• Free as a Bird finds room and gets there in the Smart and Fancy! Posted 1 day ago
  • Goldencents runs them off their feet with a track record  in the Pat O' Brien!Posted 2 days ago
  • Tom's Tribute mows them down in the Del Mar Mile! Posted 2 days ago
  • V.E. Day nips his barn mate Wicked Strong on the Travers wire! Posted 3 days ago
  • Artemis Agrotera romps in the Ballerina! Posted 3 days ago
  • Abaco gets up in the Ballston Spa!Posted 3 days ago
  • Saturday, August 23 Del Mar Pick 6 Carryover - $106,668Posted 4 days ago
  • Close Hatches runs away with the Personal Ensign! Posted 4 days ago
  • Bern Identity takes them all the way in the Tale of the Cat! Posted 4 days ago
  • Tapestry shocks Taghrooda in the Darley Yorkshire Oaks! Posted 6 days ago
Nakayama Knight  Silks Breed, Own & Train horses like
Nakayama Knight
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Nakayama Knight

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Nakayama Knight - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video08/24/14Nakayama Knight 9thSap111 1/4 mTSapporo Kinen-G2 3+ MHarp StarGold ShipWhale Capture1:59.10
View DetailsView Video07/20/14Nakayama Knight 7thHod111 1/4 mTHakodate Kinen-G3 3+ MLove Is Boo ShetDark ShadowStellar Wind2:00.10
View DetailsView Video03/30/14Nakayama Knight 10thNak111 1/8 mDMarch Stakes-G3 4+ MSolorJebel MusaDokofukukaze1:51.20
View DetailsView Video03/02/14Nakayama Knight 13thNak111 1/8 mTNakayama Kinen-G2 4+ MJust A WayArchimedesLogotype1:49.80
View DetailsView Video12/22/13Nakayama Knight 13thNak101 9/16 mTArima Kinen-G1 3+ MOrfevreWin VariationGold Ship2:32.30
View DetailsView Video11/24/13Nakayama Knight 9thTok111 1/2mTJapan Cup-G1 3+ MGentildonnaDenim And RubyTosen Jordan2:26.10
View DetailsView Video10/27/13Nakayama Knight 6thTok111 1/4 mTTenno Sho (Autumn)-G1 3+ MJust A WayGentildonnaEishin Flash1:57.50
View DetailsView Video06/23/13Nakayama Knight 6thHan111 3/8 m TTakarazuka Kinen-G1 3+ MGold ShipDanon BalladeGentildonna2:13.20
View DetailsView Video06/02/13Nakayama Knight 12thTok111 mileTYasuda Kinen -G1 3+ MLord KanaloaShonan MightyDanon Shark1:31.50
View Details05/05/13Nakayama Knight 5thNig111 1/4 mTNiigata Daishoten-G3 4+ MPassion DanceAdmire TaishiD'accord1:56.90
View DetailsView Video02/24/13Nakayama Knight 1stNak81 1/8 mTNakayama Kinen-G2 4+ MNakayama Knight Daiwa FalconSilport1:47.30
View DetailsView Video12/23/12Nakayama Knight 7thNak101 9/16 mTArima Kinen-G1 3+ MGold ShipOcean BlueRulership2:31.90
View Details10/28/12Nakayama Knight 9thTok101 1/4 mTTenno Sho (Autumn)-G1 3+ MEishin FlashFenomenoRulership1:57.30
View Details06/24/12Nakayama Knight 8thHan111 3/8 m TTakarazuka Kinen-G1 3+ MOrfevreRulershipShonan Mighty2:10.90
View Details04/01/12Nakayama Knight 5thHan111 1/4 mTSankei Osaka Hai -G2 4+ MShonan MightyFederalistTosen Jordan2:05.50
View Details01/22/12Nakayama Knight 2ndNak111 3/8 m TAmerican Jockey Club Cup-G2 4+ MRulershipNakayama Knight Gestalt2:17.30
View DetailsView Video10/01/11Nakayama Knight 10thLon71 1/8 mTPrix Dollar-G2 3+ MBywordCirrus Des AiglesShimraan2:00.41
View DetailsView Video09/11/11Nakayama Knight 6thLon31 1/2mTPrix Niel-G2 3 MReliable ManMeandreVadamar2:32.43
View DetailsView Video04/24/11Nakayama Knight 5thTok111 1/4 mTSatsuki Sho (2,000 Guineas)-G1 3 MOrfevreSadamu PatekDanon Ballade2:00.60