is a very poor representative of group crowd ignorance. · 1371 days ago
Looking for a big run from Oxbow today. I don't guess I realized how close his pedigree is to Paynter's. Is there such-a-thing as 3/4ths brother? :)
  • Show All 11 Comments
  • Jay S. · Lisa, "looking at the past performances of horses that are actually running that day!?!" Genius!! Gee, that would seem to make things easier. Why did I never think of that??? Why am I suddenly getting the feeling that I'm the only one here that has never thought of that?? :) · 1378 days ago
  • Jay S. · I say we start the official term as "Three-Quarter Horse Brother." Those boys are tight. · 1378 days ago
Oxbow, Pointing to Haskell.
  • Sullivan · Should add flavor. Monmouth is speed biased but with Verrazano and Oxbow, this sets up to a good race, especially for mylute · 1389 days ago

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