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Kelso in Colour. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=703701179680642&set=a.189145141136251.61389.189123901138375&type=1&theater
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  • tmallios · Horse has special meaning to me. Never saw him run. · 7 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · the great geldings the best of the century ...Class by themselves for GRIT adaptability weight carrying and longevity · 7 days ago ·
Ray Paulick has a nice video tribute to the great Kelso on his website. What is interesting is that the 1964 International was a barrier start similar to the steeplechase start.
  • airedale2008 · Nice tribute to Kelso. They said it well - he was more than a Horse of the Year, he was a Horse of a Lifetime. You were lucky to see him at his best. · 93 days ago ·
  • buckpasser · It was a nice tribute. And he is still the best in my eyes. · 93 days ago ·
Think Kelso was in the best 2 to 3 horses of all time. Carried high weight, won at all distances and tack conditions. Did not need or use rabbits and did not need races made to order for him. took on all challengers sometimes giving away as much as 20 pounds to good horses and beat themat much longer distances than these so called great horses run today. All the horses mentioned on the list were way above average but to me Kelso was the best.
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  • EP Taylor · Buck- It was hard just staying with 60's grass horses..lol. Very tempted to add a few from 55-59 and 70-73....lol · 138 days ago ·
  • buckpasser · EP. Agreed. Also thinking of TV Lark underrated grass horse. Beat Kelso in the International. · 138 days ago ·
Hey Buckpasser, I'm sorry to put you on the spot here...but I was hoping you may be willing to post one or two of your photos here on Kelso's profile of him leading the post parade? But, I certainly understand if you want to keep them close hold.
If you rank the greatest racehorses of all time, if the most important criteria is the strength of the competition, surely Kelso is the best. No horse in history defeated more great horses...it reads like a who's who of the the first half on the 1960's, including Carry Back, Gun Bow, Bald Eagle, Tompion, Never Bend, Beau Purple, Quadrangle, Roman Brother, Crimson Satan, Jaipur, Ridan and Pia Star...most of the time conceding loads of weight.
After you polish off another turkey sandwich on Saturday afternoon, it’s time for one of the best days of racing of the year. Big races at Aqueduct, Churchill Downs, and Hollywood Park abound, but let’s not forget about my local track. That’s right, Saturday is Hawthorne Gold Cup Day, and armed with...Read More
Jaipur’s place in history is secured alongside Ridan. The two brave colts are connected in immortality as closely as they were on the racetrack on August 18, 1962. To say the name of Jaipur without next saying “and Ridan,“ is unheard of. They were two wonderful colts who happened to run the race of ...Read More
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  • airedale2008 · Glad you didn’t have to dispatch Onward John, Jay. He just wanted to cool off in the pond. · 156 days ago ·
  • Jay S. · Thanks Airdale. And yeah, me too. I was like, "Please Lord don't let him run towards the road." I'm the guy that flips junebugs over when they're on their back kicking their legs. Had I been forced to take action, it would've bothered me deeply for many years. Thank the Lord that John went all Jacques Cousteau on me. :) · 155 days ago ·
Could the resurgence of the Handicap Triple save racing?Read More
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  • Mike in SB · I would like a series of races like the old Championship Racing Series for older horses, actually in every division of racing. It would be better in my opinion to have the races all around the country not just in New York. Anyway the idea of a handicap triple crown would not work today since no trainer wants to run with added weight, most of the handicaps today are run with the high weight actually carrying less weight than in weight for age races. Handicaps, with real weights, are a thing of the past. · 157 days ago ·
  • EP Taylor · take a page out of the Qipco Champions Series, The Global Sprint Challenge etc etc. A Series of races for each division. Then load up the purses and Market the heck out of it. · 157 days ago ·
who in your opinion, are the top ten geldings of all time?
