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Nana Beach Silks Breed, Own & Train horses like
Nana Beach
in DerbyVille!

Nana Beach

California (USA) by [Add Data]

Nana Beach - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details12/29/12Nana Beach7thSA46 1/2 fDMSW 3+ FPeppy BollyPuff PastryAngel's Moon1:17.19
View Details10/14/12Nana Beach3rdSA11 mileTMSW 3+ F (S)Sudden SundayPassionvilleNana Beach1:35.64
View Details09/30/12Nana Beach2ndSA26 1/2 fTMSW 3+ F (S)Not Kidding AroundNana BeachSpring Bloom1:13.38
View Details09/03/12Nana Beach3rdDmr21 mileSMcl 3+ FStormin Cee'sYodelin' AngelNana Beach1:38.64
View Details08/24/12Nana Beach5thDmr46 fSMcl 3+ FKvetchHanserellaWrinkle Room1:10.70
View Details08/10/12Nana Beach2ndDmr56 fSMcl 3+ FPennies From DennyNana BeachKvetch1:11.35
View Details07/29/12Nana Beach4thDmr105 1/2 fSMcl 3+ FPink BlanketLauren's LadyChristmas Candy1:03.06
View Details07/21/12Nana Beach2ndDmr27 fSMcl 3+ FPumpkin PieNana BeachCash in Hand1:25.95
View Details01/16/12Nana Beach6thSA47 fDMcl 4+ FArgue My CaseGame CharmerMiss Bold Topper1:24.72
View Details01/12/12Nana Beach5thSA15 1/2 fDMcl 4+ FTo the TopSmil'n From AboveSubtle Greek1:04.47
View Details12/29/11Nana Beach8thSA11 mileDMcl 3+ FWarren's HopefulSwiss GemFlawless Jewel1:38.16
View Details12/18/11Nana Beach9thHol66 fTMSW 3+ F (S)AlalaLuckyvicStupendus Princess1:10.55
View Details11/18/11Nana Beach3rdHol16 fSMcl 3+ FSmokey LakeMiss Bold TopperNana Beach1:11.98
View Details11/12/11Nana Beach3rdHol15 fSMcl 3+ FRight Smart SecretGoldentouch of GinNana Beach0:59.09
View Details10/20/11Nana Beach6thSA86 fDMcl 3+ FSwift BeautyMy Brite CarolineSong by West1:10.44
View Details10/01/11Nana Beach3rdSA116 fDMcl 3+ FOnce in AwhileSweet PleasureNana Beach1:11.59
View Details09/04/11Nana Beach4thDmr96 fSMcl 3+ FDynahereBabessaSweet Pleasure1:10.85
View Details08/18/11Nana Beach3rdDmr26 fSMcl 3+ FPromiscuoussuancesAll On the TableNana Beach1:10.07
View Details08/04/11Nana Beach3rdDmr16 fSMcl 3+ FSo TemptedMiss MysticNana Beach1:10.20
View Details07/23/11Nana Beach2ndDmr106 fSMcl 3+ FWarren's GlitterNana BeachSilver Luna1:12.28
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Older Comments about Nana Beach...

