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Kentucky (USA) by August Belmont Ii  -  [Add Data]
Fair Play  -  Mahubah  by  Rock Sand
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What the Horse Racing Nation is saying about Man o' War...

Centuries ago, the Godolphin Arabian, Byerley Turk, and Darley Arabian founded the breed we know today as the Thoroughbred. Today, things aren't looking so good and a few lines are on the brink of distinction.Read More
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  • travel_vic · we have that great chart of sire lines up in the press box and it is dominated by one line and the Byerly Turk is just about gone. · 28 days ago ·
  • Northport · Nice article, Colin! Dunaden isn't retired yet, but I hope he gets some attention when he does. He's about as durable as they come. · 28 days ago ·
Just such an amazing horse. Even way back when when tracks were considerably slower, he ran 10f in 2:01. Then there is his unforgetable 100 length win. Could even Seretariat have beaten him? Both a great horses, and to me, the two greatest ever to sep foot on the track. But in your opinion, who was the better horse? I'm sure this has been asked a lot already, just curious.
What racing needs right now.Read More
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  • EP Taylor · I had my Fifty Proof, and I have Mucho Macho Man. Good to go here. · 160 days ago ·
  • UnionRagsRules · Just so you all know, I'm working on writing a horse racing book called "Total Eclipse Of The Track" I'm not close to finishing, but I really want to publish it and do a series. Maybe I could help out? I've been told I write well. · 47 days ago ·
Incredible pic of Man O war, and Groom?. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=668933486490745&set=pb.189123901138375.-2207520000.1391531217.&type=3&theater
My first racetrack was Saratoga Race Course, across the street from the National Museum of Racing. The “Graveyard of Champions” saw Man o' War beaten in his only loss by Upset, Gallant Fox defeated by Jim Dandy and Secretariat lose to Onion. The oldest organized sporting venue in America oozes history, and so far is much the best for me. What are your favorite tracks?
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  • travel_vic · closers usually win far less than they should · 122 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · At one time the fastest 5 5.5 and 6 furlong track records were constantly being broken and broked again between Turf Paradise and Longacres...Chinook Pass (eclipse winning sprinter) cam so close to the track record in the LGA Mile and was a terror bu the local hero was Washington bred Eugen Zeren's colt Trooper Seven. SOme big guns used to come up for that Mile but it is a shadow of what it once was. · 122 days ago ·
What is the highest weight that I thoroughbred has ever been asked to carry?
Today marks the 66th anniversary of his passing. His legend lives on.
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  • Buckpasser · One of the reasons he was in a coffin, is that he had a wake and thousands of people filed in front of his coffin in KY. I have old DRforms with articles and pictures of it. · 166 days ago ·
  • Sullivan · A radio show too. You can listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQX0LH1HsQg · 166 days ago ·
In the great tradition of Mel Brooks, Zipse offers his own History of the World, or at least part of it.Read More
Flat Out has already etched his name in the history of the Jockey Club Gold Cup, but a third win, now that would be something truly special.Read More
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  • EP Taylor · He was my bet in the JCGC anyways. Somebody has to beat Cross Traffic :) · 209 days ago ·
  • https://www.facebook.com/richard.jaimungal.5 · flat out loves belmont1-1\4m. runs a lot closer to the pace than normal while possesing the same kick will nail cross traffic this time . every boby is high on will take charge and palice malice but orb ran a huge race un the travers will improve of that run .JCGC RESULTS :ORB-FLATOUT · 207 days ago ·
@Sullivan, would you mind sending me your stamina stuff you were describing on the Play of the Day thread? My email is eddiesafd@gmail.com. Don't be in a rush, but I'd appreciate it if you posted on this thread that you will send it, so I will know (just in case I don't wait for nothing)... Thanks in advance.
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  • LAZMANNICK · Have a good wait Ed. I'm still waiting for him to send me his PPs on Stagehand. · 264 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · You can observe how fit the majority of them are and how well trained: few blinkers, hardly any wraps, good at the gate.....the North American throughbred had become a very poor example of the breed and is getting worse all the time. The last major stamina chefs are all dead and long gone Only influences now, and they are feeble, AP Indy and Dynamformer. Just like the big corporations that the facisits love, the corprotists have sold out North American racing to the higgest (Sauid, and Japanese) bidders. · 264 days ago ·
i'll put this under Man o' War. best horses of the decade? 1900s - 1950s. pick only one horse!
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  • Mary Z. · gallops, if that link doesn't work, youtube And They're Off 3/2/2011. · 279 days ago ·
  • rafirox · Colin (slightly over Sysonby); Grey Lag (as Sullivan had the opposite, slightly over Exterminator); Man o War; Gallant Fox (slightly over Seabiscuit); Citation; Native Dancer (Tom Fool, Swaps, and Round Table deserve attention)... Sorry for so many notables behind the top choice, it's just so hard to choose ONE! :). · 279 days ago ·
The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) and the Saratoga 150 Committee today unveiled a new attraction designed to pay homage to the most accomplished thoroughbreds to compete at Saratoga Race Course during its 150-year history. Read More
Zenyatta is the greatest racehorse of all time if she is your favorite. Rachel Alexandra is the greatest racehorse of all time if she is your favorite. Secretariat is the greatest racehorse of all time if he is your favorite. Read More
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  • airedale2008 · There will always be horses who have memorable seasons and remarkable Triple Crown victories. Another may come along later and best these achievements. You will never again see an American race horse who exemplifies the all around thoroughbred with such a stellar career. I wanted to pick Kelso or Kelso5 for my license plate. They were already taken. ClarenceFender and Buckpasser are spot on, he was exceptional. · 307 days ago ·
  • dixfiles · 2009 Rachel ran in six states on all types of tracks under all conditions and the Preakness under the 13 pole! · 289 days ago ·
I cannot be the only one who has ever said “If I was such-and such’s trainer, I would run them in this race.” However, I’m not a trainer. I have absolutely zero influence on where or when any horse will race. All I can do watch, read, wait, and hope. When plans are announced for a specific horse, a...Read More
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  • Sullivan · You can't be serious... he forgot Gallant Fox to Jim Dandy, maybe the point of the article wasn't to create a list of infamous horses who lost? · 293 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · Quiet Little Table over Forego at Saratoga · 292 days ago ·
Just added newsreel footage of Man O' War winning the Miller Stakes. I just found newsreel footage of him winning the Lawrence Realization and will add that soon.
