• Olorda takes them all the way in the Bewitch Stakes on closing day at Keeneland.Posted 10 hours ago
  • Nyquist will get in his final Kentucky Derby workout Friday afternoon at Keeneland.Posted 3 days ago
  • Time and Motion wins the Memories of Silver for Jimmy Toner.Posted 5 days ago
  • Finest City sets new track record in Great Lady M.Posted 6 days ago
  • Stanford finds his way back to the winner's circle in the Charles Town Classic.Posted 6 days ago
  • Rose Brier sets new course record in the Henry S. Clark.Posted 6 days ago
  • Da Big Hoss lives up to his name with the Dixiana Elkhorn win.Posted 6 days ago
  • Raging Smoke leads all the way in the Sugar Maple.Posted 6 days ago
  • Highland Sky flies home to Woodhaven victory.Posted 6 days ago
  • Brooklynsway upsets I'm A Chatterbox in the Doubledogdare at 25-1.Posted 7 days ago
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Man o' War
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Man o' War

Kentucky (USA) by August Belmont Ii  -  [Add Data]
Fair Play  -  Mahubah  by  Rock Sand

Man o' War - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video10/12/20Man o' War1stKWP41 1/4 mDKenilworth Park Gold Cup 3+ MMan o' WarSir Barton 2:03.00
View Details09/18/20Man o' War1stHdG51 1/16 mDPotomac  Man o' WarWildairBlazes1:44.80
View Details09/11/20Man o' War1stBel41 1/2mDJockey Club Gold Cup  Man o' WarDamask 2:28.80
View DetailsView Video09/04/20Man o' War1stBel41 5/8 mDLawrence Realization  Man o' WarHoodwink 2:40.80
View Details08/21/20Man o' War1stSar41 1/4 mDTravers Stakes-G1  Man o' WarUpsetJohn P Grier2:01.80
View DetailsView Video08/07/20Man o' War1stSar41 3/16 mDMiller  Man o' WarDonnaconaKing Albert1:56.60
View Details07/10/20Man o' War1stAqu41 1/8 mDDwyer  Man o' WarJohn P Grier 1:49.20
View Details06/22/20Man o' War1stJam41 mileDStuyvesant  Man o' WarYellow Hand 1:41.60
View Details06/12/20Man o' War1stBel41 3/8 m DBelmont Stakes  Man o' WarDonnacona 2:14.20
View Details05/29/20Man o' War1stBel41 mileDWithers Stakes  Man o' WarWildairDavid Harum1:35.80
View Details05/18/20Man o' War1stPim41 1/8 mDPreakness Stakes-G1 3 MMan o' WarUpsetWild Air1:51.60
View Details09/13/19Man o' War1stBel36 fDFuturity  Man o' WarJohn P GrierDominique1:11.60
View Details08/30/19Man o' War1stSar36 fDHopeful  Man o' WarCleopatraConstancy1:13.00
View Details08/23/19Man o' War1stSar36 fDGrand Union Hotel 2 MMan o' WarUpsetBlazes1:12.00
View Details08/13/19Man o' War2ndSar46 fDSanford  UpsetMan o' WarGolden Broom1:11.20
View Details08/02/19Man o' War1stSar36 fDUnited States Hotel  Man o' WarUpsetHomely1:12.40
View Details07/05/19Man o' War1stAqu36 fDTremont 2 MMan o' WarRalcoAce of Aces1:13.00
View Details06/23/19Man o' War1stAqu35 fDHudson Hdcp.  Man o' WarViolet TipShoal1:01.60
View DetailsView Video06/21/19Man o' War1stJam35 1/2 fDYouthful  Man o' WarOn Watch 1:06.60
View Details06/09/19Man o' War1stBel45 1/2 fDKeene Memorial  Man o' WarOn WatchAnniversary1:05.60
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I just think it's incredibly unfair to compare Man O' War and Secretariat. Both lived in completely different racing eras and had to overcome different challenges. They both inspired people for different reasons.