I've been thinking about Nana Beach, running her heart out race after race, such a brave girl, all heart.
  • kaitlinefree1 · i keep thinking about her too...she tried so hard everytime, only for it to end like that. · 1546 days ago
  • karsyn28 · My daughters name is Breanna. Her nick name is nana. · 1546 days ago
RIP Nana Beach. Saw the race, via HRTV, was hoping this was not the end result. Really saddened. Always hard after watching them in the Post Parade and then...thats it...they just don't come back. Saddened by all the losses ..but I saw her go down and the fright on her face..not easily forgotten.
  • Show All 36 Comments
  • travel_vic · MANY many sensitive types cannot tell the differenc between attack and disagreement...They are obviously of completely differing natures. · 1547 days ago
  • Slam · RIP pretty lady. Enjoyed seeing you at Del Mar the last 3 years. · 1547 days ago
RIP Girl...She always ran her heart out
  • Show All 4 Comments
  • UnionRagsRules · I am a big believer in every horse deserves to win once... I fell so terrible for her! · 1550 days ago
  • travel_vic · most likely blew up a leg: pastern, condylar, sesamoids...Take your pick as they are all just about fatal. · 1550 days ago
Santa Anita needs to answer some questions when a lower level claimer dies on the track.
  • Show All 10 Comments
  • cocoa2 · I do understand the sky high costs but you made a blatant statement there was no way or knowing. There is. I've talked to several veterinarians, multiple relatives who are farriers, was invited into the paddock once, and will be visiting multiple breeding farms this April. As well as a few sales, I have already been to a few when I went to Saratoga. Anything else I have to prove you wrong about? · 1551 days ago
  • cocoa2 · Wow, I even wrote they were expensive. Travel_vic I don't know if you made one correct statement in the last post at all. You're losing your touch · 1551 days ago
Okay, sorry thats enough for me. cocoa2..please ..you keep saying things you know I meant..when both times you have been wrong. For the last time, I just wanted to pay my respects. Thanks kaitlinefree1.. does seem like there is a lot of nice people posting.
  • cocoa2 · I have no idea what you're trying to communicate in this thread, but again I ask you to please hit the comment button *under* a new thread like the one here so I can grasp your opinion · 1551 days ago
Well thanks Dressage3295, Armada and BrianZipse. I have owned an off the track thoroughbred for years that won races and went through a lot after he was injured. Maybe I do not have a hard enough heart for racing but I do appreciate the horses so much and so I thank you very much for your comments and your respect for Nana Beach and maybe I will stick around, thanks.
  • Show All 5 Comments
  • cocoa2 · No, she didn't, I just think that she doesn't understand the effect a breakdown has on the racing community. · 1551 days ago
  • Dressage3295 · Hey I have an idea. How about we quit attacking each other and just respect this horse for her accomplishments and feel saddened for her death? Because that sure sounds a hell of a lot better. · 1551 days ago
Yes, I watched the race live. From post parade onwards. Thank you Dressage3295..I was just kinda shocked at the comment I received...I can see when I re-read it that there was a possibility cocoa2 could have thought I went looking for the race on HRTV...which I would not understand why anyone would want to go and look for a horse go down...anyway ..had seen Nana Beach run many times and just wanted to express my sadness and say RIP to her thats all.
  • BrianZipse · Rest in Peace, Nana Beach, and ... I hope you will stick around, Jain. · 1551 days ago
  • cocoa2 · I can't understand it either but this world is full of wackos. Jain, if you hit comment under the thread you've already started you won't have to start multiple threads. :) · 1551 days ago
Ok thanks cocoa2..won't post here anymore...No sorry I did not know she was going to go down. Did not know I was a fortune teller as I wathced the race from the beginning before she went down. Blah blah yeah its part of the sport..but you are saying you can't voice any opinion of sadness when one dies...just don't watch the sport at all ?. So no ..sorry if you misread me...I did not go seeking the tape. I watched the whole race from the start. thanks.
  • cocoa2 · Most of the people here were *disapointed* they could not see the replay of the race. I assumed you were one of them, sorry. · 1551 days ago
Set to make her 40th attempt at breaking her maiden, today in race 4 at Santa Anita.
  • Show All 12 Comments
  • Mary Z. · She came very close a few times, tv. It would have been nice if she'd had the chance at a new career or been retired to become a broodmare. · 1551 days ago
  • travel_vic · Working the gate, I would see the sad ones in NW2L or NW other than maiden or claiming and they would come in three flavors 1) the angry like poor old Zippy Chippy became tha fight the bit, lashed out at the assistant starters 2) the pitifully frightened ones who would be equivalent to psychotics who have become nuts driping with perspiration quivering and sad and finally the 3) third group, the ones I think I admire, they are just placid and have long since given a damn.......Once these horses get over a set number of races without much effort, they are not turning around. The old saying Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. There it is in action. · 1551 days ago
They need to report on what happened though.
I think she will never win.....not because she cant because she makes enough money running second and third if they let her win then what?
  • Show All 3 Comments
  • travel_vic · Old nag named Nationalore got to the Breeder's Cup on a string of 2nd placings. I am sure the connections did not plan it that way · 1625 days ago
  • Mary Z. · Good point, sillylovers. You're saying that if she moves up, she may not even get a placing? Numeric part of username explains the silly. I don't eat my dinner and have dessert(or appetizer) at the same time, but I still think she'll win sometime. Watched her race at HP, 11/27/10, but didn't know about her, and she wasn't memorable then, but became so, to me, later. Another's hunch pick. · 1625 days ago

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