so who do you think was better? Secretariat or Man o' War? & why?
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  • likin sparks · If you are comparing them in a racing sense I will leave you with this idea; You have your legends and Man o' War definitely set the bar with his shear greatness but then you have your legend killers and Secretariat is well....the stuff legend killers are made of. · 323 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · read Bill Nack's description of the idiot who ranked the 2nd Big Red 10th all time twentieth century so as to assure the first one top billing on the BloodHorse top 100. · 323 days ago ·
I didn't know he had 4 full siblings- http://www.sport-horse-breeder.com/Man-O-War.html
HAPPY B-DAY TO THE GREATEST EVER!!! (Please don't start arguing over who is better, just let him have his day)
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  • travel_vic · Hollie Hughes: "As a matter of policy, I never compared horses while I was riding but before the Belmont Stakes, noted trainer HH told me: "This is the greatest horse I have ever seen in my life time and I have seen many great ones including Man O`War. The only way you can lose this race is to fall off.`Coming from HH who won the KY Derby with Geroge Smith in 1916, that was saying a lot. AFTER the Belmont he told me: `Son, if you don`t say this is the best horse you`ve ever been on you are crazy. · 382 days ago ·
  • rafirox · airedale, thanks for that fun fact. I didn't know that. Happy birthday to both Big Reds. · 382 days ago ·
Happy 96th Birthday Man o' War!!!
The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) and the Saratoga 150 Committee today announced a new attraction designed to pay homage to the most accomplished thoroughbreds to compete at Saratoga Race Course during its 150-year history. Read More
  • skipaway2000 · No Fourstardave in the inaugural class? This list is invalid! · 386 days ago ·
  • Mike in SB · I thought Fourstardave would be in the first group, but he still has a street named after him. · 386 days ago ·

Man o' War - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video10/12/20Man o' War1stKWP41 1/4 mDKenilworth Park Gold Cup 3+ MMan o' WarSir Barton 2:03.00
View Details09/18/20Man o' War1stHdG51 1/16 mDPotomac  Man o' WarWildairBlazes1:44.80
View Details09/11/20Man o' War1stBel41 1/2mDJockey Club Gold Cup  Man o' WarDamask 2:28.80
View DetailsView Video09/04/20Man o' War1stBel41 5/8 mDLawrence Realization  Man o' WarHoodwink 2:40.80
View Details08/21/20Man o' War1stSar41 1/4 mDTravers-G1  Man o' WarUpsetJohn P Grier2:01.80
View DetailsView Video08/07/20Man o' War1stSar41 3/16 mDMiller  Man o' WarDonnaconaKing Albert1:56.60
View Details07/10/20Man o' War1stAqu41 1/8 mDDwyer-G1  Man o' WarJohn P Grier 1:49.20
View Details06/22/20Man o' War1stJam41 mileDStuyvesant  Man o' WarYellow Hand 1:41.60
View Details06/12/20Man o' War1stBel41 3/8 m DBelmont Stakes  Man o' WarDonnacona 2:14.20
View Details05/29/20Man o' War1stBel41 mileDWithers -G3  Man o' WarWildairDavid Harum1:35.80
View Details05/18/20Man o' War1stPim41 1/8 mDPreakness Stakes-G1 3 MMan o' WarUpsetWild Air1:51.60
View Details09/13/19Man o' War1stBel36 fDFuturity  Man o' WarJohn P GrierDominique1:11.60
View Details08/30/19Man o' War1stSar36 fDHopeful  Man o' WarCleopatraConstancy1:13.00
View Details08/23/19Man o' War1stSar36 fDGrand Union Hotel 2 MMan o' WarUpsetBlazes1:12.00
View Details08/13/19Man o' War2ndSar46 fDSanford  UpsetMan o' WarGolden Broom1:11.20
View Details08/02/19Man o' War1stSar36 fDUnited States Hotel  Man o' WarUpsetHomely1:12.40
View Details07/05/19Man o' War1stAqu36 fDTremont 2 MMan o' WarRalcoAce of Aces1:13.00
View Details06/23/19Man o' War1stAqu35 fDHudson  Man o' WarViolet TipShoal1:01.60
View DetailsView Video06/21/19Man o' War1stJam35 1/2 fDYouthful  Man o' WarOn Watch 1:06.60
View Details06/09/19Man o' War1stBel45 1/2 fDKeene Memorial  Man o' WarOn WatchAnniversary1:05.60
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