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Kentucky (USA) by Allaire duPont  -  [Add Data]

Kelso - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video11/11/64Kelso1stLrl71 1/2mTWashington D.C. International Stakes-G1 3+ MKelsoGun BowAnilin2:23.80
View Details10/31/64Kelso1stAqu72 milesDJockey Club Gold Cup-G1  KelsoRoman BrotherQuadrangle3:19.20
View Details10/03/64Kelso2ndAqu71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes 3+ MGun BowKelsoQuadrangle2:02.40
View DetailsView Video09/07/64Kelso1stAqu71 1/8 mDAqueduct Handicap 3+ MKelsoGun BowSaidam1:48.20
View Details10/19/63Kelso1stAqu72 milesDJockey Club Gold Cup-G1  KelsoGuadalcanalGarwol3:22.00
View Details09/28/63Kelso1stAqu71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes 3+ MKelsoNever BendCrimson Satan2:00.80
View Details09/02/63Kelso1stAqu71 1/8 mDAqueduct Handicap-G3 3+ MKelsoCrimson SatanGarwol1:49.80
View Details08/03/63Kelso1stSar61 1/8 mDWhitney Handicap-G1 4+ MKelsoSaidamSunrise County1:50.40
View Details03/23/63Kelso1stBOW81 1/16 mDJohn B. Campbell Handicap 3+ MKelsoCrimson SatanGushing Wind1:43.00
View Details03/16/63Kelso1stGP81 1/4 mDGulfstream Park Handicap-G2 3+ MKelsoSensitivoJay Fox2:03.20
View Details10/27/62Kelso2ndBel71 1/2mTMan O'War Stakes-G1 3+ MBeau PurpleKelsoThe Axe II2:28.60
View Details10/20/62Kelso1stBel72 milesDJockey Club Gold Cup-G1  KelsoGuadalcanalNickel Boy3:19.80
View Details09/29/62Kelso1stAqu71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes 3+ MKelsoJaipurGuadalcanal2:03.20
View Details09/19/62Kelso1stAqu71 1/4 mDStymie 3+ MKelsoPolylad 2:00.80
View Details08/22/62Kelso1stSar61 1/16 mTAllow 3+ MKelsoCall The WitnessFountain Hill1:41.80
View Details07/04/62Kelso2ndAqu71 1/4 mDSuburban Handicap-G1 4 MBeau PurpleKelsoCarry Back2:00.30
View Details04/14/62Kelso2ndMth81 1/4 mDMonmouth Handicap-G1 4 MCarry BackKelsoBeau Purple2:00.20
View Details04/14/62Kelso2ndMth81 1/4 mDMonmouth Handicap-G1 4 MCarry BackKelsoBeau Purple2:00.20
View Details10/21/61Kelso1stAqu72 milesDJockey Club Gold Cup-G1  KelsoHillsboroughPeace Isle3:25.80
View Details09/30/61Kelso1stBel71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes 3+ MKelsoDivine ComedyCarry Back2:00.00
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Buck i was having a friendly debate with my friends Dad . The topic >>>>> what was the greatest decade of racing in the U.S.A. only from the 60's going forward. To me the answer was a no brainer,The 70's by far. My main argument was the 3 Triple Crown winners and that is not even bringing in Forego and Ruffian into the discussion. He made one point that i never really gave much thought to,but does make sense. For there to be a TC winner,regardless of how good he or she is. The depth of the division cannot be that strong. That aside,his selection was the 60's. In listening to you and him talk up horses like Fager, Kelso and Buckpasser to name a few. I am slowly open to the debate. Unfortunately since i did not see any of them run. I am a bit hesitant to give in. Since you experienced the 2 decades and many times saw them in person. Which of the 2 is your flavor.
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  • Buckpasser · Rail bird. We do know how purses and handle are increased and as the casino construction continues, we will reach a saturation point, if we haven't done so already and horse racing better have made good usage of the slots monies or they are really going to be in a hole. TV. You are right. The public perception needs to be improved. The drugs have to go and the after care of the horses has to improve among other things. · 992 days ago
  • tmallios · Buck ,personally to me. It is not the game i am skeptical about,it is about those running it and calling the shots. They are the ones that have a mindset of Sgt. Schultz from Hogans Heros>>>>> "I see nothing" . They have allowed to much to go on,that they are almost locked in from handing down any serious judgemants. I hink the old boy crinism approach has to go out with the bozoz running the sport. Start a new front and welcome the new potential owner. After all it is them and the gamblers supporting this game. · 992 days ago
Not to mention the NINE track records Kelso set. And look at the great horses he beat while spotting weight most of the time. No horse in history beat more Hall of Fame thoroughbreds or other excellent runners. It reads like a who's who of much of the 1960's.