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  • amino998 · Remembering a Marciano/Ali throw down matching icy/t_v that was a juiceless affair. · 661 days ago
  • travel_vic · computer generated fiction had Ali losing to Marciano? complete hogwash · 661 days ago
Maybe I need to endulge so that when I talk about opinions and fairness, let me give you a perfect example that I tried to bring up to PEB and that I addressed with Mr. Scoggins. Saratoga, Man O' War and Secretariat. Tell me folks, since you seem to have "opinions". I know Secretariat is very popular, but is it enough to give a horse credit where credit is NOT due???? Let me explain. Man O' War raced 4 times at Saratoga as a 2 year old, he won 3 of them (of course lost the infamous Sanford) he won under 130 pounds, he won "easily", we all on the same page? Okay at 2 Secretariat won all three of his races, one was an allowance, 2 were stakes, he carried low/normal weight and won ridden out (okay, so Man O' war wins here, correct??). Now, at 3, Man O' War won the Miller under 131 pounds and ran in record time in the Travers carrying 129 pounds, whereas at 3, Secretariat LOST the Whitney. So, please please please tell me how Secretariat's record at Saratoga is better than Man O' Wars?????? HOW??? Even if you think Secretariat is the greatest, HOW is it better. Man O' War sets a record under a pull carrying weight and Secretariat LOSES!!!!! Be fair and honest. Even if I were a Secretariat fan, I'd have to give the "better" at Saratoga to him but 2 people plus a website just refuses to accept the answer that Man O' War was best (even at Saratoga)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man O' War is the greatest regardless of voting and polls. Even though he's #1 in all polls except this site, what does it matter. Who cares what people think but when they are wrong and unfair that's when it hurts but if thats the character of certain people, then what can you do?
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  • jonquil · Cindy: I'm not sure what you're upset about? Man O' War shares the same rating on here as Secretariat and both are at the top of the 250 All-Time Horses list. Also, Frankel never went after the English Triple Crown, but Camelot did try for it. · 664 days ago
  • airedale2008 · Cindy, two of my favorites never raced in the Triple Crown series, and are considered in the class of the best ever in America. Perhaps you've heard of Kelso and Dr. Fager? · 664 days ago
and then his jockey made three other major mistakes.
One might find it interesting to delve into the rankings assigned to the major Thoroughbreds of the United States by a Sports Illustrated panel complimented by Frank E. Kilroe, Tom Trotter, and Joe Palmer among others. The same as Bloodhorse for the first 5, Sysonby, Nashua, and Colin made appearances at 6, 8, and 10. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1004396/index.htm
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  • Exterminator · Roamer... I remember the story behind his conception... · 679 days ago
  • buckpasser · Yes Roamer was named after which one of his parents, either the teaser stallion or the mare, who jumped over the fence. · 679 days ago
Guy's, just saying, MOW was never let let loose. He was always held at the tightest hold possible.
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  • Mary Z. · I'm his friend. No idea why he likes to go for shock value, and I don't want to wash out his mouth and find out he's really 35, lol. He has a good side, when he lets it show. · 684 days ago
  • Sullivan · 'least I don't circumvent using the word, "bullshit"? · 683 days ago
and then his jockey made three other major mistakes.
Man O War is the greatest thoroughbred that ever lived. Secretariat is a joke in comparison,
My first racetrack was Saratoga Race Course, across the street from the National Museum of Racing. The “Graveyard of Champions” saw Man o' War beaten in his only loss by Upset, Gallant Fox defeated by Jim Dandy and Secretariat lose to Onion. The oldest organized sporting venue in America oozes history, and so far is much the best for me. What are your favorite tracks?
man o war would have been undefeated had he not been turning around, facing in the opposite direction during that start against upset.