In the great tradition of Mel Brooks, Zipse offers his own History of the World, or at least part of it.Read More
Flat Out has already etched his name in the history of the Jockey Club Gold Cup, but a third win, now that would be something truly special.Read More
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  • EP Taylor · He was my bet in the JCGC anyways. Somebody has to beat Cross Traffic :) · 209 days ago ·
  • https://www.facebook.com/richard.jaimungal.5 · flat out loves belmont1-1\4m. runs a lot closer to the pace than normal while possesing the same kick will nail cross traffic this time . every boby is high on will take charge and palice malice but orb ran a huge race un the travers will improve of that run .JCGC RESULTS :ORB-FLATOUT · 207 days ago ·
I just found a great book about Saratoga in the 1960's and 1970's called Extra Sugar For Kelso by Lendon Manning. It has stories of Ruffian from the point of view of her opposition which considering racing in the Hopeful against colts an easier spot than facing Ruffian in the Spinaway. There is Secretariat's loss in the Whitney from Allen Jerkens view and other stories. The title is derived from the fact that Kelso loved sugar lumps and after his incredible lunge to beat Malicious in the Whitney, he got extra sugar cubes. It is available on Amazon for under $25 and well worth it.
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  • Buckpasser · Sorry the Kent Hollingsworth book is entitled The Great Ones. · 223 days ago ·
  • Buckpasser · Tmallios. I will be out for awhile. Let me know here what you are looking for and I will go through my books for you. And will post under this thread. · 223 days ago ·
The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) and the Saratoga 150 Committee today unveiled a new attraction designed to pay homage to the most accomplished thoroughbreds to compete at Saratoga Race Course during its 150-year history. Read More
I never have been a fan of how thoroughbred horses are ranked internationally. The fact that they are rated solely on the merit of their single best race seemed so, well, foreign to me. Add in the fact, that as a lifetime fan of sports, and follower of rankings, such as College Football and Basketba...Read More
Who was the best racehorse to compete in the 1960's? Kelso? Dr. Fager? Damascus? Buckpasser? I
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  • buckpasser · LAZ. It was an incredible day. Horses who there Kelso, Carry Back, Find and Amber Divet. Last part of your statement about Cocoa LOL · 313 days ago ·
  • Sullivan · Mmm, no, I believe it was the year someone said something about Zenyatta only being kind of great and you were moved to your 'second home' behind bars · 313 days ago ·
Once upon a time there was a horse named Kelsi. But only once. Kelso was the greatest gelding to ever live.
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  • travel_vic · no once the contenders are isolated HANDICAPPING IS OVER and market comparisons begin right up to post time as a separate and distinct observational decision independent with the former. · 322 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · I have the same program as many of the pro's out of Reno, WHO, as a group, inform me that a 62% win rating is BY FAR the best of the best of them can ever attain evem for short periods of time.....BUT NOT HERE, the genius ALWAYS beats that ratio!! · 322 days ago ·
The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) and the Saratoga 150 Committee today announced a new attraction designed to pay homage to the most accomplished thoroughbreds to compete at Saratoga Race Course during its 150-year history. Read More
  • skipaway2000 · No Fourstardave in the inaugural class? This list is invalid! · 386 days ago ·
  • Mike in SB · I thought Fourstardave would be in the first group, but he still has a street named after him. · 386 days ago ·
1. Marlboro Cup (1973-1987) It may have been short lived, but during its’ fifteen year run in the 70’s and 80’s, there was no better race run in America than the Marlboro Cup. Its roll call of runners reads like a who’s who of dirt racing beginning with the inaugural edition when Secretariat defeate...Read More