Kelso in Colour. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=703701179680642&set=a.189145141136251.61389.189123901138375&type=1&theater
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  • tmallios · Horse has special meaning to me. Never saw him run. · 1083 days ago
  • travel_vic · the great geldings the best of the century ...Class by themselves for GRIT adaptability weight carrying and longevity · 1083 days ago
Ray Paulick has a nice video tribute to the great Kelso on his website. What is interesting is that the 1964 International was a barrier start similar to the steeplechase start.
  • airedale2008 · Nice tribute to Kelso. They said it well - he was more than a Horse of the Year, he was a Horse of a Lifetime. You were lucky to see him at his best. · 1169 days ago
  • buckpasser · It was a nice tribute. And he is still the best in my eyes. · 1169 days ago
Think Kelso was in the best 2 to 3 horses of all time. Carried high weight, won at all distances and tack conditions. Did not need or use rabbits and did not need races made to order for him. took on all challengers sometimes giving away as much as 20 pounds to good horses and beat themat much longer distances than these so called great horses run today. All the horses mentioned on the list were way above average but to me Kelso was the best.
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  • EP Taylor · Buck- It was hard just staying with 60's grass horses..lol. Very tempted to add a few from 55-59 and 70-73....lol · 1214 days ago
  • buckpasser · EP. Agreed. Also thinking of TV Lark underrated grass horse. Beat Kelso in the International. · 1214 days ago
Hey Buckpasser, I'm sorry to put you on the spot here...but I was hoping you may be willing to post one or two of your photos here on Kelso's profile of him leading the post parade? But, I certainly understand if you want to keep them close hold.
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  • AllenJoyner · But both were beaten by Kelso. · 1217 days ago
  • Buckpasser · Allen. Don't know what you're talking about with Exterminator. He wasn't beaten by Kelso. · 1217 days ago
If you rank the greatest racehorses of all time, if the most important criteria is the strength of the competition, surely Kelso is the best. No horse in history defeated more great horses...it reads like a who's who of the the first half on the 1960's, including Carry Back, Gun Bow, Bald Eagle, Tompion, Never Bend, Beau Purple, Quadrangle, Roman Brother, Crimson Satan, Jaipur, Ridan and Pia Star...most of the time conceding loads of weight.
who in your opinion, are the top ten geldings of all time?
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  • buckpasser · Agree TV. He should be in there. Was thinking more of American horses. · 1240 days ago
  • Sullivan · I couldn't remember if the Red terror was a gelding or not · 1240 days ago
I just found a great book about Saratoga in the 1960's and 1970's called Extra Sugar For Kelso by Lendon Manning. It has stories of Ruffian from the point of view of her opposition which considering racing in the Hopeful against colts an easier spot than facing Ruffian in the Spinaway. There is Secretariat's loss in the Whitney from Allen Jerkens view and other stories. The title is derived from the fact that Kelso loved sugar lumps and after his incredible lunge to beat Malicious in the Whitney, he got extra sugar cubes. It is available on Amazon for under $25 and well worth it.
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  • Buckpasser · Sorry the Kent Hollingsworth book is entitled The Great Ones. · 1299 days ago
  • Buckpasser · Tmallios. I will be out for awhile. Let me know here what you are looking for and I will go through my books for you. And will post under this thread. · 1299 days ago
Who was the best racehorse to compete in the 1960's? Kelso? Dr. Fager? Damascus? Buckpasser? I
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  • buckpasser · LAZ. It was an incredible day. Horses who there Kelso, Carry Back, Find and Amber Divet. Last part of your statement about Cocoa LOL · 1389 days ago
  • Sullivan · Mmm, no, I believe it was the year someone said something about Zenyatta only being kind of great and you were moved to your 'second home' behind bars · 1389 days ago
Once upon a time there was a horse named Kelsi. But only once. Kelso was the greatest gelding to ever live.
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  • travel_vic · no once the contenders are isolated HANDICAPPING IS OVER and market comparisons begin right up to post time as a separate and distinct observational decision independent with the former. · 1398 days ago
  • travel_vic · I have the same program as many of the pro's out of Reno, WHO, as a group, inform me that a 62% win rating is BY FAR the best of the best of them can ever attain evem for short periods of time.....BUT NOT HERE, the genius ALWAYS beats that ratio!! · 1398 days ago
Kelso-He was the best,you could not brt him to dhow and sometimes no place betting. Kelso carried 138lbs is most races, He also stopped on the track to let horses go by ,then circle around them to go on to win.There was also the man with the black bag, who just before kelso ran would bet large sums of money on him. He was the best.