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  • Sullivan · pg. 106 Man O' War: A Legend Like Lightning (Dorothy Ours) "I ran him into a pocket and because of his heavy burden of 130 lbs I was afraid to take him back and around the outside" Loftus admitted. "I anticipated an opening next to the rail on the turn out of the backstretch and again at the head of the homestretch, but every time I was fooled. If I had taken him to the outside an instant sooner, he would've won, for he is the gamest and most courageous horse I ever rode. He would've caught Upset in a few more strides and would have gone on a half mile father [if] I urged him to" · 689 days ago
  • Sullivan · What planet do you and the idiot who liked your post live on? You quote Ours's book consistently · 689 days ago
Just such an amazing horse. Even way back when when tracks were considerably slower, he ran 10f in 2:01. Then there is his unforgetable 100 length win. Could even Seretariat have beaten him? Both a great horses, and to me, the two greatest ever to sep foot on the track. But in your opinion, who was the better horse? I'm sure this has been asked a lot already, just curious.
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  • boxersdaddy · at man o' war's funeral, there were upwards of a million people in attendance. he was a national hero. he should have set the record for consecutive wins had he not had a starting snafu. · 689 days ago
  • boxersdaddy · at man o' war's funeral, there were upwards of a million people in attendance. he was a national hero. he should have set the record for consecutive wins had he not had a starting snafu. · 689 days ago
i would have loved to see mow,bold rulerand several more, mow may have been the best but i still think i saw the best in 1973
Growing up it was a matter of faith that MOW was the greates race horse that ever lived but then i saw the 1973 Belmont. Any horse can beat on any given day but on that given day I don't believe that any horse that ever lived could have beaten Seretariat. I would have lived to see a match race.
Incredible pic of Man O war, and Groom?. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=668933486490745&set=pb.189123901138375.-2207520000.1391531217.&type=3&theater
What is the highest weight that I thoroughbred has ever been asked to carry?
Today marks the 66th anniversary of his passing. His legend lives on.
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  • Buckpasser · One of the reasons he was in a coffin, is that he had a wake and thousands of people filed in front of his coffin in KY. I have old DRforms with articles and pictures of it. · 909 days ago
  • Sullivan · A radio show too. You can listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQX0LH1HsQg · 909 days ago
@Sullivan, would you mind sending me your stamina stuff you were describing on the Play of the Day thread? My email is eddiesafd@gmail.com. Don't be in a rush, but I'd appreciate it if you posted on this thread that you will send it, so I will know (just in case I don't wait for nothing)... Thanks in advance.
  • Show All 35 Comments
  • LAZMANNICK · Have a good wait Ed. I'm still waiting for him to send me his PPs on Stagehand. · 1008 days ago
  • travel_vic · You can observe how fit the majority of them are and how well trained: few blinkers, hardly any wraps, good at the gate.....the North American throughbred had become a very poor example of the breed and is getting worse all the time. The last major stamina chefs are all dead and long gone Only influences now, and they are feeble, AP Indy and Dynamformer. Just like the big corporations that the facisits love, the corprotists have sold out North American racing to the higgest (Sauid, and Japanese) bidders. · 1007 days ago
i'll put this under Man o' War. best horses of the decade? 1900s - 1950s. pick only one horse!
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  • Mary Z. · gallops, if that link doesn't work, youtube And They're Off 3/2/2011. · 1022 days ago
  • rafirox · Colin (slightly over Sysonby); Grey Lag (as Sullivan had the opposite, slightly over Exterminator); Man o War; Gallant Fox (slightly over Seabiscuit); Citation; Native Dancer (Tom Fool, Swaps, and Round Table deserve attention)... Sorry for so many notables behind the top choice, it's just so hard to choose ONE! :). · 1022 days ago
Just added newsreel footage of Man O' War winning the Miller Stakes. I just found newsreel footage of him winning the Lawrence Realization and will add that soon.
so who do you think was better? Secretariat or Man o' War? & why?
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  • likin sparks · If you are comparing them in a racing sense I will leave you with this idea; You have your legends and Man o' War definitely set the bar with his shear greatness but then you have your legend killers and Secretariat is well....the stuff legend killers are made of. · 1067 days ago
  • travel_vic · read Bill Nack's description of the idiot who ranked the 2nd Big Red 10th all time twentieth century so as to assure the first one top billing on the BloodHorse top 100. · 1067 days ago

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