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  • kay.robinett · The Michigan Mile.. only time any horses of any quality came to the state...back when we had thoroughbred racing at all... (honorable mention to all of the races New York has gutted distance wise, such as the CCA Oaks, the Personal Ensign, the JCGC, the Mother Goose etc. etc. which are now mere echos of what they once were). · 456 days ago ·
  • LarryDickson · I also miss Marlboro Cup, Flamingo, Widener, Washington International. Michigan Mile and an eigth was the big event for the track. Meadowlands Cup became a dismisses race after Breeder's Cup started. I preferred the California Derby being run after the Santa Anita Derby when a horse could come up and surprise at Derby time, such as Casual Lies. I also remember when the Garden State Stakes was a big event for two year olds. Other races were run late at Aqueduct which allowed horses to stretch out over distances of ground. I particularly miss the races run at 12 to 18 furlongs. · 452 days ago ·
Let's take a look back at some of the greatest horses that ran at the same time yet never crossed paths on the track.Read More
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  • Floridaf · To answer Cocoa's question: Of the 15 BC races, 4 winners were on the lead, 2 winners were speedy types but not on the lead (within a length at 1/2 mile call), 6 winners took up stalking positions (within 4 lengths at 1/2 mile call), and 3 closed from off the pace (Flotilla was 4 1/2 lengths back, Calidoscopio was 14 lengths back at the 1 mile call in the marathon, and Mizdirection was 8 lengths back). · 456 days ago ·
  • Floridaf · jmcleav, I agree with you about Blind Luck. She left everything she had on the track after her scintillating DelCap performance. · 456 days ago ·

Kelso - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video11/11/64Kelso1stLrl71 1/2mTWashington, D.C., International-G1 3+ MKelsoGun BowAnilin2:23.80
View Details10/31/64Kelso1stAqu72 milesDJockey Club Gold Cup-G1  KelsoRoman BrotherQuadrangle3:19.20
View Details10/03/64Kelso2ndAqu71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes-G1 3+ MGun BowKelsoQuadrangle2:02.40
View DetailsView Video09/07/64Kelso1stAqu71 1/8 mDAqueduct Handicap 3+ MKelsoGun BowSaidam1:48.20
View Details10/19/63Kelso1stAqu72 milesDJockey Club Gold Cup-G1  KelsoGuadalcanalGarwol3:22.00
View Details09/28/63Kelso1stAqu71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes-G1 3+ MKelsoNever BendCrimson Satan2:00.80
View Details09/02/63Kelso1stAqu71 1/8 mDAqueduct Handicap-G3 3+ MKelsoCrimson SatanGarwol1:49.80
View Details08/03/63Kelso1stSar61 1/8 mDWhitney Handicap-G1 4+ MKelsoSaidamSunrise County1:50.40
View Details03/23/63Kelso1stBOW81 1/16 mDJohn B. Campbell Handicap 3+ MKelsoCrimson SatanGushing Wind1:43.00
View Details03/16/63Kelso1stGP81 1/4 mDGulfstream Park Hcp-G2 3+ MKelsoSensitivoJay Fox2:03.20
View Details10/27/62Kelso2ndBel71 1/2mTMan O' War Stakes-G1 3+ MBeau PurpleKelsoThe Axe II2:28.60
View Details10/20/62Kelso1stBel72 milesDJockey Club Gold Cup-G1  KelsoGuadalcanalNickel Boy3:19.80
View Details09/29/62Kelso1stAqu71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes-G1 3+ MKelsoJaipurGuadalcanal2:03.20
View Details09/19/62Kelso1stAqu71 1/4 mDStymie 3+ MKelsoPolylad 2:00.80
View Details08/22/62Kelso1stSar61 1/16 mTAllow 3+ MKelsoCall The WitnessFountain Hill1:41.80
View Details10/21/61Kelso1stAqu72 milesDJockey Club Gold Cup-G1  KelsoHillsboroughPeace Isle3:25.80
View Details09/30/61Kelso1stBel71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes-G1 3+ MKelsoDivine ComedyCarry Back2:00.00
View Details07/22/61Kelso1stAqu71 1/4 mDBrooklyn Handicap 3+ MKelsoDivine ComedyYorky2:01.60
View Details07/04/61Kelso1stAqu71 1/4 mDSuburban Handicap-G1 3+ MKelsoNickel BoyTalent Show2:02.00
View Details05/30/61Kelso1stAqu71 mileDMetropolitan Handicap-G1 3+ MKelsoAll HandsSweet William1:35.60
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