Kelso should be rated much higher than 8th. If you go by the competition, Kelso beat more great or very good horses than any other thoroughbred in the history of Horse Racing. Carry Back, Beau Purple, Bald Eagle, Tompion, Gun Bow, Never Bend, Crimson Satan, Quadrangle, Roman Brother, Jaipur, and Ridan..to name a few. While carrying over 130 pounds and spotting up to 25 pounds to the competition most of those races.
It is hard to express how the poetic imagery of historical turf writers can make a horse race that occurred so long ago appear as though time travel is possible. To hear the sounds, smell the scents, and gaze upon the sights, all through words on paper, is as rare as the race they describe. Such and example is David Alexander's recount of the 1964 Aqueduct Stakes where the mighty Kelso defeated the gallant Gun Bow.
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  • travel_vic · Ross is a well respected author and first introduced to him via the Hall of Fame here. Read The Plate by my good friend Lou Cauz all about the queen`s plate. Almost 4 years in research on that one. · 1563 days ago
  • Buckpasser · TV. The Plate is a very well written and researched book. Enjoyed it very much. · 1563 days ago
“Once upon a time there was a horse named Kelso, but only once.” – Joe Hirsch
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  • LAZMANNICK · Buckpsasser, as always bang on. · 1578 days ago
  • airedale2008 · Yes, buckpasser that is the best quote I ever posted for the phenomenal Kelso. As others have said, of all the records in horse racing, Kelso’s five Horse of the Year honors is the one that will never be equaled. · 1578 days ago
Kelso died on this day in 1983. He was the #4 horse on the Top 100 US Race Horses of the 20th Century, and he was the US Horse of the Year in 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1964. He will always be remembered as on of the greatest horses ever.
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  • airedale2008 · The World of Racing from Eclipse to Kelso was a suggestion from Buckpasser and has to be one of the best ever written on the history of the sport. Buckpasser has over 300 horse racing books in his collection, has been a fan since the 1950’s and reminds us regularly just how good the champions of old were. Thanks for contributing to my growing knowledge of racing. · 1622 days ago
  • buckpasser · Airedale2008. I am really happy that enjoyed the Alexander book. As I told you it is one of my favorites. If you enjoyed the Alexander book, you might like Boots and Saddles byJ.K. Ross which details the great Ross stable. They owned Sir Barton and the book gives you a great view of the match race with MOW from the other side. Also there is a lot of great information about Exterminator and other horses who raced in the early part of the century through the roaring twenties. This book had a ,imited printing and can be found on the secondary market for about$45 or so. · 1620 days ago
“Once upon a time there was a horse named Kelso, but only once.” – Joe Hirsch
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  • Buckpasser · Almost forgot Nashua · 1723 days ago
  • Buckpasser · The reason I have always liked the Aqueduct Handicap with Kelso is that Kelso was not the favorite that day. Most if not all of the 75,000 fans that day felt Kelsos best days were behind him. And at the beginning of the race, it looked that way. And then Kelso got in gear and the cheering and screaming started and reached a crescendo when Kelso crossed the wire first. I hadn't heard shouting applause like until Secretariats Belmont. The DC International was the final chapter and avenged his prior losses. · 1723 days ago
Yes, buckpasser, David Alexander’s book “A Sound of Horses” has arrived. Thanks for the suggestion. The photo of Allaire du Pont shedding a tear after a foul had been claimed against Kelso speaks volumes of the relationship she had with her champion. The stewards did not allow the foul claim in the magnificent gelding’s greatest race, the 1964 D. C. International.
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  • AmbitiousD · Oh yea! I'm all for reading books on the history of the sport. I'm about half way through the Thoroughbred legends series, and am always on the lookout at used bookstores. So far the only one I haven't gotten was a detailed history of the Irish Thoroughbred industry. I don't remember the title, but the store wanted over a 100 bucks for it, so between the price and dust build up, it would likely still be there when I come back after hitting a pick-6 one day. · 1729 days ago
  • buckpasser · ambitiousD. Thoroughbred legends is a great series. My only complaint is that they stopped at 24. Hope you get your book about the Irish racing industry. My advice is to put the title into eBay books. You never know what comes up. Many British book dealers have books on eBay. Got a great book on Brigadier Gerrard from England · 1729 days ago
“Once upon a time there was a horse named Kelso, but only once.” – Joe Hirsch
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  • travel_vic · Horse has "bred to the purple" connections. The great racing families have been replaced by corportae stooge types · 1734 days ago
  • Buckpasser · Not all corporate types are stooges. William McKnight of Tartan farms and Calder was CEO of 3M. The changes really came when yearling prices went sky high. Previously the blue bloods scoffed at any one paying an exorbitant price for a yearling. In many ways Frank McMahon and his purchase of Majestic a prince changed the equation. · 1734 days ago

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