• Nyquist has spiked a fever, delaying his trip to Belmont, via DRF's Dave Grening.Posted 1 day ago
  • Second Summer holds off Hard Aces to win the Grade 2 Californian.Posted 2 days ago
  • Exaggerator turns the tables and is victorious in the Preakness (G1).Posted 3 days ago
  • Takeover Target flies home late to win from last in the Grade 2 Dixie.Posted 3 days ago
  • American Freedom fights back for Sir Barton victory.Posted 3 days ago
  • Mizz Money holds on to take the Gallorette (G3) by a nose.Posted 3 days ago
  • Justin Squared was too fast to catch in the Chick Lang.Posted 3 days ago
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Forego Silks Breed, Own & Train horses like
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Kentucky (USA) by Lazy F Ranch

Forego - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details07/04/78Forego5thBel81 1/4 mDSuburban Handicap-G1  Upper NileNearly On TimeGreat Contractor2:01.40
View Details06/19/78Forego1stBel87 fDAllow  ForegoDr. PatchesGabe Benzur1:21.60
View Details09/17/77Forego1stBel81 1/8 mDWoodward-G1  ForegoSilver SeriesGreat Contractor1:48.00
View Details08/06/77Forego7thSar81 1/8 mDWhitney Handicap-G2  Nearly On TimeAmerican HistoryDancing Gun1:49.40
View Details07/23/77Forego2ndBel81 1/2mDBrooklyn Handicap-G1  Great ContractorForegoAmerican History0:22.62
View Details07/04/77Forego2ndBel81 1/4 mDSuburban Handicap-G1  Quiet Little TableForegoNearly On Time2:03.00
View Details06/13/77Forego1stBel81 1/8 mDNassau County-G3  ForegoCo HostNorcliffe1:48.20
View Details05/30/77Forego1stBel81 mileDMetropolitan Hcp. (Met Mile)-G1  ForegoCo HostFull Out1:34.80
View Details05/23/77Forego1stBel67 fDAllow  ForegoDance SpellSawbones1:22.80
View DetailsView Video10/02/76Forego1stBel81 1/4 mDMarlboro Cup Invitational-G1 3+ MForegoHonest PleasureFather Hogan2:00.00
View Details09/18/76Forego1stBel81 1/8 mDWoodward-G1  ForegoDance SpellHonest Pleasure1:45.80
View Details07/24/76Forego1stAqu81 1/4 mDBrooklyn Handicap-G1  ForegoLord RebeauFoolish Pleasure2:01.20
View Details07/05/76Forego2ndAqu81 3/16 mDSuburban Handicap-G1  Foolish PleasureForegoLord Rebeau1:55.40
View Details06/13/76Forego1stBel81 1/8 mDNassau County-G3  ForegoEl PitirreHatchet Man1:48.60
View Details05/31/76Forego1stBel81 mileDMetropolitan Hcp. (Met Mile)-G1  ForegoMaster DerbyLord Rebeau1:34.80
View Details05/20/76Forego1stBel87 fDAllow  ForegoWishing StoneTiempazo III1:22.00
View Details09/27/75Forego1stBel81 1/2mDWoodward-G1  ForegoWajimaGroup Plan2:27.00
View Details09/13/75Forego2ndBel81 1/4 mDMarlboro Cup Invitational-G1 3+ MWajimaForegoAncient Title2:00.00
View Details09/01/75Forego4thBel81 1/8 mDGovernor-G1  WajimaFoolish PleasureAncient Title 
View Details07/19/75Forego1stBel81 1/2mDSuburban Handicap-G1  ForegoArbees BoyLoud2:27.80
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Older Comments about Forego...

Not sure if any one is interested, but there is a nice signed Richard Stone Reeves print of Forego, Kelso and John Henry together at Belmont Park. It was done in October 1983 when Kelso and Forego led the post parade for the JCGC. It was the only time the three great geldings were together as Kelso died from colic shortly after. It is offered on eBay from a good seller for $185 which a very good price for a discontinued and limited print. It looks to be in excellent condition and is offered for a few days on eBay.,
This is for Cedar who asked about information on Forego.
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  • Cedar · Didn't realize the Woodward has made it's way around the New York circuit. Only a very recent switch to saratoga · 696 days ago
  • Buckpasser · Cedar. Yes for me when I think of the Woodward, I always think of the Belmont Fall meet not Saratoga which usually ended the end of August. I personally would like the Woodward back at Belmont. · 696 days ago
Forego or Kelso going 2 miles on dirt?
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  • buckpasser · EP. Yes it is. I think one of the reasons this changed, in America at least, is the breakdown of the great farms that sent out homebreds to the track. The horses could be babied along if needed and had a place to go for extended periods of rest. They didn't hang around at training centers etc. as most of the top breeders had their own training tracks on their properties. The advent of winter racing where the horses get fewer breaks and the advent of more sales purchases as opposed to homebreds changed the sport and not for the better, IMO. · 777 days ago
  • EP Taylor · Valid points Buck. I agree. · 777 days ago
Since the majority of posters thought the best racehorse in the 1970's, not named Secretariat, was Forego.... Who do you think was the greatest gelding ever to live? Kelso or Forego?
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  • Buckpasser · Shuvee. In all fairness to Exterminator, he didn't cone into his own until his three yr old season too. He was purchased for a few hundred dollars as a work horse for the highly regarded Sun Briar. Exterminator was only entered into the KD because Sun Briar's ring bone was acting up and Col. Matt Winn felt Exterminator was a good horse. Kilmer, Exterminator's owner, referred to the great gelding as a "truck horse" or more pointedly "the goat." Even though the trainer felt that Exterminator had a good shot to win the KD, Kilmer refused to "have the goat race in his colors." Matt Winn intervened and as they say, the rest is history. Size wise Exterminator was just shy of 17 hands and was a course looking horse which was the reason he was gelded. In my list of tracks, Exterminator also raced in Arkansas at Oaklawn Park and won there. A quick count and I have that Exterminator raced at over 19 tracks both in the US, Mexico and Canada. It also should be pointed out that in the Saratoga Cup that Riddle ducked, MOW as a three yr old would have received weight from Exterminator as the race was weight for age. Even with a break in the weights, Riddle wanted no part of Old Bones. · 916 days ago
  • CauseForConcern · Although my exposure was limited, having grown up in the Midwest, I remember watching Forego come from last place in the stretch with these huge strides, to just get up in a race in the east. Though others could be better, Forego left a lasting impression on me, with that late run(and I believe he was spotting his rivals something like 18 lbs+). · 916 days ago
Just looking at the DRF for May 3 1973 and I do not relate workouts to handicapping, but this guy came to the race off two big move 57.0 handily and a previous 6f mover in 1:11 2/5 His future as a sprinter was starting to show.
Still remember the run down the middle of the belmont stretch to win the Marlboro Cup by a nose carrying a ton of weight !!!!!!
  • buckpasser · Was a worthy successor to the mantle and crown worn by the mighty and unforgettable Kelso. My second favorite after Kelso. · 1452 days ago
Here's another great, phenomenal runner who keeps getting worse scores all the time. Absurd.
You know. The best part about debating which horse might have been the greatest,is that you could count on that horse and jockey giving you that thrill of making the run you expected. Just like Zenyatta recently,you know she would be coming at the end. So few can give you that thrill. I always prefered to watch Forego.
  • buckpasser · Forego was an incredible horse. He and the Shoe suited each other perfectly. Forego's run under 137 in the 1976 Marlboro Cup was one for the ages. · 1472 days ago
Forego had a great finishing kick to win races right at the wire. What racehorse was the best closer in the stretch? For fillies it might be Zenyatta. How about colts? John Henry? Silky Sullivan?
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  • buckpasser · Same reason why MOW was like a bully going out on the track to humiliate his opponents. Or Seabiscuit who liked to look them in the eye and go by to humiliate . Like sticking his thumb on his nose. · 1486 days ago
  • cocoa2 · I thought they did train him that way, just not so extremely. · 1486 days ago
Just like Roundtable, a great horse who had to be born in the same year as champions. He faced Foolish Pleasure, Secretariat, Sham and even more.
Don't forget that Forego won all of these races with at least 130 lbs. on him.
I love this horse, Definitely an amazing horse, one who needs to be up higher in the ranks than he already is!
Extremely talented gelding. He is nice to look at too.
What a fabulous horse! Wish we saw more of him throughout pedigrees...
One of the greatest races I have ever seen ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMJjiWXCM3s
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  • humphrey · The most astounding thing about this spindly legged champ was adaptability. He would pop an amazing sprint then come back two weeks later under a heavy impost and destrouy a top quality field at 10 furlongs. · 1946 days ago
  • Thead'or · Invasor06- I'd like to point out that Zenyatta won a running of the Vanity carrying 129 lbs. Spotting about 15 lbs. to the horse who finished 2nd. · 1946 days ago

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